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Kate chose another Preen dress for this evening’s Place2Be Wellbeing in School awards.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

Place2Be is one of Kate’s patronages; it provides emotional support in school-based settings for children attending primary and secondary schools. It is one of the charities under the umbrella of the Heads Together initiative started by Kate, William and Harry. From The Evening Standard’s story:

When she arrived the Duchess said she was “honoured” to be attend these very special Place2Be Awards.

Kate said “all of us” need help during their lifetime and that is why future King William, herself and Prince Harry set up the Heads Together campaign. “We want to end the stigma surroundings mental health that stops people getting the help that and suppport that they so desperately need,” she said.

©Eamonn M. McCormack / WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Eamonn M. McCormack / WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kate spoke with parents, students, educators and Place2Be personnel at tonight’s function.

©Eamonn M. McCormack / WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Eamonn M. McCormack / WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kate meeting some of the finalists for this evening’s awards.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From The Express:

The event in London this evening aims to recognise children and young people who have been inspiring examples of positive mental health in their schools.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

The awards gala was held at Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London.

From The Daily Mail’s coverage:

In a speech at the ceremony the Duchess praised the inspiring finalists and the ‘remarkable’ work being done by Place2Be in support of children’s mental health.  

©Eamonn M. McCormack / WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Eamonn M. McCormack / WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Here you see Kate giving the Child Champion Award to Cerys, who has helped pupils to overcome anger. 

Place2Be Twitter

Place2Be Twitter

These photos from Rebecca English of The Daily Mail offer a little closer look at the Duchess’s dress.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

As you have no doubt already realized, Kate wore the same dress from Preen that she wore in red on the Canada tour.

©Polaris/ /

©Polaris/Canadian Heritage/James Whatling, Splash News

It is the ‘Finella,’ and we show it at Net-a-Porter. The dress is made of a heavy material that Preen describes as its “signature body-sculpting Matte Stretch Satin.” The Finella also showcases box pleats in the skirt, an exposed back zipper, pleated bodice, asymmetrical neckline and off-the-shoulder styling.



Here is how the two ensembles look side by side.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/James Whatling, Splash News

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/James Whatling, Splash News

The black Finella is available at Browns in most sizes (£1000), as well as in some sizes at Net-a-Porter ($1715).  The red version of the dress remains available in limited sizing at Matches Fashion ($1332) and on the Preen website as well (£999).

Kate wore another new pair of shoes this evening, the Prada Wavy-Cut Suede Pump. The shoe is black suede with a pointed toe, 3.3″ heel, low-dipped collar and the distinctive wave cutouts.

©Polaris/Neiman Marcus

©Polaris/Neiman Marcus

The style also came in a rich red shade; I believe the original selling price was $750. Unfortunately, the heels are no longer available.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Our thanks to What MeghanWore and Patricia Aveiro and Katie Midleton on Twitter for their ID work on Kate’s shoes.

The Duchess had on a shimmering pair of diamond earrings we hadn’t seen before.

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

It turns out the earrings have been worn previously, although not by Kate. (At least not that we know of.) Below you see HM at the State Opening of Parliament in May of 2012.

©Robin Nunn / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

©Robin Nunn / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

Anna of My Small Obsessions identified the earrings as the pair previously worn by the Queen, but she notes there doesn’t seem to be any background information on the pair.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault describes the earrings as “This pair of diamond pendant earrings includes a pendant of separate stones hanging within a diamond frame.”

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

The Duchess sported a new belt by Temperley London. We show the ‘Crystal Bow Belt’ at Boutique 1.

Boutique 1

Boutique 1

The belt is from the same season as Kate’s Temperley London ‘Noa’ coat, first seen at Remembrance Sunday 2013.

James Whatling/Splash news

James Whatling/Splash news

Our thanks to Kate J on the WKW Facebook page, and also Annabelle G on Twitter, for identifying the belt.

We’ll leave you with a few photos that show off the Queen’s earrings.


©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

And a brief video.


  74 Responses to “It’s Twice as Nice for a Preen Dress at Place2Be Awards”

  1. Beautiful look, but isn’t it a bit chilly for November?

  2. I loved this dress when she wore it in Canada, and I still really like it in black. As others have commented I don’t love the belt over the exposed zipper, but from the front I think the belt looks nice. I don’t like her hair though. It looked so much better pulled back with the red version. (and I thought her hair looked fabulous earlier in the day at the museum.) Earrings are of course stunning and I prefer them to the earrings she wore in Canada.

