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Kate debuted a new designer for this evening’s Art Fund Museum of the Year awards, wearing a dress by Barbara Casasola

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

The gala was hosted at the Natural History Museum, Kate is the Museum’s patron.  Above left you see Kate being greeted by Sir Michael Dixon, the Museum director; on the right and also just below, Kate greets Art Fund director Dr. Stephen Deuchar. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

A quick video of Kate’s arrival.

More about the award from an Art Fund news release: “The Art Fund Museum of the Year prize is awarded annually to one outstanding museum which has shown exceptional imagination, innovation and achievement in the preceding year. The prize of £100,000 is presented each year at an awards dinner attended by some of the UK’s leading figures in the arts and culture sector. 

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

The £100,000 prize is said to be the largest such award in the world. Below, the Duchess greeting nominees and judges. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Dr. Deuchar addressing the crowd before Kate’s presentation of the award. 

Art Fund Twitter @ArtFund

Art Fund Twitter @ArtFund

Kate chatted with guests about Prince George’s love of the Museum; more from The Express.

Nicky Wilson, of Jupiter Artland, West Lothian, said she was delighted to meet Kate, who told her Prince George has enjoyed a number of visits to the museum. Ms Wilson said: “She said he comes here quite often. He loves the 3D sculptures.”

Near the end of the evening Kate announced the winner, the Victoria and Albert, often referred to as the V and A.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Here’s a video of Kate making the announcement from Emily Andrews of The Sun.

As mentioned above, Kate debuted a new designer this evening, Brazilian-born Barbara Casasola.

Matt Dunham/WPA-Pool/ Splash News

Matt Dunham/WPA-Pool/ Splash

Ms. Casasola is another of the many designers Kate wears who attended the renowned Central St. Martins art and design school. She is based in London and shows her collections at London Fashion Week. Today’s frock is from her spring 2016 collection.

Kate Barbara Casasola Tribal Dress Art Fund Polaris Net a Porter Model July 6 2016

The Tribal Dress is crafted from a stretch jersey material, a viscose/poly blend that hugs the figure. It is an off the shoulder design featuring multiple fabric panels, a front zipper, wide waistband, three-quarter sleeves, and a fluted skirt. We show the dress at Net a Porter.



This offers a look at the front and the back.

©i-Images/Emily Andrews, The Sun, @ByEmilyAndrews

©i-Images/Emily Andrews, The Sun, @ByEmilyAndrews

Descriptions of the dress at online retailers show it as being sold unlined, I imagine Kate had a partial or full lining added to the garment. I can’t verify this without seeing some more photos, but it looks that way from what I have seen thus far.

Kate was in a new pair of shoes this evening, the ‘Dollie’ sandal by Brazilian-based Schutz. The style features a 4.5″ heel, criss-cross straps at the vamp and ankle strap. It was originally priced at $180 but it is $90 at Shopbop. The price is the same at The Outnet, where the shoe is still available in very limited sizing.

©Splash News/The Outnet

©Splash News/The Outnet

Based in Brazil, Schutz has been in business since 1995. More from Footwear News:

Schutz, a contemporary Brazilian brand that’s been around since 1995, has lately been spotted on celebrities such as Chanel Iman, Hilary Duff, Gigi Hadid and Solange Knowles.

Apparently Kate saw the shoes online or in person and bought them, it wasn’t a situation where the label sent her a pair to try out. That is according to the brand’s designer, Alexandre Birman, in the FN article.

“It came about organically and was a great surprise for us. It’s nice to see how strong the presence of Schutz is outside of Brazil.”

“Kate is a unique reference of style that goes beyond fashion, inspiring all women around the world. Having Duchess Kate wear Schutz was remarkable.”

Our thanks to Pinball Wizard on Twitter for IDing the shoes.

Wearing a Brazilian-born designer and shoe label headquartered in the country prompted discussion of Kate’s possible attendance at the upcoming Olympic Games. More about this in a story by Bethan Holt, The Telegraph’s digital fashion editor.

This was an Olympian effort from the Duchess in more ways than one. She has become savvy to the power of a dress to send a diplomatic message and with the Rio Olympics just weeks away now- they begin on August 5- Kate’s decision to wear Casasola is a very sophisticated acknowledgement that the eyes of the world will soon be upon Brazil, so why not nod to one of its classiest exports? This is gold medal levels of dressing prowess.

