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The Duchess engaged in some sartorial diplomacy today in Paris.

©Splash News

©Splash News

She wore multiple Chanel pieces for the day’s early activity, a visit to Les Invalides.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

From Rebecca English’s story in The Daily Mail:

The royal couple met with victims of the Nice and Bataclan terror attacks as well as World War Two veterans at the famous Les Invalides military hospital.

They learnt about the important historic and current roles of the site, in particular its work supporting veterans undergoing rehabilitation programmes.

© Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

© Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

Below you see William and Kate speaking with 25-year-old Jessica Bambal Akan. She was shot seven times while eating dinner with a friend at a La Belle Equipe during the November 2015 attacks.  On her left is a firefighter named Kevin. The 28-year-old was at the Bataclan; he was shot in the leg.  

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Duke and Duchess met some of the oldest residents of the facility. More from The Mirror:

Kate was charmed by Colonel Jean Camus, 100, and Chief Petty ­Officer Georges Zwang, 101. Both reached for her hand to kiss it as they were introduced.

Col Camus fought in France in 1939-40, was taken prisoner by the Germans, escaped, joined the resistance and escaped twice more after being captured.

As they were introduced, the Duke exclaimed: “An escape artist!”

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication / Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication / Polaris

They also met with emergency personnel who responded to the terrorist attacks.



Kate accepting flowers after visiting Les Invalides.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Greeting staff and even some tourists as the couple left Les Invalides.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Les Invalides in Paris to hear more about the important historic and current role of the site, in particular its work supporting veterans and its rehabilitation programmes.

©Splash News

William and Kate then moved to the Musée d’Orsay. More via Robert Jobson’s  Evening Standard story:

Situated on the left bank of the Seine, the Musee D’Orsay is houses in the former Gare D’Orsay, a Beaux-Arts railway station built between 1898 and 1900.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Continuing the Evening Standard coverage:

The couple, who met while studying for a degree in history of art at St Andrew’s University in Scotland, toured the gallery on the second day of their two-day visit to Paris. 

It remained open to the public throughout, prompting gasps from tourists who crowded round to take pictures and videos of the royals on their phones. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Here you see the Duke & Duchess meeting both French and British children who take part in local programs put on by the British Council. The Council is the UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Another shot from the Trocadéro. Ambassador Ed Llewellyn noted this was a “Festive moment at the Trocadéro to celebrate links between young French and British.”

©Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

©Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Duke and Duchess appeared to enjoy their time at both venues today.

James Whatling

James Whatling

Now for our look at what Kate wore today in the French capital. Many a Kate fashion follower rejoiced when learning the Duchess wore Chanel.

Kate Les INvalides Paris Chanel Coat Front Back March 18 2017 J What

©James Whatling

The look was based on  a design from the s/s 2017 pre-spring collection.

The coat wasn’t the only Chanel style the Duchess wore, she also carried the brand’s Nouvelle Flap Bag in calfskin with Enamel Handle. Readers will recognize the quilted leather and double C logo on the flap. Our thanks to Kate’s Closet for IDing the handbag so quickly. The photo is via Brag My Bag; info on that site says the bag is from the a/w 2015 season and its original cost was $4200.

©Splash / Chanel

©Splash / Chanel T

The Duchess wore another piece by the renowned French fashion house, the Calfskin Leather Belt ($850). Thank you to the ever-savvy on all things fashion, Michelle of Perth’s Fashion.


©Polaris/Splash / Chanel

We saw the return of the Tod’s Fringed Leather Pumps that were first seen during the Canada tour.



The other French brand worn by the Duchess today: Cartier. Kate opted for more designs from the jeweler’s Trinity Collection. Below left we show the Cartier Trinity Necklace; the product photo is slightly different from what Kate wears, her necklace does not have the center diamond.  The earrings appear to be the same, the Trinity de Cartier Earrings ($2040). Both designs feature 18K white, pink, and yellow gold.

Kate Cartier Earrings Necklace Paris March 18 2017

Stephen Lock/ i-Images /Cartier

Here are links to our previous Paris posts.