    I am surprised she bought two versions of this dress and wore them so close together, its a gorgeous dress but if she wanted a black cocktail dress that wasn’t lace, there are a myriad of other options. Or if she had worn them farther apart in time I don’t think it would be so surprising.

  3. I am in the minority of those who loved the belt and think it actually makes the look. I feel that without the belt it would have been a massive expanse of black pleated blandness, as I don’t feel the structuring details are as clearly visible on the black version as they were on the red one.

    Earrings, belt and makeup are what make this look—and I don’t mind that the belt sat over an exposed zipper at the back.

    Minor quibble—I think her hair did need to be down but I don’t love this particular style.

  4. I’m nitpicking because I love this dress, particularly in red. I agree with those who dislike the belt over an exposed zipper (and those who think such tailoring details are not appropriate for evening wear). I’d think the belt was a great detail if the dress had a hidden zipper. I also prefer her hair back in this dress because the neckline is beautiful and should be shown off. But my bigger problem is two colours of the same dress, when it is something so distinctive, it comes across as lazy shopping. For something like a cable-knit jumper/sweater, a breton stripe top, a pair of everyday shoes or a pair of trousers/pants – ie, basic items – then multiples in several colours makes sense and I do it myself when I can afford it. But for an evening dress? No, gorgeous as this dress is and lovely as she looks in it.

  5. Replicas of those earrings were worn in the last episode of The Crown. I can’t name the scene for fear of spoilers, but keep your eyes peeled and you can’t miss them.

  6. I think that the belt keeps the black from being too plain… and normally I like conservative restraint! But I do feel that the black needed something, and the belt was a good choice. I agree with some other posters that the exposed zipper with the belt was a bit jarring from the back, but I’m sure Kate did not want to duplicate the “Preen dress, brooch” look that she had worn before, and the belt fit the need. I like the shoes as well. I have a question– so many of the other women at this event are wearing black… is that because it is a “safe” color for an event that is not frivolous, due to the focus on mental health? Or is there a dress code here that I am not aware of as an American?

  7. With the minor quibble of the belt over the exposed zipper, I think this is an absolutely fantastic look.

    Somehow for me the black of the dress and the Duchess’s dark hair concentrates attention on her face — sort of the opposite of the “dress wearing her” effect that people have sometimes commented on. I think the belt actually helps with this — it interrupts the black and reminds me to pay more attention to the woman than the dress.

    I think this is why I like the black better than the red — and the red was my favourite look of the Canadian tour.

    • I agree…. if she decided that the dress needed something extra at the waistline, perhaps she could have worn a brooch, or collection of brooches as they did in Queen Mary’s time. It would look nice off-centre, just above where the diagonal bodice pleats meet the waistline seam. Brooches can be worn on more places than on a shoulder! And the royal collection boasts some impressive pieces. The Queen makes use of them quite often, but nearly always only on the shoulder/lapel area.

  8. I think this is one of her best looks since Canada and really like that her hair is not in her face while speaking at the podium. Do agree with these exposed zippers. Do not like this look. Overall, you can see where she is becoming more and more confident.

  9. The belt seems to be a “love it or list it” thing among commenters, and I’m on the “love it!” side. In black, I think the dress needs the break from its unrelieved, um, blackness, and the belt accomplished that with an ornament, not a horizontal line, and echoed the earrings just enough. I agree with Barbara that the hair style is a good choice for a child-centered event, and I also like it on its own terms. I’m not very shoe-savvy but I liked the shoes with the cutouts, just because it added interest without adding another color to the mix. So! To me every detail was a win.

  10. It seems to me that Kate takes much more advantage of the royal jewellery vault than Camilla does. Or perhaps Kate’s use of the Queen’s jewellery is just commented on much more making it seem that way.

    NOTE: Admin edit

    • Camilla has had massive access to the Queens jewel vault, especially those jewels the Queen inherited from QEQM.

      All of the Greville diamonds which definitely should be viewed plus Camilla is in the happy position that Charles buys her serious jewellery.

  11. Love it. I think the hair down actually balances the neckline better than when she wore the red. I also think she, in general, looks better. Her whole appearance is so much more lovely this time.
    Side note: my first comment. Hope it’s ok. Love this sir!

