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For today’s Farms for City Children visit the Duchess opted for casual pieces many will recognize.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

Farms for City Children offers an intense, hands-on experience giving urban children the “opportunity to live and work together for a week at a time on a real farm in the heart of the countryside.”  A bit of background on Kate’s visit to the farm viRebecca English’s Daily Mail story:

According to a spokesman for the charity, whose patron is Princess Anne, Kate read about its work in Country Life and approached them to see if she could come down to one of its farms.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Rebecca English shared this video shortly after Kate’s arrival.

The program is offered at three different sites; today’s event was at Wick Court in Gloucestershire. The charity farms 60 acres here.  

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

Erin Hill has more in her People magazine story:

Upon Kate’s arrival, she met with children’s author Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare, who founded the organization in 1976.

She then joined a story time session led by Morpurgo before joining the children as they completed work around the farm, including tending to pigs, sheep and chickens.

@FarmersforaWeek Twitter (Click photo to go to Twitter account)

@FarmersforaWeek Twitter (Click photo to go to Twitter account)

One part of the organization’s mission calls for the promotion of literacy and storytelling.

©Richard Pohle/NMA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Richard Pohle/NMA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

More on today’s tasks at the farm from The Daily Mirror:

She joined children as they completed work around the farm yard, worked in the allotments and tended to pigs, sheep and chicken at Wick Court in Gloucestershire.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

From Hello!‘s coverage:

She also helped plant onions in the vegetable patch and asked the children if they liked onions. When one child said they made their eyes water, Kate replied: “They make things nice and tasty. You can put onions in curries.”


Farms for City Children @FarmersforaWeek

Back to that Hello! story:

Another farming task saw Kate try her hand at pig-weighing, which involves corralling a pig into a pen to be weighed. “The Duchess had a pig board and was brilliant with it,” said Mr Goodman. “She said she had never done pig weighing before. The expression is ‘stubborn as a mule’ and pigs can be just as bad. We made sure we had three really quiet ones.”

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From Richard Palmer’s Express story:

She and Prince William, who set up home at Anmer Hall in Norfolk because they wanted to experience the same lifestyle as their farming friends, have turned part of the grounds of the 10-bedroom Georgian mansion into a tiny hobby farm, it emerged.

Kate, who has previously confessed that she would like to have a go at farming, described her menagerie of animals at home at Anmer on the Queen’s 20,000 acre Sandringham estate.

Kate feeding Stinky the lamb.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

It turns out Kate has a fondness for chickens; the details from that Express story.

The Duchess told stockman Dave Evansoneya, 50, who has worked at Wick Court for eight years, that she has a huge passion for chickens.

“She also told me and the children that she has an incubator of eggs at home at the moment with a hope that they are going to hatch into chicks. Her children are very excited.”

“She says it takes 21 days but George and Charlotte are so excited that they come down each morning and peer inside to see if anything has happened.”

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

The charity is seeking donations for equipment and supplies, including wheelbarrows, plates, and bowls for meals, along with other items. And Farms for City Children has an online gift shop. It offers some of Mr. Morpurgo’s books (including War Horse), as well as items directly related to Farms for City Children, like magnets, mugs, tea towels and more.

Farms for City Children (Click photo to visit gift shop.)

Farms for City Children (Click photo to visit gift shop)

Speaking of War Horse, some may recall William and Kate attending the premiere of that film in 2012. Mr. Morpurgo was also there, and I would think Mrs. Morpurgo might also have attended. It’s possible Kate met the founders of the Farms for City Children well before today.   

©Weir Photos / Splash News

©Weir Photos / Splash News

Now to what Kate wore for her trip to Wick Court.

©S Lock, i-Images, Polaris / James Whatling

©S Lock, i-Images, Polaris / James Whatling

The jacket is the Troy London Wax Parka (£350, about $450 at today’s exchange rates) first seen in Canada last September.  It is 100% cotton, treated with a wax finish (much like Barbour and other outerwear), with multiple pockets, high collar, and a cinched waist.

©James Whatling/Troy London/James Whatling

©James Whatling/Troy London/James Whatling

Beneath the jacket, it looked like the Duchess wore a navy sweater we’d not seen before. With thanks to Ryan S and Holly on the WKW FB page, it appears it might be the J Crew Italian Cashmere Long Sleeve Tee. The piece is available in Heather Navy; it is shown at full price ($198). (Many other colors are on sale for prices ranging from $99 to $149.99; if interested, be sure to use promo code SHOPNOW on these colors for an additional 30% off the price.)