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  96 Responses to “It’s a Chanel Trifecta with a Touch of Cartier for Paris Day 2”

  1. This look is a winner! I admire the fact that Kate was honoring Chanel. The flared sleeves are a beautiful touch with the flared hemline, and I like the slightly-above-the-knee length, which keeps the dress from becoming too matronly. The bag and shoes are perfect together– I am so happy to see her continuing to wear the Tod’s pumps. The earrings and necklace are not exciting, but they’re perfectly serviceable. And most jewelry would fade into the background when a woman is wearing Diana’s spectacular engagement ring!

  2. I love those shoes as much as the first time I saw them. And Chanel for the bag too – it’s a seriously chic item and so sweet.Letizia has been in this spotlight longer and in her early days made mistakes a-plenty, and even now can make choices I myself dislike

  3. yes the chanel is a good look and the fit and tailoring spot on. only gripe is her hair it is too girlish for a woman of 34 or whatever especially with a blue evening dress. she needs to take the bull by the horns and cut it to shoulder length or wear it up all the time.

    • Kate’s hair is perfect and gorgeous as is. There are no rules for women cutting their hair at a certain age. I actually think a bob would do nothing for her. In fact I wish she would wear her natural stunning wavy/curly hair as it is far more youthful:)

  4. Hmm. Well, my own prejudices are coloring my view of this outfit a bit. I’m a little surprised that she wore Chanel when meeting WWII vets, but I’m not quite as forgiving of Coco’s wartime shenanigans as most people are. (I know, she’s passed and didn’t design these, but still…) I also don’t like logos plastered on things. I like the purse with a handle enough to ignore it, but putting a logo next to the buckle on the belt is just blatant advertising on the designer’s part. Very awkward placement.

    On the upside, I like the shape and color of the coat (on the fence about the sleeves), and I’ve always liked those shoes. They’re not a style I usually care for, but somehow I just like the way they look on her, and she’s always worn them with things that work really well with the shoes.

    • I was not aware of Chanel’s WWII history. Thanks for mentioning it. I just spent two hours reading up on it and I share your feelings.

  5. I absolutely adore this dress. I don’t like the belt (or the purse for that matter) but the way fall of the skirt and the ruffle on the sleeves is done just perfectly!

  6. I like the array of colours used but the overall impression is of those puzzles where one must focus behind the picture to reveal a picture of something else, like an elephant or beach scene (I have never been able to); the print is a bit too fussy for me in a dress & would give me a headache, though Kate looks fabulous in it with those beautiful sleeves. This is a vast improvement on the runway version too, that was the ‘bag-lady’ version, Kate’s looks sophisticated.
    I do find the talk about coat-dresses confusing, maybe it’s something used to describe garments in the U.S.? To me, a dress fits the body, a coat is something cut a bit larger to accommodate clothing like dresses, skirts & jumpers underneath – it can’t be both. There are dresses that button all the way down that the British refer to as ‘button-through’. A coat’s opening also ends a lot further up than would be modest if worn on its own. This just looks an ordinary dress, I was surprised it was tweed too as it looks quite lightweight & it can’t be too cold as Kate doesn’t look chilly with bare arms.
    The shoes have grown on me but they are too busy themselves for a fussy dress, they would have been better if the dress was a jacket, they are a different colour too. The bag also is fussy, think Kate could have accessorised differently.

  7. oh, thanks goodness! This is a breath of fresh air; very lovely outfit and ensemble, the revamped Kate has just started.

  8. The belt is going a little overboard with the Chanel, but otherwise she looks fabulous. It’s nice to see her carry a different type of bag and those shoes are perfect with that dress/coat.

  9. Let’s be honest. I love following Kate’s looks and more often than not I like her choices. But this outfit as an example of Chanel is just awful. The dress is matronly, the shoes are horrible in colour and design (I really hate these shoes) and now the purse. It’s okay if you already have 6 Chanel bags in your closet but as a first Chanel bag, absolutely no way. There are so many better choices and colours. Finally the jewellery – the scale of the jewellery is off for the outfit and just get buried by the tweed.

    • I completely agree! The aesthetic of Chanel runs counter to the style the Duchess usually wears- meaning that her shoes and jewelry don’t complement the dress. And that bag. Why? Why would she choose that bag?! A classic flap would have been MUCH better.

  10. love everything about this look, except for the jewelry. Adore the sleeves, love the pattern of the fabric, LOVE the shoes!

