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For tonight’s BAFTA Awards the Duchess chose a bespoke gown by one of her go-to designers for major events, Alexander McQueen.

Both images © AJ Pictures/Splash News

Both images © AJ Pictures/Splash News

Many will remember Kate wore a gown by Alexander McQueen at the BAFTA Brits to Watch gala in Los Angeles in 2011.

©Stewart Cook / BAFTA

©Stewart Cook / BAFTA

That is the BAFTA CEO, Amanda Berry, with Kate and William.



A quick video of the Duke and Duchess arriving.

The duo looked very relaxed and seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely as they arrived at Royal Albert Hall.

© James Whatling

© James Whatling

Rebecca English of The Daily Mail has a good video with the Royals being greeted after their arrival; it also offers a look at Kate’s updo.

This allows you to see some of the skirt movement.

From People magazine’s story:

Kate and Prince William provoked audible gasps from the crowd as they arrived and even caused stars to crane their necks to get a good look as the royals took their seats inside the theater.



The couple did not sit in the Royal Box, but in the front row, perhaps because William needed access to the stage as he was presenting an award.

©Daniel Leal-Olivas /WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Daniel Leal-Olivas /WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

There are many other royal connections to the Academy.  The Duke of Edinburgh was the organization’s first President.



Here you see HM at the opening of BAFTA’s new headquarters in 1976.

BAFTA Archives

BAFTA Archives

Princess Anne was the Academy President from 1972 – 2001.

BAFTA Archives

BAFTA Archives

Now for our look at what Kate wore to the evening’s festivities.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

The Duchess was in a bespoke version of an Alexander McQueen gown from the designer’s 2016 Resort Collection.

© James Whatling/Stephen Lock, i-Images

© James Whatling/Stephen Lock, i-Images

From The Telegraph’s article by Caroline Leaper:

Whenever the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide to mingle with the movie stars it’s a considered affair – the occasion must be one that honours British talents and the royals always do their best to highlight, rather than outshine those that the event in question is supposed to honour.

Here you see the frock that was the foundation of Kate’s dress; it is a version of the Alexander McQueen Tiered Violet Jacquard Dress.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

From Vogue’s Tim Blanks story about that collection:

If Alexander McQueen’s Fall collection had an elegantly dying autumn in mind for Sarah Burton, she was thinking of Resort as “romance, beauty, positivity, flowers blooming.” Sweet pea, hollyhocks, violets, butterflies flying around a garden in springtime…all of that was stitched onto extraordinary tulle evening dresses, sheaths of fragility.

The material is a jacquard created from a silk/poly blend, adorned with green and violet flowers. Hopefully, you can see the texture the fabric has, as well as the floral pattern.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

The off-the-shoulder gown featured a Bardot neckline, fitted bodice, a full skirt with multiple tiers defined by the horizontally placed satin ribbon, as well as a hidden zipper at the back. More about that neckline design from The Guardian’s July story about Kate’s Barbara Casasola dress featuring the same neckline style:

So what makes someone like Kate want to wear an off-the shoulder dress? Several reasons: on paper, bare shoulders speak of summer, now but also then, the 1960s, or 1970s if you’re looking at Chloé, hence the “Bardot” moniker; retro is always engaging in a fashion sense.

Kate Barbara Casasola Tribal Dress Art Fund Polaris Net a Porter Model July 6 2016

©Nunn Syndicaiton / Polaris

Returning to The Telegraph’s story:

In the past, when attending film premieres and gala dinners alongside other famous faces, the Duchess has always sported a UK-based eveningwear name and has always sought to shine in her own way.

It’s a sartorial tactic, experts say, that The Queen has also pulled into play many times during her reign.  “If she was going to a film premiere she would often wear something more subtle,” says Jane Eastoe, author of Elizabeth: Reigning in Style.

Both © Jeff Moore/Splash

Both © Jeff Moore/Splash

Kate in Roland Mouret for the opening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom; wearing Temperley London at the premiere of War Horse in 2013; in a Jenny Packham gown at the SPECTRE world premiere; and wearing Self Portrait for the premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob.

©PA Wire / Splash News / i-Images /

©PA Wire / Splash News / Polaris / i-Images

A tip of the tiara to Laura for her speedy ID of tonight’s dress.

Now let’s talk about those earrings, shall we?

©Pool /PA Wire

©Pool /PA Wire

The upper portion of the earrings has a pear shaped central stone surrounded by diamonds, or what appears to be diamonds. The showstopping lower pendant also has a pear-shaped central stone, although it is reversed, with the point of the stone at the top.  This stone is also surrounded by diamonds.

© Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

© Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

It has been suggested the stones could be morganite or quartz.

© Pool / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

© Pool / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

This is not the first time the Duchess has worn the earrings. She was first seen in them at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds dinner in 2011, although they are barely visible in the photos from that night.

© /Polaris

© James Whatling / Polaris

The ‘Wedding Gift Bracelet’ had a return engagement this evening. The bracelet is so named because it was Prince Philip’s wedding gift to HM when they were married in 1947.



Kate carried a new Alexander McQueen handbag, the Heart Clasp Box Clutch in black satin ($2075).

© i-Images / Matches Fashion

© i-Images / Matches Fashion

The clutch is covered in a viscose/silk blend fabric, has a detachable chain, and is adorned with the goldtone and silver heart with red crystals, faux pearls, and the designer’s logo. Below, a look at the ornate clasp from which the item draws its name. Thank you to Gemma of Food, Fash, Fit for her help identifying the bag.

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

In this photo you have a good look at both the bracelet and the clasp on the clutch.

© Daniel Leal-Olivas /WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

© Daniel Leal-Olivas /WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Patricia Aviero believes Kate was wearing her Prada Wavy Cut heels. I did not have a good look at Kate’s shoes (I will do so this evening), but Patricia knows her stuff.

Prada Wavy Cut Suede Pumps Nov 22 2016

Neiman Marcus

And a look at Kate’s hairstyle, a low chignon that worked well with the gown and earrings.

© i-Images/

© Stephen Lock,  i-Images / AHJ Pictures, Splash News

This was a good look for Kate. The dress is a sophisticated, elegant design, and the earrings gave the look a glam-factor commensurate with the event.

While not related to the Awards this evening, there is a BAFTA tie to one of Kate’s patronages, Place2Be. The Academy program is called BAFTA Kids Roadshow with Place2Be; it is designed to “champion creativity and showcasing soft skills important for emotional well-being and career progression.”




  149 Responses to “The Duchess Glitters in a Glamorous McQueen Gown & Supersized Earrings”

  1. Although I’m not a huge fan of this dress, she still looks wonderful! I love her choice of big earrings. I do have one question, though. Does she normally wear false eyelashes? This is the first time I have ever noticed her wearing falsies.

