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Kate opted for a dress by American designer Lela Rose for today’s events in Cornwall with Prince William.

©Ben Stevens / i-Images

©Ben Stevens / i-Images

This was the first of two days of engagements in the region.

The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily)

The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily)

From The Mirror’s coverage:

A large part of the visit will also introduce them to residents and projects on the Duchy of Cornwall estate – 53,000 hectares of land across 23 counties that was established in 1337 to fund the heir to the throne.

It was bright and sunny as the pair arrived at their first engagement.

Kate speaking with some of the children who had been waiting to see the royals in this photo from BBC Radio Cornwall.

BBC Radio Cornwall @BBCCornwall

BBC Radio Cornwall @BBCCornwall

The first stop was at the Truro Cathedral, where the couple took part in the ‘sign-a-slate’ effort in support of the Truro Cathedral Roof Appeal.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

The Cathedral’s original roof has been in place since (roughly) 1885-1908. It will cost £3.2million to replace 60,000 slates and other roof elements. 

Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral

From Richard Palmer’s story in The Express:

They began their visit at Truro Cathedral this morning, where they were greeted by hundreds of cheering well-wishers lining the streets. So far the cathedral has raised around £650,000 and put 20,000 new slates in place.

One young man grew shy when the Duchess stopped to say hello. 

©NunnRota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©NunnRota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

William and Kate were able to walk to their next function, it was just across the street. More from The Daily Mail:

Their next stop was Zebs Youth Centre, a drop-in centre which aims to inspire young people through creative activities such as recording music and taking photos.

Young People Cornwall (

Young People Cornwall (click photo to go to Facebook page)

Back to the story in The Express:

After they heard about a programme which helps young people build their CVs and encourages them in career opportunities, Kate, 34, asked: “Do any of you know what you would love to be? Do you have some aspirations?”

William, who after a period in the Household Cavalry switched to being an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot combining his current part-time role as an air ambulance pilot with royal duties, cut in: “It is totally cool not to have that by the way. “It took me an awfully long time to work out what I wanted to be.”

Young People Cornwall Facebook (click photo to go to Facebook page)

Young People Cornwall Facebook (click photo to go to Facebook page)

The pair then journeyed to Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Healey’s is a traditional brewery with its own orchards and production facilities, and Cornwall’s only distillery. The company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

More from the West Briton paper’s live coverage:

It’s thirsty work touring the county but luckily there was some light refreshment for Prince William and Kate when they stopped off at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were at the farm for one of the most important days in its annual diary – to watch the press of the first apple harvest of the year.    

Healey's Cyder Farm (@HealeysCyder)

Healey’s Cyder Farm (@HealeysCyder)

A distinction between cider mills in Europe and those found in the US: in Europe cider/cyder refers to an alcoholic beverage, while in America it references a non-alcoholic drink. However, hard cider is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the US and more orchards/mills are making the drink.

Healey's Cyder Farm (@HealeysCyder) /KensingtonPalace (@KensingtonRoyal)

Healey’s Cyder Farm (@HealeysCyder) /KensingtonPalace (@KensingtonRoyal)

It appeared to be an enjoyable stop for Kate and William. 

©Nunn Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

©Nunn Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

The Duke and Duchess unveiled a marker commemorating their visit and the Healey’s anniversary.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

For anyone who might be wondering, Healey’s owners are direct descendants of Donald Healey of Austin-Healey auto renown. Several of the classic cars are on display at the Farm.

Healey's Cyder Farm

Healey’s Cyder Farm

The next stop took Kate and William to two projects underway on Duchy property, Nansledan & Tregunnel Hill.  The developments are for both housing and commercial use.  

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Today’s final public engagement was at Towan Beach.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

The Duke and Duchess were on hand to learn more about a charity called The Wave Project. The Project uses surfing to help young people cope with stress and anxiety. 

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kate chats with Alex Hutton, 12, & Dylan Bradley-Peer, 11, in this photo from Emily Andrews of The Sun.

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

It looked like a very successful day of engagements for the duo. 

©Splash News and Pictures

©Splash News and Pictures

Now for a look at Kate’s Lela Rose dress.

The garment features many of the design elements Kate is fond of, including a fit and flare silhouette and exposed seaming. A closer look at some of the seam detail.

Kate accessorized with her Natalie clutch by LK Bennett.

