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We had a surprise this morning, waking up to learn that Kate and William attended Easter church services at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

CPNA/ i-Images / Polaris

CPNA/ i-Images / Polaris

This is the first time the Duke and Duchess have taken part in the Easter Service at St. George’s. They were among many royals enjoying the sunshine as they walked to the Chapel. Below you can see Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice; as well as Lady Louise and Viscount Severn, accompanying their parents, the Earl and Countess of Wessex.



More from The Express:

The rest of the royal party walked down the hill to the Galilee Porch of the chapel in the Lower Ward of the castle watched by about 50 members of the public who had been let into watch.

The Queen, in a turquoise coat and hat, was driven down to the chapel with the Duke of Edinburgh from her private quarters at the 1,000-year-old royal fortress, her favourite royal residence.

©CPNA/ i-Images / Polaris

©CPNA/ i-Images / Polaris

More from Richard Palmer’s Express story:

Dozens of people waited outside for the royal arrival, and clapped as the monarch entered the church through the Galilee Porch.

At Canterbury Cathedral, the Archbishop of Canterbury gave his annual Easter sermon, in which he called for peace in the Middle East.

Now to what Kate wore, starting with the custom Catherine Walker coat that was initially seen in Canada last fall.

Kate Easter Sunday Church April 16 2017 Catherine Walker Two Shots

Both Photos ©i-Images/Polaris

The garment was worn as the Cambridge family was departing Canada to return home after their fall tour.

©Splash News/Polaris

©Splash News/Polaris

You can see that Kate wore the same skirt beneath the coat today that she wore in Canada, it appears to be the Whistles pleated skirt first seen in Los Angeles in 2011.

Kate carried a new handbag by Etui Bags.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

The clutch is done in a modified lattice-style pattern, similar to this orange design. (Kate’s bag has a diamond motif seen in the weave, something not present in the orange clutch.) It measures roughly 7″ x 12″, closes with a magnetic snap and has a detachable chain. The orange style is 230 PLN (Polish Zloty), that is about $58 at today’s exchange rates.

Etui Bags

Etui Bags

This is the second handbag by Etui that the Duchess has carried. The first was seen on St. Patrick’s Day at the Irish Guard and in Paris.

©i-Images/Splash News

©i-Images/Splash News

The Duchess accessorized with her Rupert Sanderson Malory pumps.

©i-Images/Rupert Sanderson

©i-Images/Rupert Sanderson

And she wore the diamond and pearl earrings loaned to her by HM.



Kate had on a new hat, another pillbox style.

© / Lock & Company

©Stephen Lock, i-Images, Polaris / Lock & Company

UPDATED MAY 19 2017: The chapeau is the Jacqueline style by Lock and Company.

Lock & Co., Polaris

Lock & Co. / Polaris

It appeared to be made of silk with a satin finish; it had a little sheen in the sunlight. Our thanks to Gabi and a WKW friend for sharing the ID!

We’ll leave you with this video, and hope that all celebrating the occasion enjoy the day.

I apologize for the delay getting this posted, your fearless scribe is a bit under the weather.


  96 Responses to “Kate in Catherine Walker for Easter Services with The Queen”

  1. Beautiful coat. I really, really dislike the hat. It’s sitting too far back on her head. I think it would have been stunning with a different hat and earrings with a bit more substance and color…sapphire or ruby and pearl. I know she was trying to be very traditional around the Queen which I understand. That hat though shouldn’t be repeated.

  2. Yikes. In theory, I love retro clothes, but in person, this just looks very very old-lady and not in a good way. If I were Kate, I would have included one element that was not traditional so as to keep the ensemble fresh and age-appropriate. As it is, everything is cream and proper and extremely matronly. I have never said that about Kate before because I just didn’t see it, but wowsers, this time I see it.

  3. Perfection

  4. So cute! She must love the hat, and this is perfectly styled to show the hat off. Works only if you are royalty, and something Letizia would not have the imagination to do.