    Quick Admin Edit

  12. The dress is perfectly sophisticated in black as well as in red. But some minor alterations would lift the whole look. First of all, the diamond earrings are magnificent enough. No eye-catching crystal bow belt required. The earrings alone make the statement, the belt is just blurring the diamond theme into something more vague. It basically says: I am just mixing high and low in one outfit and thats cool.But thats been done since the 1960s.Its not a bold thing to do anymore and without the crystal belt, the look is simply more pristine and it looks better. She could have chosen a beautiful black belt by Azzedine Alaia (Michelle Obama has some of them) or just no belt at all.
    I am not crazy about that hairdo. Its similar to the one she had for her wedding and even back then it reminded me on a disney princess. Actually a particular one…the one in the yellow dress…the one from beauty and the beast. I think wearing her hair open and swept all the back would be perfect here, because it would set off her earrings and allow her to look just young and attractive as a woman.A bit like Grace Kelly, but much longer.

  13. I don’t know if I like the black or the red Preen dress better but the black appears to have less ‘pull down’ in the front and the belt gives her more of a waist and better proportion in photos.

    I really like the belt but laughed because 1) it’s the first thing of hers I’ve liked in awhile, 2) naturally it’s sold out (*eyes rolling*), and 3) some people thought the rhinestone belt was inappropriate with the diamond earrings borrowed from the Queen.

    I liked the belt and earrings together because the rhinestones aren’t white but give off pastel colors of light and I think the Queen’s earrings give off the same iridescent effect because the diamonds appear to be an antique cut. With the flashbulbs going, I imagine the belt and earrings had a radiance that really popped against the black dress.

    Complaints? The zipper in the back. She looks flawless from the front so it’s unfortunate when she turns around. Hair down (see LK Bennett dress photo) then pulled back on the sides. A black suede clutch with silver or rhinestone detail to match the belt and earrings. The Mulberry one with gold hardware seems more day wear and clashes a bit with her evening look.

    I’m torn on the shoes. I love suede and Prada but the cut outs remind me of Diana’s Jimmy Choos in the 90′s so pretty but a little dated.

    • The exposed back zipper is the only thing I dislike about an otherwise splendid dress. I have never cared for exposed zippers, when a concealed one gives such a polished look. Kate has worn several dresses with exposed zippers and I expect she will continue to do so until the trend fades.

  14. I was not a fan of this dress in red, but I find it flattering in black. The belt, though, is a hard miss. Also, exposed zippers are generally seen as poor tailoring (they are the easiest, and thus considered the laziest, way to sew in a zipper) and I wish the designer would have rethought it. The jewelery and hair are blah, neither here nor there in my opinion.

  15. I don’t like this look at all. The belt looks awkward with this dress. She looks so slim that she doesn’t need a belt to accentuate her waistline. I think the shoes do not go with the dress either. They would look better with one of her sheath dresses. An open toe dressy heel and a simple diamond necklace would have been nice. I prefer the dress in red, but her accessories were also a miss with the red preen.

  16. Stunning!!!! The dress is a beautiful fit on her, and I love the new shoe style. For a more formal occasion, hair up and a diamond bracelet and no belt would be lovely. I don’t think it needs a necklace with that distinctive neckline. I definitely prefer it without a brooch. THIS is the Kate we love to see!!!!

  17. Wow I want her look from head to toe. Elegant, gorgeous owning the room look. The belt threw me, didn’t spot it was the Preen dress in black. The figure sculpting aspect is wonderfully captured so I can see why she picked up this dress in varying shades. She’s a show stopper

  18. I love seeing this dress in black. I liked it in red, when she was here in Canada. She opted for no necklace or belt as she was wearing the loaner maple leaf diamond brooch. For this event, the belt, the shoes, the earrings are all perfect compliments to the dress. I think her choice of hair down might be because this was an event with children and she would look more approachable with her lovely hair down than if it were in a chignon. In Canada she was at a provincial dinner and wearing her hair up was more appropriate. Very pretty shoes, look perfect for an elegant evening out. Someone posted that the shoes looked like daytime shoes–I totally disagree. Cut outs and black suede practically yell, “evening shoes”!!!! Kate looked lovely and clearly loves being a part of this charity and brings much needed attention to the area of children’s mental health.

  19. I miss in my opinion. You can do better, Kate!

  20. I loved this dress in red, and the black version is just as pretty. It doesn’t bother me that the Duchess bought the same flattering item in two different colors; I do that, too.