  11. The coat or coatdress is a refreshingly stylish look for Kate. This is just pretty and elegant. Love the colours and texture and the shoe pairing.

    The sleeves, on the other hand, should have been flared OR bracelet length, not both. That one element detracts from the overall freshness of the look.

    As for sartorial diplomacy (an idea I’m always on the fence about because it just seems expected and easy – there’s no subtlety or cleverness to it most of the time) … piling multiple Chanel accessories on top of a Chanel outfit suggests that Kate doesn’t know where to find the line when dressing to flatter her hosts. Making oneself a walking billboard is overkill.

  12. Loving it and the smile!

  13. I’ve never commented here before, even though I’m a big fan of your site, but this outfit made me do it…… love love love everything!!! Especially the bag, OMG it’s to die for!

  14. Maybe this has been answered, but I must ask: why does she carry a clutch? If I had someone to carry everything for me, I would never bring one. It seems as though she would be able to better interact with people if she did not have to juggle a clutch.

    • I asked the same question before. The answer before was that it gave her something to do with her hands. I was also reading that the queen has “secret” signals to notify her staff of her thoughts, and she uses her purse as a part of those. So perhaps Kate too also practices that.

    • Some (the Daily Mail) have speculated that it’s so people won’t approach her wanting to shake hands, because you are not supposed to shake the hand of a royal person unless they extend their hand first. So it’s to avoid awkwardness.

    • I don’t recall if it was shared on this site, but the Telegraph (I think it was) had an article on this question. Protocol says that royals must offer their hand first. Carrying a clutch gives a visual clue to prevent someone from improperly offering their hand to her. Holding it with both hands gives her an excuse to politely refuse in such a situation.

      You’re correct, it would be easier to interact without it. But, she’s not supposed to. Plus, as a practical matter, this protects her hand from overuse. If she works a line, she hands it off to an aide, no juggling required.

      • I don’t think it’s anything to do with ‘protocol’. Traditional etiquette states that any woman should offer her hand first, not the gentleman, but who knows that these days? I very much doubt that Kate, a girl from an ordinary background, would clasp her handbag to stop somebody shaking her hand!! Nor does she carry it with her for this reason, as she doesn’t usually carry it in her right hand. She has it in her right hand in the art gallery but is past the hand-shake moments there. The Queen has also always slung her handbag over her left arm, so not only is her hand-shake arm free but both hands are. I too read that she uses ‘signals’ to show staff that she wants to move on at a reception etc & it would be useful there. I think I’d have a problem knowing what to do with my hands too if I were in some of the situations that Kate is in.

  15. Sigh….she’s in Paris, of course she’s going to wear Chanel. Booorrrriiing.

  16. LOVE love love this entire outfit! So far she has wowed me on this trip!

  17. As soon as this trip was announced, I was hoping she’d wear Chanel. Soooo so happy to see it :)

  18. Who puts a belt on a coat?

    I also despise logos but love seeing her with a purse that is not a clutch. The heels on her shoes were perfect for walking on grass. Good choice!

    I also like how this outfit made her look less thin. A better look, for sure.

  19. I love it! I don’t mind that she’s covered in Chanel, I’m quite jealous actually! My only quibble is the handbag, just not a fan of the style.

    The Duchess needs to visit France more often. She’s definitely stepped up her style game here. :)

  20. A fantastic ensemble for Kate. She always gets it right for the big set photograph – in this case the Eiffel Tower (also the blue and white dress in front of the Taj Mahal).

    Gorgeous muted colours in the coat – divine. You’d think those Tods shoes were made especially for it. A great match. I personally adore those fluted sleeves – so flattering. The watch was again a jarring note.

    • I can well understand why Kate wears a watch. I’d be lost without mine. However, Kate’s public time would be scheduled with people telling her when to do what. A watch is an accessory as well as a timepiece, therefore I think Kate should have a few different watches. The one she wears is good for casual and sporting events. She needs one that is less chunky for occasions when she wears a dress and a delicate watch for evening wear.

      • It is kind of odd that she only seems to have one that she wears.

      • Bonnie, I agree! I have always thought that she needs a dressy watch that is smaller. In my mind I picture a watch with an oval face, perhaps surrounded by diamonds like her engagement ring, and a thin black band. That would have looked good with the black McQueen she wore Friday evening.