  5. This is–fine. Pretty, appropriate, perfectly tailored and crisp (especially next to the York girls). It doesn’t give me jumpy claps, but it’s not awful, just a bit–oatmealish. If I was her, I would probably also default to “appropriate” whenever possible, but even a colored shoe, a pastel scarf, a brooch, a ribbon for the hat, would have taken it to the next festive Easter level so easily! Lovely seeing them with the family on the holiday! And what a pretty young lady (and so tall!) sweet Lady Louise is becoming :)

  6. I really like this coat, the cut is so nice, and the gently contrasting piping is just lovely. I also like her hair in the pretty chignon. I’m a little ambivalent about the hat – normally I like vintage looks, including pillbox hats, maybe it’s just a shade too far back or something. Another poster suggested the coral and cream hat she wore a couple years ago – that would have been great! All in all though, a really nice look.

    It seems very odd to me that the children don’t attend the services, or at least Sunday School. Is it just a royal thing, or do most Anglicans not bring their young children?

  7. Ok long time reader, first time poster!

    I loooove following anything royal, and the fashions are so fun to see!

    I don’t know if anyone has ever posted this thought, but I wonder if HRH doesn’t amp up her wardrobe on purpose?

    She is just not a glitz glam person, but she can certainly bring it when needed for the right occasion. That makes me wonder if she purposely doesn’t dress up all the time or go all out with the outfits because she just doesn’t want to bring attention to herself in that way and be known for that?

    I think I might subscribe to that strategy if I were her. I think it is a combination of its just not who she is and not who she wants to be. I don’t think she strives to be a fashion icon, but WE want her to be, and WE know she can be, so we are constantly disappointed with her outfits, when the problem is really with our expectations of who we want her to be not matching up with who she really is.

    I think this outfit was suuuuuper boring and I found myself trolling this website just to see the comments. But I think we are all looking for a certain “glam-factor” that we are just not ever going to get. Whether that’s just who HRH is, or is she is strategically not trying to be known as a great dresser.

    I will check in on the Queen of Spain if I want on-trend fashion and check in with HRH when I want down to earth genuine care and concern that is beautiful inside and out.

    • Welcome! Yes, many of us have suggested that fashion may not really be Kate’s thing and that it is possible she also wants to the attention to be on the causes she support and the things she says, rather than what she wears.

      As I have also said before, like you, I will still follow this site because I enjoy learning about what Kate is doing. I also enjoy commenting on the fashion.

  8. Perfect for Easter service. The hat is perfection!

  9. I like the look overall. I just wish she would wear more interesting shoes. Every look could be elevated by more imaginative (but still appropriate) shoe choices — and she has great legs!

  10. This is a beautiful coat and hat, but there was no styling to the basics of the hat and coat. All the things people have mentioned are valid: nurse, stewardess, etc. A good pin, a good lipstick, a good clutch, better shoes or a less structured hairstyle and she would have pulled it off. When the 90 year old queen has more pop, it’s time to step up your game. Frankly, this is how I would dress when I had triplet toddlers – clean, neat, but no finish.

    • I think she dresses so the Queen has more ‘pop’ intentionally. HM often wears really bold colours so everyone can see her and the younger royals are far more muted. The Queen is, after all, the big deal!

      • I thought it interesting that the York sisters stuck to neutral tones as well. I’m quite sure the intention is to give the Queen as much ‘pop’ as possible, and the pink on turquoise ensemble more than did the job!

      • The Queen, being the queen, will always pop. This idea reminds me of the one about not wearing white to a wedding–as if anyone would upstage a bride!

  11. Love the coat, so crisp and clean! Agree that the whole outfit seems a bit nurse like. Think a brighter lip colour would make it pop a bit more

  12. If only she had added a gorgeous brooch and a clutch that matched it and provided a bit of visual interest and whimsy. Just a tad too understated here, though at least she’s pressed and sharp.

  13. I think that pillbox hat looks darling, but then, I’m a fan of retro inspired looks :)

  14. I always love HRH in cream. But here we go again with a dull aging look. The pillbox is not a good choice. Something a bit more flowery and fun would have been more appropriate for her age. I’m all for classic looks but not if they look like they were borrowed from Her Majesty.