    The belt gives this a different look, and I love the beautiful shoes and earrings. She looks perfect.

    The Duchess has struck a good balance between public and private life lately. I appreciate her choice of charities.

  21. I didn’t like the dress at first in Canada, I thought it looked unbalanced somehow, not much top with a huge expanse of chest (one poster said it was screaming for a necklace which I agreed with) and voluminous folds of material flaring/bunching out into an ‘A’ shape. However, though Kate still has not worn a necklace, those beautiful curls have made up for one.The belt, which I particularly like, has also balanced it more. I don’t have any problem with the rhinestones on the belt, if rhinestones/crystals/plain metal sequins were sewn into a belt on the dress itself, nobody would worry about diamonds/precious metals being worn as accompanying jewellery.
    There is one thing though, the earrings look old & not sparkly at all in the photographs, Kate’s teeth are sparkling whiter more than the diamonds, I find this odd as the earrings sparkled & looked white as they should on the Queen.

    • take it from a jewelry lover—those earrings needed a good cleaning—my first thought was that I love them but they are filthy—probably a combination of hairspray, face powder and etc.

  22. I like the dress and love those shoes, but really don’t think the belt works at all. The hair is pretty but totally wrong with the dress – when she wore the red dress with her hair up she looked great. The most interesting part of this dress is the asymmetrical top and the hair obscures that.
    The diamond earrings are phenomenal, but if I had access to that kind of jewelry, I’d have left the dress plain (no belt) and loaded on a necklace and bracelet too!!!

  23. I don’t think it works. The red dress was fantastic but this time the black doesn’t work with this belt or hairstyle. The dress is still lovely but for me, it’s not accessorised well. Plus it doesn’t seem right for the occasion. I think a jollier colour for Place to Be!

  24. Really elegant and modern and appropriate for the event
    Kate’s hair is especially pretty in these photos.

  25. I do really love this dress design, but I don’t like how Kate wore it. I think her hair should be sleek or worn up with this dress – not those cute, almost folky twists at the sides. I like the twists, but they would go better with a flowered dress in daytime.

    I think she should have dropped the belt because it’s only rhinestones next to REAL DIAMONDS in her ears; furthermore, to put a wide belt over an exposed zipper is just odd. Actually, I fault the designer for the exposed zipper. I don’t think it belongs on this dress. The interest in this dress is the neckline and the box pleats – no need for an exposed zipper. I like exposed zippers on shift dresses.

    • You are so right about that fake glitter on the brlt buckle, it stands out a mile, doesn’t it? I didn’t want to add another quibble in my own post so am most grateful for your expressing it so well.

      I know ‘anything goes’ seems to be the way these days but nothing artificial can hold its own against real sparklers. Properly matched gems show true class!

  26. I love everything but the belt. It just looks off to me with the exposed back zip. I like the way Temperley has styled it as it seems more like a daywear or an item to wear with a cocktail dress. I think the dress would have looked better without it. I would have a paired a brooch with those fabulous earrings.

  27. I love reading this blog. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. I absolutely love everything about this look. I like the way Kate styled this dress today more than than when she wore the red one. I’m not a huge fan of tea length dresses, and I thought the red one just didn’t look right (maybe the shoes) but in the black I thought it worked quite well.

  28. I love this look, and actually prefer the dress in black, especially for a small occasion like this one. I join with other commenters that the whole look would have been enhanced with getting her hair up and off her neck and shoulders. Even a sleek ponytail would have worked.

    BUT: wearing those magnificent earrings with a belt that has a rhinestone buckle??? I’m sorry, but costume jewelry in sight of statement and historical diamond earrings is not a good choice. I wish she’d left the belt at home and worn a diamond bracelet.

  29. Well, the devil is in the details and she got them right this time, IMHO!

    Black is just a great color for her; the belt, earrings, hair, shoes are lovely and occasion-appropriate.

  30. It’s so funny how a change in hairstyles and accessories really changes a look! I do love this ensemble and think it really sticks the right balance of being sophisticated and yet, still approachable for this event. Overall, really like this look on the Duchess.

    Just one tidbit, I would never have guessed the shoes are only 3.3″ high. From the photograph they look to be 4″+.