    • I think Kate might need a watch rather than relying on others to prompt her as she often has to work through quite a number of people in a fixed time on a tight tour schedule. I can imagine her allotting times down to a couple of minutes and a wristwatch remains the comfortable and discreet way to do that.

  21. The Duchess looks very elegant. Her shoes were such a good choice for the Chanel coat – glad she went with the Tods. The whole outfit is perfectly put from head to toe. Though we may comment (at times unkindly) on her dress, Kate has grown into her role and is an asset to Britain. Her good nature always shines through.

  22. I like the cut and fit of this outfit and the sleeves are fun. The pattern on the fabric isn’t great but she looks tailored and professional.

    The belt is awful. Her fashion weakness seems to be belts. When I first looked at this one I thought she’d taken her standard black and gold leather belt (that she oddly wears with day and evening dresses although it’s clearly mean for pants or jeans) and added a Chanel logo pin to it. The outfit doesn’t really need a belt and surely one in the fabric would’ve looked better.

    I love the bag, I’d like the green one please.

  23. Aah yes! A superbly crafted coat dress that only a very few could wear and look as beautiful as Kate does in it. I love the textured fabric with those subtle colors but that bit of white makes it pop. Love the tailoring, the v-neck, the stitched down box pleats with the flared 3/4 sleeves . . . leave it to Channel to bring such elements together and make it look so modern yet elegant.

    I am older, and so too expect to see a match of shoes, handbag and belt, but the Todds are so perfect here and the purse so lovely with them that the belt does not distract me in in the least!

    Love this outfit!

  24. Such a chic look for Kate! Really nice. I love the shoes and the style of the bag.
    I will say that it’s not a very figure flattering outfit. She’s super slim though, so not a problem, but it’s doesn’t show her figure to it’s full advantage. I’d look like the side of a bus if I wore that!
    Personally, I detest logos. I think they’re tacky and refuse to wear them, but I understand why she would be displaying the Chanel logo in this context. I don’t think I’ve seen her wear such an obvious logo before.

  25. I agree with Bonnie that this dress makes Kate look as though she has gained weight both above and especially below the belted waist. And I agree with several that the jewelry is just too negligible in terms of balance with the busy design – just as I agree with the assessment of so many that the pearl earrings yesterday were just too big overall. What is really great here are the shoes, very flattering, and the purse. Overall, this has been a fine, interesting series of fashion choices, and I am glad to see that Kate looks much more relaxed and spontaneous today than yesterday. Paris will always be a fashion challenge for non-Parisians, and some of her choices have been really up to the challenge on this short trip. Also, Dear Administrator, I hope you will consider some R & R after this week – you’ve been working so hard on these wonderful posts! Thanks!

  26. Remember the adage, “Look at yourself in the mirror before you leave and take one thing off?” In Kate’s case, it would have been the belt or the bag, or maybe both. A little Chanel goes a long way. You don’t need to look like a walking boutique.

    If you want an accessory, wear a cool chunky Chanel earring – there are so many to choose from.

  27. YES !!!! and finally something other than a tiny clutch.

  28. Very chic! Beautiful outfit except for those dreadful shoes… so clunky… but the overall look is really great.

  29. I think Kate should reduce the designers she uses but obviously that doesn’t apply to Chanel! Great choice.
    Again well accessorised with understated jewellery and I like these shoes anyway but I’m most pleased to see a proper bag WITH A HANDLE! Kate looks all grown up.

    I think her accessorising has improved a lot and Kate has made excellent choices for this trip.

  30. The more I see it the more I love this look. Every. Single detail. I’m SO happy that HRH did not succumb to the silly “belt has to match shoes and bag” routine, which I find old school and dull. I love the flared sleeves!

  31. A lovely look for Kate today, definitely upping the fashion stakes here! While it might be a bit cliché to go for Chanel in Paris, she has managed to avoid the classic black and white. I like the fabric of the coatdress, the box pleats and the V-neck — the high collars were starting to grate — but I’m not sure about the flared sleeves. The sleeve length is fine, but her right wrist is definitely screaming for a bracelet. She has a gold bracelet which was gifted to her by the Duchess of Cornwall, with both their monograms on it. The two C’s would have played right into the Chanel/double C theme!