  15. I like this coat. The look overall is pale and interesting, rather than bland, in my opinion. Like many other posters, I really dislike that hat and I don’t think that the style, shape or position of it suits Kate at all. I think that the lack of color would have allowed for a far more interesting, flattering hat. Also, a really nice brooch (maybe one with pearls) on the coat would have added a lot.

  16. I just don’t like the pillbox style on her — it ages her. She has a lovely cream-and-coral fascinator/beret-style hat that she wore a few years back for one of the WWI commemorations, that would have looked perfect with this coat and very appropriate for Easter. No more pillboxes, Kate!

  17. First look – a World War II nurse. Something about the whole outfit does not feel right. Perhaps the hat.

  18. Kate looks so very elegant. I think the lack of any pop of colour or indeed more colour in any way is all about deference to the Queen. This outfit today, right down to its retro hat which makes me think of earlier outfits worn by our current queen as a young mother/royal, says to me (and I think its message to the world) ‘I have what it takes to be queen when the time comes.’ I hope Kate and William got to spend the rest of Easter Sunday with their children.

    • Kate has worn quite a bit of color around the Queen many times before. I doubt HM expects her to be a blank palette when they are to be photographed together.

    • Quite often readers of this blog speculate that Kate dresses “down” in colour or style, as deference to the Queen. I think that is just a guess not based on any fact. If you look at the other royals on this Easter Sunday, Sophie, Countess of Wessex is wearing a hot pink coat. Autumn Phillips, Princess Anne’s daughter in law is wearing a very bright blue coat. So it would seem that there isn’t any rule written or otherwise, that says the Queen’s outfit should stand out in colour. I think Kate wears what she feels is appropriate to the occasion, and isn’t concerned about her colour being brighter than the Queen’s. At the state dinner for the Chinese president, HM wore white and Kate wore red. Sometimes one is in a bright colour, another time the other is in a bright colour…or both are in pastel colours, or both in bright colours. There is no rule and no deference expected.

      • What Bonnie said. Nobody knows what DoC is thinking, but evidence suggests she’s not shy of wearing bright colors when she wants. I expect she wore this because she thought it looked nice.

  19. In thinking back over the years since the Cambridges married, I’m actually not that surprised this is the first time we’ve seen them at Easter services with the Queen. She was pregnant in 2013 and 2015, and they undertook royal tours in 2014 and 2016 just before and after the Easter holiday, so it would be understandable if they spent time with the Middletons in those years. Makes sense that they could and did attend this year, and it’s great to see a good group of the family together with the Queen on the day.

  20. Unfortunately, I have to concur with the posters saying this looks like a late 50s, early sixties nurse’s uniform. The hat, coat, purse etc are all lovely, just not together. Also, with all that cream going on, she needed a shot of color somewhere, anywhere.

    Also, I think the issue with the hat is her hair. Thinking back on women who have really rocked a pillbox over the decades, not one had their hair in a chignon. Instead, they sported rather updated hairstyles for that time period, so the look was stylish rather than severe and bland. Had Kate worn her hair differently ( half up/ half down maybe), the effect would have been completely different.

    • This is my view as well. People keep making comparisons with Jackie Onassis. If you go back and look at Jackie’s outfits, you will find that generally the pill boxes were larger or more forward on the head and with one exception her hair was loose or styled in a bouffant. I really like the coat Catherine is wearing. I have no issue with the monochrome color of the outfit. Her hat while interesting is too small and too far back on her head. All of that is fine. The killer for me is the updo. A half up/down would have made it more balanced, more age appropriate and less like a nurse or flight attendant as many have alluded to. It is because of the hairstyle that I prefer the first wearing of the coat in Canada.

  21. Glad to see this lovely coat again. Love its clean crispness and it fits her like a dream.
    Good choice to keep everything simple, she looked lovely.

    Even though I think it works with the over all look I was not crazy about this hat. The shape? Made me think of an airline stewardess or a nurse for some reason.

    Nice surprise to see them there. The Queen perfect as always :)

    • I agree! I think overall this was a crisp, elegant ensemble perfect for the occasion. But I do not prefer the pillbox style hat on Kate–I think because I’m so used to seeing her in softer, more modern shapes the pillbox seems almost like a costume.