  31. Loved the red version very much, fun to see it again in black. Totally like the whole look!

  32. LOVE the earrings! The dress is ok. The silhouette is still odd to me, but I think I like this particular dress better in black

  33. At a stroke Kate succeeds in taking one of my favourite looks ever and turning it into more of the same all over again. I can’t quite believe she’d buy the same dress twice and wear both so close together. She has an idiosyncratic, haphazard approach to matters sartorial which I suppose makes this page all the more interesting!

    Still, we are where we are. The glitter buckle was a good idea though quite large, and I’m not sure it doesn’t try to ride up. Kate is always up against these wandering waistlines struggling to get on the rise. This Preen midi-length skirt works better than the previous LKB Cersei, this one is fuller in heavier fabric and balances out Kate’s long, lean shape.

    Earrings and hair are simply epic. Gorgeous. I’m so happy she’s finding more manageable pieces to choose from the royal hoard having been swamped by the Hyderabad diamonds. Shoes are simply to-die-for. That’s two stellar shoe picks in one day, she’s clearly not losing her touch completely.

    • I agree with you. The red dress in Canada was clearly meant to be a stunner. Getting the same dress in black and wearing it within 3 months of the other is…tacky, in my opinion. I don’ like the belt; why would you wear a belt over a dress that already has so much structural detail? You’re putting a belt over decorative pleats. There is no logic in that. If she had gone with more hair in a half-up-half-down look, it wouldn’t have looked as “folksy” or, if you watch New Girl, “Jessica Day-ish”. It would’ve been much more elegant.

      • I tried not to mind the belt but having read other comments here I’m coming down on the side of those who think it’s awkward over the exposed zip at the back, and as you point out, over that pleating at the front.

        It looks like another amateur attempt by Kate to switch up different outings of same or similar garments. At one and the same time I can feel frustrated she’s not doing red carpet perfection while appreciating that she’s only human.

        For al the quibbles I have she still looks wholly elegant.

  34. Great dress…the belt adds to its versatility. And it looks as though it has pockets, too, based on one of the photos above (with dress shown on a model). Only wish the back zipper wasn’t so prominent,,,would prefer zipper match color of dress, making it less noticeable.
    All in all, though, a very pretty look!

  35. It was fun to see the two dresses (in red and black) side-by-side! In my opinion, the black ensemble was better accessorized, but the dress really lends itself to an updo. (Though I believe a formal updo would have been too stuffy for tonight’s event.)

    Well done, Kate!

  36. I love this look! I do think that it’s a bit odd that Kate chose to wear such a distinctive dress in another color so soon after wearing the first dress. But I think the belt, earrings and shoes are all perfect. I’m glad that she wore her hair down because I think that makes her more approachable to the young people.

  37. A good LBD and not lace! The shoes are great – I have to admit I’m a sucker for interesting black shoes – no idea how many pairs of black shoes I have in my closet.
    I DO like her hair at least pulled back…I usually can’t stand it when she’s dressed up with her hair falling forward hiding her face/shoulders/earrings. A pony tail of some sort (high/low/sleek/messy) would have been amazing, but I think her hair on her shoulders is a security thing.

  38. I am not a belt person and can’t say I really like the addition of a belt knowing there is an exposed zip in the back. I would imagine the back view is horrible even thought that is a particularly pretty belt! The earrings are spectacular and prove that she often wears jewelry too small- she can really carry larger pieces beautifully! I really enjoyed seeing the photo of the Queen wearing the earrings- so nice to see them in the past and now the present. Nice that her hair is back so we can best see the earrings- I like to think that means she was honored to wear something so beautiful.

    • I’m quite happy with an exposed zip on the back of this dress, but I agree it doesn’t suit having a belt landed over the top of it. I’d have thought the belt would have been better simply left off.

      I think it’s wonderful how in-proportion those stunning earrings look on Kate. Not everyone could carry them off with as much regal aplomb as the Queen.

      • I don’t know which photos either comments apply to above but the ones I’m looking at by Rebecca English show a thoroughly beautiful and modern dress with belt on a woman with a fabulous figure and let’s face it those earrings could be paste but her beauty and that dress eclipsed for me their significance.

  39. This comment may look very criticising. But this is just my opinion.
    I really love the heels! Nice choice!
    We Indians are very keen about jewelry and wear it alot. So, in my opinion the belt and the ear rings look very low-priced (even though it is not in reality), it just looks that way.
    On the other hand, Kate really should not have bought the same dresses in different colors. There are so many new designers, so many newer designs and looks, she can easily choose any at all. She has done the same with a blazer. I really can’t understand the reason behind this point.

