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Kate sported a new LK Bennett dress for an engagement this morning with Prince William. The couple visited the YoungMinds Parents Helpline, a project under the Heads Together umbrella.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Splash News

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Splash News

The engagement was not announced ahead of time. Victoria Murphy has more about the event in her story for The Mirror:

Kate and William toured the YoungMinds helpline in south east London which helps parents and carers concerned about young people’s welfare.

Heads Together

Heads Together

From the Heads Together release on today’s engagement:

During their visit, Their Royal Highnesses met some of the people who volunteer with the helpline to find out more about their experience and what motivated them to get involved. They then got a taster of the training that people receive to become a volunteer including learning about helpline skills. 

As part of the training, the Duke and Duchess also listened in on some of the calls the helpline received during their visit and heard first-hand how volunteers handle enquiries before sitting in on a debrief session

Young MInds Twitter

YoungMinds Twitter

And from Richard Palmer’s piece in The Express:

The YoungMinds visit began with a meeting with the volunteers who man the helplines. One, Saida Tahir, told him it was a busy time for self-harm because many teenagers were affected by their exam results.

Recalling his own exam worries, William said: “It still gives me the heebie-jeebies. I still get sweaty thinking about it.”

Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

Kate told chief executive Sarah Brennan: “William and I found it absolutely fascinating, from hearing the case study and also taking the calls.”

Young Minds Facebook (click photo to visit page)

Young Minds Facebook (click photo to visit page)

The Duchess wore the Eugenia Skirted Dress from royal favorite LK Bennett for today’s event.

©Splash News/LK Bennett

©Splash News/LK Bennett

The dress features a fitted bodice with a full skirt reminiscent of a ‘skater style’ dress. The piece is designed to hit just above the knee, and also has very short sleeves (almost cap sleeve length) and multiple contoured seams.

LK Bennett/Splash News

LK Bennett/Splash News

The fabric is a blend of polyester/viscose/elastane and the dress is actually described as being machine washable. Hopefully you can see some of the construction details in these images, including the topstitched seams and darts at the neckline.

LK Bennett/Splash News

LK Bennett/Splash News

The dress was offered in Kate’s salsa red as well as dark navy; it is from a 2015 collection and no longer available. It was originally priced at £225 (roughly $300) but was ultimately reduced to £95 (about $125).

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

More on Kate’s look from Emma Spedding’s column in The Telegraph:

 The Duchess opted for a simple, but classic, look for the charity visit wearing a classic L.K Bennett dress with short sleeves and a subtly fluted skirt.

Postbox red is often considered a difficult colour to pull off, but the Duchess proves that it can look classic when the rest of the outfit is kept simple, as she tends to pair her red dresses with minimal shoes and accessories.

The design has also been worn by actress Gabrielle Union, seen on The View in March of last year.

Via Social Media Style

Via Social Media Style

This is one of LK Bennett’s marketing images for the dress.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

When first seeing pictures of Kate in the dress many of us immediately thought of the LK Bennett Cayla that Kate wore to Wimbledon last year.  You can see how similar the colors are, as well as the neckline and bodice.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

Our thanks to Great RepliKate on Twitter for the dress ID.

The Duchess accessorized with her Gianvito Rossi heels in the praline color. The style is part of the brand’s ‘signature collection,’ and has a point toe design with a 4″ heel. I did not see the style online at Gianvito Rossi, but it has been restocked at My Theresa and is also available in most sizes at Net-a-Porter; it is $675 at both sites.



Kate also carried what has become her ‘go to’ clutch, the Nina from LK Bennett, $325/£185. It is out of stock on the US site (you can sign up to be notified when it is back in stock) but available on the UK/International site.

Splash/LK Bennett/Splash

Splash/LK Bennett/Splash

The Duchess wore her Cartier Ballon Bleu watch ($5200) and Kiki McDonough Lauren Earrings (£2200, about $2900).

Splash/Cartier/Splash/Kiki McDonough

Splash/Cartier/Splash/Kiki McDonough

Kate wore her hair partially up today.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Splash News

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Splash News

I imagine she chose this style knowing she would be wearing a headset.

©Arthur Edwards/NMA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Arthur Edwards/NMA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

This is a very good color for the Duchess. While the extra seaming on the dress skirt didn’t seem to lay quite right (a design/construction issue, not a function of fit) the color compensated quite a bit. Kate looked relaxed, engaged and confident.