J. Crew / James Whatling

J. Crew / James Whatling

The Gap checked shirt was first seen in 2014 when Kate and William visited a New Zealand winery. It is 100% cotton and originally retailed at $49. Kate’s precise style is no longer available, but the retailer still offers the Fitted Boyfriend style.

©Gap / i-Images / Gap

©Gap / i-Images / Gap

Kate also wore her Zara Biker jeans first seen at Kaziranga National Park in India (second photo from left) last April.

© /Zara

©James Whatling / Polaris / Zara

We have several repliKates for the jeans over on our RepliKate Clothing page.

©James Whatling/Zara/H&M/Fiorever 21

©James Whatling/Zara/H&M/Forever 21

We saw the return of one of Kate’s favorite footwear styles, her Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boots in the ‘conker’ colorway. The boots are available at Penelope Chilvers (£475, about $625); they are also carried at Moda Operandi ($750) in both burgundy and black. Thanks to Middleton Maven for the tip on Moda Operandi also carrying the boots. (I don’t know if the burgundy is exactly the same color as Kate’s conker, it looks quite similar in the online pix, but we know that can be a little deceptive.) Shipping to the US from Penelope Chilvers is £25; standard shipping to the US from Moda Operandi is free. If helpful, the image on the left is from Penelope Chilvers; the photo on the right is via Moda Operandi.

Penelope Chilvers / i-Images / Moda Operandi

Penelope Chilvers / i-Images / Moda Operandi

The Duchess wore her Kiki McDonough Lauren Leaf Pavé Diamond Earrings.

©James Whatling/Kiki McDonough/Polaris

©James Whatling/Kiki McDonough/Polaris

It looked like Kate had on her Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.

The Duchess wore her hair partially pulled back.


©Polaris / Polaris / James Whatling

We will see you next week!

NOTE: The post originally ended with “see you Friday for the visit to Luxembourg,” which is wholly inaccurate. That engagement isn’t until Thursday the 11th. (Palm smack to firehead.)


  34 Responses to “Kate In Familiar Styles for Her Day on the Farm”

  1. This is my favourite look for very casual jackets, a proper waist, whether shirred or belted military-style looks good on anyone, the taller you are the better. I don’t think I’d like it if it’s waterproof on the inside though, it would be hot. I also wondered about the navy blue with brown, I suppose it’s like blue denim with a brown jumper as they are a form of jeans. I don’t hink they flatter Catherine though without a jumper/coat like she wore them abroad. They are called ‘mid-rise’ but look very low-rise & shrunken on her, as if they are too short/small for her, it may be because of her long torso, but they don’t look good on the first model pic either. However, my girls have worn Zara jeans for years too & say they aren’t as tight as they look & fit well.
    Regarding Catherine’s hair, aside from the clips, it looked lovely & wavy, but I wonder exactly how much time she spent with the animals doing much. Her boot tassels are a no-no with animals, they tend to chew them – her green wellies would have been better, the tassel boots were for the photos. Ditto for the hair, along with the safety aspects of hair getting caught in horns or tack (horses) or wire, it can be dangerous; for this reason I would have thought that the children at least would have had to have their hair tied back properly & had religious head-scarves anchored into their clothes/tucked in well, but they havn’t. Overall, a great look though!

  2. Outfit was appropriate; she clearly was enjoying herself. But she should just say NO to plastic hair clips!

  3. “Palm slap to firehead” makes me giggle – where is autocorrect when we need it??? Lovely post as usual, Susan, thank you!

  4. I love this outfit, and I loved that she mixed earthy tones with blue tones. The earth tones she used are neutrals so they work with the blues she used. This is the kind of outfit you’d definitely see me wear in cooler weather (even the way her hair is done) when I volunteer at the barn working with the horses, except I often wear wellies. Some kind of light coat, sweater/pullover, shirt, jeans (or breeches) and wellies. I could wear boots or riding boots, except my boots just get so dirty that wellies are easier!

    I think she picked a great outfit for this adventure!

  5. Is it possible that Kate was wearing the same blue sweater that she wore in Canada on the trip to Bella Bella? It’s a very similar look – she wore a different checked shirt under that sweater. I don’t blame you for not remembering, it was an utterly forgettable look and I’m still surprised she wore such a thing in public.