This was an unexpected designer and style, it is fun to see the Duchess experimenting with new brands and looks.

©Matt Dunham/WPA-Pool/Splash News

©Matt Dunham/WPA-Pool/Splash News

Kate’s bag is one we have seen previously. Below you see her carrying the clutch to the Thirty Club dinner at Claridge’s in May of 2012.

©James Whatling / Splash News

©James Whatling / Splash News

It remains unidentified; my guess is that it is a vintage piece.

All Photos ©Splash News

All Photos ©Splash News

The Duchess was wearing a new pair of earrings. It looks like a large freshwater pearl that is bordered in gold (or goldtone metal) suspended from a circular piece that may be a colored stone. (Perhaps an amethyst…?)

All Photos ©Pool/i-Images

All Photos ©Pool/i-Images

UPDATED JULy 7:  The earrings are by Soru Jewellery, the brand’s Baroque Pearl Earrings in gold.

Spory Jewellery

Soru Jewellery

The earrings are crafted of iridescent baroque pearls along with Swarovski crystals. They are set in 18ct Yellow gold vermeil over sterling silver. They retail for £130 (about $170) and were purchased at Baar and Bass. The style will be available to order soon according to both Soru and Baar and Bass, either firm may be emailed if you would like to be put on a waiting list for the earrings.

Kate leaving the Natural History Museum following tonight’s engagement.

©AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool/i-Images

©AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool/i-Images

Another view as Kate leaves the Natural History Museum.

©Matt Dunham/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Matt Dunham/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris


Also this evening, The Sun’s Emily Andrews reports Kate will be at Wimbledon tomorrow.

Emily Andrews, The Sun

Emily Andrews, The Sun

Serena Williams will play Russia’s Elena Vesnina and Venus William takes on Angelique Kerber of Germany.  The matches are not slated to begin until at least 1pm, that’s 8am EDT.

A special thank you this evening to Emily Andrews of The Sun who provided information, many (many!) photos throughout the evening’s event, not to mention the late word on Wimbledon.

NOTE: I promised our final poll would be in this post but unavoidable circumstances made that impossible, I hope to include it in tomorrow’s Wimbledon post.


  80 Responses to “It’s Barbara Casasola for Art Fund Award & Late Wimbledon News UPDATED”

  1. I know I am somwehat late to comment – but I just have to say I think she looks absolutely beautiful, healthy and confident! Thrilled with the shoes as well. This dress would be tricky for a mere mortal such as myself to pull off in terms of the length and fit, but with her statuesque figure she looks wonderful.

  2. I had to go back to look again after reading the comments. I knew I didn’t like the dress but had not initially noticed how ill-fitting it was. Lumps & bumps everywhere, even on the catwalk, and 2 strange vertical lumps on Kate’s left seat. Kate has always liked the white/cream/taupe palette & otherwise I think this suits her figure. I like the handbag & the coloured shoes. One poster mentioned that suede may be more popular here in the UK – it is, I think it’s because we can’t wear it often! It has rained most days in my city this summer, think Seattle in Autumn!!! Though it can be very hot in the morning OR the afternoon, whenever it is not raining, so we cherish the times we can wear our cute suede shoes/sandals! As the dress was off-the-shoulder, the long voluminous hair worked well, overall a great look.

  3. I LOVE this Barbara Casasola dress! Yet knit jersey is a tricky fabric for women because it’s so form-fitting. The fabric gives curves to a dainty bustline and kitten hips because of how it drapes over the body. But on actual curves, the draping goes from sexy but classy to hello va-voom! Example, this dress would look entirely different on the DOC then Salma Hayek!

    As for the Shultz sandals, well, THE GIRL LOVES SUEDE. It seems the DOC likes all the popular styles we do but she buys them in suede (or nubuck). I love suede but it must be more popular in the UK than the US because she seems to have an easier time than I do finding suede clutches and suede ballet flats, wedges, sandals, stilettos, plimsolls, etc!

