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The Duchess sported a new knit top at today’s event with runners taking part in Sunday’s London Marathon.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

This year the official Marathon Charity is Heads Together, the organization started by Harry, Kate and William that is focused on ending the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

The Duchess hosted some of the Team Heads Together racers at Kensington Palace this afternoon.

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

It was a gorgeous day in London.

All 39000 race entrants will receive one of the blue Heads Together headbands in their race packet, but they’re also adorning inanimate objects.

©Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images/PA Images

©Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images/PA Images

This is one of the 70 mailboxes that will be wrapped with a Heads Together band in honor of the race.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

These young choristers from St. Paul’s were seen in the distinctive blue headbands.

St. Paul's Cathedral @StPaulsLondon

St. Paul’s Cathedral @StPaulsLondon

They’re even being used as accessories by some not-quite-real-royals.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate, Harry and William will be cheering on runners, as well as getting the race started.  From the London Marathon site:

Runners in the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon will be given a Royal send-off on Sunday 23 April when The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will be the event’s official race starters, along with double Olympic rowing gold medallists Helen Glover and Heather Stanning.

The three Royals will push a giant red button at exactly 10:00 to send 35 elite men and more than 39,000 mass race runners on their 26.2-mile journey from Shooters Hill in south east London to Westminster.

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

William and Harry have been busy this week with events tied into the Mental Health theme in the run-up to Sunday’s race. Yesterday Prince William did a Facetime call with Lady Gaga.

And Prince Harry did an extensive interview for a podcast with The Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon.

Describing the “quite serious effect” that losing his mother had on his personal and professional life, he tells how living in the public eye left him feeling he could be “very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions”.

The 30-minute conversation is one of the most candid insights into the innermost thoughts of a modern young member of the Royal family.

Bryony Gordon for the first episode of her podcast, Mad World, in which she will interview high-profile guests about their mental health experiences.

Now to what Kate wore for the Palace get-together.

©Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images/i-Images

©Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images/i-Images

She sported a new knit top from Luisa Spagnoli, the Muvi Pullover. The style is 100% wool, with a slightly scooped neckline, long sleeves and a distinctive stripe pattern.

©Pool/PA Images

©Pool/PA Images

Kate’s top is available in other colors ($280).

Luisa Spagnoli

Luisa Spagnoli

UPDATE: There’s good news for those interested in purchasing the top. Thursday on Twitter Giulia reported that the retailer told her the sweater will be restocked soon.

You may recall that Kate has a suit from Luisa Spagnoli we have seen several times.



The Duchess wore her Superga Cotu Classic sneakers. We show them at Nordstrom ($64.95).

Nordstrom/PA Images

Nordstrom/PA Images

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings.


©Splash/Kiki McDonough/i-Images

I’m thinking Kate must have been taping something for future broadcast, you can see the mic at the neckline of her sweater. UPDATE: I believe Kate was miced for an ITV story about the campaign and Marathon.  This link doesn’t take you directly to the story, but if you search for “Kate Hosts Heads Together Runners at Kensington Palace” you should be able to view the piece.


© Pool / i-Images



  47 Responses to “It’s Another Striped Top for Kate at Kensington Palace Marathon Event”

  1. where the jeans from

  2. She looks absolutely radiant.

  3. wow!!! Everything is just right about this outfit, hair, and makeup!

  4. Hair and makeup are gorgeous!

  5. I also immediately noticed the makeup. It’s much lighter and fresher than usual. The lip is amazing, as is the lack of fake tan. So great.

    Love that top, pretty pricey, though. =)

  6. Like so many other posters here, the makeup jumped right out at me! I couldn’t put my finger on it at first but I think it’s a combination of what everyone else has said: less bronzer, at darker (but still natural) lip color, and maybe more of an arch to her brow? Or perhaps just that she had her eyebrows raised in that one photo? The whole look has lightened up her eye area to the point where I thought she was wearing blue-colored contacts (she never would of course but that’s how dramatic the effect was).

    I was wondering maybe if she toned down the makeup to go with the casual look/event, felt more comfortable with something casual since she was basically at home, OR maybe she had a different makeup artist since, as some have pointed out, it looks like she was filming something right before this event? Maybe it’s heavier/different makeup for the camera?

    Finally, if they’re in the yard at KP, does this mean that KP has its own on-site official mailbox ;) ?

  7. I think she looked great. Make up was perfect.

  8. Kate looks absolutely gorgeous. Her makeup is so soft, fresh and dewy.
    I am glad that she has stopped with the fake tan. It is hard and aging.