  22. I love all the parts of this outfit, but not together. I can’t stop thinking “nurse”. A different style hat would have looked just as lovely in cream, but without the medical association.

  23. I don’t love this look. She looks very washed out in the all white/cream outfit. The coat itself is gorgeous, but I think the overall outfit falls flat.

    I think Eugenie and Beatrice look nice, lol. I know some people are saying they don’t know how to dress but I think they take more risks because their position is very different from Kate’s – they are “blood princesses,” they have been doing this their entire lives, and they aren’t future queens. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss.

    • I admire your kind remarks regarding the ensembles put together by Beatrice and Eugenie. I also wonder what this comment board would look like had Kate worn either ensemble. The word “nuclear” comes to mind…

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hit on the sisters.

  24. I fail to see the nurse vibe, and the hairnet doesn’t bother me. It’s discreet enough and can only be spotted in close-ups. This is a polished and classy look. I love the colors all working together, and the bag is lovely. Like it was said before, it feels like Kate isn’t a fashion victim which is a definite plus for me. She has a lot of duties as the future queen, mother, wife, etc. to obsess over her outfits. She has to look polished and appropriate for the events she attends. She almost always does with little to no missteps. I think that’s what counts most.

    • I find this a most sophisticated adaptation of monochrome and Kate looks young and fresh given the lovely fit of the coat and its flattering flare.

      I’m sorry there are so many joining in with the ‘nurse’ criticism of the hat. I don’t think people are used to seeing pillbox styles these days and it’s coming across as more old-fashioned. I’m delighted to see Kate work the style and I find this a particularly sleek one with the neat bow at the back and so flattering with the updo.

  25. This coat is one of my favorite of hers, I loved it in Canada and I think it was really appropriate for Easter Service. The light colour is adaptated and very fresh for spring but I’m a little disappointed with the accessories. She should have choosen a bag, or shoes, or hat more colorful to give a little more fun to the whole ensemble.

    The hat is a surprise for me but I have to say this is not the style I favor on her… Looks too vintage !

    At last it was a really great surprise to see The Duke and Duchess attending Easter Service this year and Catherine looked elegant and classy as usual.

  26. Polished and professional. the lines of the coat are quite lovely.
    I am just not a fan of the Duchess in pale colors.. just not as flattering especially withe her hair up.. As several have noted her hair is a gorgeous accessory and adds color. I agree with those who say that The Duchess is not terribly into fashion. But she is always immaculately groomed.

  27. The coat is gorgeous, fits beautifully and is perfect for Easter services. It may be counterintuitive, but I think that the choice of monochromatic accessories gives this ensemble a kind of edge or chic flare that I really like. I am tired of the court shoes however, and would have loved to see her in a pair of cream colored T-strap pumps with this outfit.

    Love the shape of the hat, a bit of a twist on the classic pill box, but I believe it should have been worn a bit higher on her head. Her hair is a complete negative for me. There is noting attractive nor regal about a hairnet.IMO

    • I agree that the monochromatic look was chic and classy. As to the hairnet, it seems to be required to secure the hat rather than confine her hair.

    • I agree that this is a chic take on monochrome and I’m happy for Kate to stick with classic courts if she prefers. I love this updo as well, and I find the hairnet great for keeping all the loose ends under control as they can be a problem for Kate otherwise.

  28. Impeccable tailoring. An outfit that suited the purpose of the day – Kate looked comfortable, and Easter elegant whIle blending in with the family and not taking the spotlight. I’ve never personally worn a hair net with an updo but I would imagine this prevents little pieces from popping out on a windy day, and forcing one to poke it back in. It’s an unfussy look that did the job well. Not a fan of the hat but I’m thinking the classy throwback style impressed the Queen, which is always a plus.

  29. On my very first glimpse of this outfit I thought, “Why is Kate wearing a nurse’s uniform, from the 1960s?” So it validated my thoughts when I read several people below using the “nurse” word.

    I liked this coat when she wore it in Canada and I still like it. Teamed with that hat, however, that is perched so far back on her head, with her hair in an updo, she looks like a graduate R.N. from the past.