©i-images/LK Bennett/Splash

©i-images/LK Bennett/Splash

And the Monsoon wedges we first saw in India.



The Pink Morganite Earrings are by Kiki McDonough.

©Splash News/Kiki McDonough

©Splash News/Kiki McDonough

And the Duchess wore her Cartier Ballon Bleu watch

Kate Cartier Ballon Watch Truro Cornwall Day 1 One Sept 1 2016 Product

She also sported her Ray Ban sunglasses during part of the day.

©Nunn Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

It is the folding Wayfarers, you can just see the seam where they bend in the center.

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

In the what William wore category (ahem), the Duke once again elected to bypass his usual navy suit for a more casual look. Here you see him chatting with 5-year-old Jaydon Mitchell Tomlinson. 

©NunnRota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©NunnRota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

More from Victoria Murphy’s story in The Mirror:

Jaydon, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair, had waited three hours to see the royal visitors with his mum Emma Mitchell.

She said: “He had been really frustrated because he couldn’t see them, but then William came over and talked to him about Star Wars.

“Jaydon said his favourite character is Darth Vader, because he’s a baddie, and William said he liked him as well. It was amazing for both of us.” 

Tomorrow the couple is scheduled for multiple engagements on the Isles of Scilly. (More info about those events may be seen here.) This evening Kate and William will spend the night at Restormel Manor, a 500-year-old property owned by the Duchy.  

Duchy of Cornwall

Duchy of Cornwall Holiday Cottages

We’ll leave you with this video from Emily Nash of Hello!


Pirate FM’s coverage is here with some nifty photos

  64 Responses to “Kate Returns to American Designer Lela Rose for Cornwall Engagements”

  1. Awesome collection of photos and info!
    Super mega excellent job!
    I so want the reversible dress! :D

  2. Love the dress and the color, but the shoes are a miss. Maybe some beige flats would’ve worked better? Even sandals perhaps?

  3. Love this dress…LOATHE those awful “monsoon” wedge’s with it! I loathe the color, the styling–everything about those shoes. Didn’t like them in India, and am sorry to see them make a reappearance. I understand why wedges were necessary for this day’s events, but couldn’t we have chosen more carefully here? Think how pretty a pair of pale pink wedge espadrilles with ties like ballet slippers would’ve looked…oh well. :-(

  4. Those shoes with that dress do not work together. Love both separately. She’s gorgeous as always but the shoes look, a bit dirty with this dress.

  5. Same ol’, same ol’. She seems to have a couple of looks and this is one of them. She favors nice tailoring on her dresses and drop earrings. Her shoes are pretty much the same couple of styles. Her hair is pretty but heavy looking and distracting since she seems to try to get it out of her face in many pictures. It looks like she’s added more extensions.
    Queen Letitzia of Spain seems to vary her look more and has a fresher sense of style.

  6. I thought William looked divine but I am amused by the reverse sexism — everyone seems to think that Kate or a stylist selected his clothes! Maybe he did it himself! I think his pants were a little too tight in the leg, though.
    I prefer Kate in bright colors and I thought this dress was beige until I read the comments. It needed a bright scarf or something, BUT I have come to the opinion that Kate consciously does not accessorize too much because — I’m guessing — she wants the event NOT to be about her. She’s working, not modeling. Just my theory!

    • I agree about Will! We must remember, he and Harry ARE the sons of a woman who had exceptional fashion sense. Give them some credit!

      • He-hem….he is the son of a MAN with excellent fashion sense! :-) This is so far off the topic of the Duchess’ fashion choices, and I’m sorry for it, but I couldn’t help myself… easy it is to forget the extraordinarily stylish pair Charles and Diana made, and how Prince Charles continues to look quite dashing even as he ages. I’ve no idea who chooses either the Duke or Duchess’ clothing, but I AM certain of this: the wedges of hers have GOT to go. And she still looks beautiful, even in her go-to uniform.

  7. Mmm I’m a bit conflicted about this outfit. I like this colour on Kate, and this is obviously a silhouette she favours, I absolutely love the morganite drops, but that neckline is screaming for a necklace and the wedges really aren’t working with this dress. I can’t believe I’m writing this because I usually like wedges and the way she styles them – with jeans, with those beautiful dresses she wore in India, etc.

    This time, the wedges look to casual for the rest of the outfit, she should either have worn her usual nude pumps and then changed shoes to go to the beach or worn a different outfit altogether. I realize that the day was quite packed with engagements so there probably was no time to change outfits entirely, but merely swapping shoes in the car while on her way to the beach wouldn’t have been too troublesome.