  6. Kate looks so completely at home in her casual outfit. I love how the boots are such trusty friends for her, they must fit like a second skin by now and not something to let go of lightly. Her pair look to have been very well polished so I think someone is taking good care of them for her.

    I think that’s a great parka and it’s fun to see the High Street check shirt reappear given how much more high-end Kate has been going of late. As her boots show, when she has a favourite, she sticks to it. The jeans are fun too, with their contrast biker knees.

    I know I should hesitate before getting out of my depth, but I’m not altogether convinced by the jumper ID. The one Kate is wearing seems to have curved hems and waist and cuff and the J Crew we’ve featured gives little sign of that. It’s like some of the unfinished hems we had a lot of knitwear until recently and I can’t believe Kate’s clothes would be any less well cared for than her boots.

    But no matter. I really like the hairstyle, the waves at the back are very pretty. I’m relaxed about the use of hairclips although this time they do seem to be coming loose with all the activity. The earrings are a nice neat choice for going down to the farm and not distracting from getting down to agricultural basics.

  7. From photos elsewhere (GFY), it looks like Kate changed out of her Penelope Chilvers boots into a pair of brown suede riding boots with a tassel later in the day. This is sensible, as mucking about on a farm is smelly work (and I sort of wonder why she didn’t opt for her Le Chameau boots), but I cannot for the life of me remember where the suede boots are from. I’m sure they’ve been identified on here, so does anyone have a sharper recall on this? Thank you!

    • Found them! They’re the Spanish Riding Boots from Really Wild Clothing. I guess I should have dug a bit more before posting.

  8. I am very impressed by the good work of this organization. It certainly seems to have the intended impact on the children. If not for the DoC’s visit I would have never leaned of it.

    Love today’s outfit. Perfect for the event. My fave has to be the jeans. I quibble with those who dislike the hairstyle. I wear my hair that way, everyday.

  9. I’m with others that I think a ponytail would have worked so much better here. You can see in pictures by the end of the visit her hair was messy and in her face. Plus, I’m just not a fan of those plastic clips in that fashion on a 35 year old woman (I’m 35, so it’s not a ding on her age, lol.)

    I like this outfit but considering we have seen her wear most of these pieces before, minus the sweater, and an overall very similar look in Canada last fall, it’s pretty meh to me. But I think that’s fine for a visit to a farm.

    I think the earrings are out of place though.

  10. I love Kate in her casual attire, she is in her element in casual! Also love that she connects so well with the children at these events.
    I am speculating that Duchess Kate is the one pulling back the hair with the clips and is not using a stylist for these event as so many who comment are suggesting. Doing her own hair probably saves a lot of valuable time that she would rather be spending with her children. She looked very appropriate and comfortably dressed for the occasion today.

  11. Well the attire today was most suitable for a visit to a farm. My only quibble is that with a jacket, pants and boots in brown tones, I would not have worn a blue sweater and blue checked blouse. If the sweater and blouse had been cream, beige, or mossy green in colour they would have blended better.

    I agree that a pony tail would have looked good and the earrings are a bit fussy given the rest of the outfit.

    It is so nice to see that Kate can have an official working day, but be able to go ultra casual and not wear stiletto shoes. She looks relaxed and happy.

    • I am with you. Brown and blue? NO. That checkered shirt is dreadful – so 70′s. A nice cream sweater instead of the shirt and the blue sweater would have looked sharp.
      It is obvious that no hair stylist nor clothe stylist was involved in today’s prep. And it is also obvious that Kate has no stylish skills herself. She is probably not even interested in fashion because if she were, she would care about every single one of her outfits – whether it be to go to visit a farm or to attend a formal event.
      Having said that, she looks like she was having a great visit and that is what matters really.

      • I have always thought brown and blue was a good combo! I think brown is more like a neutral and can be paired with just about anything. The brown could have also been paired with pink, green, yellow, or burgandy, and still look fine to me.

        • I agree–I like brown and blue together as well. And I don’t find the gingham shirt outdated; more a classic, which is very much in line with the Duchess’s personal style.

          I think you’re probably right that a stylist wasn’t involved in today’s look, but I disagree that the Duchess has no stylish skills herself. I thought she looked ready hang out with kids and lambs in the mud, but still pulled together–not necessarily an easy thing to pull off.

          The only thing I agree with is that there are more polished ways to do a half-up, half-down hairdo than those baby butterfly clips. Her hair does look so nice in a ponytail; I think that might have been a better choice here.

