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The Duchess debuted a new dress from See by Chloé for today’s children’s party in Canada.  

©Splash News

©Splash News

More from The Telegraph:

The outing, on the lawns of Government House in Victoria, Canada, saw the two children join 24 military families for a morning of fun with the Duke and Duchess watching on proudly.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

The families are part of a program administered by the local MFRC, or Military Family Resource Center. More from The Mirror’s live blog:

Another family who attended the event are Andrew and Kristy Matheson, 35 and 34, with their kids Lily 19 months and Isabelle 4. Andrew is a submariner on HMCS Victoria.

“It was a bit surreal at first, it’s not too often you get to royalty you only see in the media,” he said.
“But at the heart, they’re parents. We talked about the challenges they have of being on a tight schedule and juggling children and how you’re always on edge because you always have one eye on the kids.

Victoria Murphy, The Daily MIrror @QueenVicMIrror

Victoria Murphy, The Daily Mirror @QueenVicMIrror

The day was sunny but brisk, with temperatures in the low 50s (℉).

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

This is a quick, cute video of Charlotte sitting on Moose, one of the therapy dogs brought to the event.

Another look at the dress.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage


The timing of Kate wearing the dress was propitious (and entirely coincidental), as the Chloé runway show was today at Paris Fashion Week.



This is another interesting choice for Kate. See by Chloé, the diffusion arm of parent brand Chloé, offers a mix of boho-chic designs that fit with Kate’s style aesthetic. The price point for the brand is more pocketbook-friendly than several designers we have seen this week. Back to Emma Spedding’s piece:

It is a natural brand fit for the newly experimental Duchess given the house is under the creative direction of a British designer, Clare Waight Keller, who was previously responsible for modernising the heritage brand Pringle of Scotland.

There is also a top in the same fabric as the dress. We show it at Nordstrom ($260).



The frock is offered in navy, we show it at Nordstrom as well ($460).



The navy allows a good look at the pointelle pattern.



The Duchess accessorized with a belt that you can just barely see in this photo.



It looked like Kate was wearing Acne Studio’s Leather Belt. It is 1.5″ wide and finished with a simple burnished goldtone clasp. The belt is no longer available, I believe it originally retailed at $360.



Our thanks to the ever-savvy Michelle of Perth Fashion for the ID on this piece.

Kate accessorized with her Monsoon Fleur wedges, first seen on the India/Bhutan tour.



We saw Kate’s Lauren earrings from Kiki McDonough.

Kiki McDonough / Splash

Kiki McDonough / Splash

Here we have a few different views showing Kate’s hairstyle today.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

It is really intriguing to look at the list of labels we’re seeing on this trip with an eye toward guessing what brand we may see next. One other quick note about the dress: since pointelle is technically not lace, at some point today I shall probably tweet “Day 6 of the Canada tour and we remain in a lace-free zone.”

Most importantly the day was filled with sweet images of George and Charlotte, as well as their parents and others at the party.

©i-Images / Pool/ Polaris

©i-Images / Pool/ Polaris

They seemed to be on their best behavior.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

And it was a delight to see them at their first joint engagement. (Airport landings/takeoffs and the Buckingham Palace balcony are not considered ‘official engagements.’)

©Splash News/i-Images, Polaris

©Splash News/i-Images, Polaris

If interested in more detail about what George and Charlotte wore, or just more precious pictures, pop over to What Kate’s Kids Wore.

Here is your at-a-glance schedule for Friday’s tour engagements.


  76 Responses to “Kate Chooses See by Chloé Dress for Children’s Party”

  1. I want her dress. How elegant and dreamy beautiful. Then my eyes drop to her granny wedges and I sigh. There are more elegant wedges to be had. Espadrilles and in that shade and the soft material that cause the granny look. No. She’s thirty years too early in her choice. I understand she goes for these when the terrain is variable and she needs balance to negotiate narrow steps with lovely Charlotte but she managed effortlessly in four inch Gianvito Rossi’s on her arrival to Canada

    • Should have added as for her choice of colour. Well done Kate. Children’s party or not. She looked like a true princess in a fairy tale albeit a modern one. And with a twelve strong entourage I’m sure someone has a suggestion amongst them for a grass stain

  2. Kate looks lovely as always. The dress suits her very well but, to me, not in this setting and not with the shoes this time. As stated in some of the other comments, nice pants, skirt I think would have been more appropriate. This dress better for an adult “garden” party.