    But now I must say, her hair looks amazing, it has a healthy shine to it and I wish she would style it like this more often in the future.

  8. Love the colour and style of this dress and if I was lucky enough to own those beautiful morganite and diamond earrings, I too would invest in some gorgeous pastel pink outfits to match. Kate’s hair is back to it’s best and she has probably learnt now that the fringe and shorter length are in no way as flattering as her long, glossy, mainly one length look. Her post holiday glow and complexion looks lovely and fresh too. I would love to see her in some new styles now and again, say a smart tweed skirt and jacket or even if she just stuck to her signature look of form fitting dress but added a statement necklace. Whilst I understand that the wedges are easier for the beach, I think such a beautiful dress and glitzy earrings deserve something more sophisticated. As wedges go, I quite like these however. My least favourite shoes by a mile are those awful Stuart Weitzman navy tower high wedges, especially when worn with skin tight jeans – just dreadful.

  9. Uh-oh! Its looking like we will need a sometime soon! Scarily enough my first reaction was “Wow their outfits really compliment each other today… Now I wonder if Susan is going to give us info on his jacket, my husband could really use one like that…..Scroll scroll scroll” :)

    Ahem… Back to Kate, I liked the colour but I had thoughts or rather issues with the fabric type itself:
    -It looks too heavy for the weather and the setting
    -It looks too heavy for the flared skirt, isn’t it rather stiff as she is walking in that first video?
    -Its too dressy for the shoes (which I personally quite like)
    I think the exact same dress in a lighter more flowy material would have been fine for both the cathedral and the beach…

  10. I find the dress so beautiful and I love the detailed seaming. I find that it fits quite well. People are quite harsh, but as the body moves, so will fabric; it will never be smooth all of the time. The “puckering” many complain about is when she is bent over, so to me that means she is in movement.

    I kind of wish she wore a flat over a wedge. I get it, flats and the sand aren’t so much fun, but flats on uneven surfaces are much easier than heels of any kind. (Me and my wishful thinking she’d add more flats.)

    I love the story you added about Jaydon. I was misdiagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when I was little because back in the 90s they didn’t know that children with Autism often toe-walked and suffered with tight muscle-tone. Jaydon must have been so excited to meet him!

  11. The hem is actually not raw– it’s called a rolled hem, which is a stitch made with a serger that covers the hem in a tightly compressed line of stitching. Just a little sewing nerd-ery from your friendly neighborhood seamstress!

  12. The DM reported cat calls from the construction crew as Kate walked by. Mr. Security seems amused by it in the photos, but Kate looks uncomfortable. I agree the dress would benefit from a beautiful necklace.

  13. I loved William’s choices (sorry to our admin). Kate’s look was fine. I didn’t mind the wedges, maybe because they are a favorite heel for me to wear. Looking at the pictures, I miss the white dress worn in Australia. I think that was lovely

  14. I have the exact same comment for this outfit, that I had for the similarly styled red dress with the nude shoes….ho-hum, boring snoring.

    If ever a dress cried out for some statement jewellery, this one does. I think soft pink looks anemic on the Duchess. Here is an opportunity to wear some coloured sandals. Wouldn’t the colourful print dress, worm at Wimbledon, have been great for this occasion?

    Lately William has been paying more attention to style than Kate has.

    I can’t deny, however, how warm and friendly they both are. The way they kneel down to speak with children is wonderful.

  15. Kate looked beautiful today! Love this dress on her. The color is flattering, and the fit is perfect.

    The fit and flare style is a favorite of hers, it seems. It’s perfect for her figure, suitable in a variety of settings, and fits her personal style.

    I do enjoy it when Kate wears something entirely different that’s also very flattering. But I don’t expect that every time. This look works for her. And it seems they had a great day.

  16. I agree, the Duchess looks lovely in pink, but to all her fans we need a new look! I still wonder why she does not wear a necklace or brooch to add to the dress. They all have the same neckline and and need a bit of something to make them not so PLAIN.
    Her hair is always beautiful and the shoes must have been much more comfortable for her. I think a nice leather with low heel for comfort and stability. I hope she spices it up a bit for tomorrow.

    With that said, she is always a delight to look at! They looked so together in spirit, which is lovely!

