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This morning Kate and William had an early start despite last night’s late arrival at Kaziranga National Park and Bihu festival celebration.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

We saw a more casual Kate as the royal tour entered its fourth day. Below you see the Cambridges meeting their guides for the morning’s safari.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail @RE_DailyMail

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail @RE_DailyMail

From Richard Palmer in The Express:

The royal couple are spending two nights in the park, pursuing their interest in conservation and promoting the efforts of Indian park authorities to encourage the local human population to preserve the habitat and make the most of the tourist attraction.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

In addition to their guides the couple was accompanied by security personnel and a limited number of media. Simon Perry of People shared this photo as the group was heading out.

Simon Perry, People Magazine @SPerryPeopleMag

Simon Perry, People Magazine @SPerryPeopleMag

At some points the best view was standing up.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From Victoria Murphy’s story for The Mirror:

William spotted a rhino mother and her baby wading in a marsh-like patch in the distance.

Kate gasped: “Oh wow.”

India Tour Day 4 Kaziranga Safari Baby Rhino in River Apr 13 2016

Scott FurssedonnWood @DHCScottFW

But Victoria explains that might not have been their favorite sighting.

Possibly the highlight of their trek was a huge rhino blocking the road ahead. The couple gasped as they caught sight of the huge animal just 50 yards away from them.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

Kate said; “This is amazing!”

And William added: “It’s amazing to be this close.”

The pair clearly reveled in their time exploring the Park and were able to enjoy 30 minutes without media and most security personnel.

©POOL  / i-Images

©POOL / i-Images

 Kate captured memories using her own camera.

Scott FurssedonnWood

Scott FurssedonnWood

The Park is home to two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhino population, just one of many reasons it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Richard Palmer has more about the morning’s activities in his story for The Express:

After almost an hour of safari, the Duke and Duchess arrived at the Bimoli Anti-Poaching Camp in the centre of the park, where they were greeted by a group of rangers.

Scott FursedonnWood

Scott FursedonnWood

And then it was time for a group photo.

The UK in India

The UK in India

Wearing her trusty Sebago Balas probably felt wonderful for the Duchess after being in heels most of the week.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

This morning Kate wore a pair of Zara Mid Rise Biker Trousers.



They are a cotton/poly blend with a touch of elastene for stretch. The trousers have a fair amount of detailing, including a front pocket with exposed metal zipper, ribbed knee stitching, and a piece of triangular fabric running from mid-thigh to the knee (pointed out below right with blue lines).



A look at the ribbed area on Kate’s jeans. Kate’s color is khaki marl; the trousers are also offered in white. The trousers retail for $49.90.



The Duchess wore a blouse/top from Australia’s storied RM Williams.

©Splash News/Polaris

©Splash News/Polaris

A WKW Facebook friend inquired about the blouse with the retailer. She was told the style name is ‘Gretna’ and the style dates to the autumn/winter 2014 collection. Below, a closer look reveals the colors of the pattern better, navy and rust shades. The shirt has a ruffled placket and vertical stitching detail on the front. Our Facebook pal was also told the garment was a gift to Kate during the 2014 tour, and that it was a limited run piece no longer available anywhere in the RM Williams system.

Kate Safari India Day 4 Apr 13 2016 RM Williams Blouse Mediaum Shot i-images


Some may recognize the RM Williams name, Prince William wore a shirt by the company when visiting the Taronga Zoo during the 2014 tour.

Rebecca English /The DailyMail/Mail Online

Rebecca English /The DailyMail/Mail Online

The Duchess brought out one of her favorite pair of casual shoes, her ‘Bala’ moccasins by Sebago in the taupe/white colorway.  Sebago has them in stock for $95 while Online Shoes has them at essentially the same price ($94.95); both retailers offer free shipping.


Splash News/Sebago

We saw Kate wearing a new scarf (new to us), it is by Flora Garments, a London shop specializing in merchandise from around the world with an emphasis on apparel and accessories ideal for travel.  The piece is Flora’s Indian Embroidered Stole, crafted in pashmina woven and embroidered in Kashmir, India.

Flora Garment

Flora Garments

The stole is sold out in Kate’s color, beige, but offered in other colors as well as plain versions.  The piece measures  72cm x 204cm, about 28″ x 80″, it sells for £180.  A Tip of the Tiara to the ever-stylish Michelle of Perth’s Fashion, she identified the piece.