    Love this site and have been following it for several years. Thank you.

  3. Love this dress on Kate and it was the perfect blend of smart for a garden party and yet casual for a children’s event. But what a brave choice of colour under the circumstances haha!

    Some of the media outlets here in the UK reported that access to this event was very tightly controlled and that the family spent a longer time at the party without the cameras there so that everyone could relax and enjoy themselves.

    I imagine that George & Charlotte would have interacted with other families much more during that time.

    Unbelievably cute images of both of them though and Charlotte with those balloons was precious.

  4. One of my favorite looks ever!! Well done

  5. She is a bit dressier than others (even William), but I like that she is never, ever underdressed. A little bit over always better than under.

    Several people have mentioned that she might have considered trousers. I think she would have looked stunning today in a gorgeous wool trouser and a sweater or blouse. But have we ever seen her in something like wool trousers?? Jeans and khakis, yes – but I don’t recall her ever wearing a true, tailored trouser. It would be a great look on her. As would a tuxedo – by which I mean the full-on tux. She has the body, height, and attitude to pull it off.

    • I agree with you, some loose, tailed trousers would have looked great today and I’d love to see her in a tux. She’s finding her style better now I think so I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t try it out in the future.

      That said, I love this dress too and it’s good to see her in Chloe and the romantic look works for the occasion. I’m not a fan of high necklines but it works in this dress. I hate the wedges, but Kate is clearly comfortable in them and not ready to let go yet.

      For me, the most beautiful picture today isn’t fashion related though, it is the one of William and George. It’s just lovely to see the affection between William and his family.

  6. I love this look on Kate! She looks so pretty! I love seeing her interact with her children.

  7. First of all, I second what both Katherine and Spruha so nicely articulated above. This blog is such a treat – I am always looking forward to Susan’s posts!

    Second of all, couple points on the children’s party post:

    It is the second time we see Kate on a play date engagement (the first time was with George in Australia) and she chose knit dresses for both engagements (the first time she was in Tory Burch dress). The dress she wore in Australia I thought was a better pick as the knit fabric looked sort of striped and therefore more casual than the cream lacey dress she wore in Canada.

    Also, it is interesting that when William and Kate are with both their children, William is always the one walking with George, and Kate is the one carrying Charlotte. I wonder why that is.

  8. I like the dress and hope we see it again. For a children’s petting zoo party, it seems a really odd choice. I think a dress with a longer skirt or pants and a pretty sweater would’ve been an appropriate choice.

    I would think this trip has been especially hard on George with the time change and new surroundings not to mention Will and Kate being gone almost 48 hours the day before. That could be why he seemed to be clinging to his parents. The entire family looked great!

  9. While she looked lovely, I have to admit I was bothered by being able to see up her skirt in every photo of her crouching down to the children’s level. She wears pants at outdoor-type events, and I don’t see why she couldn’t wear pants at this as well if she was going to be crouching to the children’s level all day. It’s just not practical for a skirt in this setting.

    • Ultimately though the outfit looked amazing and was worth it for that gorgeous photo of the family coming down the stairs.

    • I blame the photographers for taking such photos and for releasing them. It’s hard to be on display like this, attend to your children, make conversation with strangers, never scratch or frown, be nice to everyone, and also mind exactly how every aspect of your body looks from every angle.

      Kate has incredible poise and I really admire her for that. Her public demeanor is always perfection. It’s probably much harder than it looks.

      • I totally 100% agree that the photographers should not be publishing the pictures!

      • You’re totally right! A little respect and decency from journalists would be better than policing her outfits. I feel bad for having even posted a critique of it.

  10. Kate always looks better in the dress than the model at the retail site. She must have things tailored to fit to perfection.

    I’m a little surprised George and Charlotte didn’t interact at all with the other children. However, this is probably quite new for them and they understandably must have felt more secure staying close to their parents. Such cute pictures of them all.