©Arthur Edwards/WPA-Pool/Splash

©Arthur Edwards/WPA-Pool/Splash

We’ll close with this video of Kate and William speaking about the stress parents face and the benefits of a service like the YoungMinds Helpline.


  65 Responses to “It’s LK Bennett for Heads Together Engagement”

  1. Ho-hum, boring snoring. Kate looks good in red, but she has several other outfits in this exact same colour. As we’ve discussed nude/neutral shoes don’t do much to enhance most outfits. I’d prefer this dress with black or navy accessories. That said, Kate looks appropriate for the occasion.

  2. Very Kate. Nothing unusual. This is her style.

  3. What a surprise it was to see this dress this week. I bought it last year in September and have worn it several times. I am quite petite, so the longer torso on this dress doesn’t work as well on me without some strategic tucks at the waist. I’ve thought about shortening it, but not from the bottom due to the construction of the skirt. I think it would have to be at the waist, but it does have a very long back zipper, which is not friendly for any waist changes. The extra fabric panels in the skirt always seem to lay in an odd way, I have to say. If the top seam of the panels isn’t hitting in the middle of the hip, the skirt does flare and sit not quite right. It’s comfortable fabric to wear though, and yes it is machine washable, which is very easy. The seams on the bodice are very nice as well, they give structure without constricting or being too stiff. Obviously I can see why the Duchess would purchase this dress!

    • You can have the zipper replaced. Any good seamstress can remove the zipper, sew up the placket, and insert a new zipper. At the same time, I’d have her nip in the skirt material. You might be pleased at what you end up with.

    • That’s just great to hear how the garment works from first-hand experience, thanks for describing. It’s a shame the panels don’t work a little better, perhaps the fabric is one that bunches up too much in the seams to lie easily. I can see how it might have become discounted. I’ve had very serviceable stretch cotton holiday dresses for about a quarter of that original price. Of course, now that Kate has worn it, you have the chance to turn a profit on your original outlay!

  4. I think William should be commended for not wearing his standard blue suit. He’s really shaking it up 2 different outfits in 2 appearances!

    I don’t love this dress, it’s an awkward fit on her. My guess is that she bought it to wear under a coat but today was warm so she went for it! I’m just glad to see her finally not wearing a coat to every engagement.

    As for wearing scarves…I think you’re either a scarf person or not, I’m not because I don’t like the fiddliness around my neck, she might feel the same way.

  5. A lovely surprise to see Kate again and a delightful frock for a summer’s day. I’m finding this look better put together than yesterdays, with hair out of Kate’s face and nude accessories working better against the strong red. The Lauren earrings suit the mood of the outfit perfectly.

    Contoured seams are such a favourite for her and I like these. I don’t have the same problem with the fit of the dress as others; I suppose I’m seeing it as a handy casual spare and may not have my sights set so high.

    It’s a very pretty shape on Kate, the short sleeves are youthful without being juvenile, and the skirt’s a good length. Maybe this is a side issue, but if anything strikes me it’s the pronounced state of her calf muscles. The heavy workout routine is something that affects everyone from Letizia through Jessica Parker to La Jolie with similar sinewy effect, which may be less than wholly attractive. Overall Kate looks sweet and fresh here, though.

    • So funny because my reaction to her well defined calves was sheer jealousy:-) Wondering how I can get myself some!

    • I like the dress also as well as the fit. I find her legs gorgeous. They are firm, toned and smooth.

    • Thank you both for refreshing my data on toned muscles! I will think twice before commenting another time ;-)

      • Absolutely a matter of preference ElizaMo. Please don’t think twice before commenting. It just struck me as funny how what looked great to me was unattractive to you. Keeps things interesting :-)

      • Oh dear, I didn’t mean to come across all disapproving! I feel the exact same as you both, ie it’s strange how differently the same things strike different people. I really enjoy coming here just so I can see those different views, especially since the tone of our discussions on WKW is so civilised :-)

    • Just a brief comment is support of ElizaMo’s observation of Kate’s very pronounced calf muscles. I was a devoted walker ( 3 -4 miles ) 5 days a week. I also developed very pronounced calf muscles – my husband, not being critical mind you, was always suggesting that I should mix my exercise routines up and work more a variety of muscles. I finally listened to the man – my legs are tone but the calves are far less pronounced – and in my opinion, more attractive. So it is a matter of personal preference… Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

      • I was thinking of those ladies who end up kind of scrawny in pursuit of slim figure Bony arms and legs don’t flatter an outfit for me. Interested to hear of husband’s helpful insight and impressed you got the results!

