May 112017

The Duchess went with a favored designer, Emilia Wickstead, for today’s visit to Luxembourg.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

A quick video of Kate’s arrival.

The Duchess was accompanied by Princess Stéphanie, Luxembourg’s Hereditary Grand Duchess. (More on her dress at the end of the post.)

©Splash News

©Splash News

Kate started her visit at the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), MUDAM Luxembourg, where she and Princess Stéphanie were presented with flowers by Gabriel and Charles, six-year-old twins. (How cute are those two?) 

©i-Images, Polaris / Kensington Palace

©i-Images, Polaris / Kensington Palace

More about the visit and the country via Richard Palmer’s story in The Express.

Luxembourg is only a small country about the size of the county of Northamptonshire but over the decades it has become a thriving financial centre after suffering the depression of its iron and steel industries.

Her visit will help improve Britain’s strong relationship with Luxembourg, the Deputy UK ambassador to Luxembourg said.Diplomat Yvonne White, said Kate’s visit was in recognition of the close bilateral ties between the two countries.

The Duchess viewed exhibitions at the MUDAM featuring the work of British artists Sir Tony Cragg and Darren Almond. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Here’s a lovely shot of Kate and Princess Stéphanie at the Museum via the MUDAM Facebook page.  

MUDAM Facebook (Click photo to visit MUDAM Facebook page)

MUDAM Facebook (Click photo to visit MUDAM Facebook page)

The Duchess met students from St. George’s School outside the Museum.

St. George's School Twitter @StGeorgesLux Click photo to visit St George's Twitter feed

St. George’s School Twitter @StGeorgesLux Click photo to visit St George’s Twitter feed

The primary reason for today’s visit is the formal commemoration of the 1867 signing of the Treaty of London, which confirmed Luxembourg’s independence and neutrality. Here you see the Duchess at a reception with “leading young Luxembourgers.”

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Leaving the MUDAM.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

The next stop, Place Clairefontaine for a cycling-themed festival.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From a Hello! story

The Duchess, 35, spoke to professional cyclist Frank Schleck, who has two daughters.

“We talked about how they [children] really appreciate riding a bike. For kids, it’s great because they can exercise and – as long as it’s safe – go to school without their parents,” said Frank. “She said their kids have bikes and that they’re always excited about trying to ride.”
©James Whatling

©James Whatling

She looked at jerseys children were painting for the Tour de France, it comes to Luxembourg in July.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Here is a cute video of 3-year-old Teo Schleck, who became very shy when he was supposed to give the Duchess her flowers. 

Little Teo’s father is former Tour de France winner Andy Schleck. For more, we return to The Express story:

Upon seeing the Duchess, who was wearing a pale blue Emilia Wickstead coat, Teo appeared a little overwhelmed, and, as the Duchess crouched down to speak to him, dived into this mother’s arm for comfort.

His mum Jil later said: “She asked if he was shy and said not to worry, it’s totally normal at that age.”

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The Duchess with members of the Grand Ducal Family at the Grand Ducal Palace. From left to right: Princess Alexandra, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, Grand Duke Henri, the Duchess, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume.   

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The ceremony marking the 1867 Treaty signing was at the Luxembourg City Museum; it just opened a new collection focused on Luxembourg’s history. Below, the Duchess and representatives of other countries pose for a formal photograph as part of the Treaty signing commemoration. Those countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate and delegates from other countries visited the Corniche of Luxembourg’s old town, a UNESCO Word Heritage City. The Corniche has been called “the most beautiful balcony in Europe.” 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Now to what Kate wore in Luxembourg.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

Her Emilia Wickstead coatdress is a bespoke piece, crafted from a double wool crepe fabric.

©Splash News/Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Nunn Syndication, Polaris

©Splash News/Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Nunn Syndication, Polaris

The piece features the fitted bodice and full skirt the Duchess is so fond of, with long sleeves, set-in waistband and peak lapels. The fabric very much resembles the material used in a piece from the designer’s a/w 2017 collection, the Foster Tuxedo Jacket. (Our thanks to Heaven for that tip.)

Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi

You can see the similarities between today’s piece and the Emilia Wickstead style worn to the Irish Guards in 2012. I have added in the yellow Wickstead first worn to Order of the Thistle in July 2012, seen again last year in Bhutan. Initially, I didn’t include it here because the bodice and collar are different from the other two frocks. From the comments on the post and email, it seems many of us have the same recollection of the item – it seems much like the other two.

©Splash News/

©Splash News/i-Images/i-Images

When first seeing Kate this morning many thought she might be wearing the Christopher Kane coat from the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, worn again at Order of the Garter in 2014.

©Splash News/PA Wire

©Splash News/PA Wire

Here you see the differences in the skirts of both pieces. The weight and weave of the two different fabrics impact the way the garments move; the Kane is expected to remain stationary, while the Wickstead skirt is intended to move along with the Duchess.


©Splash News / PA Wire

Kate accessorized with her LK Bennett ‘Fern’ heels ($345) in the ‘trench’ colorway. The shoe is also available on the UK/International site (£195).

©James Whatling / LK Bennett

©James Whatling / LK Bennett

She also carried her relatively new clutch by Etui Bags; this specific style is sold out, and Etui says it is difficult to say if it will be available again.

Etui Bags/James Whatling

Etui Bags/James Whatling

The company does have similar styles. We have heard from several WKW friends who purchased a bag directly from the company, and they all have been pleased with the process. Alex A. and Angela R.E. contacted the company via direct message on Etui’s Facebook page. In a comment on the WKW Facebook page yesterday Angela said Etui sent a photo of several clutches and she was able to select one from that group. The price is €75 (about $83) and €20 for shipping.

We did learn how Kate ended up with this bag, as well as the green Etui clutch she has carried. Harper’s Bazaar Poland reported yesterday that, as we thought, the handbags were purchased at a retailer. They were not sent to Kate as a sample in hopes she might use and/or purchase one. They are carried at Peter Jones, as well as the John Lewis Oxford Street store and Topshop’s Oxford Street store. I will ask Anna of My Small Obsessions to translate the article and will update the post if needed.

This image offers a look at Kate’s jewelry, as well as Stéphanie’s elegant updo.

St. George's School Twitter @StGeorgesLux

St. George’s School Twitter @StGeorgesLux

The Duchess wore a new pair of earrings, the Blue Topaz Diamond Drop Earrings ($3500) from Kiki McDonough. Our thanks to Royal Romance for her speedy ID of the earrings.


©Stephen Lock, i-Images/Kiki McDonough/Polaris/Polaris

The Mappin & Webb Empress pendant.

Mappin & Webb / James Whatling

Mappin & Webb / James Whatling

This gives you a sense of how much shorter Kate’s hair is since we last saw her.

©Splash News

©Splash News

A quick note about the dress worn by Princess Stéphanie; it is Paule Ka’s Satin Back Crepe Dress (€650, roughly $710). The frock is a triacetate/poly blend that is also offered in black. Thanks for this ID also go to Heaven on Twitter.

Paule Ka

Paule Ka

We’ll leave you with this 1:50 ITV video of today’s visit. (Rebecca Deacon fans will notice the personal assistant just behind Kate in a navy dress.)

UPDATE: With thanks to Diffyred for her comment, I have corrected the post to reflect the presence of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume in the formally posed photo at the Grand Ducal Palace, not Hereditary Grand Duke Prince Félix (the original caption).



  117 Responses to “Kate Opts for Emilia Wickstead in Luxembourg”

  1. She looks quintessentially English and unfussy. Really stands out among all those ruffles. Love the way she relates so empathetically to children – considerately going down to their own level rather than towering over them as so many adults do.

  2. I know that this Kate’s “uniform”, but it gets a little old. Same blue, same style, same shoes ,same clutch. Only thing exciting about this look is the earrings, they are beautiful !

  3. This is a nice look and for me almost there but as is often the case for me, not quite followed through. Just one change to accessorise, eg changing her shoes to deep red would charge it up.
    There is a debate whether Kate is interested in clothes or not and I can’t help but think she is, otherwise, she would charge someone else with the task.
    Kate does look very elegant and is always appropriate. Part of her role is to be noticed on the international stage which is a terrifying thing but she has so much goodwill behind her that she could try some tiny risks, just a different style bag or shoe colour, nothing major.