    • It’s possible that George and Charlotte did interact with other children at the party, but the media were instructed to focus only on the royals to protect the privacy of other children at the party, especially since they are military families. Just a possibility.

  11. Very pretty dress. She looked lovely, but I just hate those beige wedges. I understand that heels don’t work on grass, but I think that a leather wedge or a lower, thicker heeled shoe would look better.

  12. Nice dress; would not normally like the shoes with it, but for the occasion, they worked. The big thing for me is how could she wear that color toting two toddlers around without spilling juice on it!

    • These comments always make me giggle. Kate is obviously a hands on mummy but I think one of the privileges of her position is if a toddler gers a bit mucky and she’s in work mode her nanny can sort it out. No sane woman would wear white to a public event if there was a risk of a toddler food accident!

  13. This dress is soooo Kate and she wares it sooooo well!. I love the winter white color and the beautiful texture, especially the contrast between the soft, delicate “lace” of the top and the more tailored texture of the skirt. The belt was inspired!!! The dress looks much better on the Duchess than on the models in the ads. I love wedges and I love the Duchess in wedges but I think it is a bit late in the season for the rope soles and heal. But still, looked great!

    Loved seeing Kate and William interact with their children. I don’t think that Kate was over dressed I think that William was a bit too casual. I know I would have been disappointed if I had been a guest at that party and Kate had showed up in something as casual.

  14. I like the dress, but it’s not very practical. I guess the kids weren’t eating, so food smears weren’t an issue; but it’s not an ideal dress for crouching down.

    The top with pants (as shown on the model) would have been nice. Perhaps even those wide leg jeans she wore in the Vogue shoot?

    Loved seeing the kids, and W&K interacting with them. Charlotte looks just like the Queen to me.

  15. I think that’s such a sweet dress Kate has picked and entirely in keeping with the garden party setting, especially with the vintage/Edwardian touches. It’s a very pretty laser cut over the top bodice and the shape of the underslip is charming. I think Kate did well to add a belt to finish the contrast between fancy top and plain skirt, a nice touch and a super belt.

    I like the way the ruffle at collar and cuffs has been done in such a soft tactile fabric. It looks very comfortable for running around chasing after little ones. It might not be the first choice of colour for most Mums with sticky-fingered tots, but it’s in keeping with the vintage garden party theme. In some of the shots of Kate with her daughter it was hard to avoid seeing the underslip which appeared to have a straight skirt; for me that’s the epitome of good tailoring: so effective at preserving modesty in situations where crouching may be essential.

    All-in-all a treat to have another new label. I certainly can’t argue with comfy old shoes for such an engagement, and I find the treatment of Kate’s hair very pretty, also echoing something of an Edwardian theme. I even like those earrings in this context, having found them a bit ‘twee’ sometimes before. Perhaps I’m mellowing!

  16. Love the dress! Great for the occasion…nice and dressy for a garden party, but not too fussy. Charlotte is soooo cute! Kate’s hair also looks way better with the way she has it pulled back today. I did not like the other similar look where she used hair clips. The plastic clips made it look cheap and the placement looked wonky and unrefined. Love the very elegant twists and the simple style.

  17. I amazed no one has commented yet! I love this whole look. The dress is something I would have in my closet if it wasn’t quite that expensive! I actually thought she was wearing her Sledge heels. I know everyone hates them but I have always thought they were the perfect neutral shoe (I bought the Sybila which is the lower heeled version in black, nude and metallic. So comfy!) I do also love the monsoon wedges but I think for this dress pale flats would have been perfect!

    Side note: that family is gorgeous!!! Charlotte is sooo stunning!

    • Something must have been off with my internet this morning. There were no posts! Love reading all of your thoughts!

    • It’s not just you! I commented yesterday and my comment appears to have vanished. And it was the only one here at the time! So a glitch, I think.

      I love reading everyone’s opinions too!

  18. I think her hair is perfection. This is a great look for this type of event, though William appeared a tad more casual than her.

    I do wonder about the decision to add the belt, however. Perhaps she thought it made the dress look a bit more casual. But on other video clips floating around the Web, I noticed her tugging at the belt on multiple occasions. I know I would re-adjust something like this constantly, so I would think she’d want/need a more low-maintenance/”stay in place” choice for events. Probably why we don’t see her in too many belts.