    Finally, the bag! I’m not a fan but it’s probably British and went well with those ‘beach glam’ Soru earrings in person. A peachy/pink suede clutch that matched the sandals would have worked better but then I think the lack of matching goes with the whole funner, freer look. I mean, the DOC turned the Queen Mum’s sapphire earrings into ‘boho chic’ because you wouldn’t have noticed their fringe if she hadn’t paired them with the ‘flower power’ Erdem dress!

    • Ha! Just realized the stripe pattern in the clutch match the stripe pattern in the dress so that and the silver thread matching the crystals in the earrings shows an attention to detail. Not quite as good as Diana’s but definitely learning and getting better at her sartorial choices. Exciting to watch!

  4. Perhaps the weather hasn’t allowed for it lately but this finally looks like an appropriate outfit, from head to toe, for summer!
    Not many people could pull this off – there is a lot going on and the band straight across the hips/bum wouldn’t flatter most body shapes… She wears it very well!

  5. Winner!
    Very elegant and sexy.

  6. What a stunning and modern look for her. Great pleasure to see she showed a bit of skin!!! She looked sexy and young and looked like she LOVED this dress. What fun it would be to pick out the clothes available to her. She is a natural born beauty and does the Royal family proud. Her hair was just beautiful and the touch of new earrings was great. I agree the handbag did not match. Still would love to see her wear the jewels available to her. A bracelet would have been a nice touch. Well done Catherine!!! You looked beautiful.

  7. Love, love, love this…she looks fabulous!

  8. A win! Sleek, modern, elegant.. Perfect for the venue.. The strappy peachy blush shoes are the perfect finish! Sooooo tired of the nude heels pervading every other outfit.

  9. I know that I am in the minority, but I dislike the whole look. The dress has a terrible fit and the shoes are just plain UGLY. So tired of seeing her dress in white, cream, blush, and nude. ENOUGH!!!!! Let’s see some COLOR.

  10. Love the dress- very striking. But my feet hurt just looking at those shoes- too high and I think a bit cheap looking. A nuetral sandal was the right idea but a disappointing shoe to me. The evening bag is wrong- doesn’t work with the dress or shoes. But with her gorgeous hair, knock out figure and huge smile she is especially fabulous! Interesting earrings!

  11. I think this is a great look for the duchess. She also looks like she is very happy and is enjoying herself, which adds to the overall effect!

  12. WOW! Kate looks simply divine here, more like a fashion model than a princess but hey, if you have a figure as trim as hers and natural beauty, why not show it all off? Whilst I appreciate that it’s quite a bold, daring look for her, I think it’s great and would like her to occasionally wear these kind of knock ‘em dead outfits. Bravo!

  13. I think that this look is rather an acquired taste. At first glance it may look bad but when you look carefully it actually looks really good on Kate. She looks so youthful in it and reminds me of her 20′s. She also looks super hot yet elegant and princess like at the same time, which is an impressive look to pull off. I just wish her clutch would have matched her shoes, but overall I think she looks fabulous.

  14. I loved this look. I have always had issues with dresses this length worn with high heels, but I now realize it’s been because most women wear a more substantial and/or darker shoe rather than a sandal. Kate’s choice is a petal pink strappy sandal is perfect, as it extends what we see of her legs; a dark pump would have stopped our gaze.

    She has worn a lot of creamy garments accented with pink accessories lately, which I like. It is an unexpected combination and perfect for this time of year.

    And to those who believe she does not have pedicures, please look closely. Her feet are buffed and moisturized perfection. She simply chooses not to wear varnish on her nails.

  15. You can tell how good she feels in this dress. Her body language is just adding another dimension to this look.

  16. This dress is a winner for me. It’s very flattering on Kate and I love seeing her in cream shades.

    The shoes aren’t too bad but I think the color was a mismatch. They’re too salmon/peach colored for the dress.

  17. I think her hair is starting to get too long. It appears that her hairstyle at this event is meant to be sixties big in a nod to the mod retro dress, but I don’t think she should let it get longer than this.

  18. Well, this is intriguing. I’m not sure I’d wear this dress myself, and I have to agree with other posters there appear to be some fit issues with it, but it’s a significant and unusual departure from the Duchess’s standard traditionalism and sleekly minimalist enough that I have to applaud it.