    That said, the coat has beautiful details and the monochromatic look is executed well. But the colour and the shape and angle of the hat, make me think of General Hospital a half century ago.

    Feel better soon, Susan.

    • I just realized something. The Queen looks lovely and so on top of her game, for a woman at 91. If you see a close up of HM on another site, you will see that she is wearing the identical earrings that Kate is wearing. We always think these earrings worn by Kate are on loan from the Queen. Perhaps Kate has her own pair of these delicate diamond and pearl earrings. Or perhaps the Queen has two pairs that are the same.

      • When Kate wore these earrings to the Netherlands, it was confirmed by the Palace that they were on loan from the Queen, so I do believe that these are the Queen’s earrings that the Duchess is wearing.

        The pearls on the Queen’s earrings are more spherical and they don’t dangle from the top diamond the way Kate’s do.

        As you said, diamond and pearl earrings are a very common design and I suspect HM has several very similar pairs of them.

  30. I just can never understand how Kate can looks so so good and so put together while Beatrice and Eugine look like such a mess with horrible choices in hats and a consistent inability to put together an outfit!

    • I imagine there are very few people who could stand next to the DoC and look elegant next to her modelesque figure. For what it’s worth, I think the sisters have a way better shoe game than Catherine. In nearly every event I’ve seen them all together, the sisters always have better shoes and accessories.

      The sisters are not flattered in this candid action shot, but Catherine’s outfit reminds me of the fifties style Japanese service uniforms, like she should be operating the elevator up to Yokohama Tower. The hair style and hat, combined with the monochromatic work shoe, look like a uniform.

      This coat is lovely, but without Charlotte to provide the pop of color, Catherine should have chosen more colorful and modern accessories.

      • Yep, Charlotte definitely made this outfit in Canada! As to the shoes, my issue with Beatrice, Eugénie, and sometimes Sophie, is that they tend to wear evening style shoes during the day. Sophie sort of falls between Kate and the sisters in the fashion spectrum, and is definitely the best at being consistently well pressed.

        I really don’t think the lack of colour had anything to do with not upstaging the Queen. Burgundy, light pink, or even a darker taupe hat, bag, and shoes would not have would not have outdone the Queen’s amazing outfit. I think this is just Kate’s comfort zone. While I may be disappointed from a fashion perspective, I certainly can’t fault Kate on the job she is doing.

    • The gold hat on Beatrice’s head…yikes. Eugenie’s is better, but looks completely out of place with her modified trench coat. They are both pretty young women, but they seem to try pretty hard to obscure that fact.

  31. I think it’s great that the Duchess wears a mix of vintage-inspired (e.g. pillbox hat) and trendy styles (e.g. tassle earring a couple of weeks ago) while still looking appropriate. She is having as much fun with fashion as someone in her position possibly can.

  32. Utter perfection from head to foot. Kate – you hit this one out of the park!

    Sophisticated yet demure and appropriate for a family occasion and church service.

    She looks lovely in these soft colours.

    In comparison, Bea and Eugenie could take a masterclass in what to wear.

  33. Oh, wow, this may be the most dreadfully boring thing she has ever worn. The least boring thing is the hat, and that is only because it is ugly. This is emblematic of how beige can be a color and an adjective. It washes her out terribly, which is why I suspect she has piled on the blush, even though she has largely stepped away from that with her new makeup look.

    And I know people are going to say blah blah blah but CHURCH, blah blah but Easter, but that really doesn’t mean one must dress like walking oatmeal. The queen is wearing a lovely color, the Yorks and Sophie have interesting hats on that are not inappropriate, and the girl in teal appears to look very stylish (I think it might be Sophie Carter?).

    I also still don’t buy the idea that Kate can’t have a style or isn’t in to fashion. Frankly, I really liked the cool, preppy/boho style she rocked in her 20s and that was why I started following her to begin with. Obviously her tastes have to grow as she ages, but she really lost herself, style-wise, once she got engaged and decided she had to dress like Camilla.

  34. I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time, but this is my first time commenting!

    I think Kate looks lovely here. While I usually prefer a pop of color here and there, this works for me. Although it seems I am in the minority, I think the hat is also beautiful.