  9. Boy she looks so beautiful today. Could it just be a bit more colorful lipstick! What a difference! I hope to see more color on her lips again. She looks so happy. Love her look and hair. Perfect length and curl. Wonderful top and what a difference these 3 Royals are making in such an area that still has such stigma to it. Well done!

  10. I think these kinds of engagements are Kate’s favorites. Hair and makeup are perfection in these photos. Maybe a darker shade of lipstick today?
    As a family counselor I’m so proud of Harry, Kate, and William for taking up this cause. Bravo.

    • Something is different as she is just glowing! Maybe less heavy makeup? Maybe she got a good night’s rest? Whatever it is, she looks gorgeous. I too love the way those three are taking the stigma out of mental health issues.

  11. Thought she looked great. Thought the casual outfit was fun, practical and spot on for the event. I really like the earrings with the outfit. Her make up did look a bit different, could be lighting but everyone seems to agree so she must have changed a few things up.

  12. Nice to see Catherine in a lip colour! Looks fabulous. I think this could be my favourite striped top of hers, hair looking great too. Agree with some others that maybe heels could of worked better, but over all great look

  13. I adore casual Kate! A great top, jeans, sneaks and her great smile are always a win.
    Thumbs up for the amazing work these three do, and brave of Harry and William to speak out on there own experiences with the loss of their wonderful mother.

  14. I don’t really think it’s fair (or interesting) to criticize Kate for having a striped top/skinny jean uniform. If someone was blogging my life they’d pretty quickly notice I wear variations on a theme for a lot of things. It would be a lot of ‘Oh UGH she’s wearing a Barbour jacket and knee boots at the airport again’ or ‘oh yuck those cropped dress pants and button up at another business meeting, just in a new color.’ SO – I think she looks great!

    Though I gotta say, the other colors of this top look like they’re straight out of 1998 and I’m REALLY glad she went with the red and blue. Even the model doesn’t make those other colorways look modern in any way.

    • Great comment! So many of us have a “uniform.” It makes life easier, and let us not forget that the Duchess is probably trying to simplify things as much as she can, wherever she can. She knows what looks well on her and she wears it. I honestly think some simple pearl earrings would have been great with this look, though– she carries off the drop earrings here better than lots of people would, but I think a drop earring is a little too much with these casual clothes. She still looks wonderful, though!

  15. Very pretty and comfy looking pullover! I like the stylized stripes in orange and black. It is a favorite color combination of mine as they are the colors of my favorite baseball team here in the US, the San Francisco Giants!
    While Kate looks very youthful and sporty in her skinnies and sneakers, I would have prefered a different shoe choice as these make her look a bit too casual for an official engagement. I mean we have seen her play volleyball and cricket in some very high shoes, but it is a minor point. I think she looks great today. And, I do love those earrings!

  16. So, we have AST (Another Stripy Top) all over again, with variations in the form of irregular stripes and featuring different colours – possibly patriotic if that’s a navy blue and not black. I’d half hoped a KP reception might involve canapés and a dress, but it seems we’re back to low-key official.

    I tried a black/white/red combo myself in a Herrara tee once but found it way too loud for casual. It might have worked under a work jacket but only as long as the jacket remained on and I need flexibility. I think it’s spot on for hi-viz royal/casual although I think Kate has favoured whole High Street dresses that cost less than this single top.

    Another problem with the Herrara was an irritating gilt logo attached near the hem and I notice Kate’s jumper also suffers from the curse of the logo, though this one at least looks embroidered and tactile.

    I like the practical sneakers and can now live with tight jeans as they are marginally better than earlier versions Kate has tried. I’m amused to see the non-matching citrine drops again, clearly a favourite set, and actually ok once lost in waves of dark hair and safely removed from the threatening red.

    • You have made a lot of points that I agree on. I actually noticed that these skinny jeans did not bother me as much as her earlier pairs, either. They seem to fit better, maybe.

      I like the top but was a bit aghast at the cost. I have no problems paying for quality but this is similar to the type of shirts you can buy at any price point, from Old Navy/Target to Kors and beyond, so I did have a bit of sticker shock when I learned this one was $300.

      As for the earrings…sigh. Citrine is not a neutral! It does not go with everything! I know Kate prefers semi-precious stones to diamonds, which is fine because I do as well, but she could easily find a pair of cute clear quartz earrings, or even just plain silver or gold, if she needs a go-to pair to wear with anything.