  4. I love this color blue. I really love it with people with brunette hair because it just seems to bring their hair alive and you can see that effect on Kate. I love the big circle skirt. It really moves with her and creates that ladylike vibe that she loves.

    The picture of her with all of the Luxembourg royals really shows how her clothing creates this air of warmth and quite English “quaintness” (ladylike-ness) over a modern and cold air that you see in the Luxembourg royals. She banks on the idea of being approachable royalty. Kate has fabric that moves, an approachable body stance, a color that’s as approachable as it is right for the season and the occasion, a loose yet fitting hairstyle and her smile is genuine. She very much thinks about being approachable. The Luxembourg royalty, however, all stand very stiffly, like in all royal portraits of the past, wear their hair quite severely and wear quite severe colors; there’s nothing joyous in it. This puts on a very cold and stiff presence.

    I was a bit put-off that anyone would think there should be a “bump watch” with this dress. If anyone has ever worn a very full skirted dress like this that starts flaring at the waist, one would know the slight bump is normal; this is usually where the crinoline or petticoat starts. It’s impossible to eliminate it. I suspect that underlayer you’re seeing is a very high end, one or two layer crinoline.

    • I agree that Kate looks approachable. I disagree, however, that the Luxembourg Royals look stiff and severe, especially in colour. In the group photo of the Royals, the women are wearing red, green and yellow. These are certainly not severe colours…that would be charcoal grey, brown, black, perhaps even navy. And at times Kate wears severe colour, but she is not stiff, nor unapproachable. Your generalization is not fair to this other Royal Family.

      • It would depend on the season and the occasion. For spring and the occasion, these colors would be noted as quite severe. Navy, black, brown, and the greys are all neutrals, but you would normally see them used in different settings. For a more joyous occasion in spring (amongst the traditional old school military anyway), the women would have worn something more like Duchess Kate’s and men typically wear their uniforms as it is. *shrugs*

        Again, I come from a military and very traditional background. I don’t always switch to lighter colors nowadays in spring (much too cold in the Midwest. We often wait until late May, even June to switch palettes) but I am fairly versed in how to dress for events.

    • I beg to differ
      In a perfectly tailored dress or coat the “bulging” you refer to should start over the hips – thus emphasizing a female silhouette with a slim waist and rounder hips.
      This could easily be achieved by having the belt an inch or so lower (as I am aware others pointed out many times before).
      I have to say that seeing the topmost picture my first impression was “maternity style ”
      That seems to be a recurring issue for the duchess, so that I really do wonder why no one in her teams seems to notice (or care) or whether it is by design (for a reason I don’t get).

      • I think, with the level of design that goes into her bespoke pieces, if an inch lower waist across the board really would improve the look, someone would have done it by now. If you google any number of her vacation or athletic photos, it is easy to see that she is naturally high waisted. I refuse to believe that Emilia Wickstead, Sarah Burton and others just keep missing the mark.

        • I couldn’t agree more. These are active decisions made between Kate and the designers for very specific reasons.

        • Exactly. If you watch her bend, the belt is always put at her natural waist. To put it lower would look rather odd as it is neither at her hips nor at her waist; it’s just at a funny place. When your waist is a little higher, your crinoline will start higher which can look funny, but there really is nothing you can do! It’s just the way it sits.

  5. looked beautiful as usual and the flow of the skirt was gorgeous. Love those nude pumps, they are so elegant and blends with the outfit, nothing worse than a shoe that screams different, different at an outfit.

  6. Very classy and sophisticated, and fits right in with the group photo! I wonder if this is the first time she has represented the UK on a regional meeting, and especially a group photo. Such photos will be flashed across media and she certainly stood out and it will not be because ‘she’s the most stylish’, which is what you want. Bravo UK diplomacy.

  7. This has nothing to do with her choices today, but a general question. I love the coat dresses, but I am confused as to whether or not it is a coat or a dress. So, maybe someone on here can help. Doesn’t she sometimes wear a dress or skirt and top under a coat dress? I have googled to no avail.

  8. The too-high waists are not at all flattering, especially with the volume of pleated fabric below the waist as in today’s coat-dress.