    One big “miss” for me is her hair! I love an elegant updo, but the hair nets must go! It is so obvious that she is wearing one, and it reminds me of a lunch lady in an elementary school cafeteria. Certainly there must be other tricks to keep her hair in place!

    • I think any odd splashes of colour would have quite spoiled the sophisticated monochrome Kate has achieved here.

      I have great sympathy for Kate wearing hairnets as her hair does tend to work out of updo’s whenever it can and I can imagine it must be a mighty relief for her to have discovered them.

  35. I think it looked better the first time with her hair down.

  36. I like that coat and its detailing. But I found today’s overall outfit a little too monochromatic. Maybe a soft pink hat, clutch and beige or the light pink shoes. Or a tan hat, clutch, and shoes. She probably couldn’t do turquoise as that would look matchy, matchy with the Queen’s outfit. Cream and off white are not Kate’s best colors but with color in the accessories, it would look better. I think the coat looked better when she wore it in Canada–possibly because her hair was down and it gave some color and contrast. I don’t mind the hat–very retro, but a color would have made it younger and fresher for her. I’d love to see a brooch!! She did look very elegant though.

    I hope you feel better soon Susan–a holiday weekend and feeling ill is not fun!

  37. Oh my—-as I soon as I saw this look, I instantly thought “nurse’s costume”. The square (ish) shape of the hat makes it worse. This entire look is like those old school white uniforms with white caps/hats that nurses used to have to wear.

    I don’t mind the coat by itself, but when combined with all the monochromatic accessories it does come off as costumey and aging. I agree with many other posters who said that colorful shoes and purse would have helped this look.

    The hat is the worst—I dislike the shape and think the satin sheen makes it look cheap.

    There is a picture in the Daily Mail of the duchess curtseying to HM and although she has a smile on her face while doing so, she doesn’t look like she feels well–she is beautiful as always but you can tell she is not her normal self.

  38. This is the type of look Kate does very well. A classic style in a pale neutral colour. Well made clothes that can be worn again and again and always look wonderful. I think she looks beautiful, very chic and elegant and stands out in a quiet way.
    I do think there is room for one colourful accessory though. Perhaps swop her shoes or bag for a deep burgundy.

  39. I loved this coat when she wore it to depart Canada and I loved it today! She looks so regal and completely put together. I think this was a perfect look for church and a lovely look for spring. Kate is such a timeless beauty. I loved her hair and the pillbox hat that sat atop it. It was very Jackie O!!

  40. I love this coat on the Canada tour and I still love it today. I think that hat fabric matches the trim on the coat. I was surprised to see her in such a monochromatic outfit today but it looked very nice.
    I do not specifically love the hat, I agree it has a vintage vibe that aged her with the structured design and updo but it was appropriate for the function.

  41. I loved this coat when she wore it in Canada, and I’m happy to see it again.

    However, I do agree with others that the hat throws the outfit off. Like Maggie said, it does look a bit stewardess-y, or Jackie O.

    • One couldn’t look better, ever, than Jackie KENNEDY did as first lady and afterward. She was “fashion forward” always, far more than the queen, in 1960s. As for the Duchess, she looks terrific in pillbox hats, far better than in most of the silly, frilly fascinators she chooses. The pillbox style suits her, and is a nod to classic, not “vintage.”
      I think she looks gorgeous in this outfit. Love the elegant, monochromatic look.
      As for looking like a nurse — no nurse ever wore anything so beautifully cut and tailored as this coat. Sometimes I am utterly bemused by what is expected of this woman, and the comments made here. Can’t fathom what the title Duchess and future Queen means in terms of many of the expectations expressed here. Just what is it you want from her?

      • I don’t want anything from Kate. I wish her all the best. I admire and respect her for marrying the man she loves and accepting and living up to the awesome responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with the awesome privileges of being married to to a British prince and future King of England. I am one who believes that Kate must really love William a lot to have been willing to take on all the public scrutiny that being his wife necessarily entails. Criticism of and comment on her clothing (or sartorial choices as we like to say) goes with the territory.