The Duchess wore her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings.

Kiki McDonough

Kiki McDonough

And a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers.

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  1. For the second time this tour, I am questioning the Ray-Ban folding wayfarers. I own a pair and can never slide them off of my head and onto my face like she does without holding the arms so they do not bend. I also noticed that Kate has them hanging on her blouse and whenever I try to do the same the glasses fall because the arms and nose pieces collapse. Is it possible that she has the brown original classic wayfarers? Or do I simply lack the grace to properly use the folding pair??? :)

    • That’s a good observation Rose, although I’m quite sure there’s no lack of grace on your part, not at all. I do know we have seen Kate with the folded glasses in her hand at event(s) where she did put them atop her head. When I have time (it probably won’t be until next week) I will go through old posts/photos to see if I can locate those pictures. :)

      • You are too kind! If it helps, I think the folding wayfarers she wore during the 2014 tour were polarized and marked with a P on the lens. On this tour they are not marked as polarized but are the same solid brown lens. Kate has also worn folding glasses that have a brown gradient lens. So maybe this is a different pair?!?

    • You know my sunglasses kept slipping so I just went to a random store and asked them to tighten the screws..
      I’m sure Kate could’ve done that when buying it.. Or had someone do it for her. Just takes a tiny screwdriver and 30 seconds..

  2. Count me in as one of those who thinks these pants are inappropriate for the occasion. They are too tight. She has gone to, it seems, great lengths, to ensure that she remains modest in her appearance during this tour, but these jeans are not modest. The photos on Daily Mail showed a very clear outline of her butt and legs. Maybe she changed into the dress for the rhino feeding because she realized herself that those pants were too tight and bending over to feed a rhino would likely give her plumbers butt.

    Claire, it has nothing to do with concealing her natural shape. It is respecting another culture and what is deemed acceptable and what isn’t acceptable to them. She is representing the Queen of England so it is right that she dress in a way that is attractive but also with a sensitivity and understanding about what that country believes is vulgar. She doesn’t need to be wearing 70s bell bottoms here, but they should be looser and more professional. You can call it ‘the family firm’ and this is her job now and she should dress as any other 34 year old woman with a junior executive position would dress. Straight leg, casual dress pant would be best. Leave the skinny jeans to her personal life.

    • The line between professional and personal life gets very blurred when it comes to the Royal family. In a sense Kate is always ‘at work’, so I don’t think the analogy with a junior executive position is an apt one. Many of her engagements are social or sporting ones, for which office wear is not appropriate.

      With regard to the need to take the cultural sensitivities of another country into account, this should not extend to slavishly following principles that have at their root a rather misogynistic principle (not unique to any one country, obviously). Having spent time in India, I can attest to the fact that it is very common to see men there wearing far less clothing than the Duchess! True modesty has very little to do with clothing, and much more to do with manners, courtesy and how one comports oneself.

      • Respectfully, I disagree. She’s not at work if she’s photographed on the street shopping, or the grocery store, or watching a polo match as a spectator. She is at work the other times. The safari was ‘at work’. The entire tour, regardless of where they have been, is ‘at work’. More than likely, one day she’ll be the Princess of Wales, then Queen. Her path is mapped out and there is no deviation from it unless of course there is a divorce, which, right now seems unlikely. Since that is a certainty, the role of junior executive is correct.

        Their job is representing the Queen and Britain. It doesn’t matter what their (or our) opinion is of a country and whether or not it has misogynistic tendencies. When you are representing someone or something during a goodwill trip, especially representing something like your country, you show respect.

        William and Kate are not just anyone. They are the future King and Queen. The expectation is higher for them and modesty has as much to do with dress as it does manners and courtesy

  3. What’s wrong with the trousers? They fit well and are very comfortable with good stretch – particularly over the knee, perfect for the activity she was partaking in.