  2. BIG hair and BIG dress do not go together. Fashion and style are a balancing act!

  3. Beautiful gown…it’s hard to go wrong with McQueen, but I can’t get past that big, bouffant of an up-do to comment on it much. Why that style was chosen over a sleek chignon I’ll never understand.

    If anything, this look is a miss in my book due to a mishmash of accessories, and I’m including that hairdo as an accessory here. The earrings, purse, bracelet and shoes are all great on their own, but thrown together for this evening’s BAFTA event, with that gorgeous gown…and with that bad hair…more care and thought should’ve been undertaken.

    Sorry. The truth hurts. Get a GOOD stylist.

  4. Loved the look, head to toe. So glad she experimented with a new cut and print. I’m personally not a fan of either for me but I was walking the carport with Wills. So for her frame and the occasion, it was appropriately fresh! Would have preferred the earrings correspond to a shade in the dress but, dang, they are so bold that it didn’t matter. A++ tonight.

  5. I adore this dress,I can even forgive the fact that the sleeves look somewhat uncomfortable as if it would be difficult to raise the arms. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of Diana, she wore a lavender off-the-shoulder dress early on,as well as a white/lavender/pink multi-colour flouncy affair with a frill hanging from the neck. Many of her dresses were totally strapless too. I’m surprised that so many disliked Kate’s hair, it didn’t look much different from how she had it with the red dress in Canada or the baby blue in Holland – previous comments have been positive & said it looked like Jackie O’s (I agree). The dress is a Victorian style, popular in the ‘ballgown’ era of Diana, but Kate’s longer hair swept up is far more in keeping with the general style. As it was the Bafta’s (working class people who have ‘made it’ in show-business rather than stuffy diplomats & establishment figures), she dressed appropriately & blended in well; she certainly looked a lot more elegant than some of the others there in their cheap plunge necklines. (And Diana had floral evening gowns too).
    I don’t like the bag clasp, it’s pointy & while it doesn’t look heraldic to me, it has the colours & design of certain flags/organisations. It’s a big clash with the bracelet next to it though.I would have added a thinnish diamond necklace with smaller but matching earrings to finish off (neck does look bare).
    In any case, strapless gowns (and the sleeves are just for show here) are ‘corsets’. The dress is tailored & reinforced to the body & allowance made in the fabric at the front for the bust. As Kate’s bodice is bespoke (it has been filled in, if not cut just for her) it fits her,it isn’t falling down & the ‘points’ are the side of the corset.

    Admin edit.

  6. I’m of two minds. On one hand, I really love everything from the drop waist up. It’s really elegant and the tiny print suits her nicely. The off-the-shoulder neckline is beautiful and shows off her beautiful shoulders. The earrings make a statement and frame her face while the bracelet provides just the right balance. While I can’t pull off bigger hair, she can and I think the BAFTAs demand more dramatic makeup. The falsies are playful and something new for her. The bottom portion I can’t get past. The two tiers with the diagonal accordion pleats with a bigger, louder pattern just don’t please me.

    On the other hand, I look at Kate, seeing how happy and confident she is in that dress and I throw all of my opinions out of the window because that dress doesn’t wear her, but Kate wears that dress. Work it!

  7. Like many others, I thought the dress was a “miss”. Kate or her “stylist” seem to have a penchant for mucking up McQueen designs, The result almost always shows a lack of understanding about what makes a design work or not. In this case Kate was no doubt drawn to the skirt tiers – one of her favourite 70s boho looks. The corset style bodice however wasn’t appropriate. There were a couple of easy fixes that would have retained at least some of the integrity of the original design. Create a plain bodice but leave the black satin ribbon straps – a design element which tie the bodice and skirt together. Instead the black satin ribbon is gone and a boho dropped shoulder strap is used. The strap is too low,(that’s why it looks like it slipped rather than is intentional) and creates and unattractive very low horizontal neckline. If an off the shoulder strap was wanted for whatever reason it could have been angled to create a more attractive line and a combination of the violet and black satin used for a slightly wider strap that would have tied the top and bottom together. Having said all that, I think this dress belongs in the place the collection is for – a resort.

    The hair is too big, especially with those giant earrings. The combination of them with the huge expanse of bare skin and the severe neckline and the flouncy skirt simply doesn’t work. A simpler updo, and either small studs and a big necklace would have worked better or a pair of very long more delicate chandelier earrings. Her makeup is badly done – the false eyelashes not applied properly and a too heavy hand with the top eyeliner don’t do her any favours.

    Finally on the subject of McQueen – when this house has such great design and tailoring and such fabulous dresses, why choose a lesser design and redo it. Why not go for the best this house to offer at a black tie event?

  8. Wow! Lots of comments here. Please bear with one more! :) My first reaction was that the print of the dress– white, black, green, somewhat fussy– was a miss. Then it grew on me. The total effect– hair, makeup, jewelry– was lovely, especially in motion in the videos. I think the slightly retro hair looked just right with the dress. Severely pulled back hair, or too much hair, would have detracted from the overall look. The neckline and bodice were an improvement over the runway corset– much more regal. Love that Wedding Gift bracelet, and I think it’s a real testament to the feeling the Queen has for Kate. Her makeup was glam, and I think appropriate for the occasion without being too overdone. I think fake eyelashes are fine for an entertainment industry event!

  9. My First Thought: OMG MY EYES! I AM DYING OVER THOSE EARRINGS! (Screeching wildly as if I won an Oscar).

    The Dress: Fit her wasp waist like a glove. Black is always elegant. Glad she ditched the ‘tart top’ on the original because she’s royalty not a Jean Paul Gaultier model. WTH is up with those weeds in the pattern? Cute idea but fits weird off the shoulder because the straps aren’t made that way. Definitely see she is creating her own signature look.

    The Clutch: Get in my closet NOW! That heart & crown clasp is adorable as well as looking like a cheeky royal coat of arms. Also reminded me of Charles Spencer’s heart & crown engagement ring (so sweet!) to Victoria Lockwood.

    The Shoes: Classic but… *yawn*…. you get my point. How about some sky high stilettos in satin to match the clutch? Woo-hoo! — Oh wait, you don’t want 3 kids. Yes, then stick with the other shoes.

    The Make-Up: Cat eye is much better than raccoon eye. See Tammy Faye. Would love to have seen it paired up with a classic red lip. Ask Taylor.

    The Hair: A matronly, well lacquered, buffoon bun does not go with a young, fresh, whimsical dress! Hair needs to be young too like when she wore it down with a floral, tiered hem dress by Erdem back in October 2015 at 100 Women in Hedge Funds. C’mon girl! This is the BAFTA awards! Time to bring it!