    • Another observation: depending on your sport, your calves/legs may or may not be as defined as Kate’s. I’m an equestrian and mine are not as toned as my second cousin’s (wait, cousin first removed? second removed? It’s so confusing) and she’s in gymnastics. We are both in sports where the legs are dominantly used, but I use my thighs to stay in the saddle and feet to guide my horse (along with my hands) and she uses the muscles in her calves to help propel her in the air. Her body is toned to propel her in the air (short with coiled muscles); mine is toned to guide a horse (genetically short but long and lean muscle, a bit like Kate’s.) It’s very interesting to see how muscle develops to different sports. Rowers (like Kate) also seem to have like long and lean musculature.

    • It would be a real pity if Kate – or anyone else – felt that they had to adjust their exercise routine or sporting activities based on how their calves looked. She is extremely fit and looks healthy. It’s very unusual to see criticism of body parts in this comments section – I thought we were above that?

      • I agree with you that it’s a borderline issue, I really only wanted to comment within the scope of discussing how an outfit looks. I find KateZena’s input very helpful in understanding how different sports affect different muscles which probably answers the whole thing for me. But I’d be the first to agree it’s a lot safer to stick to the clothes rather than individual physique.

  6. I really like how the dress is shown in LK’s advertisement. The belt with that dress looks very nice, and I think adding something similar would have “spiced” up Kate’s ensemble. However, I do think she looks lovely, and I really like the dress. It’s a shame it’s no longer available. At first glance, I thought it was the Cayla and I couldn’t figure out why I liked it so much more this time than when we saw her at Wimbledon. I agree with everyone else about the shoes-they’re too pink toned to go with red-but I do think a darker nude would have worked well.

  7. What an awesome video there at the end! Love the dress, still hate those earrings, thought the shoe color was too far to the slightly coral/pink side of the “nude” spectrum to go well with the red. And actually I just plain dislike the color of those shoes overall.

    I’ll be in London in mid-October and may have to pick up a LK Bennett dress or two while I’m there – they look great for work and MACHINE WASHABLE?!?!?!

  8. The Duchess always looks beautiful but I’ll agree this is “typical” Kate look. Bold color, a dress of simple lines resembling many other dresses and outfits we’ve seen time and again. I wonder if, as she ages and continues “growing into the job” if she will venture out of her comfort zone eventually to try something new. Someone made the comment that they addition of a simple scarf would have made a nice statement. Which leaves me wonder just how does she chose her accessories? I’m beginning to think might be based on sentimentally rather than fashion. For instance I think today’s look would have been more polished with more noticeable jewelry, especially since the dress is very simple and elegant. The earrings she chose to wear look much to small and dainty for this outfit and with her hair pulled back they look strangely out of proportion on her. I think she may have other reasons for choosing certain pieces of jewelry than only going by how well that particular item compliments the days outfit.

    • It’s strange, I usually have the same reaction as yourself to those earrings, they have much irritated me in the past. Somehow the sunny atmosphere of the street pictures seems to suit the little sparkly leaf shape this time.

      It never ceases to puzzle me how I find something wrong one time, and then another time they’re just fine. It’s a bit like the ‘boring’ theme that comes up so much with Kate’s choices. There are early choices of Kate that underwhelmed me at the time but when I look back now I wonder what my problem was. I’m putting it down to being saturated with photos at the time of the outings!

    • I think the nature of the event would dictate the outfit. She knew she’d be wearing headphones, getting into cuvivles, so simple u its would work. Larger earrings would probably not, as also potentially snag-inducing scarves?

      • I hadn’t thought about the headphones she would have to wear. This is a good reason to forgo large earrings or scarf, necklace, etc.

  9. I like the version in black better. Very simple piece.

  10. She looks nice but I don’t understand why she would buy this dress since it’s almost identical to one she already owns.

  11. This color is simply beautiful on Kate; it’s one of my favorite colors to wear as well. I love the silhouette too; it also happens to be one of my favorites! I really love her look; it’s something I could easily see myself wearing. Very simple, yet elegant.