        I am interested in her fashion because she is in the rarefied position of having the means and occasion to ware some of the most beautiful clothes, jewelry and accessories on the planet. Plus she has the figure and demeanor to carry off some spectacular looks. I also acknowledge that she is a wife and mother of two small children and probably fashion is not her primary concern at the moment. Nonetheless , , , she is in the public eye and comment on and criticism of her fashion choices are inevitable. In most cases, negative comments are nothing personal against the Duchess.

  42. What can I say? This style is now beyond boring, the colour is very unflattering – washes her out – and the whole look with accessories is literally decades too old for her. Too bad, she is a beautiful woman who could look so much better – and more interesting. Perhaps she is truly not interested in fashion or style.

    • I don’t think she’s interested in fashion the way people want her to be. People want her to be trendsetting and fashion-forward, but that’s just not who Kate is. I’ve had to let go of my expectations and just enjoy it on the rare occasion she does surprise us.

      • Well, I think it is one thing not to be fashion forward or trendsetting- I don’t think there is member of the English royal family who could be described as such (unlike European royals) – and another not to have some style/fashion savvy in terms of how to look your best in clothes that show you to your best advantage. I am surprised at how poor her choices are getting. I think Kate made much better choices in the early years of her marriage.

  43. This is classic Kate–fit and flare coat with heels.And it’s a nice straight forward Easter Sunday church ensemble. All of her cream is in the same colour family and I like the slightly retro feel she’s occasionally channeling these days.

  44. Its for sure the hat!!

  45. Beautiful as always but I agree with others, a colorful brooch, scarf or purse would have added a bit of a needed pop for a beautiful Easter Sunday. I actually liked the hat and thought that it was so nice with her hair and not too overdone.

    I loved the Queens outfit and she looked so beautiful at 91! How lucky for her that she was surrounded by her family.

    Nice surprise to see all of the Royals together on this special day.

  46. I like this coat much more here than when we first saw it in Canada – I think it’s having the hair up that really shows off the interesting collar. And it’s beautifully fitted. The hat, though, slightly tips it into ‘wartime nurse’ territory…

    Also nice to see Lady Louise in a slightly more grown-up outfit today – really suits her.

  47. Sorry you’re under the weather!

    Nice, safe look for the Duchess. Nothing to complain about, but no rejoicing either. A pop of color from hat, shoes and bag would have been a nice touch.

  48. I really like the look Kate had – very appropriate for Easter. The only thing is the hat. I don’t like that style at all. Very outdated.

  49. Needs a better hat. This one looks like a nurse’s cap. Remember those?

  50. Feel better, Susan! I also didn’t think the Duchess didn’t look well today. There was one shot where she looked exhausted. It can’t be easy dealing with two little ones and then having to put on full makeup and an ensemble to go to church.

  51. Yep. I thought dowdy too. It almost worked on Kate but the hair up do was what made it passé. There are other neutral hats in the royal closet which look a lot younger.

  52. This coat pretty much had ‘Royal church service’ printed on it when we first saw it and it’s proving its worth here. I still love it; the cream piping is such an understated way to add interest. I love the long lines it’s used to create and complement Kate’s lean frame

    The pill-box hat is super-smart too, quite similar in style to the one Kate wore with her Missoni coat in France last year. The updo and earrings are perfect as are the classic courts, and cream accessories work nicely in a church-going context – very princessy. Not sure about the clutch style as I find the texture a shade busy against the sleek coat, and a frame bag might suit better than a soft one.

    I had my doubts as to whether the skirt that shows could be the one from the first Canada tour, but am coming round to agree now. I thought at first it looked a lighter weight fabric this time but I think that’s just down to the contrast with the heavier coat fabric. Overall a lovely look for Kate.

    • Agree entirely – and I have to applaud her execution of the curtsey so close to that wall, very impressive! I had a bit of a giggle at those “drainpipe photos”…

      • Managing an elegant curtsey is a big ask at any time — but, as you say, it’s a major plus if you can do it while backed up to an enormous drainpipe. All that work in the gym pays off!

  53. I think that she looks beautifully classy and elegant in this ensemble. I don’t find that it ages her at all. She just looks like the princess that she is!