  9. Well, Catherine was certainly the best-dressed in the group photos anyway, without being over the top in any way too. A lovely powder/baby/sky blue, I like light blues too & the earrings are gorgeous, just right (I can imagine these being bought as presents for her, with all that family I can’t imagine she buys her own jewellery).
    It’s true Catherine has a few blue coats, but she couldn’t have worn them for this engagement. The Seraphine maternity won’t be seen again unless she is expecting & carries late into the winter months. The Zane satin is too evening/formal. The zipped one with white swirls on is also too formal/weddingy. The fluffy one is too casual & too thick. The shorter jacket is also very thick. Which leaves a straightish one she wore to Wales (Port Talbot?), it looked to be a heavy overcoat. As today was obviously warmish, a thinner outfit was necessary. (Sorry, designers don’t mean much to me, I go by what Catherine was doing at the time/where she was).
    I wouldn’t say it’s a nod to the Luxembourg flag – that blue is more of a mid-blue, like the coat worn in Oz/Nz the first & second time at military events – and she had one that colour when she was heavily pregnant too. There’s also a couple more outfits in the mid-blue range I can think of too, but I’m getting sleepy… Doesn’t that clutch look HUUUge? Great look, I like to double up on favourite styles that I feel good in too.

  10. Have always loved your blog. Wondering if you know what her assistant is holding. It’s as if she is ready for the duchess to need something. I wonder if she has backup lip gloss or hand sanitizer. :) Thanks for always being so descriptive of what she wears at her engagements.

  11. This is my first time commenting on this blog, but let me tell you how much I enjoy reading every post and appreciate the detail in each post. I absolutely love the Duchess and her style. This look is fantastic, loved every detail, especially the earnings! Although, I would of loved to see her with her hair up perhaps, for such an even at least. Overall, and as always, she looked flawless.

  12. I believe the powder blue about which I’ve read many comments is a nod to the Luxembourg flag. Granted, she has several powder blue pieces, but something new was quite respectful.
    I’ve been forever complaining about the jewelry, and quite honestly, I can’t imagine anyone with that many pairs of Kiki. However, in one of the comments here, someone pointed out that Catherine is sporty and is perhaps not quite as interested in fashion as Princess Diana was, so she goes with a variety of tried and true styles. When I read that, it all made sense because she made that very clear prior to her Vogue shoot, according to a recent article I read. I must conclude also that the same is probably true with the earrings. Buy a bunch of the same thing. It wouldn’t be my choice, but she does always look perfects so thank you, Kim, for your insightful comments.

  13. This is my first time commenting on the site and I share the earlier responder’s comments about enjoying it. I also have such fun reading the comments to see how my observations or opinions jive with others. In this case, overall I like the look and the way the Duchess manages her image but I have thought this time and several others that the waistline looks too high. It would. just look smoother and more balanced to me an inch or so lower. This is bespoke and obviously perfectly fitted but does it look that way to others?

  14. A small correction–that is Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, not Prince Félix, in the royal family photo. Félix is one of Guillaume’s brothers (and I think they do look quite similar, but not identical). Guillaume and Stéphanie are husband and wife.
    A simply lovely colour and style on the Duchess of C. (and on Stéphanie). I wonder if Stéphanie felt any pressure to up her game with Kate around? Stéphanie is quite stylish in her own right.
    Does one wear a dress under a coat-dress? Or a slip??
    I wish Kate would have worn blue shoes. Love love love those new earrings.

  15. This is one of those times where I really, truly wish Kate had gone with a different heel. The nude was just too soft with everything else. I think those dark blue heels she has would have offered a nice pop without being too much.

    Otherwise, this look is fine. I do love the new earrings.

  16. If I didn’t know, that Kate wears her nude pumps and clutch A lOT with anything I’d think she chose them this time to coordinate them with the blue.A powder-ish light blue is just easy on the eye, very pretty. She looks attractive and soigne without much WOW factor but I don’t think she was striving for “WOW”.Since she is the centre of attention by default anyways, she doesn’t really need to wear anything eye catching unless she feels that it fits the occasion or is fun for her.She probably just wants to do her job without a lot of fuss.You could also say she is staying in her comfort zone.Now the coat: I feel it could be “lighter”….I’m not sure how this effect of “lightness” could be achieved though. For example the fabric seems to be a rather light wool (?), but maybe there is one that’s even lighter or a different equally precious more summery fabric that gives this effect.Having the skirt lined super classically with something that looks like satin is not really the freshest way. Could it be replaced with something “lighter”? They could experiment with short sleeves to do something a little different and possibly more comfortable.And maybe there are alternatives to this very classic collar which gives it a trace of “office” character. Possibly a more simple shawl collar if she wants to stay within her comfort zone to soften it even more.