    It must have been distressing yet eye-opening for her to listen in on calls. I remember my exams being a time of great stress, but American exams don’t hold the same weight as UK exams do. They don’t ultimately decide where you can apply for college. American exams decide your final grades which can impact a college/university accepting you and can impact financial aid. The pressure young children are under these days is so distressing.

  12. I love this dress…the duchess looked wonderful in it. I actually contemplated purchasing this dress since at the time the Carla dress was out of stock but I decided against it…I was afraid the dress would be too short…I totally regret that decision now.

    I loved her hair partially pulled back. I also thought William looked very nice as well…it was a nice relaxed look, very appropriate for the type of engagement they had. This is such an important cause…good for them and Prince Harry for taking it on.

  13. This look is blah. And the duchess needs the bangs. Pulling her hair back like she did today accentuates her high forehead and makes her look plainer and older. I do like the shorter length of the dress though.

    • I can’t imagine she would cut bangs so close to the Canada trip. They’ll be doing lots of outdoor events, and bangs will get in her eyes and/or blow around in the mountain winds. She’s actually probably growing them long so she can pull them back.

  14. I think it was perfect to wear a simple summer dress in a vibrant color for this engagement. I like this dress much better than the Cayla which I found heavy and voluminous on her slender frame. With the shorter flouncy skirt, this dress is more youthful and moved nicely with her as she walked.

    Although I’m not a huge fan of neutrals, I think the shoes and purse worked well with the dress for a hot summer day. The shoes virtually match her toned legs and the elongated illusion is nice.

  15. Absolutely love the simplicity of this dress! The sleeves are just the right length, and flare of the skirt is perfection! I would LOVE to wear this dress! Her choice of very simple accessories was spot on, as the focus was kept to the charity. Well done!

  16. This is a great look for her! I think this shade of red and the cobalt blue she wore a few months ago are some of the best for her, real bold colors but they work really well on her.

  17. Love the length and the fun, flirty, flippy skirt. Youthful, thank goodness, yet still appropriate for her role. She always looks great in red, a color I could never wear :( . I weary of neutral accessories, but the praline has a bit of rose in it so it’s better than nude pumps, and red shoes might be too much for a more informal, hands-on event serving children in need.

    Doesn’t look like she’s wearing stockings … has the rule changed, or does this not qualify as representing the Queen somehow?

    • After looking at a couple of hi-res photos I can’t tell if she is or isn’t wearing hose. There really isn’t a rule, it’s up to one’s individual preferences. But if there were a day to go without, it would have been yesterday or today, London is in the middle of quite a heatwave. ( :)

      • It may have been the lighting today but compared to yesterday I thought today she was wearing hose. With the blue and white dress she looked more tanned (in the legs) but then again it could just be that she was up against a white background. Today I found there was a shimmer which made me think she had hose on. Who knows why in this heat and with such a nice tan!

    • There is no rule. There actually are no rules at all. There are “unwritten rules” and there are customs, but no actual rules. I think royal watchers like the notion of rules but I can’t figure out why.

      • Probably because it simply seems logical to them that a monarchy and royal life would be circumscribed by many dos and don’ts that set it quite apart from ordinary lives. They’re aware that certain protocols do apply in some royal situations, so why not to dress? In fact, if they accepted that royal life did NOT comprise such rules, they might start to wonder what makes it special, different from the general run of human existence. I suppose it’s almost exciting to imagine that when you become a princess, you enter an entirely new and mysterious world full of arcane rules and peremptory monarchical decrees on this or that, for if not, someone might well ask, what’s the point?

        In the 19th century, the British essayist Walter Bagehot penned an oft-quoted line in reference to the monarchy, to the effect that no one should seek to “let daylight in upon magic”. He meant that the monarchy should never be made to look mundane and ordinary by too much investigation, too much knowledge, of what really went on. I think that some modern royal watchers would agree. They’d rather see it as an institution that exists in a sort of fantasy realm, and the assumption that special rules for dress must exist is part and parcel of that understanding.