  17. I like the length.

    And that’s about it. I don’t think the dress is particularly well made. It’s also a little late in the summer to be wearing pale pink — now is the time that people start to transition to darker colors, even in lighter fabrics. Not that Kate would wear a black dress on an island, but one of her blue dresses would have “popped” a little better than this did.

  18. I just don’t understand why she owns this dress when her pale pink McQueen is the same color and of much better design.

    • While I agree that I like the McQueen ensemble more, it doesn’t seem strange to me that she would own both. They are two very different styles and silhouettes.

      • They are different styles but two styles that are interchangeable for the same time and place. I guess if they were in my closet, I’d always be reaching for the McQueen instead of the Lela Rose. Why opt for a mediocre version when you already have the five star one at your fingertips?

  19. Who makes that great sports coat William is wearing?! I want to buy it for my husband. The windowpane pattern is really great.

  20. Those shoes don’t work with the dress at all. I get why they were appropriate for the day, but she should have picked a different dress or outfit.

  21. I noticed the similarities between today and the red before scrolling, and today’s fit is so much better, especially on the horizontal seam near her hips. I’d typically prefer a more vibrant color, but choosing between this and the LK Bennet I’d choose this dress every time as it fits properly.

    The shoes made sense on the beach. Could she not have brought a second pair and changed between events? She’s done that before and I would have preferred that.

  22. Gorgeous again!!! And another light color jacket from Prince William- fabulous!!!!

  23. I wouldn’t have guessed this was a Lela Rose, it’s so BLAND. I detest the unfinished arms and hem and the color is a bit pale and washes her out. I prefer the pink of the Emilia Wickstead dress she wore to the Queen’s garden party a few years ago. The seaming is becoming part of Kate’s ‘uniform’ and I like it.

    The wedges make sense in the sand, but do they have to be raffia? Leather or suede all over wedges would have made more sense with the dress. I have a pair of leather snake skin print with a wood wedge that would look nice – and they’re LK Bennett to boot!

  24. I was there at Truro cathedral today! Got there nice and early so we got a prime spot just one row back from the front, and after visiting the cathedral both William and Kate came over to our little section to chat. They were both very nice, friendly and very natural. William is looking particularly spiffy at the moment, I think it’s his tan. And Kate’s hair is very envy-inducing up close :)

    • Claire, that is wonderful! Might I add your comment to the post?

      • Yes, of course! I’m trying to think of any other details that might be of interest… It was quite surreal to see them both ‘in the flesh’!

        When they first arrived they waved to the crowds but headed straight in to the cathedral – people were a little disappointed but one of the policeman there told us they’d be sure to come and chat to us after they came out, which they did. I was standing directly behind a crowd of little children who had brought flowers, which turned out to be a good spot as it drew both of them over to us. William came over first. He was very charming – he’s obviously well-practised at talking to strangers by this stage, but he came across as really enjoying himself and not finding it a chore at all. He asked the kids their names and whether they were going back to school next week, and joked that their parents must be looking forward to that. Then he said that Catherine would take their flowers, “You don’t want to give them to me, do you?” :)

        Kate came over a few minutes later and again was very sweet and friendly. As you’d expect, she sounds much more relaxed and comfortable chatting in this sort of situation than making a speech or a video, when I find she can often sound a bit nervous. She took all the flowers and passed them over to Rebecca Deacon, then stayed for a minute or two to talk. Beside me was a group of teenagers who were in the Air Cadets (Kate is their new Honorary Commandant), and when Kate heard this she congratulated them and asked a few questions; she said she had a lot to learn about it :)

    • Amazing! Did you take any pictures? Lucky you!

      • Yes, took a few pictures and a short video as they first arrived. Didn’t manage to get a selfie with them in it, that would have been great!

    • How wonderful for you! She looked lovely in the photographs…. I imagine even lovelier in person. Thank you for sharing!

  25. This is a great color on her. But the dress is a bit boring and very much a Kate “uniform.” The shoes are terrible with this dress. This would’ve been a good opportunity to pull out one of her more casual Insia dresses, which would work with wedges. William’s look is business casual and I think Kate could’ve gotten away with dressing down a bit.

  26. William and Catherine both look great today and they look really at easy and happy. I think William must have hired a stylist (or is letting Catherine plan his outfits) because there has been a major improvement in his style! They both look really appropriate for the day’s activites. Sometimes they seem a little over dressed; he’s in a suit when the occasion really calls for slacks and a jacket or she looks like she’s going to an evening event during the day, but I think both of these out fits are just right!