  19. I like everything about this dress and outfit but the ruffled collar. At least it gave Charlotte something to play with. :) I love seeing the kids out having a wonderful time with their parents.

  20. George and Charlotte are both beyond adorable and I hope we start seeing more of them!

    This dress. I love the color, fabric, pattern, the belt that Kate paired with it, the idea of the dress, everything – but the collar ruins it for me. It’s just too high and I know that if I had it on, I would be constantly pulling at it, feeling as though I was being strangled! (I also cannot wear chokers for the the same reason.)

    If the collar was a bit lower, this dress would be a complete hit for me, but as it is now, it is a bit too much Ma-Ingalls’s-finest-special-occasion dress.

  21. With the exception of the collar, which I’m on the fence about, I like this dress, but then I’m a big fan of pointelle. I think I’d like it even more if the pattern went all the way through the skirt too, but still a good look. Appropriate for the occassion, a good length considering picking up the children and them squirming etc (my daughter is about 6 months older than George so personally familiar with challenges of dressing around kids that age!). I certainly admire her confidence wearing white around kids, but it is a more child-friendly colour than the navy would have been, and I actually prefer the dress in white over navy, where the dark colour and the collar makes it look a little too Queen Victoria!

  22. I thought this was a lovely look for Kate. It was delightful to see the children and both Will and Kate interact with them both. On a few photos I have seen elsewhere, when she was kneeling down, it looked as if she was wearing shorts or something underneath, presumably for modesty. Do you have any thoughts on if that could be the case or if it’s something else?

    • Seems to be the bottom of the underslip, the top of which is the camisole we see through the pointelle. I was so struck by seeing it as well when she was crouched down — it looks so silky and of such a beautiful thick quality that I thought, “Wow, now that’s how to make a quality dress!”

  23. These pictures are absolutely stunning. They all look splendid and so happy. The color and fit of the dress suits Kate perfectly. Flawless, just flawless.

  24. Readers might like to view a website that I will post below. It shows Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the father of Canada’s current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, meeting first with the Queen and then with Charles and Diana. It ends with J. Trudeau meeting with The Queen, Will and Kate and also Prince Harry.

    It is interesting to see the changes in fashion from The Queen, to The Princess of Wales, to The Duchess of Cambridge. Enjoy the slide show, which may take a few minutes to download.

  25. Simply Elegant! Love everything about this and the color looks stunning on her. I loved how the children were front and center today and even Kate’s fashion choice was more subtle. This may be one of my favorite recent looks on her and the belt was a nice touch! Very chic and lovely.

  26. This didn’t seem as relaxed as the play date in Australia snd no real photos of the children playing with the other children. Of course George is at that age where they start to hang back if they’re so inclined. But it was lovely to get to see Charlottes bubbly enthusiasm

  27. Beautiful dress, and surprisingly friendly to the wallet! The accessories aren’t working for me though. Those earrings are my personal Most Dreaded, being so twee and looking and so juvenile and bringing down the sophistication of any look, and her Stuart Weitzman wedges would have done more for the overall outfit I think. Better to not go ‘half matching’ with the pale wedges, and just embrace the contrast of a darker, differently textured wedge. But overall, I like it!

    Plus those adorable children and animals, who really steal the show here.

  28. First off, what a lovely day the trip organizers planned for the children. The balloons are so pretty and the activities, to include a petting zoo, bubbles and a puppet show, were well received. Will and Kate are hands on and attentive parents.

    The Duchess looks beautiful. The dress is so “Kate.” A cotton knit is very comfortable to wear and she wears it with style and grace. I like the lace effect, even though it is not actually lace. An all lace outfit would have been too dressy for this event. It is not often that I favour her nude shoes, but these ones were a nice choice with the ivory dress. And although I am not a lover of wedgies, they were practical on this occasion. The earrings worked and her hair looked beautiful, especially at the back.

    George and Charlotte are adorable. They are both well behaved but seem to have different personalities. Charlotte is outgoing and seeks independence, as shown by some videos on the net. George is a bit shy and needs to be reassured by his parents. What I love about George, is that he is very true to himself. If he doesn’t want to shake hands or high five, he doesn’t. At times he looks a tad grouchy about the situation and I think this means that nobody is going to push him around as he grows older. He is his own person and that is good.