  17. absolutely adore those earrings!!

  18. At first I thought that this look was boring. But looking at the photos of Kate with the royal family of Luxembourg, she fits in perfectly. A print dress would have looked out of place and even bold jewelry would not look right. Well done, Kate.

    • Exactly – she stands out effortlessly in the group photos, definitely isn’t blending into the wallpaper. Those photos show that this blue isn’t really a powder-blue, it’s more vivid than that.

  19. Look haw gracious she is talking to the shy little boy’s mom. She is so classy!

    She looks great. I don’t think she can have too much blue in her wardrobe. I feel like it is her signature color and it’s always looks great when she wants to show off her ring!

  20. I think she’s trying to avoid being perceived as a fashionista because of the criticism it would generate. Her style reminds me of a school teacher but far more expensive and stylish.

  21. I think Princess Stéphanie would have been more successful with her look if her dress was a little longer and covered her knees?

  22. oh, this is perfection!!! That shade of blue is not as icy as some she wears, so I think she looks more glowing and healthy in it. The tailoring is superb and the fabric is weighty, but flows beautifully. Love the chunky blue topaz earrings, too. And that bag and those heels go so nicely with the dress, too. I’m impressed!

  23. She is really pretty in this. I don’t care if it’s “boring” – it’s not her job to be a fashionista. I think she does the job she does have spectacularly well — William could not have chosen better.

  24. Liked the entire look.

    Why do people assume that she still has all her previous “wears” in her wardrobe?

    I never like the yellow Wickstead because it was poorly tailored. This looks so much better.

    I think the dark green has probably been retired because Catherine adapted it to wear when pregnant.

    She is like the rest of us – Catherine has her preferences in terms of style and colour. It isnt “boring” – its her style.

    My absolute preference is for those earrings. Terrific.

  25. This is a beautiful look for spring. The light blue is a really flattering color for the Duchess, and the earrings are a dressy touch.

  26. It’s a beautiful coat dress, but how many blue coats does that make for Kate? I kinda wish she’d worn this for Easter instead of the cream coat. It does come out a loser when side by side with Stephanie’s outfit, which is just outstanding.

    • It’s so fun reading everyone’s preferences. I found Stephanie’s ruffles far too fussy/busy, while I enjoyed Kate’s dress’ clean lines and movement.

    • I also thought that Stephanie’s outfit was awful.

  27. This is only my second time leaving a comment, but I have been reading your blog ever since it began! I love your format, content, and the gorgeous large photos! It is my number one Kate source. Keep up the good work!!

    I have a few thoughts on why Kate chooses to dress in the way that she does. Many people often comment that her style choices are too similar, that she dresses older than her age, and that she rarely goes out of her comfort zone with a daring dress or shoes.

    Maybe Kate tries to ‘be herself’ as much as possible. Kate and her sister are sporty girls…I know some sporty girls who do not like to fuss with their clothes and stick to the basics. That could be true for Kate…maybe she doesn’t like too much fuss and it is easier and more comforting to stick to styles that she feels work for her. Perhaps she also doesn’t want to overshadow William…maybe she wants to keep her wardrobe attractive but low key. And maybe she is also ‘frugal’ (not by our standards but maybe by royal standards). In the past Kate and her mom and sister have borrowed each other’s clothes, and she often repeats outfits and shoes. Maybe Kate just does not want to spend the time and money on outfits that can’t mix and match. A funky pair of shoes wouldn’t fit with many outfits. And she has other things to spend money and time on…children, hobbies, etc.

    I don’t have any inside scoop…just my thoughts and two cents!