    I’m surprised that I like this dress on her. Seeing it on the rack or on the model I wouldn’t have guessed that it would look goood on her, but it really works. Some sort of statement necklace would have kicked it up a notch, but it’s still a good look.

  27. One word: YAWN.

  28. That last is a holiday cottage??! My, the Cambridges sure know how to rough it down at the Manor there…

    Passing on quickly, the beach shoes had me puzzled at first until we finally got down to the real sandy thing. Otherwise I was puzzled by the choice of footwear with such a lovely dress. As wedges go, they’re pretty much as elegant as possible given how clunky they make her feet look.

    Being pale also gives the wedges the extra drawback of showing any marking too easily and risking a scruffy vibe against the clean lines of the dress. But I’m certain the cathedral in this particular holiday town has seen much worse casual footwear within its walls.

    I think the dress colour really suits Kate, she looks positively glowing, and it sets off her dark hair a treat. I’m intrigued by the return of those U-shaped side panels in the skirt to give the flare, I’d have thought there might be a specific name for them in serious tailoring circles. It’s curious they should be used by two separate designers, though they could hardly have expected their creations to be debuted quite so publicly, immediately one after the other.

    I love the seaming, and I’m happy that Kate features it as a regular style device. In this case they give just enough texture for interest. I’m mystified how she could wear a wool fabric if it was warm in Cornwall, but she seems to have princess privileges in these matters, looking equally unflustered in thick coats on warm days as with flimsy dresses on cool ones.

    The earrings are perfect and overall I find the outfit a model of simplicity and elegance, pitch perfect for a royal outing, remaining feminine even as it is wholly practical. I’m not at all surprised at calls for Kate to switch up the accessories on this one, but for me it epitomises the best of her classic taste.

    • Wool, being a natural fiber, can be very cool to wear. Ice Breaker, a company out of New Zealand, specializes in wool for all seasons. I have a sport top in a fine Merino wool which is my favourite for anything active on a hot day.

      • Thanks, I had wondered if it was as light a wool as you describe. I came down on the side of it being a little cosy because it has a synthetic mix in there. But all wild guessing on my part, of course, and you may well be right on this one :-)

  29. I loved this dress…the style and color looked wonderful on Kate, however, I don’t like the shoes she wore with it. I understand the reason for wearing wedges (it’s easier to walk on sand with wedges instead of heels) but I think she should’ve gone with a lighter color. I think the grayish color of shoe looked off considering the light pink color of the dress. Maybe Kate is giving William some style tips because once again I thought he looked rather sharp.

    It’s nice to see them on these kinds of engagements were you can tell they are having a lot of fun.

    • I agree that the shoe color came across as dingy paired with the pale pink. A white, off white or pink may have looked better with this dress, although this dress really calls for a less casual shoe.

  30. One word: drab. Better shoes, a belt, a necklace…anything would liven this up a little.

    • I agree. She needed to add something else to the equation. Imo the red LK Bennet dress worked better because the color itself was such a statement. This pale pink needs some sort of contrast.

  31. I know some disliked Kate’s choice of shoe today, but I think they were just fine. Those cobblestone streets would not have been conducive to shoes with a spiked heel, same for their engagement at the beach. And after so many engagements in heels, I bet those wedges felt like heaven to Kate’s feet (I know they would for me!) I think William and Kate looked relaxed and happy and very much in their element with all those kids.

    As a side note, I’m super happy that hard ciders are becoming more popular and common here in the US. I can’t stand beer and am very picky about wine, so any time I go to a bar or restaurant and they have a hard cider as an option I’m a happy camper.

    • ……but there are many other options between a spiked heel and what she wore today. I think if the wedges were essential for the engagement, then she should have worn a different dress. The clash was obvious.

    • I do like the wedges that she wore today, however, I agree that they just don’t work with that dress. It called for something much dressier. I can see how this was somewhat of a tough outing as they were spending time on a beach and in a cathedral. I honestly don’t even know what I would have picked. My first thought is the Zimmerman dress with the Stuart Weitzman heels she wore on the beach in Australia, but those probably wouldn’t have worked for the cathedral.

      I’m also a huge hard cider fan (and anti-beer), Rachel! I’m always pleasantly surprised when a restaurant has a good selection

      • I actually thought of the SW sandals too. I think they would have worked for the cathedral and, overall, looked much nicer with rhis dress.