    Love you! Mean it! ;) xx

    • Oops! :o — Bouffant not buffoon! And that’s how girl fights start over a slight misunderstanding. Sorry! Sorrry! Sorry! Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

  10. I want to know who her tailor is the fitting of the dress is so perfect ; )

  11. While it has been said a hundred times that this is a fashion blog, hence the [largely negative] commentary about whatever this woman is wearing, I wonder if it has just become a venue for nitpicking and negativity from women about a woman. Her posture! Her hair! Her matronly curtain-like fabric dresses with ill-fitting waists!

    The reality is: none of us – no matter how well-dressed and made up – could look good when photographed this much, from so many different angles. That she manages to go out in public and crack a smile, or take three steps while knowing how much footage there will be of those inconsequential moments takes fortitude few of us possess.

    Perhaps, in lieu of a comment section it’s time to consider a simple ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ voting system…

  12. I love Alexander McQueen bags and the clasp on this one is gorgeous. But seeing it in the close up to the diamond bracelet, I feel like it doesn’t really fit to the outfit.

    I don’t know what to think about the dress. I think I like the top half. When I saw Kensington Palace’s photos on Instagram, I was immediately struck by how fit Kate looks and the off-the-shoulder straps really highlight that. The bottom half…meh. I really liked the tiered Erdem dress but I’m not a fan this time around. I just don’t really like the flower pattern either, it doesn’t scream “evening wear” to me. I honestly might have preferred it if the entire dress was just black, but I suppose in that case it would have been quite similar to the black strapless McQueen Kate wore towards the end of 2011 (which I would love to see again!).

    Glad she decided not to add a necklace to the look. The earrings drew enough attention on their own!

  13. Fun, fun, fun! Everyone gripes she’s too stuffy and here she goes for some over-the-top glamour and everyone is still sour grapes. I think she looked sensational without being inappropriate or out of character. Oh to play dress up with her resources!

  14. Any repliKates of this dress?

  15. The earrings are stunning as is, of course, the bracelet. I read on another site commenting on this look that “the 80′s are back” for fashion and I must say my first thoughts were “look at that awesome 80′s big hair” and
    “didn’t I wear a dress with a similar floral pattern and tiers in the 80′s?” (Yep, Homecoming dance 1985). So this reflects my heyday (but obviously much more upscale) and I love it! Gorgeous!

  16. I think the dress could have been totally ” pulled up” from the straps as it looked too long and heavy. The straps were too off the shoulder; they should have been truly off her shoulder which would have made the bodice a better fit. The low and bare straps made her bust look way too small, and her decollate quite unattractive.
    The earrings look so cheap compared to that beautiful bracelet. Enough with the costume jewelry!

    NOTE: quick admin edit

  17. Fascinating to read some of these very different opinions. I am most surprised to see so many people who feel that the fake eyelashes are a miss. They are, in my mind, a given – everyone wears them on red carpets and brides frequently wear them on wedding days here in the US too (I did). I feel neutral about this dress, but happy that she’s taking a few trends on board (dark florals, off-the-shoulder dresses) since I often feel she gives no nod to modern fashion whatsoever. I like it, overall.

  18. I couldn’t resist commenting on this dress again after it showed up in my Instagram feed. Furthur consideration of the print employed on the gown only reinforces my original statement of liking the “idea” of this dress but not the execution. The more I look at it, the more I find the use of that particular design consisting of identical conicular-shaped bunches of flowers regularly placed across the width of the fabric to be bizarre. It’s too much like wallpaper.

    • I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but you did! My mother-in-law has wallpaper exactly like this in her guest room!

      • I will never understand why saying a print fabric “looks like” wall paper or curtains or drapery or a shower curtain is a legitimate criticism of a garment fashioned from said fabric. I my self have encountered many a drape or curtain I would have loved to have a dress,skirt or jacket made from!

        That being said, the luster and texture of the fabric on this particular gown is gorgeous. It is apparent even from the photos that this fabric is beautiful. And, I bet it was even more beautiful to see in person.

        Looks like wallpaper….? Doubt it!

        • Re-read my post. I stated “why” it looked like wallpaper by describing the shape and placement of th motif.

  19. This was my thinking process when I saw this: “Kate went to some big event. She looks great. Nice dress.Beautiful jewelry ” And thats really where it stopped. Then I went down to the comment section. Everyone seemed to have problems with the dress. Originally it features a corset-like top, which I generally prefer. Now my guess is, if she was an actress attending the BAFTA Awards she would have just went with the original design. But she is not an actress. She is in fact the duchess of Cambridge and future queen of England. So she had it altered, because she felt that the original design would come off as too sexy for her position .Then she put this version on, looked grand and happy anyways and all in all, I must say, I see nothing wrong with any of it.

  20. I’m a fan of Kate’s natural beauty and I usually find something to like about her clothes, but this time… sorry, this ensemble, esp. the hair and the dress look like an updated version of Prince Anne from the 70s, which is not a good thing, for me.
    Love the earrings, though.

  21. Not a fan of the whole costume. I can’t think of anything I liked about it, as a matter of fact, except the shoes (if those were them) and the bracelet.

    - Kate’s hair looked like 1980s big hair from the front. The intricate back was interesting, though.

    - I usually love Kate’s makeup, but those fake eyelashes were a mistake, IMO.

    - Didn’t care for the earrings. I like when she wears bling, but these were just huge!

    - Hated those straps/”sleeves”. They looked like shoulder straps that had fallen down. In fact, perhaps they would have looked better as shoulder straps? Or maybe the look would have worked if the bodice and straps would have been a few inches higher? Not sure about either of those, but I really didn’t like it as it was.

    - I think the fabric was beautiful, but not what I would have looked for in an evening dress, certainly not in flounces. The skirt moved beautifully, but still…no.

    - Liked the bracelet, the clutch is lovely but the clasp looked scary.

    In short, not one of my favorite Duchess evening looks. But I loved seeing her look happy and relaxed!

    • You sum up my thoughts exactly.
      Also to me the dress is somehow a try to be trendy but then it ends up being so conservative with the hair and such a fuss with all the missmatched elemnts (bracelet, earrings, the clasp of the clutch…).
      Not really a great winner in my books.

  22. Hmm. Well, I have to admit I’m not such a fan of this dress.On the up side, judging by the short clip of them shaking hands, it looks like the skirt moves really beautifully. If anyone knows of a better video of the dress in motion, I’d love to see it. The other commentators have pretty much covered my issues with the dress. However, it looks like Kate either really likes it or was excited to attend this event – she certainly looked happy, which mitigates a lot of my complaints on the dress.

    The soft updo is interesting. Melania Trump also wore an updo that was softer and looser at the inauguration, but I don’t really follow hair trends. Does anyone else know if this is a new trend, or is it just happenstance?

  23. I’m CERTAIN the Duchess wore fake lashes to the BAFTAS, her eyes really seem to pop more than unusual. She also looks like she got a tan (she has been seriously toning those down since her marriage). Regardless, she looks happy, radiant, and stunning.