    I usually don’t mind belts but on this one, the logo next to the buckle seems a bit clumsy. I think it would look better if the logo covered the buckle, or if the logo were the buckle, like Hermès belts. It would make the look sleeker. The earrings and necklace are okay, though not remarkable, but the Tod’s courts are still a favorite here and they match the handbag very nicely. Speaking of which, it is fun to see Kate sport a grown lady’s handbag instead of a clutch. So much more chic!

    • I agree, Karenina, that the buckle and the logo look clumsy. The logo should be the buckle. But I said to myself, “Who am I, quibble with how Chanel does things?”

      • Well, let’s face it, Karl Lagerfeld’s ego sure needs a reality check :) I don’t know if you have seen the dress he made for Caroline of Monaco for the Rose Ball, but that’s the definition of going way overboard for me!

        • Karenina, I Googled the Rose Ball and see what you mean about Princess Caroline’s dress. Oh my, but how we miss the days when Coco oversaw Chanel!

  32. Belt does not match shoes and bag. Big ouch for me. Also, dare I say the dress makes her look chunkier than normal? Not a huge miss, but not great. And I generally love all things Chanel.

  33. Kate looks simply stunning, happy, and very confident. I do appreciate that she follows her own dictates as to what is appropriate for her on each event. These looks provide us with more insight into the private Kate. Relying solely on a stylist would only give us the stylist’s view of Kate. The shoes, as on the Canada tour, are awesome!

  34. Love this dress. Beautifully tailored. I love the belt and bag, so so on the shoes. She looks gorgeous including her hair. Chanel lives up to their fantastic workmanship with this piece. Shows that when Kate has some fit issues, or hem issues it is probably due to being an off the rack item without enough alterations or not enough attention to detail in some of her high end clothes.

  35. admin – you are doing a brilliant job of covering all of these fashions! Thank you for all your hard efforts and keeping us all glued to your posts!

  36. Absolument parfait dans tous les sens.

  37. I like the look although it is not my favorite on her. I think her belt should have matched the coat’s motif. I’ve never loved the clunky CC belt buckle logo.

  38. Reading the other comments, I guess I will be in the minority here. After three wonderful looks on March 17, I am not enthusiastic about this Chanel ensemble. I’m disappointed, because I usually love Chanel.

    I find the coat boxy looking. It is the horizontal stripes of the design. Kate is so slim and here she look like she has gained 20 pounds (1.5 stone in British measurements.) On another site, someone said the fabric looks like upholstery for seats on buses.

    However, I so appreciate her choice of shoes and purse…the colour and the style. The bag is gorgeous, as all Chanel bags are!

  39. Love it, the colours and textures all in muted tones – I’m finding it hard to see if this is a coat or a coat-dress as the front opening is hard to see. I’ll assume genius tailoring on the part of Chanel to lose the coat opening in the pleats. I would like to congratulate the Duchess on devising something so wearable from the more flamboyant runway creation.

    I like the way the pleats are sewn down over the top of the hips helpfully securing the skirt in exposed places like vast French courtyards, not to mention the Eiffel Tower viewing point. The hem is a nice length, just over the top of the knee has to be the most classic and flattering placing for a woman of taste.

    I like seeing Kate with a v-neck on a coat as she so often goes for buttoned up styles. It was beyond diplomatic to adopt the Chanel jewellery set as well to show off at the open collar. It looks like an easy pick for Kate given the pendant and earrings chime so well with her own delicate preferences in the department of bling.

    I love those shoes as much as the first time I saw them. And Chanel for the bag too – it’s a seriously chic item and so sweet. Am I alone in having to look up ‘trifecta’? Once again WKW contributes no end to my edukayshun…

  40. Yes yes yes!!! Love everything!!! I might have even let out a squeal when I saw the first pictures!! Love the Chanel!! I really love the flared sleeves! I think they balance and elevate the coat dress perfectly!!

  41. This coat/dress is gorgeous. I love it and it goes perfectly with the shoes.

    Belt and bag though….I think it’s too much together (have we ever seen her in Chanel before?) it’s like she thought “Paris, must wear ALL THE CHANEL.” The bag is gorgeous obviously but I would have liked to have seen her wear it with a different outfit. I also think she looks awkward with the handbag, like she’s so used to clutches in public that she doesn’t quite know what to do with it.