  54. I think this look was absolute perfection. Far from looking costume-y, as others have thought, I think this was a classic and lady-like look for Catherine, and chosen with the express purpose in mind to not upstage Her Majesty. I adore the pillbox-chignon combination and feel the entire look demonstrates her wish to be a supporting player when she is in the company of the Queen. Easter or not, this is not the time to show up looking like a dyed egg. I also liked the Countess of Wessex’s coat but do feel that Catherine out-shone every other woman in the party. I don’t know what compels Beatrice and Eugenie to choose the clothes they do, but standing next to Catherine they are the ones who look ready for a costume party.

    • Spot on – couldn’t agree with you more.

    • I totally agree with you Lee. For me, the Duchess knocked it out of the park today. I thought she looked exquisite – immaculately groomed, timelessly stylish and incredibly regal. Loved the coat, loved the pillbox, loved the updo. I might have been tempted to swap the clutch for something maybe spring-like and flowery for a bit of contrast, but that’s nit-picking. My initial reaction was the kind of WOW I haven’t felt since the red Preen in Canada.

      Like you, I think that she outshone all the other female members of the party (with the exception of the Queen) today. I don’t want members of the royal family to be ‘trendy’ or ‘fashionistas’ – that gives you some of Diana’s poorer choices, like the ‘nightdress’ evening gown and the other one that looked like a quilted dressing gown (I still shudder!). I want them to be classically elegant, so that, in ten years’ time, we can all look back at the pictures without laughing! Kate achieved that admirably today.

      • I agree that DOC outshone everyone in an effortless way (based on the photo)I remember the Diana “nightdress evening gown” but have forgotton the quilted dressing gown one. Yes the words to use are classic and timeless.

    • Absolutely agree on all points.

  55. This was too monochromatic, but I love how dignified her outfit is, and her hair was perfect. If only she had added a touch of color with her hat bow, her belt and some trim on her shoes – what a stunning difference it would have made! Imagine a pink bow on the hat, pink in the fabric of her belt, pink bow on the shoes, and even some pink lipstick to match.

    • I too adore the outfit but it screams out for a pop of color for easter. I understand that she perhaps did not wish to outshine the Queen who wore turquoise. I hope that you feel well soon Susan, and really appreciate all your hard work as Admin!

  56. I’m torn between thinking she looks like she’s channeling Jackie’s Camelot style and looking a bit bland.

    I’m sure there are people here who know more about this sort of thing than me… Is it unusual that her kids were not seen with her? I like their fashion almost as much as hers.

    Happy Easter!

    • Happy Easter to you too Zoe!

      I think it’s traditional in royal circles that the kids don’t attend Christmas or Easter services until they’re about 6 or 7 years old. It’s been like that ever since I’ve been watching the royals. I guess they feel it’s just too long for very young children to sit still and behave when they’re not really sure what’s going on. It hasn’t been that long since Viscount Severn (Edward and Sophie’s son) started attending and I think it will be at least a couple of years yet before we see George at these services. Something to look forward to though!

  57. Surprisingly to see on this day the royals publicly

  58. I liked this coat when she wore it in Canada, but today I think the whole look really ages her. It might be the hat but it feels “costumey” like she’s stepped out of the past. If you compare her to Autumn (who would be the closest in age), she looks tailored but dowdy. Maybe a fun shoe, colorful hat or clutch would’ve made a difference?

    • I totally agree. She looks really washed out and tired. I think a colourful outfit would have looked much better. And, I maybe in the minority but I do not like this style hat on her. She looks so much better in a wide brimmed hat or a wonderful fascinator style. This outfit is very Blah. If she really wanted to wear white, the white Alexander McQueen she wore during one of the balcony appearances a couple of years ago would have been more interesting.

  59. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well!

    I loved this coat on the Canada tour. It was perfect against the deep jewel tones worn by the kids. Here, I feel it falls a bit flat. It may be the hat, which when matched with the coat, feels at bit stewardessy. Given it is spring and this is Easter Sunday, I think Kate could have gone with a brighter more colourful hat and bag (or even shoes!) and perhaps her hair half up/half down. Even a colour matching hat in a more whimsical style would have improved the look.

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