  24. stunning and glamorous! just like she should be for that event! LOVED her entire look!

  25. The Duchess is certainly tall enough to carry off this dress. Personally, it’s a silhouette I just don’t like – i.e., tiers of bulky heavy ruffles – to me, they throw the dress off balance. I’m pleased the waist is in the right place, though!!! I agree with the comments that the “sleeves” look too tight – they look uncomfortable to me, like she may not be able to lift her arms enough even to do her lipstick! On the makeup, kudos for making the effort – with practice, she’ll get it perfect.

  26. I really like this look (with my usual few minor quibbles) and it’s been really a learning experience for me looking at it. I really, really disliked the Erdem with the three layers of flounce in the skirt. It shrieked 1970s at me, and I shrieked back. (Yes, the 70s influence has been felt in fashion of late. No, you will never get me to think that is a good thing. Once was emphatically enough.)

    What a realize is that it’s the fabric that really makes the difference. This more complicated surface is just more interesting to me, and there’s a softness and almost an anticipation of softness that improves the flow. I wasn’t surprised to see the dress moving beautifully when Kate was walking, since it looked like it would do that. The shinier fabric in the earlier dress looked like it would be stiff and unyielding — even if it wasn’t.

    I’m not a big fan of the sleeves if sleeves is what we’re calling them, but that’s a pretty minor quibble.

  27. At first sight I thought she looked great, the more I look at it the more quibbles I get. Hair and make up are sadly poorly done. I was excited about an updo at last, but it is a bit helmet-like.

    The bodice of the dress seems almost corset-like tight and the off shoulders, even though I liked her last off shoulder-dresses, seem a bit too low on the arms or something… as she is very skinny but also sporty, her torso has an almost swimmer-like (slim, of course!) V-shape which I find to be accentuated a bit unflatteringly with this dress.

    Posture can be fixed! Having the upper parts of dresses a bit looser gives you a more relaxed moving space. I see the same with business blazers which get a bit tight at the shoulders for the sake of having a good snug fit at the waist.

  28. The expressions on her face were just marvelous. She looked like she felt so beautiful and special as she should!! I thought she looked glamorous. I liked the dress but I too thought it was too heavy for her. Loved that she showed some skin!! The off the shoulder element and her beautiful undo was so elegant. The earrings, I loved the idea of the over the top look but did not understand the the color of the large stone. I would have chosen all diamonds or the Queen must have had some pink quartz and diamonds to choose from.

    I always want her to wear more jewelry as she is so beautiful and has so many options and a duchess and all! Loved the bag and could not see the shoes. The dress almost appeared to long. Oh how fun to be her and how lucky we are that she is so beautiful to look at ! Thank you for your posts. Could not wait to see how everyone felt about the dress.

  29. I love the voluminous hair, glowing makeup, JEWELRY<3, new clutch, and eye-catching dress, love everything. She looks so glamorous. This dress remind me of the red and blue floral Erdem gown, which I did not like at first but grew to really appreciate for it's uniqueness and bold pattern.

    If I could change one thing about the dress, I'd tweak the sleeves, which seem a bit puny. I'd either make them bigger or get rid of them. For once I like the altered design better than the original design though!

  30. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the Earrings? They look like the work of Sutra (http://sutrajewels.com/). Sutra was sold in annoushka in London, where the Duchess has previously shopped, so I am wondering if the earrings were designed by Sutra, but I cannot be certain.


  31. This looks a perfect outfit for the occasion, love the dress; accessories and ‘do properly posh. I wasn’t sure at first but the details you gave won me over, excellent post all around. Thank you for including the references to past Royals of BAFTA.

  32. The comments are interesting because they range from love it to hate it.

    I have mixed feelings.

    Jewelry – gorgeous!

    Hair – old fashioned. Emily Blunt wore an updo similar to the Duchess, but it managed to look fresh and young; where the Duchesses’ seems like an old fashioned hair sprayed helmet. The Duchesses’ hair is gorgeous and there are so many things she could do with it, I don’t know why it defaults to helmet head so often.

    Dress – my reaction was similar to when I first saw pictures of the Erdem she wore to the 100 Women in Hedge Funds’ Philanthropic Initiatives event. It’s a lot of dress on such a small frame. Also, it appears uncomfortably tight, especially across the chest/arms. As an evening dress, it would have been better if the bodice detailing was left in, and perhaps a ruffled slit to show off her fab legs (with a different shoe).

    Make-up – I’m glad she’s trying something different, I just wish it was more artfully done.

  33. On first seeing this gown I had an oh dear moment but the more I look at it the more I like. This was a good time change to step out of the box and Kate did that.
    While still trying to love the dress the rest of it was perfection those earrings and her hair :)

    P.S. excited about Paris , love a Chanel moment!

    • I agree that this is a good place for her to step out of the box, actresses/actors certainly do, I’m glad she did. I think she overall looked very fitting for the event and who she is.

  34. I adore Kate, but this look has way too much going on. The makeup is too heavy, the hair too large (reminds of Princess Anne), the dress is much too fussy with both a print and layering. The jewelry is not a great match, and she really should be wearing precious jewels instead of semi-precious given her options.

    I’d like to see Kate wear a much simper, more elegant dress that accents both her beauty and some stunning royal jewels. Build a look around some amazing jewels, please! This fabulous woman is a princess!

  35. I like the dress from the waist up, but really detest those ‘peasant dress’ looking tiers at the bottom. and I think the skirt would look better without the tiers and in a solid colour shade – instead of the big bouquets of flowers.

    I’m disappointed in the false eyelashes. She is a beautiful girl that doesn’t need to add complications like this – it makes me think she was feeling the pressure of expectation about her BAFTA look.

    Hair is gorgeous!

    I can’t believe how expensive that little evening bag is!

  36. Sadly, this is one of my least favorite dresses. The neckline, print, cinching of the gown in various places…it just doesn’t fit her well or complement her. Her hair and jewelry look fabulous, though.

  37. I have to say that I also don’t care for this dress. Being the duchess, she pretty well has unlimited access to any designer out there. Just compared to other dresses she’s worn, this seems frumpy. In my opinion, the print is too small & fussy for a dress with lots of gathered. This seems more like a design she would wear for one of her day engagements, in a simple knee length design (which she has done, for years). I don’t think the 3-tiered design is as flattering for her slim build. And having such an open upper chest, seems to me to beg a lovely necklace to set it off. However, I think the hair and earrings were a home run-very elegant! All that said, she could wear a potato sack & look lovely.

  38. First the good—I think her hair was lovely and the extra volume is okay here since the neckline is off the shoulder and she didn’t wear a necklace. Her makeup looks good (although the blush looks a little heavy, but I think it is actually the cold making her cheeks a bit ruddy). I also like the clutch and shoes.