  32. Wow I think it’s a gorgeous look for the Duchess ! I love that pastel pink dress, it’s true that it looks a lot like the Eugenia dress but it fits the Duchess very well. I like the association with the espadrille wedges too and I think it was appropriate to walk on the beach.
    I think Kate’s hair are far better than what we’ve seen for the last month, I think it’s a good length for her.

    Finally Kate and William seems to really enjoy this first day in Cornwall and it was great to see them happy like that !

  33. I was really hoping for something very positive to say about today’s outfit, since I’ve pretty much offered nothing but grumbling in response to recent ensembles.

    Alas, I wasn’t bowled over by this Lela Rose. It’s yet another fit-and-flare dress in the mode of the two red LK Bennett dresses the Duchess owns, and it lacks their saving grace, the vibrant color. I’ve said in the past that I don’t regard pale pink as a particularly good color for the Duchess. I think it looks anemic on her, and I also think this silhouette is becoming a little too familiar, though she obviously loves it.

    I also think the dress doesn’t fit as well as it could around below the bust and at the waist. The fabric is puckering in an unfortunate manner. I own a Lela Rose dress (bought at a spectacular 70% off sale), and it’s quite close-fitting in that area. The fit happens to work for me, but I think the Duchess’s dress could have used the attentions of a tailor.

    I realize that the Duchess probably wore the wedges because she knew she’d be ending up on a beach, and I like that pair considerably better than the dreaded Corkswoons. However, if the wedges were a practical choice for the engagement, I think she could have “downscaled” her outfit and jewelry a little. I don’t think they work well with the dress and the earrings. They’re a bit too casual, meant to be worn with something a bit more relaxed and playful.

    I’m sending up a prayer to the fashion gods that I’ll have something nicer to say tomorrow. I wonder what sort of a sacrifice they might like?

    • Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but I heard the tariff this week is rather steep, you have to give up your own Lela Rose dress. :(

      • Aaaaggghh!

        And here I thought they might accept something from Zara or J Crew. Fancy tastes, those fashion deities. I’ll have to rethink this.

    • The Lela Rose stylebook in general looks sadly lacking in originality and rarely moves out of a relatively safe silhouette. The unfinished hem on Kate’s dress is about as outrageous as it seems to get. And I say this as one who liked today’s offering!

      Am keeping my fingers crossed you have a happier day tomorrow without the terrible penalty imposed by admin :-)

  34. I think the dress was lovely but needed just a couple tweaks to make it great: the hem needs to be an inch or so shorter and so do the sleeves. Also the sleeve hem look too unfinished for the rest of the garment. As for styling, I think this is one of those times that having her hair up would have been better. Overall she looked lovely and I don’t mind the wedges but I am sure others will disagree.

    I realize that this is probably just not her style, but this is one of those times that (given how casual Will and others were) she could have worn capri pants, a blouse and a jacket (to be taken off if she got too warm) and looked polished and been more comfortable.

    • That (capris, blouse, jacket) is definitely not her style but seems to be a go-to for her assistant, Rebecca, and she always looks lovely and well put together!

      • Keeping in mind that Rebecca is not the future Queen

        • But there are some lovely capri/blouse/jacket combinations out there that are very future Queen appropriate. Look as some of the ones that Queen Letizia of Spain wears—she looks put together and lovely in them.

  35. Love this outfit. The colour is great on Kate and the style is very flattering and practical. One minor quibble would be I would shorten the dress by about a centimeter. From the look of where they were walking, the wedges were a smart choice. Those uneven streets would be a nightmare in narrow heels. A shout out to William who is getting more handsome and more comfortable looking every year. His outfit is smart and practical and the colours really compliment his skin tone. I also love what he is doing with his hair!

    • I’m puzzled at the comments about wedges being easier for walking on cobbles. True cobbles are much more uneven than the surface shown above which are more like a fine miniature paving, owing more to a mosaic than rounded cobbles.

      A real cobbled surface would fell the wearer of wedges in an instant. My own brief experiment with wedges lasted no longer than the first pebble I stepped on lying in wait on a flat pavement.

      When the style came out in the ’70s I think there were any number of twisted ankles about and no end of health warnings in newspapers. They remain a dangerous form of footwear for anyone other than royal princesses possessed of unnatural powers of balance ;-)

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