  4. Pretty blouse, but those pants are awful. I’m not a prude, but these skinny jeans are totally inappropriate.
    I’d love to see her in a slim leg, cigarette pant with some real shoes, brogues are fashionable at the moment or maybe some nice, leather loafers.
    I find this look a bit juvenile

  5. It has to be difficult to decide what to wear on a safari. I think the shirt was a good choice – pretty and delicate, but light. The scarf is gorgeous and I love how she tied it. On to the pants…I think the color is right, but that’s about all. These pants are awesome for “off duty”. For at work, on tour, representing royalty, I feel like these are too casual. I wouldn’t wear anything that tight with an exposed zipper to my workplace. Granted, I’m not going on a safari while at work, but I just think something more appropriate could’ve been found. The ribbed factor on the knees, the fit, and the exposed zipper are very cool and I really like the pant for day to day wear. It just seems unprofessional in this setting.

  6. I really do not understand any of the criticism of these pants and this outfit. They are most definitely not “too small” as evidenced by how loose and slightly creased/wrinkled they are from thigh to zipper—if they were too small they would be pulling there. The word “indecent” is also a puzzlement to me—-they cover her from waist to ankle and there is no VPL so I don’t understand the use of that term. This is the perfect outfit to go on safari and ride around in the dust and sun and clamber up on a jeep with an open top.
    I don’t love the blouse because of the ruffle but otherwise it is okay and clearly the Sabago’s are comfortable for her.

    As to whether or not these are “appropriate” for work–I don’t understand that line of commentary either. She is not in a formal setting and she needed to be comfortable and able to move around. I work in a very conservative industry and although I wouldn’t wear these to the board room or a formal event, I would certainly wear these for an outdoor event or on casual Friday. So would all the other women in my office. I thought this was a win!

  7. I have to say I do not understand the opposition to skinny jeans from commenters here. I think Kate looks perfectly appropriate for the engagement, and the pants are not too small.

    I also don’t understand the comments about “looking like a college student/16 year old”. Perhaps it’s different in the US, but skinny jeans are perfectly normal pants for adults in Australia. My 50-year-old mum wears them, and she’s hardly alone in that.

    And indecent? Yes, you can see the shape of her legs. Big deal. Recently there’s been comments that Kate has been dressing too old (which I actually agree with). These pants are entirely suitable for a 34-year-old. Looser trousers would look far too old on her – the only loose-ish pants I think would look good on someone her age are the sort of khaki pants made of light material, cuffed at the ankle, and they’d probably be too casual.

    Anyway, I loved this outfit, and tbh I find most commenters on here ridiculously old-fashioned.

    • I don’t get it either. I don’t really like the skinnies but I think it’s more the color than anything. If she had gone with a more traditional skinny jean (v. the lighter weight fabric that these seem to be made out of) in a black I don’t think I would be wrinkling my nose as much at them. I don’t have a problem with the tightness of them I just don’t like all the puckering on them and I believe that’s due to their color more than anything else.

      The shirt is super cute though and the scarf is pretty. All in all this is an outfit that I would wear any day and Kate and I are the same age.

  8. I don’t like the ruffles on the shirt, or it overall when I see close-ups, nor do I particularly like the pants. But overall as an outfit it seems to work and I love the detail that her scarf was embroidered in India. Lovely to also get the extra info that the shirt was a gift during another tour.

  9. I have to say I’m shocked at the terms being used here (in the comments) to describe these trousers, which I think are both a good fit and perfectly appropriate for this sort of engagement. The idea that a woman should have to conceal her natural body shape for the sake of propriety is something that I hoped had gone out with the ark, but evidently not…

    • If we lose the concept that some attire is appropriate at certain times while other attire is not, we’ve got a problem.

      Maybe she should have worn a bathing suit?

      The description of these pants as “trousers” is off base. They are leggings, or maybe jeggings, and even tighter than the average pair. We could tell her “natural body shape” even if she had worn something looser. These were too tight.

    • I was one of the people who preferred looser pants for this occasion, but not because i find the pants indecent. I would prefer a more practical pant that covers her ankle. I do not think women should “hide their natural body shape”, but I actually find it quite sexist that our society and fashion, industry encourages tight fitting pants for women only. Ask yourself, would anyone expect to see William in skinny jeans? Why do men get to wear relaxed fit pants with generous pockets while women must show off their shape?

      • There are plenty of loose-fit trousers available to the Duchess if she chose to wear them, she is certainly not being forced to wear skinnies. The idea that wearing garments that don’t hide your natural shape is somehow ‘indecent’ stems from a puritanical idea of it being the responsibility of women not to lead men into temptation (where’s the eyeroll emoji when you need it?), and I find it quite sad that that misguided notion is still so prevalent.