          • Agree 100% with your comments—I was also thinking that a French braid might look lovely if she didn’t want a ponytail.

    • I’m with you too. The jacket looked much better in Canada with her hair up/back. Even though its a casual event, her hair looks a mess. Its time for a haircut. The long hair, the safari jacket, the check blouse, the blue sweater … its all a bit of a muddle. I wouldn’t do it on my farm and I’m not a duchess.

  12. I thought her hair looked wonderful from the front. Clipping back two tendrils always bugs me, on anyone, no matter what the clips are like, but it’s just a personal peave of mine. I always want one neat piece in one clip, though “chip clips” are kind of fun, especially at a childrens’ event. To nitpick further, I sort of wish they’d been evenly placed! 8~) Never mind. A great casual look, and she’s relaxed and having fun as she usually seems to be around children.

    • If your hair is parted in or towards the middle you need 2 clips, unless you are going to pull all the front hair over the top/sides, like Princess Anne does. A half-pony with this style with a plain dark barette (not those kiddy’s-come-makeup-artist clips) would suit Catherine very much & would be young/fresh; I feel a full bun at the back under the bottom of it for safety would suit too, it’s my preferred style for animal husbandry/housework, a dressier barette for evening wear.

  13. It warms my heart to see the Duchess interacting so charmingly with children and, feeding that lamb! So sweet. I must say, however, that I simply cannot abide by the skin-tight pants any longer and the plastic clips. I would love to see her in pants that are more elegantly cut and refined. As to the hair-clips, just do not understand.

    NOTE: quick admin edit

  14. This is really Kate at her best. Not that she doesn’t also shine at formal events, but her comfort and delight at the activities with the kids really show here.

    and — wow, those are some tassels (as shown in the video)!

  15. Love Kate in casual styles !!!!!

  16. such great, effortless charm here – love the tassels on the boots for a bit of panache without getting in the way. I wish she had worn her hair in a braid or a ponytail – those plastic clips are just tacky and cheap looking. Also, I think simple hoop earrings instead of diamond hearts would have looked better – or if she really felt the need for diamonds, maybe just studs.

    Fascinating that she wishes for a farm! I think it’s sweet that she’s incubating eggs with her kiddos right now.

  17. Kate’s clothes were perfect for the occasion– serviceable, flattering, comfortable and quiet. I think it’s fantastic that she wears her clothes more than once, and that she has not given up on her classic Penelope Chilvers boots.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. What a great charity and how wonderful of Kate to have lent her support.

      I think many celebs do fine in biz/evening clothes but look like a fish-out-of-water in casual wear. In situations like these – particularly when a charity/children involved – IMO Kate looks like these are her actual broken-in clothes and not ‘photo op’ clothes.

  18. I know this is another compilation of repeats but give how rare we get to see her in casual occasions, I still love it. No complaints here. :)

  19. am I the only one a little disappointed when she repeats outfits?! LOL I like this, and I know it’s not an evening gown affair, but I just love to see the different things she wears! When’s the next tour! LOL

  20. If you’re looking for the same aesthetic for a much lower price point, J Crew Factory sells a similar style in cotton for $36.50 here: I’ve always been impressed with the quality from J Crew Factory.

    Kate looks great today. I love this parka and would buy it if it were even $100 less! Quite a pricey jacket for those of us in the US. Her hair looks gorgeous from the front – almost gorgeous enough for me to move past the hair clips without comment (but not quite). The hair clips and the twee earrings are battling it out for biggest fashion faux pas today but her smile and cute outfit are shining bright!

  21. Wasn’t there a UFO navy jumper from last year? Maybe in Canada, I can’t quite remember. Could this be it?

    Also, her hair looks fabulous today.

  22. I agree that a ponytail would have been a better style for a visit to a farm. Chip clips (which is what we call them in the States) look way too casual for an official engagement. Otherwise, her look was just fine.

  23. I love everything about this outfit—perfect for the engagement; casual yet polished and she was clearly having a great time. The boots are one of my favorites.

    The only thing I didn’t like was her hair—I really think a ponytail would have been best for this outing so as to keep it out of her face and out of the way while doing the activities. If she had to wear it down, I renew my pleading for something besides those horrible plastic clips—they look like something her makeup artist used while doing her makeup and then forgot to take out when finished. I just don’t understand why her stylist doesn’t use any of the many other options available.

    All in all, a terrific outing and I feel like these casual, kid-centric outings are the ones in which she most shines.

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