    Aside from the almost “high tech” and avant-garde effect of the lace panels, mesh inserts, and front zipper, one of the things I like about this dress is its length: long enough to suggest a certain formality suited to a special event but high enough to show off interesting shoes. This mid-length is trendy, but it’s also canny, since it’s quite versatile. At a very formal event, it would look unusual but not out of place; and it can be worn in somewhat more casual circumstances, too. Moreover, while the off-the-shoulder design is provocative, it’s sexiness is balanced by the long sleeves and the fact that the skirt falls to the ankles.

    The look as a whole combines unexpected touches and juxtapositions that I think were just right for an art event. I always love to see guests at such events taking some creative risks with their clothing choices, and that’s what I think the Duchess has done here. By the way, while I find the front zipper interesting, I understand one poster’s objection to it. I think that’s one feature that could have been dropped with no loss of impact.

    The fit problems are largely a function of the stretch jersey, which unfortunately does occasionally pull or bag awkwardly. It’s a risky material to use and to wear. I’m also concerned that whatever lining the Duchess had sewn into the dress may have puckered in one or two places. One of the photographs suggests that. I once objected to the fact that a light-colored stretch jersey dress I was trying on had no lining at all, and the saleswoman commented that it’s not easy to put one into dresses made of such materials. I’m sure she was right, but an expert dressmaker ought to be able to cope with the task. Designers themselves need to think seriously about the problem, because many women just wouldn’t be able to wear a dress like this without a lining. Even WITH one, it’s not a dress that most women could get away with.

    I’m not crazy about that clutch with this dress. It worked well with the Mouret, but with the Casasola, the effect is off, because it doesn’t really complement the shoes (or the less formal dress). Those pink sandals are terrific, they add a great note of color, but they needed a pink bag to go with them. It didn’t have to be the same shade of pink and, in fact, should not have been.

    I’d love to get a better look at those earrings. They intrigue me, but I can’t get a clear enough sense of them to comment on their design.

    • I don’t know why I wrote “lace” panels. And there’s that “it’s” when it should have been “its”. Yikes! I have GOT to stop multitasking when I’m typing these posts!

      • It’s those gremlins in the typing department at it again. I die when I get the wrong “it’s” apostrophe. I thought the bag was picked as it had an echo of the stripes and patterns in the dress. Not sure I’d have wanted another bit of pink floating around at the waist, but it’s a dress made to take some unusual accessory accents. Hope you catch up with the Wimbledon post which gives full illustration and ID of the amazing earrings!

    • I’m not a fan of this dress at all, hence distinctly in the minority. But I’m in another minority, too, that being the group old enough to remember slips, and I think that to avoid the difficulty of lining a stretch jersey dress, a slip could be worn underneath.

      They seem not to exist any more. Pity, says I, cracking my buggy-whip and driving off into the past.

      • I agree with you on this look. Maybe she wouldn’t even need a slip if she wore a proper bra with this. It just didn’t fit well compared to the tailored look she normally has. This looked a bit sloppy. I liked her hair but not with this dress. Everything looked too big on her.

  19. Lovely style, and wonderful earrings and bag! However, the knit material is just too heavy. It bunches unattractively no matter who wears it.

  20. In my mind, this dress proves the Duchess had planned to make the trip to Rio for the Olympics. (Several Royal Reports indicated that they had initially been briefed that the Duke and Duchess planned to go.) I also believe that her wearing it now is the strongest signal yet that she no longer plans to attend. The World Health Organization is warning that anyone exposed to Zika may want to delay childbearing for up to 2 years. If Catherine and William are planning or still undecided about a 3rd child, then it is unlikely they would take the risk.

  21. What an interesting and flattering silhouette. I love the length, fit, and off-the-shoulder aspects. I agree with the commenter who said that the dress looks best from a distance. I had the same thoughts myself, especially after seeing the last two pictures in this post. I would add to that by saying that it looks best either from a distance or in motion. Up close and standing still there are a few…lumps/folds/creases…I don’t know which word is best. It looses the flattering shape a bit when you see it up close while she’s standing still. Overall, a daring choice and she looks amazing.

  22. I see I’m in the minority here as I’m not a fan of this look. I don’t like the off-the-shoulder look here. Combined with how loose the bodice is, part of me kept expecting to see the sleeves drooping.