        • I never said she was forced to wear skinnies or commented on concealing her shape for decency. I said that loose pants would be more practical in this setting, and commented on the fact that men’s pants are built for comfort while women’s pants are built for looks.

  10. An outfit that works! Its coordinated – the colours work beautifully together – scarf gorgeous (wish she wore more of them) and shoes perfect. I’m not a fan of frills on blouses for anyone over the age of 10 but these are subtle enough not to be distracting and the tiny stitched pleats add a more polished element. With the top buttons undone, and the sleeves rolled up! give it a nice casual feel. I like the pants – - although they are really jeggings – the detailing gives them some definition and makes them modern. I would have liked a little more casual earring (the citrine just get lost) and a bit more lip colour but she looks great – and happy. She should though – riding through a jungle with magnificent animals in their natural habitat early in the morning is pure magic.

    I too am at a loss as to why skin-tight pants which leave very little to the imagination are ok but everything else – including clavicle bones, calves or forearms – is covered up. I wonder if Kate is worried about too much sun exposure – although that wouldn’t apply to her indoor or evening events. Its a puzzlement!

  11. The pants are awful. They don’t fit well and the ribbing makes her look like a high school student. Disappointed in this look.

    • I wish she’d gone with something more like the khakis she wore on the tour in Asia. Those looked so much more appropriate and flattered her athletic figure.

  12. Nope! Those pants are awful. They look uncomfortable and too small. I think form fitting is okay, but the fact that these come above the ankle and look more like leggings just look ill-fitting and cheap. I love Kate’s choice in blouses usually and I love this one. Capri pants would look nice, or something that was a little looser and fell below the ankle if she wanted to wear full-length pants.

  13. Yes, love this outfit. For once she is dressing her age, and it’s completely in style and chic. I love the color of the pants, and they fit perfectly. It would be horrible to see her in “trousers” as some people are suggesting. Those are best suited for older women, and skinny jeans/pants are what’s in right now. I think they’re much more flattering than baggy trousers. I love this look! I feel like this is her. I don’t like all the matronly dresses and updo’s as much as I like more fitted pieces with long, curly hair on her.

  14. Kate as always looks fabulous — she looks as amazing on a safari as at a formal gala — and they are clearly having a grand day! I’m happy for them.
    I have to say the pants were shocking. In India, mostly surrounded by men, with her photo going everywhere, it just doesn’t seem possible no one would have thought more modesty would have been more culturally appropriate. We’re so used to women in Lycra or tight jeans in the US and Britain, but not there, and not representing the Crown on a tour. That said, they are incredibly cool jeans and she has one incredible physique! The shirt is sweet, but it can’t decide whether it wants to be tucked in or not, so it sort of looks sloppy in the photos. Her hair looks great for a safari, that’s for sure! I’m so glad conservation efforts in India are getting this kind of support and spotlight.

  15. I haven’t had a chance to comment yet, but I appreciate the superb coverage this week. Thank you, Susan! I can’t imagine how much hard work this is, and it is very much appreciated.

    This is the first outfit of the tour I haven’t really loved. Unlike others have posted, I don’t mind the skinny jeans. I don’t find them improper and the Duchess can certainly pull them off, but I just don’t care for the biker style. The top is cute and fun, I just don’t think that it matches the style of the pants.

  16. I’m tiring of her skin tight pants look. Saw a close-up photo of her from behind….please….this look is not flattering on anyone — no matter how thin you are. Love this blouse though and liked the fact that she seemed to have no/or less make-up on, very natural looking.

  17. I wish she had worn lose fitting pants and different shoes. I like these pants fine for off-duty days, but she looks far too casual compared to William. Boat shoes are out of place here. She looks like she’s shopping at Target instead of on a royal tour. I am not saying she should be “dressed up”, but I think she should be wearing comfortable, appropriate outdoors attire.

  18. I’ve never seen Kate in slacks. Maybe they look hideous on her. Maybe it’s too hard to get a good fit, or maybe she just prefers skinnies. If I had her figure and was her age, I’d wear them too.