  28. Kate’s best Emilia Wickstead look by far has been the yellow number worn at the Olympics and again in 2014. I found this coat to be a bit boring and I’m not a huge fan of the color. However, I do like the pleating on the bottom and the earrings are gorgeous!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

  29. I love the blue color, but it is basically the same color she wore for her first solo engagement. I hope this is not going to become her go to color for solo engagements abroad. She does always look elegant and put together, but boring. I used to be so excited to see what Princess Diana was going to wear. She loved color, and patterns, and different silhouettes. Kate always looks the same. To many solid color dresses. I think Queen Letizia dresses the most interesting of all the royals. I’m always interested in seeing what she is wearing. Kate needs to up her game.

    • Perfectly said. She looks nice because she’s thin, pretty and wearing nice clothes but it’s all a tad dull and repetitive. Queen Letizia particularly proves that a Royal can dress appropriately and still make fashionable choices. I’d love to see Kate play it less safe.

  30. Absolutely gorgeous look. I love the elegant, chic statement of a monochromatic ensemble, and this sweep of sky blue is a beautiful shade for it. The unembellished lines draw the eye to her face, emphasizing the person vs the clothes. Makeup and hair are lovely today, her cheeks are a bit fuller lately, she looks happy and healthy. I hope she keeps the deep side part when her hair is down, it’s very flattering.

    Lastly, with such a swoop of blue and her hair worn down, the earrings can’t be delicate, they have to have some oomph to hold their own. They do. While an updo would have been elegant, it would have been too much with the earrings for daytime.

    • I’m with you on the elegant, chic monochrome, this is one outfit where Kate really pulls that off. I like the subtle contrast in the quiet accessory colours which give variety without interrupting and, like you, agree those earrings manage just the right amount of ‘oomph’. Their placing against all that dark hair helped show them off a treat.

      • Agreed – the color scheme of the accessories was lovely, suited the look perfectly. The earrings photographed less like blue topaz than aquamarine here, which would also be a great stone to wear with these pale blue hues in the future.

  31. Absolutely lovely and perfect for Spring. Classic clean and elegant.

  32. Usually I love what Kate wears, but I felt like this was a bit of a letdown. To me, the cut of the coat dress almost looks like a maternity dress. I’m surprised that this outfit didn’t prompt any “bump watch” rumors. I’m also bored with the nude pumps.

    But I LOVE her earrings!

    • I agree. When I saw the first photos from today, I just sighed. Of course, she looked lovely, she always does, but I was so disappointed in the color (to be fair, I’m not a fan of baby blue on anyone) and the coat dress motif is just so overdone. This coat (either the tailoring or the fabric, not sure which) does make her look heavier than she is and I too thought there would be more “bump” speculation. Oh, the prospect of baby number three, it makes our eyes deceive us! ;-)

      I loved her hair today (perhaps cut in anticipation of the wedding next week?) and her makeup lately has been so fresh and dewey – I LOVE it. I’m so glad she’s starting to move away from the heavily lined bottom lid.

      Just a thought regarding the new earrings…an anniversary gift from her prince, perhaps?

      Thank you for the post, Susan, as always.

  33. I think this particular shade of light blue looks beautiful on Kate but I do feel the waist is about a half inch too high — just that little bit lower would improve the look a great deal. I have no problem seeing Kate in the same basic type of coat and prefer this fit-and-flare to a straight up-and-down silhouette — being so slender, she may as well take advantage of her tiny waist and show it off. I also would love to see this coat with medium gray shoes/clutch. I love that she whacked a few inches off of her hair and not being so curly kept it from assuming a life of its own as it sometimes does when Kate is outdoors. I LOVE the new earrings and think an aquamarine brooch would have been beautiful in place of the tiny necklace which adds nothing to the overall look. Overall, a beautiful presentation as it was, with slight changes suggested to take it to perfection.

    • I totally agree about the waist being slightly too high! That was what I was going to say so you beat me to it. Overall great look. I ike the hair and earrings, and think that this silhouette is really classic and beautiful on her. I just want that waist line lower.

    • Agree completely! I always wonder with the higher waistband if there’s a bump in the works, or if it’s just less pressure to keep a perfect tummy when traveling and being constantly photographed.