        • I don’t think it’s just Royal watchers. The whole “no white after Labor Day” thing is a good example of an unwritten rule (although no one I know has actually followed that one in ages!). Another is that women should not wear a white dress to someone else’s wedding. Stuff like that…not really “rules” per se since they’re not enforceable, but etiquette-type tips that have been passed down to us over generations. At least widows aren’t supposed to wear black for a year anymore -or whatever that one was exactly.

          I for one am glad Kate usually wears stockings because I always have, and she has made it more socially acceptable! I have pale, pasty legs and having a light, sheer pair on, even in the heat, always makes me feel so much better, more polished and put-together. I am envious of people who have legs that could go without them, but for me they are essential.

          I don’t know if Kate is “required” to wear them on engagements or not, but if so, she is lucky that they’ve come such a long way since the orangey/brown ones my mother and grandmother used to be stuck wearing. Most of the time when I’m wearing my Wolfords, nobody even knows I have them on. They are pricey so I try to take very good care of them, but worth it to me. The control top is an added bonus :)

          • They may not be rules, but some of them are courtesies, and practical, too.

            You don’t wear white to a wedding because it’s the bride’s day, and if she chooses to wear white, she should have sole ownership of it. A basic courtesy.

            A lot of us like the change of seasons, and by the end of summer, white things can look a little dingy and beat up. It’s fine to put them away and/or replace them with fresh ones for the new season.

            Likewise, mourning customs make complete sense, or at least made sense in an earlier time. People didn’t buy “fast fashion” and own dozens of garments the way they do now. Until the 1950s or so, many women had a best dress for Sundays and formal occasions, and a handful of day dresses. In mourning, your choice was simple: black for day, black for Sunday (you wouldn’t go out in the evening, most likely). White is always an alternative, too.

            I’m all for some fashion customs, when they make sense. And especially, if you live in a four-season climate.

          • I agree about the pantyhose. I have always worn them year-round under everything. It keeps the dreaded VPL at bay. Back in the 80′s when no professional woman would dare wear pants to work (glad those days are gone) at the risk of not being taken seriously, pantyhose were a wardrobe staple. I find them actually very comfortable and in hindsight now think they may be the reason I have no varicose veins, although that never occurred to me 30 years ago. When they came out in the 60′s my mother thought they were the greatest invention since sliced bread. She of course had lived through the garter and “Is my seam straight?” days of WWII. It always seemed ironic to me that during the war, only servicemen were allowed to purchase silk stockings. The most popular Christmas gift for the wives and girlfriends stateside in 1943. Sorry to get off on a tangent but some nice memories.

  18. Very pretty dress! And an important cause to highlight.

    I love the lines of this dress with it’s fitted waistline and flared skirt, the youthful cap sleeve, and vibrant color. This summery dress is a winner!

    I liked the Cayla, but this new dress seems more age and season appropriate than the longer, heavier looking Cayla.

  19. Well, this is one occasion on which I found the engagement far more interesting than What Kate Wore. I just don’t vibrate with excitement when confronted with one of these fit-and-flare, skater-style dresses. (I firmly believe that skater-style dresses should be confined to ice rinks, where they look absolutely lovely when designed by Vera Wang and elegantly beaded for the Winter Olympics). I’m also a bit nonplussed by the fact that the Duchess now owns a short red LK Bennett dress and a midi-length LK Bennett dress, with approximately the same lines, except for length, and in more or less the same color.

    Don’t get me wrong: the Duchess looks wonderful in red, and I’m always delighted to see her in it. However, this dress leaves me feeling lukewarm. It’s simply too demure and uninteresting.

    Still, we’ve often discussed the fact that the Duchess is not fashion-forward, rarely experimental, that she wears what she feels comfortable in, and of course, she doesn’t want to overshadow a serious engagement with whatever she’s wearing. It’s tough enough as it is to make the media pay attention to the content of a visit. All of that is just fine and reflective of her personal tastes, as ElizaMo said in a response to one by Jules on the previous WKW entry.

    But perhaps this dress is another example of her tendency to go for slightly juvenile lines? And wasn’t that juvenile look exacerbated by the schoolgirl hairstyle that I’ve never really liked? Someone made the intelligent point that it got her hair out of the way of the headset, but there are other ways to do that.

    I also prefer red dresses to be worn with black or navy accessories, despite the fact that nude accessories may work a little better in summer, in the opinion of many people.