  19. I really don’t get it!

    First of all, I have really loved almost every dress she has worn so far and especially the evening dresses. The only 2 dresses I haven’t liked are the Emilia Wickstead because of the breast flaps/pockets (and that is the only reason why I didn’t like it) and the “Glamorous” dress. No matter what she wears, I do not like the Sebago shoes and the awful wedges she always wears.

    So, she wears pretty dresses and wedges to play cricket and now she’s gone completely opposite and wearing something too casual, well it’s not that it’s TOO casual, it’s just that in my opinion it’s not an appropriate casual – why not Capri pants (which is in Australia what we call three quarter length cotton pants which are casual and are NOT skin tight!), a casual shirt or T shirt and a pair of sneakers? Why not painted toenails and strappy sandals with pretty dresses during the daytime?

    Yes, Kate has a beautiful svelte figure but those jeans look too tight and are too small. Then she pairs it with a frilly blouse.

    I know I’m being awfully critical but it is what I think. I don’t write as well as some of the other comments above, and can’t think how to word how I feel, but I totally agree with some of the other comments, and I quote “wouldn’t wear anything very tight without some coverage at a work event of any kind, no matter how casual” and that definitely applies to a Duchess.

    Thank you to ElizaMo whose comments I always read first – “I appreciate the Duchess is dressing for comfort on her safari ride but I’m never going to like such skinny trousers and find the fit bordering on indecent” … YES YES YES!

    And also the other comment above: “Given that Kate clearly is willing to wear very fitted trousers such as those shown here, I wonder why she doesn’t occasionally wear casual or dress trousers as the occasion dictates? For example, when she will be at a cultural dance event like last night, the sporting activity earlier in the week, or when she knows she will be on the floor with children wouldn’t a modest, classic trouser be appropriate? Are trousers so thoroughly frowned upon? If so then I think she would eschew such fitted jeans as worn here and in the past …”.

    Anyway, I’m very confused with some of her choices, it’s like one extreme to the other. I think some of her choices don’t match the occasion.

  20. I love the scarf and like the shirt but I loathe the pants. What’s the point of wearing all of these modest dresses and then wearing painted on pants? They seem really unprofessional (and yes, this tour is work for her). I realize the skinny pant/jean seems to be the only style she favors, but I’m surprised this outfit was approved to wear.

  21. These pants are just wrong for a public appearance. Kate needs a good pair of khaki trousers, or jodhpurs, and some boots or walking shoes. Kate look so graceful in her dresses, and so college girl in some of her casual choices. The English excel at country clothes and any outfitter would be glad to supply them.

    • Couldn’t have said it better….please get this girl some nice khakis or even cute olive khaki crops. Since I’m not a fan of ruffles for anyone over 20, I don’t care for the blouse, but I do like the print in your up-close photos.
      I will be so glad when the skinny jean fad has passed….oh wait, it already has.

    • 100% agree

  22. I don’t know why Kate has to wear such tighty trousers!! She can get away easily with the next size in these! :)
    Cute outfit otherwise!

  23. Can you talk about her sunglasses if you have any info? Thanks!!

  24. This is a perfectly nice “morning safari” outfit; nothing to object to. I’m not all that enthusiastic about the Zara biker trousers, but they look one hell of a lot better with the Duchess’s moccasins than with the high-heeled sandals on the model. I don’t like ruffles much, but the blouse is fine.

    However, I LOVE that scarf/stole — utterly elegant. Unfortunately, I’d want it in the sold-out beige, but perhaps that will be re-offered.

    So often I see a truly beautiful, unusual piece that can turn a very ordinary outfit into something genuinely comment-worthy. That stole is one of them.

    • Lili these are the staple shawls our moms carry all winter with the traditional salwar kameez outfits. Either half pashmina, blended with other wools or pure pashmina all in ‘natural’ colors like these and not dyed. These are made in Kashmir. The finest of these are called Shatoosh which are now banned to be used. Those start from 1000$ or so. I have one! And several pashminas…. In India you can find these easily. Blended Pashminas start from $100 or so and pure ones from $400

      • Thanks, Raman. I own some pashminas and a beautiful Loro Piana cashmere shawl, too. What I like about that piece, and what my shawls don’t have, is the embroidered trim. The tonal contrast of beiges on the Duchess’s stole is gorgeous.