    So overall the look is a win for me, but only due to the power of that dress.

  42. Almost perfect. Nice to see a V neck for a change, and a purse with a handle! The shoes are perfect. I am a huge fan of Chanel – a grown up design house – although flared bracelet length sleeves are not my favourite look. And of course there is a reason why they are called bracelet length. A proper stylist would help Kate with her jewellery selections which are rarely take into account proportion and weight of the clothing she’s wearing. In this case a heavier simple necklace that stands up to the weight of the fabric and busyness of the tweed would have been a better choice. Ditch the watch and add a complementary bracelet. As much as I love Kate’s hair and it is looking splendid I think it might be time to trim it to shoulder length. It looks more adult and sophisticated and as is noticeable here, the look is lot better when her hair is behind rather than in front of her shoulders.

    • Totally agree with your comments. Jewelry proportion is off. Too dainty for the outfit. And her hair is just too long. Shoulder length would be so much better! I love the purse but not necessarily with this outfit. The scale is a bit off.

  43. Love this look!!! Beautiful combo, photographs so nicely (love the skirt she n the seated photo) and the shoes are such a welcome change. This is one of my all time fav looks!

  44. I love that she wore Chanel! The suit is lovely, and the silhouette photos of her with William at the Musée d’Orsay.

    I must admit I was hoping for something a bit more chic– I’m not a fan of the sleeve’s tailoring. I also think she should have done the belt *or* the bag because of the logos. I am glad to see her use a bag with a handle– easier to use and hold flowers!

    Wish this trip had lasted longer!

    Oh, and I didn’t see Rebecca in any pictures. Might she be getting ready for her wedding? <3

    • Rebecca was present at last night’s reception, where Kate wore the McQueen black dress. Personally I didn’t think Rebecca looked very well put together. She wore a navy dress with white cuffs, black clutch and nude shoes. But then Rebecca is not the focus, when she is with Kate.

      • Ahh, glad to know someone spotted her.

        I often think Rebecca gets unfair criticism. Unlike Kate, she has no stylist and has to pay for her clothes herself (royal staff are notoriously underpaid). Plus, while Kate’s work is extensively choreographed— staffers like Rebecca are doing the planning and up and working before their principles and long after Will and Kate have retired.

        Personally, if I were Rebecca, I think I’d be a wrinkled mess running around with a clipboard in one hand and holding bouquets of Kate’s flowers in the other!

  45. first reaction: “oooh, that is pretty!”

    I also think the outfit evens out and balances her figure, which is a bit too slim in the hips (I should have that problem). Interesting to see her with a different type of handbag.

  46. YES. Yes yes yes yes yes. Finally, a fashion-forward look, and another style that is not buttoned up to the throat, hooray. I guess Paris is inspiring Kate to up her fashion game, and so I hope it continues. The colors of the dress are beautiful, and I love that she wore the Tod’s instead of her dreaded suede pumps. And I am still very pleased that she is doing her makeup with a lighter touch these days…it looks so much better.

    The only nitpick I have is that there is probably some overkill on the “logo” items but as that is probably more about supporting the businesses in the hosting country, it is understandable.

    • I’m a fan of the belt myself, it seems to have been intended to go with the coat though I see where you’re coming from on the logo thing. I wish I hadn’t seen negative comments about it before seeing the whole coat as it tended to colour my view, but I’m sure if I hadn’t I’d have been completely untroubled by it.

      But Kate really drove the Chanel theme home here, what I like so much is that she’s done it in her own way and without referencing other much quoted icons — think Jackie in a suit of pink?

      • I actually quite like the belt as well…I just think in concert with the bag, it is a little over the top in terms of very obvious branding. Although if I had to pick in order to pare it down, I would actually go for the bag because I think it coordinates well with her outfit and is far more visually interesting than her usual clutches.

      • ElizMo, on another site, there is a photo of a model wearing this coat. It has a self tie belt, in the same fabric as the outfit.

        • Oh, I would have preferred that here. I also don’t think the black goes with the navy of the dress, either. But I would like to see her wear this Chanel belt in the future in place of that clunky gold and black McQueen belt that I hate that she always mismatches with stuff.

        • Thank you, I’d forgotten that, I think you mean the studio shot of the original runway creation.