    • The British are low key with jewellery and accessories over all if you’re comparing. In fact Kate reflects a look worn by other young royals across Europe. And you’re right the reality is the belt and earrings are not cheap. I think it’s a case of you wearing jewellery and accessories and not the other way round. As for buying the same item in different colours.. that is a lady’s prerogative. The duchess is rightly not just a clothes horse for multiple designers imho

  40. Sou do Brasil e adoro o site!!! Acho Kate linda!!!

    • I’m from Brazil and I love the site !!! I think Kate is beautiful !!!

    • Obrigado por visitar e por um belo comentário! :)

      • Não falo inglês. Mas nada que o Google tradutor não ajude. Sua página está na minha lista de favoritos. Sempre continuarei visitando. Você faz um maravilhoso trabalho. Obrigada por responder meu comentário, fiquei muito feliz.

        I do not speak english. But nothing that google translator does not help. Your page is in my favorites list. I will always continue to visit. You do a wonderful job. Thank you for answering my comment, I was very happy.

  41. I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the red Preen dress when we first saw it. Something about the way Kate was photographed in it just seemed…off. I think the neckline was a bit jarring, so I actually prefer that she wore her hair down this time to soften the look. I’m not crazy about the belt on its own but I understand that Kate probably wanted to break up the solid black with a pop of something flashy, especially since she didn’t carry a bag.

    I do love those shoes though, definitely more interesting than the Gianvito Rossis in a myriad of colours! And those earrings are absolutely beautiful, so glad Kate didn’t detract from the effect with any other jewellery.

  42. Love the whole look.

  43. I like this dress a lot, better than the red one, probably because of that gorgeous belt. Kate looked lovely last night, I was just wishing that she would go a bit lower with those heels. She was simply towering over every single other woman there. Why does she want to do that?

    • Heels aren’t usually worn with the primary focus on giving the wearer some height. They are mostly chosen for the type of occasion, (i.e. you wouldn’t wear ballet flats or loafers with a ball gown!) and also to complement the look the wearer desires. Flats just wouldn’t look right with this dress.

  44. She looks perfect! I just love this dress so much in black versus the red! I also think her makeup looked perfect and she really looks so lovely when she wears a lip product with more color in it. Her speech was really good and she seems so confident and you can tell she has really grown in to her role as a royal family member.

  45. This is a very striking look, although I am surprised that the Duchess wore two identical dresses so close together, albeit in different colours. The belt is a great addition and the large jewelled detail of this belt makes quite a statement. The earrings are magnificent. The shoes are a nice change although they could have been even more open and true evening shoes.

    I do think the red version of this dress is enhanced by her hair in an updo. Taking the hair off her shoulders shows the asymmetrical neckline much better.

  46. She looked beautiful, but her words were even more beautiful. Kate, William and Harry have to be congratulated for using their star power to try to remove some of the stigma around mental illness. Wonderful, wonderful work.

  47. Those earrings are gorgeous and from the look of them, I’m guessing they originated with Queen Mary. I’ve always liked the black version of this dress better than the red version. I think the hair is slightly off. Much better sleeked back, to show off the neckline and of course, the earrings.

  48. I like the side by side photos of the Duchess in the black and red dress; it shows how much a hairstyle changes the overall look. In the black dress with her hair mostly down she looks younger and more approachable. In the red dress with her hair in a beautiful updo she looks more sophisticated and, well, regal. I like both looks, each appropriate for the occasion.

  49. I like this look better than the red Preen. I think it’s the belt, it really adds interest and complements her body. I like the new heels too.

  50. The dress is good but the shoes are horrid. They look like day time shoes instead of evening. I like the black sandals on the model better

  51. She looks lovely, I think the earrings and belt and shoes complete the look pretty perfectly.

    I read a story on People Magazine’s site about Kate’s interaction with an autistic boy and his mother during this event. Just wanted to mention in case anyone is interested. He’s the boy in one of the above photos in the black jacket with white trim, you can see his Mom wiping away tears.

    Thanks for the video, so nice to hear her speak.

  52. Flawless. And I’d love to know a bit more about those fabulous earrings. They look quite vintage; perhaps mine cut diamonds. Amazing!

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