  29. Nice dress. Again a good fit. Lately she has been wearing fitted clothes that shows her trim figure. She’s not hiding away her figure in loose jackets. Thank goodness for that. She looks young, modern but also stylish Well done !!

  30. The Duchess looks lovely in cream and the pointelle is beautiful and a refreshing change from lace. Love the sleeves and while I could do without the ruffled collar, I “get it.” The dress has a beautiful silhouette and the knit is perfection. Love the underslip. Even though folks are tired of seeing wedges, these are appropriate for the day (and walking on grass) and the taupe color is lovely. She looks beautiful and it’s so fun to see the kids interacting.

  31. My first thought was that a full-skirted dress wasn’t the best choice at an event where she would be squatting down often to speak to and interact with children.

    Kate does like these very feminine looks but they can come off as rather matronly. The belt was a good addition as it helped the eye transition from the very different fabrics in the top and skirt.

  32. I think this entire outfit–including dress, hair, jewelry and makeup—is lovely and the addition of the belt definitely elevated the entire look. The wedges were clearly added because she was going to be walking around on a grass lawn all afternoon, so I don’t mind them. What puzzles me is that she seems so much “dressier” than William or any of the other adults at the party. I think something more casual would have been fine; not jeans casual but perhaps a nice trouser suit or slacks and a nice blouse. The dress does have the underskirt/slip built in so her modesty was protected, but I feel that with all the squatting down she did that trousers were called for here.

    George and Charlotte are both gorgeous and it was great to see their little personalities starting to develop.

    • I agree with everything you wrote. I’d really like to see her in a modern trouser suit or maybe cigarette pants and a blouse.

  33. So much fun, and another Wonderland outfit, especially fits this occasion. Although ‘technically not lace’ as you say, it is a lace/openwork effect, not overdone when combined with solid fabric. I wondered if it was a lace top with skirt (noticing the belt), then further down the post we have the blouse option (nice). How sweet that the high collar was something a little one could clutch for comfort while in Mum’s arms.

  34. I really like this outfit. The addition of the belt was, in my opinion, a huge improvement and the slightly longer, full skirt is practical for bending over and squatting down. Wedge heels make sense for walking on grass, and the long sleeves would be comfortable in the shade and not too hot in the sun. Kate looks great in cream and the kids sure seemed to be having a lovely time!

  35. I know we have seen a lot of red on this tour, but I felt the outfit was screaming for red or maroon wedges with a natural heel! Otherwise I loved this look and the video of Charlotte trying to sit on the dog Moose is so adorable. To me, Charlotte seems more of a free spirit as compared to George who seems to think through everything he does. Its so fun watching their personalities coming out as they grow!! They are too cute!

    • I respectfully disagree that Charlotte is more of a free spirit or more adventurous than George. I think it could simply be a difference in age and development. My toddler has gone through periods of boldness and times of being timid, and it seems that the older and smarter she gets, the more cautious she can be, simply because she is beginning to understand danger and is more interactive with her environment. I only put in my two cents here because I think it would be unfortunate to label George and Charlotte’s personalities so quickly, as the media and public seem to be doing. One appearance, and Charlotte is the brave cutie and George the timid thinker.

      They’re both adorable, and I bet they both go through a full range of behavior. I’m sure you weren’t being negative about George; I just chose to reply to your comment to say what I had been thinking about the public conversation comparing the two toddlers.

  36. I didn’t expect to see a dress at a children’s party, esp in a light color, but it appeared to be the brief for the other mothers, too. William has commented that Charlotte is a bit rough and tumble, and we certainly saw that today. In several videos she was “boxing” the balloons. Poor Lupo!

  37. I thought the color of this dress and the dressiness of it was a bit much for the occasion. While I don’t think she should have been wearing jeans, something in a darker color – maybe a shirt/skirt/boot combination — would have been better. Looked way to summery – and impractical. I bet she got dirt on her.

    Don’t get me wrong – she looked absolutely breathtaking – and has the body of a runway model.

    Just saying it was as a surprising choice.