    I’ve seen people make comments in the past that Kate’s clothes wear her (and not vice-versa) and I always wondered what that meant. When I saw this dress, that was the first thing I thought. The fit and the fabric are too conspicuous and not in a good way, in my opinion.

    However, it is nice to see her try other styles and designers. I think 2016 will go down as a very memorable year for her fashion choices.

    • While I love the way this dress falls at the bottom (so “hi-tech”), I find the design of the upper half to be visually unsettling (with the poor fit—or perhaps the zipper, being the clincher.) However it does have a pleasing silhouette from a distance. Perhaps sans the horizontal bands at the waist and elbows—and that zipper, it might be a go. Overall I find it rather unflattering.

  23. I see that I’m in the minority but I think the dress is awful. I do like the shoes though.

  24. This look is a knock out! If her hair had been up with loose curls her shoulders would have looked amazing. I like that she toned down her jewelry to let the dress stand out.

  25. WOW! Edgy off-the-shoulder sweater dress sophistication! The clutch, her hair, the soft colored heels – perfection.
    I hope William got to see his wife in this – she’s a knockout!

  26. Wow, gorgeous. Young, elegant, sexy and event appropriate. Just love the entire look.

  27. Vamping in a pinstripe look. I love the earrings more than the dress but this woman can pull off almost anything—and I always love a long sleeve with bare shoulders so well done.

  28. Oh I like this a lot. It’s not my favorite dress EVER but I love that she seemed to step out of her comfort zone and try something different and I really love the shoes. (I do like the dress in itself, I’m just not obsessed with it.) I also like seeing her hair down again with this dress. I feel like sometimes she wears it up when it would work better down and vice versa, but here I think it works well down. Very happy to see her in something different!

  29. Gosh. I’m clearly in the minority here, but I find this look very dull. That last picture is beautiful, but in the others it’s clear the dress isn’t well-fitted, and I don’t find the colour particularly flattering on the Duchess. Nice shoes though!

    • I agree about the shoes and last picture. I scrolled through thinking how much I dislike this dress, but got to the last picture and thought it must look nice in person and and in motion but just not photograph well and I almost forgot that I disliked it so much. I scrolled back up, though, and quickly remembered why I dislike it!

    • I don’t like this look either. The dress is not a good fit, and the fabric reminds me of the cheap sports shirts we used to wear in primary school.

  30. I think from a distance this is a fantastic look–youthful and a bit daring but not ridiculously so. I think it manages to strike that delicate balance so it doesn’t go “too sexy” which is unacceptable for a young royal. At first I was wishing she had worn a brighter color shoe but again I think the styling is what kept it appropriate for someone in her role.

    Up close is where I think there are some problems. The zipper on the front makes it look like the dress is on backwards–I just cannot wrap my mind around why it wasn’t a hidden zip in the back. I usually love zippers as a way to make something edgy but it is a miss here IMO. Also there is line of odd holes or patterns or piecing around her rear that at first glance makes it look like she has pulled the knit. I also see an odd bump/lump near her rear and have to wonder if something is amiss with her foundation garment.

    Her hair and makeup are gorgeous and I love the vintage clutch.

    • I agree. From far away, I think it’s great. When you see closeup pictures, it doesn’t look quite as flattering. Let me just say, this is not an easy dress to wear, there is a lot going on! off the shoulders, slits in fabric, criss crossing fabric, calf length, zippers..and it’s white! Talk about a fashion risk!

  31. first time commenting and english is not my first language so feel free to correct my mistakes. This is definitely an outfit Queen Letizia would wear. My first thought was, yes she can do it. Bravissima Duchess of Cambridge, so fantastic put together!

  32. I am stunned! Its great look and so trendy details! This blue lines on white, cold shoulders. Kate’s style chooses become increasingly interesting. It’s something unexpectable but amazing every time.

  33. Great look.
    It’s strange, Kate had a recent stint of absolute no-goes (in my opinion) but has since managed some of her best looks ever. I wonder if she has someone different advising her.
    I like the contemporary style of the dress and her shoes and earrings which all go together very well (another problem in the past). This is also perfect with big, flowing hair. A slightly edgy look that manages to also look classic and classy.
    Very nit picky but I think coloured toe-nails would finish her look perfectly…

  34. One word – Gorgeous!!

  35. A stunning look! Love the hair, the cut and style of the dress, and cute shoes. Brazilian designer and brand, which means she has been shopping for Brazil. I think if not the Olympics, she will be there for something else.