    Now for the rest—-the neckline of the dress doesn’t fit properly; the shoulder straps should be thicker so as to come up on the shoulders a couple more inches and those odd points need to disappear. Because the straps are so thin, it makes it look as though the dress is sliding down, when in fact it isn’t. The tiers on the skirt are fussy and distract from the overall look, and the bands of ribbon look like something out of Gone with the Wind. I don’t think prints on evening gowns are elegant and this one definitely isn’t. Perhaps with fewer (or no) tiers and sans the ribbons, it might have worked. This gown also reads too “Spring” for mid-February in London.

    The jewelry—I adore that bracelet and its provenance—it was made from a dismantled tiara that belonged to Prince Phillip’s mother. However, the bracelet is art deco (ish) in design and doesn’t really work with this edgy gown. Additionally, it is made of platinum and doesn’t go well with the purse or the earrings (which are both yellow gold). The Earrings—I don’t get the love for these earrings at all; they are clearly semi-precious or paste stones–I suspect they are costume jewelry. The earrings are in yellow gold and more “eighties” in style so they clash terribly with the style of the bracelet. The earrings also don’t really work with this gown–the pinkish stones (perhaps Morganites) do nothing for the dress. This might have been a good time to bring out those gorgeous emerald earrings she wore in NYC–at least the green stones would play off the green in the print.

    The Duchess looks like she was enjoying herself and so did William, but I just think tonight’s look was a miss.

    • I agree with your assessment of her jewelry. While individually I like the pieces (especially that gorgeous bracelet), they just don’t go together. Like you, I just don’t understand why she would wear costume jewelry when she has access to the real deal.

      I don’t mind the false eyelashes and eye make-up, as some have mentioned. I think she had to do something a bit more dramatic in order to not get lost in that dress. It was evening, televised, and just like the celebrities, you go for a bit more glam to fit the occasion.

    • I agree with you about the earrings. They do not look like precious stones, and their style doesn’t match the bracelet or the clutch.

      They look rather cheap to me.

    • Agree with you about the accessories!

  39. There are some fantastic elements of this look. The bare shoulders with that updo and those earrings are perfection. The off the shoulder look is made for her. But for me, the print of the dress is no good. This is just a personal preference – I am not a fan of McQueen prints. I never have been. I just can’t appreciate them, though I know there are thousands who do. I don’t think they are classic, I don’t think they will hold up to the test of time, and I don’t think they are a good look on royalty (at least we have flowers here instead of skulls). Clearly the Duchess disagrees with me, but she’s stunning in any dress.

  40. Thank you for this post. The Alexander McQueen link is taking me to an Asian website ??

  41. Her unique sense of style . . . At first, I didn’t like the neckline, but now I love it. The neckline and the chignon remind me of Angelina Jolie in the Tourist. Not a surprise Kate prefers earrings and modest neckline. The fitted bodice reminds me of her black lace Temperley dress. In my opinion, the different pattern on the skirt is genious. Not a fan of the false eyelashes. Do not forget she couldn’t choose this dress for a diplomatic reception, but for the Bafta, it’s ok.

  42. I really love this dress except I wish the “sleeve” was a bit wider, or ruched. It looks like an odd, as if they have been tacked onto the dress as an afterthought.

    Otherwise I think this is a really beautiful look, everything works. Even my boyfriend who isn’t especially keen on the Duchess, partly she is a bit too slim for his tastes, commented on how beautiful this was and how stunning she looked.

  43. Oh, I love this! It’s a much more successful version of the Erdem ‘dust-ruffle’ dress she wore previously. The changes from the original design are a huge improvement (I don’t think those very thin spaghetti straps work on an evening dress), and while the hair is a little pouffy, for an event of this level of glamour it looks just right.

    She must have been so cold, though! We were out and about in Bristol yesterday afternoon and it never got more than a couple of degrees above freezing, even in coats and scarves it was really uncomfortably cold. I can’t imagine walking around with bare shoulders… No wonder all the guests had red noses :)

  44. She looks stunning!

    The off the shoulder. The floral in black print. The tight tiny bodice. The appearance of tiered ruffles and black satin ribbons on the long skirt. The teardrop jewels with the updo. All so very smulderingly romantic.

    Her makeup has been exceptional lately as well. I don’t know what she is doing differently exactly but she looks more marvelous than ever. It’s more complimentary now.

  45. False eyelashes would be fine if correctly applied – these have been misaligned with her wing and crudely stuck on. Her whole make-up is poor – I’d love to know who the makeup artist was because it takes a real lack of skill to make a beautiful woman’s make-up the focus of debate.

  46. I like the changes to the dress. Went from old fashion girly to sophisticated.
    Absolutely love the hair up!!!
    Now you can see the earings, her face and the dress.

    As mentioned above, I do to wish that Kate would learn to walk up straight with her hands and clutch next to her sides and not grasped infront of her, making her walk slumped.

  47. I truly would love to see what Kate would look like if her makeup was done by a professional and someone who actually knows what they’re doing (no offence). Have we ever seen her with her makeup professionally done?

    • In Vogue, and that was not the best makeup job, either.

    • Really we don’t have any idea if or when she’s had her make-up professionally applied. While it was famously reported that she did her own make-up for the wedding, there’s no way to tell if she always does it herself, or gets a make-up artist for big occasions.

    • June 2011 when she wore the pink Jenny Packham dress to a fundraiser, I am fairly sure she had her make up professionally done. The look was just so different and, IMHO, unmatched to date.

      • It’s funny isn’t it? If I were her I’d love to have my make up done professionally all the time. I wonder if it’s her effort to hang on to some kind of normalcy?

        • She doesn’t really need much in terms of makeup – great skin, beautiful brows, great cheekbones and overal facial, structures. Not much for a makeup artist to do especially given the looks that she prefers (fresh skin, eye definition, minimal blush and natural peachy pink lips). Might take her 15 min to do her normal looks.

      • Was that the LA/Hollywood event she went to?

  48. Wow! Absolutely stunning head to toe. Those earrings are to die for.

  49. I love her look. The dress is incredible. Gorgeous fit and fabric. She looks spectacular. The earrings are fantastic along with the bracket. The clutch a fun addition. Shoes great. I love her make up and lashes and hair. I just found her whole look wonderful and spot on for the occasion.

  50. I loved how she looked. I liked the looser softer updo. I love the dress. I love the earrings and the bracelet but not together. The bracelet being all white metal and bright diamonds makes the also gorgeous earrings look a bit garish with the Colored stones and yellow gold setting. Ias mentioned above the faux fcrest in the hand bag seemed odd – she should be logo less. Also I think she gets evening wear shoes all wrong- a satin/silk pump or a strapped sandal not a suede shoe she wears with a suit for day appointments.