      • Maybe these earrings have a significance we don’t know of — a special gift from someone? It’s certainly curious how she treats them as a neutral accessory, but then I myself can get attached to certain things at different times.

        I think these later jeans are a mite looser in fit which makes them just a fraction less revealing. They’re something else Kate is very attached to I guess!

      • Agree with the earring comment! She could have gone so many ways! A diamond hoop would have been perfect. I adore everything else! She looks radiant!

  17. Love the hair and makeup today, she looks so young and happy! And I already have about 50 striped tops in my closet, but this needs to join it now, thx :)

    • Did you buy this top? I ordered it in Small and Medium, but while the small fitted me fine, the overall look was much tighter than the one Kate wore, so I wondered if she’d sized up to a Medium for a looser look.

  18. Maybe it’s a trick of the photo – but is Kate wearing pantyhose under her jeans? (Or a knee high?) The photo looks like she might be wearing hose…

    I agree with most everyone – she looks great in her “dressed down uniform”. This was a nice departure from her normal solid top. The Hair and Makeup are on point. Great look1

  19. It seems that Kate’s go to outfit for very casual occasions is a horizontally striped, long sleeve shirt and skinny jeans. That is fine and at least this top has variation in the stripes and colours.

    The shoes harken back to sneakers of decades past, but they are okay. I would not personally have worn earrings with a yellow stone with this outfit, but Kate’s choice of earrings is not always conventional.

    She looks happy and healthy and certainly enjoying herself.

    • Hi! I always enjoy reading the comments on here. I was trying to write a general comment but I didn’t see the option… might be my computer! First off, I love her look! This is exactly what I wear when I want to be casual (unless I am in lululemon leggings!) One thing I have observed from the comments is the confusion over her citrine earrings. I guess I am guilty of wearing citrines with everything as well! I also have long dark hair and the stones in mine are smaller, but I have always found them to be an almost neutral color, especially with darker hair. So I am actually loving that she wears hers all the time too!

  20. I’m so happy that mental health is a big priority for the young royals, I really believe they are having an impact on attitudes. Catherine looks beautiful and happy. The Kiki citrines are her go-to casual earring! I like the Links Hope Egg earrings she used to wear, they were neutral and pretty, they would tone with her watch too.

  21. Catherine looks lovely today ! I like her pullover, it’s nice and it fits her well, but I’d like to see her wearing something different. She gets so much tops with striped paterns… Anyway the whole look is appropriate and lovely for a spring day. Her hair and makeup are just perfection ! She looks fresh and happy, and I’m personnaly impressed with the work of Harry, William and Catherine with Heads Together, wonderful !

  22. Kate looks great here. I think she looks better dressed casually than dressed up.

    Btw, Gilt is holding a Longchamp sale from today.

  23. I have to agree with everyone. I thought her makeup was stunning today! Absolutely gorgeous!

  24. Obviously a very casual look that is not worth talking about BUT she looks radiant!

  25. She looks great here, perfect for the occasion. Her hair looks gorgeous and her makeup looks fresh and “light.” I love her outfit; I have those shoes and they are super comfortable.

  26. Love the look and your post. I was wondering if you have any idea about the brand of the jeans.

    • My early guess is Zara, but I’ve not done any kind of a search for them, I’m only saying Zara because of how frequently she wears the brand. Hopefully I will be able to license some better images showing the details. :)

  27. My first reaction was: the make up! Her face is flawless.
    Overall, perfect look for the event.

  28. Lovely outfit on a lovely woman! (I love her attitude! She will try anything! That blue headband on the “The Musketeers”. … ;) They are go getters! :D

  29. The Duchess’ hair looks the best it has looked in a while—lovely shiny volume but no dreaded ringlets. The earrings were a good choice for this casual engagement. I think the jeans and top looked great together and she was looking all around lovely today. I still don’t like those sneakers but that is just a personal preference–I think they look like those ugly white Keds we used to wear in the 80′s.

  30. I love, love, LOVE how she’s doing her makeup now. It makes her look so much more fresh-faced and warm. I love that she doesn’t look like she has a fake tan going on right now. Something about her complexion makes her skin look so much softer and clearer recently, and I am here for that! I’m also in love with her hair styled this way. The outfit is just fine; perfect for the occasion, etc. I just can’t get over the natural beauty that’s shining through today though. I really would love to know her skincare routine and what makeup she uses…even if it’s La Prairie and the foundation is $130, I’d still want to know.

  31. She looks beautiful and relaxed today… gorgeous hair in the sunshine.

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