  36. Very fun and feminine! A refreshing change after that series of very serious outfits. At first the length threw me off but the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. That final picture of the Duchess leaving is just gorgeous.

    I thought the stripes of the clutch were too matchy matchy with the stripes of the dress. I have to disagree with some of the other comments: for me the fact that her hair didn’t look as polished as usual is a down side. To finish on a positive note though, I LOVED the shoes.

  37. Great to see Kate take a risk. This is a modern, sexy look I’d love to see more a lot more of. I do have some issues with the fit of this dress from the waist up. This kind of fabric is very difficult to wear, and it looks like either the decision to line it or sizing up, has made it a bit baggy, This ruins the sleek smooth line of the dress (compare with model pix where bodice is smooth and tight) which is really the whole point of the design. And the sleeves should have been shortened – they are too long and bag at the elbows. The rear views esp show the problems with fit. At first I thought I didn’t like the length (its not my favourite) but looking at it again I realize the problem is the combination of the length and the shoe. The shoe is fabulous but an ankle strap with this dress length doesn’t work. The dress should be slightly shorter and/or strapless shoe so the small portion of the leg that is exposed is elongated rather than chopped up by a strap. Too bad the great drop pear earrings are completely covered. There is one shot on DM where you see them against her dark hair with the dress and it looks great.
    BTW what are those two small bumps on the rear view?

  38. Wow – fantastic dress. Love the shoes too. I agree with those who say it’s one of her best looks to date.

  39. Oh I love it! What fun Kate! Such an interesting style, design, and sweep to the dress. Love the off the shoulder look, just wish she had an updo so we could see it fully. and new shoes! Love them! Still curious why she rarely gets pedicures … She looks beautiful and happy. Really special outfit.

  40. Love this look! The dress fits her perfectly and it’s fun to see her trying something new.

  41. WOW!!!!! Those wanting Kate to wear something more modern, more youthful, more edgy, certainly got their wish tonight. The off shoulder dress, the shoes other than court shoes, the flowing hair, the unique jewellery, no stockings, are all pushing the envelope for a very hot look.

    I’d have to say the clutch is a bit of a miss. It looks too formal and too much like a purse to be carried by someone a generation older. But all in all, Kate hit it out of the ball park, as far as getting out of her comfort zone and being daring.

    • I am in 100% agreement with your entire comment Bonnie! Funny because I was thinking, wow, total success by Kate… until I saw that clutch. A bit of a mismatch there. Otherwise A+++!

  42. I love the dress & love the shoes just not a fan of them together. I know I am being nit picky but the shoes are too pale in color to pair with white, in my opinion but I do love that they aren’t suede!!!

  43. I applaud her taking somewhat of a fashion risk, but I don’t find this dress flattering at all. Not on the model, not on the duchess. It’s lumpy and bumpy and could really do without the horizontal piecing around the hips. I rarely (never?) type this, but I really like her shoes.

  44. WOW wow wow!!! I’m so impressed! That is a stunning dress because of how the fabric is placed directionally, as well as the flared skirt. Such an excellent example of style that is timeless and elegant without being boring. I LOVE the shoes, too – a tiny bit of color. The loose hair is lovely and matches the put-together-but-didn’t-have-to-fuss vibe. Easily my favorite look that I’ve seen Kate wear.

  45. Very fresh. I think since this is an artsy event she might feel more comfortable something a little more edgy than other occasions.
    I love everything going but the length, I could go for a little shorter or a little longer. This length just is not my favorite.
    Can’t wait to find out more info about earrings…I expect them to be another lesser known designer.

  46. May I be the first to say ‘smokin’!! Loved the off-the-shoulder; the knit was an altogether different look on Kate and the zipper made it even more current; glorious bouncy hair; also new heels. If I had to pick a nit I’d say the clutch was a bit mumsy and vintage didn’t work for me with this contemporary look.