    • No… it’s perfect. It is her natural waistline, you can see this in photos of her bending down. If she dropped the waist an inch, it would wrinkle above it when she bent/moved. Having it as she does, side-on it has a perfect slope inwards from her shoulder blades to her waist, then naturally flares out again. Same lovely inwards sloping line through the front, from bust to waist. The other Princess’ red dress has a waistline too low for her, henceforth she looks “dumpy”. Not sure why people go on about “baby bumps”, with this waist line; goodness me, if we were back in the Regency era (think Pride and Prejudice)… these baby bump spotters would have a full time job “suspecting” the “expecting”!!

      NOTE: Admin edit

      • I agree, Rosa!!!! Any look at a swimsuit or athletic photo would show she naturally has a well defined high waist! Enough already with the waist mess!!! Her body is her body and I think she has dressed it beautifully!

  34. It looks like Kate might have cut her hair. It looks healthier and bouncier here today-which normally comes from taking off a few inches.

  35. Classic Kate indeed. A beautiful coat that could have been enhanced by a pop of color from shoes and / or clutch.
    I can’t wait for Pippa’s wedding!

  36. I agree with the general consensus: lovely but quite boring. Overall a win, but not by much. However, I will say that I think the Duchess learned from her last trip abroad, when she showed up quite wrinkled. A pencil skirt does not do for a plane ride, even when it’s just a quick flight, and she has chosen a much more appropriate silhouette and material here and looks fresh and crisp. As always, her accessories have failed her. Drop the necklace completely, or drop the earrings and go with a statement necklace, or add a brooch – any change really would improve the overall effect!

  37. So Kate now has the same dress in at least 3 colors? Light Blue, Green and Yellow. All of them have the same tailoring issue with the back of the dress being longer.

    I get that she likes this style, it gives her some perceived curves. But the overall look is boring and needs some upgrading. An interesting belt could help (not the black leather with gold clasp that seems to be her go to when there’s not a fabric belt). A brooch on the collar would be nice. Maybe a little detailing on the lapels or skirt or sleeve?

    I liked the earrings with the look and I liked her hair. I do think nude accessories were the way to go because light blue shoes would’ve bee too fussy.

    I thought Princess Stephanie’s look was fun. It was the same kind of dress, just with ruffles. We just need a little something from Kate’s dress to make it interesting.

    • Yes, there’s a similar EW yellow coat dress. Different neckline but same fit and flare. It screams out for a good belt.

  38. Hello,

    This is my first posting on the site, and I wanted to thank you all for your inputs, I thoroughly enjoy reading, and most importantly thank you to admin.

    I felt compelled to write this time, because my first thought when I saw Kate was ‘zzzzzzz’! She looks lovely and and well put together (she always does), but I feel like I’ve seen this outfit 1,000 times before. Why didn’t she just wear one of the other very similar coats and spice it up with a fun pair of shoes? No, instead nude pumps again.

    Kate ways looks impeccably dressed, so top marks for that, but for a women with the fashion world on speed dial I just can’t understand it. A fashion icon she is not.

    Apologies for the negative post, but for a budget and access to brands most of us would die for, she comes up with this look. Again.

    • Thank you for such nice words about the site. We hope you comment more if you are so inclined, but if not, no worries! :)

    • Totally agree about the ZZZZZZZZZZZ comment. This outfit is so boring.

      All that money to spend and this is the result?

    • I don’t think you could have said it any better! I completely agree with you. The Duchess is lovely and always looks nice and she has beautiful hair and never wears anything inappropriate, BUT her fashion sense is definitely boring!

    • I agree! I saw this today and have three words: BORED TO TEARS!

      • I think Kate knows what she likes and what she thinks she looks good in and sticks to that. Generally that’s considered smart, to figure out your personal style and not be swayed by fads. Good for her!

        • Margo, I totally agree. I even have a quote from a book called “Secrets of Style” that I copied because it is exactly my philosophy on fashion. The title of the article is “Develop A Signature Look” and it reads: “Women with memorable style select pieces that become distinctive to their look. You can create a signature that is bold or subtle, such as always wearing something lavender or a favourite stack of bangles. Create a uniform based on what makes you feel your best. Repetition isn’t boring – it is the mark of a confident woman who knows what she likes and what suits her best.” I love the fact that Kate refuses to bow down to trends. Her classic look is ladylike and always appropriate for the occasion.