  25. Interesting trousers! I like them and they are a welcome change from the usual JBrand, not to mention they fit her like a glove. Can’t get too excited about another ruffled placket, tiny repetitive patterned blouse, however. Nice scarf though.

  26. I love her casual style for the event today. I can see why she wears her Sebago shoes often. I have a pair and they are stylish and comfortable. I snagged a pair of the Zara jeans today, love the color and style.

  27. She looks great here! I love those Sebago’s and keep having to stop myself from ordering a pair. And while I like the outfit on her I just have a hard time seeing painted-on jeggings worn as pants as appropriate attire for official duties. And I’m Kate’s age and wear jeggings! I do have several tunic-type tops that just cover my bum and crotch area and those I think are fine with tight skinnies/jeggings/leggings. Basically, I wouldn’t wear anything very tight without some coverage at a work event of any kind, no matter how casual.

    That said, she’s definitely got an enviable figure!

  28. She looks so effortlessly cute! I actually really like those pants and – gasp! – they’re affordable! I couldn’t believe my luck when I went to the Zara site and saw that they were still available in my size! But of course, as soon as I went to the checkout, they sold out. #kateeffect.

    • They may have been restocked – I just managed to “check out” with a pair. I also had to add a cardi to get to the free shipping. Shame. ;)

  29. Great post! Excellent job!
    Love the look (I’m surprised she wore skinnies for the heat) but she looked fantastic!
    Maybe they aren’t that hot?

  30. Not a fan of the ribbing on the trouser knees, but otherwise I like her outfit here. More importantly, they both look like they are really enjoying themselves amongst the wildlife and away from the media.

  31. First, love the look. Especially fun that she’s wearing a shirt gifted during one tour on another tour.

    However, I find it interesting that Kate would wear a pashmina made in contested Kashmir at all let alone during a tour of India. I’d be very surprised if she was unaware of the Kashmir-Pakistan-India territorial situation. I wonder if someone is going to get into trouble for not doing further research on the origins of this piece or if this potential minefield will be ignored and chalked up as just a fashion choice.

  32. Well, we always say she should dress younger….and she has. She is dressed like a 16 year old. Those pants are at least a size too small. Love those shoes and scarf though. With more appropriate pants this outfit would be perfect.

  33. Seeing an outfit I really don’t like on this tour comes as a strange relief. It feels like business-as-usual and I can indulge in a good old moan. I appreciate the Duchess is dressing for comfort on her safari ride but I’m never going to like such skinny trousers and find the fit bordering on indecent. The one thing I do like is the taupe colour. And the exposed zip – she can keep that, it’s quite neat.

    I also find the reinforced knees ridiculous and something of an affectation, but then that’s the way fashion goes. I had such knees turn up on pair of summer walking trousers a couple of years back and loathed them. They felt awful to wear and I know how to use my own legs without needing a bending aid, thank you. Apart from which what use are they? I want to walk up a hill, not crawl up it.

    I also don’t like it when someone tries to shove a frilly front on to a good classic shirt, something which in itself needs no embellishment. I think it looks worse on patterned fabric and prefer any frills, lace and the like to be on the kind of plain blouse Kate wore to the rodeo or her editing stint with Huffington. In this case she can be excused as the shirt was a gift. And the one thing I like about the shirt is the pattern. And the fabric looks quite good and comfy.

    I am also happy to see the dear old Sebagos back, and those sweet citrine earrings. I absolutely love the embroidered stole so I’m not an all-out misery. Thanks so much for the post and for putting up with me.

  34. Given that Kate clearly is willing to wear very fitted trousers such as those shown here, I wonder why she doesn’t occasionally wear casual or dress trousers as the occasion dictates? For example, when she will be at a cultural dance event like last night, the sporting activity earlier in the week, or when she knows she will be on the floor with children wouldn’t a modest, classic trouser be appropriate? Are trousers so thoroughly frowned upon? If so then I think she would eschew such fitted jeans as worn here and in the past (which look amazing on her, by the way). Thanks in advance for your commentary.

    • I agree!!! She wears these ridiculous tight pants casually, both off-duty and on official business, but never wears sophisticated pants made for adults. I don’t get it. I will do jumpy claps if she ever wears dressy pants of the non-skinny variety!

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