  51. I love that the Queen has entrusted her wedding gift bracelet to Kate. I’d love to see her rotate more of the royal jewels, because who wouldn’t want to (!!!), but I’m ok with it, because Kate doesn’t seem to be the kind who needs to be blinged out to the 10th degree.

    I think she hit this out of the park. My only criticism would be, like others have said, that the neckline be a bit thicker. Seeing the dress move sold me on the choice. It’s understated but elegant and didn’t take away from the reason she was there: to celebrate the talented actors, actresses and filmmakers (among the others being nominated.)

    One last thought, I wonder if the earrings were a wedding gift. The first appearance was in 2011, she doesn’t often showcase the jewels she likely received as gifts. To assume she wasn’t gifted any would be odd, as every royal bride has received jewels upon marriage (to my knowledge.)

    NOTE: Admin edit

  52. I wish every woman including the Duchess would learn how to carry a clutch (purse) properly. The clutch should be an extension of the arm not held tightly to the body.

    • Etiquette says the way Kate holds her clutch (holding it tidy under her) or holding the top gently with your hand are both proper and acceptable.

  53. I really, really, really love the dress!
    The only thing I would modify are the satin bands, they do not look good in my opinion
    Another interesting thought, so many people looooooove this dress, and they didn’t like the Erdem flowery one (myself included, I liked the Erdem but with a straight skirt).
    I think this is one of the moments when you realize how much difference the color and the type of fabric does for the look of the dress

    In any case, she looked perfect! One of her best ones yet!

    • I agree with all of your comments! I didn’t love the Erdem, but this one’s ruffles are more tiered adding better proportion to her figure. I also wish the bands were either a little wider or with a slight ruffle. I think they look too thin/tight which makes them seem like an afterthought, but I love the off the shoulder look for the Duchess. A definite winning look.

  54. I love the “idea” of this dress if not the execution. The bodice appears to have been significantly altered from the model and I applaud those changes. However, eliminating the last two bottom rows of ribbon (at least) would greatly improve this gown. the false lashes would be great sans the eyeliner which is just way too heavy. I love the earrings and bracelet and shoes with this gown-all work perfectly with it. I must admit that I think the huge gold heart on the bag is a bit over the top and perhaps it’s the medievalist in me but I cringe more than just a bit at the thought of the Duchess of Cambridge sporting a pseudo heraldic device.

    As for the posture (back to that yet again)- once and for all people, human bodies are not as straight and perfect as we’d like to think. Just because someone’s silhouette isn’t stick straight doesn’t mean they have poor posture. Shoulders sometimes slope a bit and the upper back may curve even on someone who has excellent posture and carries themselves well.

  55. Well, this is a combination of good and bad. First the good. I like Kate’s updo. It shows off her shoulders, the earrings and it is softer and less severe than some of her updos. I think the earrings are spectacular, ditto for the bracelet, glad she didn’t wear her watch. However, it appears that the earrings are set in yellow gold, while the bracelet is set in either white gold or platinum…matching metals doesn’t seem to matter to the Duchess. I also feel that Kate looks happy and confident.

    Now the bad. The dress is okay to the waist, but then it becomes overwhelming. Prints are less elegant than solids and prints of two different sizes, plus the horizontal ribbons and the tiers, create a confusion of too much going on. Those that think this harkens back to “Little House on the Prairie” have a point.

    As for the artificial eyelashes…they surprise me. Some comment that they are fun, but this isn’t a sorority party or a girl’s night out. Kate is the future queen. She is such a natural beautiful, she doesn’t need the phoney look of too much blusher and fake eyelashes.

    • Make that, She is such a natural BEAUTY.

    • I’ve noticed several times that she doesn’t carr about matching metals. I believe her engagement ring is platinum, wedding ring is yellow gold and eternity ring is white gold. I guess when she has such a mix up on her wedding finger she figures it doesn’t matter if anywhere else matches!

  56. I just don’t like this style of the dress. She wore another dress in the tiered style and I didn’t like that one either.

  57. I really like this except for the hair – it’s a bit big. I also think that since she’s going strapless, this dress desperately needs a hoik up an inch or two. It looks a bit like it’s falling off.

  58. I’m surprised to see so many negative comments here. I think she looks FABULOUS! This is one of the few times where I think the design alterations look better than the McQueen original. It shows her off in all the right ways. Her posture is a little awkward at times, but the poor girl was probably freezing her tail off, so it’s totally understandable. She exudes confidence so she obviously loves this look and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. Great look!

    • I forgot to add – LOVE the earrings!! I love when she wears bolder jewelry.

      • Liz, I completely agree! The Duchess looks fabulous from head to toe and those earrings – oh my gosh! I’d love to know more about them because they’re really stunning. The oval surround looks like it could be made of diamonds and I love the mix of colored stones.

    • I’m surprised as well.All in all she looks great here.

  59. Just looking at the dress evoked that tiered floral Erdem from a while ago (http://images.cdn.starpulse.com/pictures/2015/10/28/previews/Kate%20Middleton2-20151028-5.jpg) for me but having retrieved that image I can see the more substantial differences now. I still don’t love either of them, and I agree with some of the posters above about floral patterns needing to knock it out of the park in order to count as evening wear, which this kind of didn’t. Loved the earrings, bag, hair, and smile though :)

  60. I have a couple of issues with this. First, it doesn’t fit properly. The neckline crosses her chest about too inches too low to be flattering. Since she is flat chested. there’s nothing to give her a boost. Also, the neckband would have been much nicer if it was a little wider. Princess Diana got a similar look exactly right in a pink and black cocktail gown.

    Also, even though it’s a dark background, it’s a spring floral print, a little too early. You can wear velvet through February, and Kate looks stunning in velvet. Why a print?

    Earrings great, hair great, makeup good.

    • I disagree, I love the fit of the bodice – the first two “tiers” in fact. It could be higher, but then it would look weird with the off shoulder sleeves. The bodice has a beautiful shape and shows off her beyond trim waste. It looks perfectly secure to me.

      Agree about the floral print, though – not right for February.

  61. At first I was NOT at all a fan of this dress. The off the shoulder cut is just a bit too low so that it really makes her shoulders look broad and athletic and just a bit too much skin. The flounces a patterned fabric didn’t strike me as elegant in the still pictures. But then I saw a short clip of it full length in motion on another website and it really completely changed how I felt about it. In motion, the pattern and flounces all added up to a kind of magical elegance that looks stunning. Almost like a fairy tale princess!

    Always ready to applaud any hair style that gets her hair up away from blocking her face and the details of her clothing. Love updos on her – she has such glorious hair that updos look so beautiful.

  62. I am so happy she wore that bracelet. I love it and its provenance. Something is wrong with the tailoring of those off-shoulder straps. They don’t lie flat, and this is McQueen, so I find that really surprising. Nevertheless, she looks so happy, and that smile is the best of What Kate Wore.