    Groan. I’m being negative and snarky here, and I don’t mean to be. Perhaps it’s time for me to repair to the kitchen, pour a glass of wine, and focus on the evening news — which will REALLY put me over my daily snark quotient!

    • I agree with everything you wrote! Navy would look great. I have the Cayla dress and wear it with black. A scarf or more interesting accessories would take this up several notches from ‘meh’.

    • Also agree with everything you wrote!

  20. I prefer the Cayla dress by a mile. I don’t understand the need to have so many similar things in your closet – nude pumps, black pumps, red dress. I guess she’s comfortable in these things and wearing literally the same thing over and over would be worst; much better would be to wear different outfits instead of a rotation of ‘uniforms.’ Alas. I do appreciate their work on mental health issues, which are so often stigmatized. I do wish William would work on his ‘resting face,’ which tends toward ‘bored.’ Kate, in contrast, looks very engaged.

    • I prefer the Cayla as well, especially for someone in their 30′s and for a professional event.

      Is it just me or did anyone else think bright red was an odd choice considering the content of some of the calls they were probably receiving? I’m not suggesting she needed to dress as if she was attending a funeral by any means, but to me it seemed to look more like a party dress than one I would choose to wear when speaking with parents whose children were threatening suicide…?

      Overall she looked engaged and did a fantastic job at a difficult engagement, so I’m really not trying to nitpick. It just struck me as not necessarily the best choice for this day…

      • Anon 11:16, as a mother who has been going through this with my child for the last year, I can tell you that the dress is fine. We who are living every moment in fear, helplessness, and pain are appreciative of the services these organizations offer; of the staff and volunteers who, so often, must carry us through our days; and of patrons like the Cambridges who are working to increase awareness, understanding and support of mental health programs. The Duke and Duchess look appropriate on all levels. And to all of you, this blog has been a place of gentleness and escape, and I am thankful to Susan and all of you. Have a lovely weekend.

        • Sam, this blog is the same for me for the exact same reason. Red has different meanings the world over, but in this instance I’m reminded of the Red Cross – a beacon of help and support in times of crisis. And, it just happens to be a stunning color for her. Thank you for your comment. Your candor is greatly appreciated.

        • Amen to gentleness and escape! Just the ticket for the low in spirit :-) Red is positive and optimistic, the dress is a plain workday practical style. Scores a ‘thumbs’ up in my books too.

          • As a first time commentator on this blog….color is vital to Kate’s wardrobe in many obvious ways. In December 2014, I waited in the torrential rain with 40 mph winds just to get a glimpse of Kate and William. There was a sea of black umbrellas and we couldn’t find her….All of a sudden the pop of Kate’s PINK coat showed up and we went into screams of joy!

    • I think Kate likes a wardrobe stocked with favourite items she knows will team up easily. She is focussed on many other activities, not least her two small tots and want outfits she can just pick out and go with. She doesn’t have what for me amounts to the fashion obsession that by my standards would be necessary to pull out a different perfectly accessorised outfit every time. It seems I share with her a preference to stick my nose in a book rather than forever shopping.

      • YES to preferring reading over shopping! Well, also being around the horses, my dog and nephew. I just can’t shop until I drop every season. I would go broke first off. Second, who needs that many clothes? Three…I can feel my feet crying for a reprieve at the very thought. I buy pieces that are classic and update them with maybe a new shoe or a fun accessory or sweater.

    • I sometimes buy different things than I am accustomed to for my wardrobe with the intent of stepping outside of my comfort zone. Then I end up not wearing them and I have to sell or give them away because they just don’t work with my style and don’t feel like me. Perhaps Kate has similar experiences? It’s also worth noting that her style has evolved since she got married.

      • I think Kate definitely looks for the things that work and don’t take up more thinking time when there’s a dozen other things on the go, not least getting up-to-speed with the different projects she visits.

        Agree with you it’s frustrating to try getting myself something different and failing to find a chance to wear it!

  21. Great look. Hard to decide who looks more fabulous in the dress, the Duchess or Gabrielle Union.

  22. Love the colour of the dress and the style is great for this time of year. I don’t think the shoes work at all and it surprises me that Kate wears such ill fitting shoes – her feet must get terribly sore! (You can tell they don’t fit properly in the close up photo of the inside of her foot. The ball of her foot is too far forward in the shoe.) This is very common as fewer and fewer shoes are made in anything other than a standard width.

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