    And she did it all looking every inch the perfect princess! Can’t believe how unscathed her bare feet look after all the heels. I swear Kate is superhuman!

  47. It just doesn’t get any better than this…perfection.

  48. Very on trend, with the off the shoulder look, and she clearly had it lined compared with the runway version. That also provided the possibility of a body suit to take the place of an undergarment.

    I don’t think Kate will go to the Olympics because of the Zika risk. I could see Harry going, though, since he’s such a supporter of sports.

    • I agree with you about her not attending the Olympics. I think she will be glued to the tv as she is such a fan of sport but if professional athletes are turning down the option of going to compete then I don’t think she would take the risk either, especially if they plan to have another baby one day.

  49. This may be a weird comment but I LOVE that we never see even so much as a bra strap out of place or the outline of the back of a bra. I’m inspired by her attention to undergarment-related detail and wonder what her secrets must be :)

    • Sewn in brassiere. This is something most dressmakers and seamstresses have been doing for years. But, I believe that here the Duchess is wearing a strapless bra. The back of it is slightly visible in one of the photos under the knit fabric.

  50. The earrings look like giant drop pearls!

  51. The daily mail is reporting that Kate’s lace dress from the memorial service the other day is Jenny Peckham. I wonder if they are right.

  52. Love the dress and her overall look. She looked wonderful. Very sophisticated. Her hair is looking better as the sides have grown out.

  53. This is a gorgeous look for her! The fitted dress, the peachy heels and it looks like she’s growing out her incredible locks. Five star outfit in my books.

  54. I’m not a fan of this look. The dress should be more fitted around the bust. I also don’t like the fabric – looks like mini blinds. The shoes and purse are cute though…

  55. An unexpected choice! I like it! The off the shoulder look is so in right now and it is very flattering on Kate. I also like the big bouncy hair. Not crazy about the length of the dress and while I really like the shoes, I don’t like them with the dress. I’m looking forward to a Wimbledon look tomorrow!

  56. Perfection! I love her in white!

  57. Great post! As I told Elizabeth at Kate’s Closet, I thought that this was a nod for the Olympics, just like she did for India and Bhutan. Maybe we will see her.

    Funny bit of info: it wasn’t until I saw the photos on the DM that I relaized that she is wearing earrings, the hair covered everything!
    Thanks for the info on Wimbledon, I thought the sisters were against each other, didn’t know that they were in separate games. Is this the first time Catherine is watching a female game? :)

    Thanks for the post!

  58. There’s something about dining among the dinosaurs that seems to bring out the vamp in Kate. We had the wonderful hi-lo Packham at the same venue last year, and now this sensational outfit. I feel like we’re now getting to see the Kate I thought was emerging when the wedding dress was followed by the sequinned Packham. Since then it’s been a bit like official-royalese stepped in.

    But this outfit has to be one of Kate’s topmost looks ever. Off-the-shoulder, zip up the front, figure-hugging, all spell ‘daring’ but being Kate she manages to keep it all within the bounds regal respectability.

    I love the flattering seaming, contrast panels and fluted skirt on Kate. Her shoes are to die for, and praise be, there’s minimal jewellery with a dramatic look. I love the full hair, it’s youthful and in keeping with the contemporary design. Her pink sandals add subtle emphasis and are themselves a fabulous style, truly sexy. She hit it out the park tonight.

    • Very nicely stated. I am such a fan and Kate rarely disappoints me, but this was just perfection from head to toe! Just stunning!

    • Totally agree. Kate went out of her comfort zone tonight and it paid off big time. It didn’t catch my eye from far away, but up close the detail is really interesting and sophisticated. Hope we see off-the-shoulder more often.

      Always nice to see a new sandal with some color. Lordy. are those high. I wouldn’t last five minutes in them.

    • Agreed, Katherine being her awesome multi-tasking self and looking fabulous while she is doing it!

    • Agree totally. Love this dress. The dress is fresh, elegant, interesting, stylish, suitable to her position and appropriate to the occasion. It is the opposite of all the “suitable” but matronly outfits of recent days. And is so flattering. Happy the hair has been set free from weeks of buns and up dos.

  59. Love this dress – so different than anything she has worn. The shoes were very pretty as well – too high for me but a very elegant look for a summer evening affair.

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