  38. Well done! I like the dress, although you wouldn’t find me in it.
    A couple of things keep the dress from the territory of cloyingly sweet.
    The heavier material gives weight to the design details, which thankfully are just enough to be on trend without being too overwhelming.
    The choice of the belt elevates the style of the dress. It has a straightforward, utilitarian look that anchors the frothiness of the dress.
    The shoes in any other setting would be inappropriate for the dress but make sense here. And they are not so far “off” as to be a distraction.
    I do always like these earrings, and they fit the overall look here.

    Regarding collars, especially on this tour. The Duchess is blessed with a long, slender, graceful neck. She can and should wear all the high collars possible, for the sake of all of us who can’t. I do think that the impression of “choking” that is used to describe the affect of high collars is truly only noticeable when she is walking.

  39. What an amazing dress. I love Kate’s style, really. Even though she’s been wearing more and more mature pieces as the years go by, which I think it’s only natural, I’m 23 and I’ve always looked at her outfits to find inspiration.
    NOTE: admin edited

  40. Very bland. And with all the squatting she did to bring herself down to kids’ level, she should have worn trousers or a longer skirt.

  41. Charlotte is looking a lot like Grandma Carole now

  42. Really dislike this dress, and it’s an odd choice for a children’s garden party. The wedges don’t go with it, and the whole look is just blah.

    But let’s not kid ourselves, Kate was not the star of the show this time. George and Charlotte are a delight.

  43. These two kids are just too darn cute!

    At first glance, I didn’t appreciate this dress. Often, I think ivory doesn’t photograph well and delicate details can be lost. Once I took a good look, I really liked the dress on her. The pointelle work is beautuful while the rufffled cuffs and collar are loose enough to translate into romantic rather than restrictive. The belt was a great addition as it created shape that was missing. Her hair in loose waves crowned the whole soft boho romantic look. I have never liked these too sweet slightly girlish earrings. However, I do like them here and I’m not sure why. Perhaps, as the dress and her hair style are soft and delicate while the event in a garden setting, the earrings fit.

  44. Those children are absolutely adorable. I still think Charlotte looks a lot like the Queen, but she’s starting to pick up some of George’s facial features as well.

    The dress was an appropriate choice for today. Cotton is always reliable for events that require a lot of flexibility, running after children and carrying them around. It seems like a very versatile dress as well, I can imagine Kate having it on under a few different coats in the fall or winter.

    Thanks for the cute pictures of the children as well. I love Charlotte snuggling the bunny and the picture of George hugging William around the neck may be my new favourite of him – and that’s saying a lot given the quality photos he has posed for!

  45. I really like the dress, and it was obviously a bit more formal than a normal children’s party (based on others’ outfits), but I don’t know if I like the dress for this event. When she bent down the light color touched the grass – it’s just not practical. I think I would have loved to see her in the sweater version – it evokes fall a lot more, maybe with some suede or corduroy pants. Just my opinion!

  46. I think Charlotte LOVED that rabbit. Wow. That picture is precious!
    I liked Kate’s outfit here. I thought it was appropriate for the sort of event it was, and she looked lovely in it. I think the belt really makes the dress–I don’t like it so much without it.

    • I think Charlotte needs some bunny friends at Amner Hall. Surely there’s room for a rabbit hutch in their garden? Cutest picture ever.

  47. This was the part of the royal tour that I was most excited for. I was glued to Twitter yesterday. Thanks for your coverage of it, I saw some photos I hadn’t seen yet on Twitter.

    As far as Kate’s dress, I think this may be an unpopular opinion but I am not a fan. I like the dress enough, but it felt too formal for a children’s party. Mind you, I think jeans would have been too casual, but this dress just feels like too much in my opinion.

    The extra long, loose sleeves and the high, frilly neckline just don’t do it for me.

    Her hair was a win in my books, though!

  48. This look is very Kate. It doesn’t feel new even though it is because the color, fabric and silhouette are so similar to items she’s worn in the past. While pointelle is not lace, as pointed out above, it does look similar to lace and broderie anglaise so it’s no wonder we are seeing it. I just can’t form an opinion other than being underwhelmed since it seams so familiar.