    • PS I think the large stones in those earrings might be morganites. I’d love knowing other opinions!

      • Definitely morganites (the pinkish stones) and I suspect the white/clear stones are quartz. The earrings are not precious stones–semi precious at best.

        • Agree on morganite, which is the equivalent of pink aquamarine. These are flashy earrings, but not important earrings. Look at the way the top bezels are cut: way too many facets for good stones.

          • Completely agree—you can also tell in the prong work on the smaller round stones—not quality goldsmith work—because they are not diamonds or other such precious stones.

  63. I am loving the glam look of tonight. Her hair is perfect and I think one of the best updos. Just love that volume. The earrings are magnificent! I see people nay-saying her false eye lashes. Why? I don’t think they detract from her beauty, just bump up the glam factor. They are fun to wear to an event. I know when me and my girlfriends are preparing for an event we are always excited to bring out the false eyelashes, even if our natural lashes are ample. They’re just fun!

    Both she and William look like they were having a great time, all smiles. I’m not nuts about the dress, but I do love the whole look.

    • I agree with you on all these things. False eyelashes aren’t meant for close-up photos, which are unfairly only a problem for the Duchess, and I think the whole thing put together looks amazing. Especially in motion, in the video, which I think is a more realistic way of evaluating her look.

    • I agree, I see no problem with the false lashes. Just because she is the future Queen doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to wear them.

    • I don’t have a problem with her wearing the falsies but rather the poor manner in which they were applied. Something that should be left to a professional

  64. Am I the only one who sees ice cream cones on the bottom of the dress? The heavy blush, fake eyelashes- this is a miss.

  65. WOW! the Duchess looks absolutely stunning to me in this dress. The fabric is beautiful, the fit is fantastic and the design is inspired.

    I love the contrast between the smaller floral print on the top and the larger on the bottom. The satin ribbons tie it all together and keep the tiers from looking to flouncy. I love the neckline . . . . much more inspired than the original dress. It is chic and glamorous and feminine without being overly sexy. This dress looks like it was made especially for Kate. No one else would look as good in it, IMO!

    I hope to see her wear it again!

    Note to admin: is there a way to edit my name to add an initial. I see we have two Donnas commenting lately!

  66. Will never understand why anyone as beautiful as the duchess would put on false eyelashes. They look terrible. Nice to see her in an off shoulder look and with the hair and earrings — overall a win. I would have preferred a simple sweeping skirt to those tiers. As others have said, way too Laura Ingalls Wilder for me.

  67. Kate looks beautiful, my comments are not picking really but we are here to discuss her clothes not her overall beauty so here goes!
    I don’t like the dress. At a quick glance I thought I did but the neckline looks too boxy on her. The off the shoulder look worked so well with the red and black dresses she wore recently (Preen maybe?) But here the shape just doesn’t look right. I don’t like the ruffles either, the skirt would look so much prettier if it was just straight.
    Her jewellery is to die for and her hair is lovely. The fake lashes are a bit low class in my opinion.

  68. Oh i love this. Love the dress, love the earrings, love her hair. The dress is not my favorite red carpet look of all time, but it is something different for her and I’m excited about that.

    I feel I have been critical as of late so I am glad to see I look I love so much.

  69. I guess I’m in the minority, but I like the dress! It’s unique, elegant, a bit playful, perfectly fitted, and makes her stand out at a star-studded event. I’m not crazy about her hair, it’s a bit poufy for my taste (and I agree with the comment that it looks dated), but otherwise I think she looks wonderful.

  70. I actually prefer the dress on the model, before it was altered. The fitted corset bodice balances the bouffant tiered skirt. If the belief is that the altered top is more modest, if you compare them it is actually not more modest. The earrings are incredible, and while the upbdo is a little dated looking, her hair is richly colored and beautiful. Winged eye makeup is excellent, heavy pink blush and fake eyelashes a miss. Her happy beautiful smile is always a winner. Love the wonderful drama of these gala formal evenings.

    • I often prefer Kate’s dresses before her alterations. The designers obviously put a lot of thought into the overall look of a gown so it isn’t surprising that when an individual comes along and makes drastic changes that the dress doesn’t look as good as the original.

  71. Imagine how much better this would look with a full skirt without the ruffles/tiers (reminds me of square dancing just as the unfortunate tiered Alex McQueen dress on the Canadian tour). . . . I do like the top; she has such a lean shape, it looks great. And she did not “fuss’ it up with a necklace. Am on the fence about the print. . . . . Her hair looks great and works well with the cut of the dress. False eyelashes are a fail . . .

    The earrings and bracelet are fine. The purse is lovely. But once again, it looks like the jewelry is silver in color, with the details on the purse being gold. Ugh – no. Shoes good.

    Close, but just not quite.

  72. Hair and makeup look flawless, except for the false eyelashes. I really dislike the printed formal gowns. It looks as if Kate is struggling to keep the top of her dress up, she doesn’t have much in the chest department to hold things up.

  73. This look is amazing! I love everything about it~ the hair, the earrings (gasp), the shoulder line, the ribbon detail, the clutch. I would never think a print like that would work, but it did.

  74. Not a fan of this look at all. The pattern together with the structure of the dress make it look “hectic” and dare I say dowdy. The jewelry does not seem to go well with the dress. Every little detail just seems mismatched. I just don’t think Kate is good at pulling off more “edgy” pieces, especially because she seems to favor pairing them with quite classic accessories. I was so hoping for a look similar to that of the 2011 BAFTA outfit, which was so much more refined, perfected and understated in the best sense of the word!

    • Totally agree. Not my favorite either although she looks good from the neck up. The earrings although stunning do not go with this dress at all. I prefer her in solids and not some of the prints whe has worn lately. Just my preference. She could wear a sack and look ok.

  75. do not like the neckline (so awkward-looking) or the print. Looks like someone threw weeds onto the dress.

  76. The good: love the off-shoulder style and the earrings. She doesn’t need a necklace with fab statement earrings like those.

    The bad: Not a fan of the banded tiers on the bottom. Also, it looks like she went way overboard with blush, but perhaps that’s just the lighting.

  77. Hair,make up,jewelry…wonderful. Purse is WAY overpriced. Dress is just so so. I don’t know what it is but I think she could have looked better in something she all ready owns.

  78. I really like this dress. It was very appropriate for the event, she didn’t upstage any actress’ dresses.

    The off the shoulder cut on the dress is awkward. Strapless probably would’ve been better. The “straps” were too thin and then the funny peaks where her shoulders meet her arms just seems odd.

  79. Beautiful dress and Kate looks so healthy and happy.

  80. This is so close but just not quite right. She looks beautiful but uncomfortable with the bare shoulders. Also the false eyelashes don’t work for me. Her eyes don’t pop.