          And I agree with the ‘paring down’ approach but I don’t find Kate’s oufit over-busy tho I’d agree it’s bordering quite close to fussy

  47. Love everything about this outfit. She looks amazing!!!!

  48. Sorry if it’s a double comment, something weird happened when I typed the first one.

    Anyway, I adore this look once again. I might be biased since I was terribly excited when I discovered Kate was visiting Paris, but to me she looks dazzling throughout, better than during most recent engagements. I love the coat and those shoes are my favorites since their first appearance in Canada.

    A question. Are there any pictures/details on Kate and William’s arrival yesterday? The president met them at the Elysée palace and then there was a brief reception inside. I saw it on the news. Kate wore a green coat and hair down.

    • Yes, there are loads. That’s the post I think I mentioned that I haven’t finished but will within a few hours. Apologies for being so pokey slow! :)

      • You’re lightning-fast, on the contrary. Thanks for the speedy answer. I was just wondering about that outfit, since I could only catch a glimpse. Will be waiting for the post :)

  49. Such a great look on HRH. And wow…impeccable tailoring. The pics that are included in this piece are excellent and truly show the details of the fabric , which is quite wonderful. She looks happy, glowing and relaxed!

  50. Yes, Kate, YES! Just when I finally resign myself to the fact that she’ll never be Queen Letizia she pulls this on us. Beautiful, chic, appropriate. Love that coat!!!

    • I really don’t want Kate to be like Letizia, I want each of them to express themselves in their own individual way. They are coming from completely different places so I find comparisons a little false given they have such different characters, climates and colouring.

      Letizia is so petite, particular, and distinctly urban, Kate has a dash of aristocratic swagger with more than a hint of the dramatic. Letizia has been in this spotlight longer and in her early days made mistakes a-plenty, and even now can make choices I myself dislike (leather culottes?).

      Letizia’s lifestyle is markedly different — you’ll never see her laughing in the wind as she steers a large yacht round a foreign harbour in a race against her husband.

      They’re just different, neither one is right or wrong. Personally I like the variety — vive la difference and roll on the Spanish state visit!

      • Well said! They are two completely different women at two different stages of life. I find Letitia’s posture quite forced (her shoulders are often unnaturally jammed back) and her look often quite brittle. Kate has an outgoing, relaxed warmth that I would hate her to lose in a quest for the “perfect look.” I may quibble about proportion or pressing, but Kate’s clear happiness and outgoing attitude are much more important.

        • Maybe Letezia is wearing one of those alarms that zaps you when you slump. Kate needs one of those!

        • Letizia’s look does get a bit ‘samey’ after a while, she has evolved a clear set of style rules she can stick to. No bad thing for a working royal and I think we witnessing Kate working out her own set of preferences.

        • Posture! Interesting topic. Catherine is often criticised for not standing up straight, for hunching. Letizia follows the Spanish culture and stands ramrod straight a’s does her husband and the other Spanish royals.

      • The Spanish State visit is going to be amazing for fashion lovers. I hope the Cambridges are invited to the State Dinner, because there will be evening gowns and tiaras aplenty!

      • Absolutely agree!

      • While I personally prefer Letizia’s sense of fashion and the way she styles outfits, I certainly agree, that she and Kate are very different women. Kate’s very best accessory is her smile. Her warmth abounds and she shows sincere interest in all activities she undertakes. When Kate makes fashion blunders, it in no way distracts from her lovely personality.

      • About Letizia – I liked the leather culottes. It is correct that Letizia is more urban and fashion forward. Catherine is more town & country. I think the best contrast in their styles is a very recent one. Both wore red jackets and black skinny jeans. But so very different. Loved both looks.

      • I fully agree with you. Letizia is so predictable, not only urban but corporate. Down to the street style.

  51. The sleeves!! Love love love!

    • The sleeves deserve a post of their own. I love the combination of the deep frill-cum-flare and a bracelet length. Occasionally the way the fabric falls it looks almost as if there’s another garment under there, but it’s the lovely rich coloured lining. So much movement, a lot going on there, but quietly executed to be part of the whole. A tailoring masterclass!

      • Agree with both of you regarding the sleeves. They are the nicest element of this fabulous dress. I find the Cartier set a little too delicate for the bold dress design but this is her best look of the tour imo.

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