    I wouldn’t wear wedges with the dress on regular occasions, but given the party is on the grass, I see why she chose them and I don’t mind them too much. They do not spoil the look for me. I would love if she shocked us all and pull out a simple ballet flat for an event like this some day, but that is not her aesthetic so I’ll keep hoping but not be surprised when the wedges are brought out.

    Her hair! After the hair net and claw clips, I am pleased to see a style which is supported without questionable accessories. I think it suits the dress and the event, too.

  49. Looks great again and the children are adorable! Her hair was great today! Kate does have beautiful hair! Live this blog and especially love waiting for new posts and comments. Seems Kate is now wearing her fashion rather than letting it wear her!!

  50. Surprised to find out this dress is primarily cotton—and in such a lovely design. Thank you for always providing the details on fabric and the hi-res photos because I am sure I am not the only textile geek in the group that follows this blog.

  51. I don’t think this dress was very practical for the occasion. She was squatting down so much to talk to the kids, she’s lucky the cream dress didn’t get anything on it or that the cameras didn’t see up her dress. And I know the dress is not lace, but to me it almost has the same effect and I don’t think it works here. And a ruffled collar always ages you – it just does. Between the lace effect and the ruffles, the top screams “old lady” to me. This one is a miss for me, for reasons both practical and stylish.

  52. I’ve seen a number of comments elsewhere that it was odd for Kate to choose a cream dress when she was around a playground and sticky children. But, here is the genius of this dress: it’s a perfect background for everything else. Kate knew she’d be holding and bending down to talk to the kids, and that the pie crust detailing would show in every photo. It was a smart, strategic choice of the sort that Diana made.

    I don’t like high necks and day dresses with slip linings as a rule, but this day wasn’t about fashion, it was about photos and she scores 100% for this choice in that regard.

  53. I really like this dress! It looks comfortable but it’s not casual. I’m not a fan of her wedges in general – I think they very rarely work for an outfit despite her obvious preference for them – but with this outfit and for this occasion, I think they work and she looks great overall.

  54. Temps in the fifties? How did Kate stay warm with all of those “holes ” in her dress? I think this look is odd. Really dislike the ruffle at the neck and the wedges seem a little casual with a more formal dress. Why did she opt for a dress when she was at a children’s party? Looks like she would have chose more casual attire.

  55. What a beautiful set of photographs, I especially love the way Charlotte looks overjoyed to see the rabbit. Kate looks as lovely as ever and out of all her wedge shoes, these are the only ones that I like. Earrings wise, whilst I realise that they are very expensive, these Kiki hearts have never been a favourite of mine but that’s just my personal taste. Hats off to her hairdresser for creating this gorgeous style, I adore the way that the side sections meet at the back and seemingly merge into each other without a clip in sight – wish I could achieve this with my hair!

  56. This was such a lovely occasion to watch. The little videos of the children were so wonderful. Charlotte is a very curious little girl and seeing her bouncing up and down on the therapy dog was so funny! I absolutely love Kate’s outfit for this engagement. On the model the outfit doesn’t look terribly inspiring, but on Kate, with the addition of the belt, it is quite enviable. She looked lovely. I always think Kate suits white/ivory dresses so well.

  57. I LOVE the dress and the hair. Kate looks radiant and sweet. It’s easily my favorite engagement in this tour so far. Also, the belt in a great addition to this dress.

  58. I am not normally one for frills on collars and cuffs however I find this dress to be incredibly chic, particularly in the cream colourway which suits the Duchess so well. The fit of the dress is gorgeous and it looks polished yet soft. In fact, the whole ensemble was very tasteful and suitable for the occasion. Lovely! On a separate note, many thanks for the superb work you do with this blog. It’s so great that so many people, from around the world, can convene here and swap points of critique in such a nice way. I love sitting down and reading and learning from what others have to say. Well done for creating such a neat online community. :)

  59. Hi! I’ve been an avid reader for many years but this is the first time I’ve commented. Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put in and also the wonderful tone of your articles and comments. I’ve been refreshing the page for the last two hours to see if you updated with the Children’s’ party. She looks gorgeous as always. Have you watched the adorable video of Charlotte and the balloon arch?

    A fan from India

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