    • I agree, she looks very aware of the neckline…yes, a bit uncomfortable. I usually don’t get what people are griping about with her posture. But for once, I think I see it! Either her regular posture or feeling uncomfortable in the neckline…either way, throw those shoulders back, girl!

      Overall, I really like the look, though I’m not crazy about the pattern on the bottom two tiers. I thought they were bizarre ice cream cones at first. :/

  81. Hmm. Well, I don’t hate it. I love the earrings and the clutch and the bracelet.

    I don’t love the dress. I agree with others who feel the straps are oddly straight across; I feel like an off-shoulder neckline similar to the blue Roland Mouret, with a slight “v” and not straight across, looks much better and is more flattering. The skirt is treading dangerously close to the Erdem “prairie dress” for me. I think I’d like it better if it had the smaller floral print all over, instead of swapping to a larger print on the bottom. I do think it looks better from the back than it does from the front.

    Ultimately, I think I’m just not partial to prints when it comes to formal events. I feel like they’re less sophisticated and less elegant. Prints are like the Peter Pan collar of evening wear.

    • “…like the Peter Pan collar of evening wear.” I love the way you phrased that!

    • I agree with ‘floral prints’ are just not right for a formal gown. The off the shoulder reminds me of 1995. Maybe that’s what she was going for? Is it that a thing now? She wore the ruffle tier look a few months ago and I think that was a miss also.
      I do like the earrings and the clutch. Beautiful choices.

  82. Let’s see. I like the jewelry. If those are the shoes, I like them, too.

    Not a fan of the dress, especially from the back. I particularly dislike how the middle ribbon cuts the section of the dress with the small flowers and leaves only about two inches of it below. And the tiers overall–meh.

    I also think she’s a little heavy with the blush, and I am thinking those are false eyelashes. Takes away from the look.

    • I’m glad you mentioned the blush – I agree. I was wondering if maybe she’s super cold, and her cheeks got a little too red.

      • I was wondering the same thing. It was quite chilly in London tonight but they couldn’t have been outside for too long. I thought it might have been the cold because her nose was red too!

  83. Stunner!! Love the dress, and the off the shoulder look. So fresh, young, and lovely. Love the hair! Love the earrings! Love everything!

  84. I’m of two minds on this one. In half the pictures, Kate looks princess perfect. The floral print on the black strikes an interesting balance between edgy and romantic. Her hair looks wonderful as well.

    In the other half of the pictures, Kate looks awkward. I don’t know if she feels embarrassed? At times, the cut of the shoulders on the gown almost makes her head look too big for her body. Or maybe the hairdo in the flash of the cameras adds to the illusion of a wider head? I can’t quite identify it, but something about this looks off.

    • I have been trying to figure out the proportions. My conclusion is as follows. I know people often comment that Catherine frequently wears belts or lines above her natural waistline. And I believe that to be an outcome of having a longer torso and shorter legs. With this gown’s neckline low and off the shoulder, the bodice to skirt ratio is off. I believe that the bodice should have been shortened by 2-3 inches to raise the waist. And then there would have been the flow that the dress needs.

    • It was not flattering because of the off-shoulder straps – it made her shoulders look really wide and her waist unnaturally tiny. I wish she had more confidence to wear big necklaces AND her hair up. Her hair and earrings were too big. That’s why proportions looked off like the “lollipop figures”

  85. This is another “almost” look for me. I like the off-the-shoulder look of the dress (hooray for no neck-choking collar) and the fabric, but the tiers for me take this from glam to Little House on the Prairie. I like the jewelry. I also like her new makeup look, with the exception of the fake eyelashes, which to me always look like dead spiders. I would say I like the overall look more than I don’t, but I am just not into tiered skirts outside of a hoedown.

  86. A smashing success, in my book. The comparison to the 2011 dress showcases how much she has matured (in all the best ways) without sacrificing any of the glamour.

  87. Wow! This is a great look! I think for the first time, I love the changes made to a dress. The off the shoulder look is amazing and the earring and hair just set everything off perfectly, The bracelet is the bit that separates Kate from the rest. Very Royal looking.

  88. The genius of McQueen has delivered the goods for Kate once again. From elements I generally dislike from recent catwalks, like the tiered skirt, fussy florals and a profusion of ribbon, the label has created magic for the red carpet.

    It all fits like a dream. I’m intrigued to see Kate prepared to bare her shoulders completely this time, I’d felt frustrated with the midnight blue Packham when she wouldn’t let the sleeves simply fall loose, but kept them perched primly up on her shoulders.

    It’s unfortunate that, when she is prepared to allow the straps to sit further down here, they create a straight line which oddly accentuates the athletic strength of her shoulders. Somehow this didn’t matter with the bare-shoulder Casasola when I imagine the bulk of the dress below balanced the overall shape better than the tiny waist Kate can showcase now.

    I’m also intrigued to discover these statement earrings date all the way back to 2011 as I’d assumed Kate’s embrace of large danglers had more or less begun with the Amrapali lapis lazuli in India. These look excellent here, giving Kate enough bling without crowding the detailed pattern of the dress. I simply love the sleek new clutch and am delighted to see the fabulous diamond bracelet again.

    • I think the appearance of the new clutch is the big news here, since we’re likely to see it repeated more frequently than either the dress or the earrings. It’s just brilliant; and particularly for this outfit, I like how it coordinates with the ribbons in the skirt’s tiers.

      • The clutch is extraordinary, quite slinky! But I wonder a bit about the clasp, it looks uncomfortable if the hand should slip and a bit jagged which might snag on expensive fabrics.

  89. From the back it reminds me of an antebellum dress with petticoats and crinolines. I like the black ribbon around the waist. I don’t know if she feels uncomfortable and it’s affecting her posture or if the off the shoulder style doesn’t suit her frame. I’m not sure how I feel about the pattern. It does not look like an Alexander McQueen dress. Her hair and makeup look very nice and the earrings are interesting. A nice big surprise there. All in all, it’s a very interesting change.

    • Agreed, I thought “Scarlett O’Hara” too. And not in a good way.

    • I think there was quite a change in tone in the last couple of McQueen collections so the sleek tailoring we’re used to was reworked with all these fussy florals and the like. I think ‘interesting’ sums it up very well, I feel a sense of relief every time Kate risks a little experiment like this.

      I find the ribbon fascinating as each band seems to have a different width just as the tiers vary the density of their gathering. It’s complicated but in a subtle way. I simply love the jacquard fabric which is such a clever way of giving something of a crinoline effect without going overboard. The skirt has plenty of body without being too heavy.

    • While I like the dress in general (like, but not love), I thought that the dropped straps looked almost constraining and uncomfortable. I think it would have looked better to just have made it a strapless dress, or, perhaps, made the off-the-shoulder straps something fuller.

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