  39. I should love this outfit, because the green version worn to the Irish Guards is one of my favorite looks of hers, but I don’t love it. Something seems off with this blue version—I think the waist looks poorly fitted (perhaps it needs to be an inch lower like the green one) and the self fabric belt looks bulky. I politely disagree with those who say the tailoring is good on this one—the hem is crooked and not the same in the back and front; the belt is also crooked.

    I think a belt in a contrasting style would have looked better and would have added that little extra something that was missing from this ensemble.

    The earrings are lovely and I don’t mind that they are being worn in daytime, but the necklace doesn’t really go with the earrings. I like the shoes and clutch and think they are fine worn together.

    I like that her hair wasn’t super curly and it looks like she has had a much-needed trim.

    I don’t think this look was a miss but it was “just okay”.

    • I meant to add that I think there is too much volume in the skirt and a little less would have made it look sleeker.

    • Yes! The similar green version looked great, and is a favorite of mine. This just looked heavy, uncomfortable and bland. The green version seemed less full and I think it was made of a different fabric. It could also be the color that’s swaying me…baby blue is rough, in my opinion.

  40. I simply love this style on Kate; I’m more than happy for her to have a signature look she can keep returning to. This is a fabulous combination of style and fit and she wears it beautifully. I see such consistency as a trademark device underlining the continuity of the royal role, which feels like a small form of sanctuary amid some complicated political times

    This looks to be a near exact copy of the earlier green version though if I try very hard I can almost imagine a slightly more perky collar notch than on the green. I think my one objection would be on the matter of the belt with its mysteriously conspicuous back fastening.

    There was similar problem with the lace McQueen sheath debuted St Paul’s cathedral, where a belt had not only been altered but the adjustment put on full display in the centre of her back. If I had to have a belt so adjusted to preserve a smooth line at the front I would at least have tucked the join into one side for a bit of discretion. Even a modest form of matching clasp at the front might have been less unsightly.

    But it’s really a small point, the kind that can seem almost to block the future course of civilisation if I brood on it too much on the day, only to find I’m not at all bothered if looking back a twelve-month hence.

    The new earrings are simply perfect. Looking at them in illustration I find them quite showy, but in the context of these formal royal pictures they work a dream, giving some necessary glam to the coat’s uniformity. Perhaps represent a touch of necessary theatricality which a royal outfit needs to succeed on the public stage.

    I like the gentle contrast of the clutch and shoes with their hint of pink, though it seems too funny Kate should opt for pale blue on consecutive solo overseas trips. Perhaps she longs to play it safe while stepping out into the full glare of ferocious scrutiny her every appearance triggers.

    • I always love reading your comments! Thank you, ElizaMo! ❤️

    • Well, if the belt is indeed set in that might explain the oddness of the back fastening. However I remain puzzled as to how that can be given the belt seems to be a separate piece of fabric travelling over the front opening of the coat. If it is put on through the front then there would have to be an odd bit of belt flapping about somehow to be wrapped around and fastened at the back.

      If the belt were integral I might have expected the garment to be put on from behind, the belt fastening being aligned with a back seam, which I can’t see in the photos I’ve looked at.

      The only other way I can think of putting it on might be simple over the head, all in-a-one, both back and front closed and again a mysterious belt feature being fastened all by itself at the back :-/

      At least I think that’s what I mean. I hope to goodness no one tries to follow any of this. The belt certainly moves like an integral element when Kate is stretching either arm in any direction, but I still can’t square that with how it travels over the front opening, before requiring a separate back fastening.

      Let’s face it’s past my bedtime. Time to go and mutter under the duvet leave others in peace.

  41. Awe, Luxembourg. How I dream of visiting you someday soon.

    I love when she wear Emilia Wickstead and LK Bennett. When she wears them together they compliment each other well and so does this color on her. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

    The Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings in White Gold are gorgeous and my new favorites!

  42. I think she looks nice, but boring. We’ve seen this look from Kate a dozen times before, so I guess she’s a fan, lol.

    I do think this coat appears to travel much better than her suit for the Netherlands last year, which showed a lot of wrinkles. And I think her hair looks really good today as well.

  43. Oh my, I absolutely love this look. The color is beautiful, the cut of the coat with the “belted” portion looks fabulous. I’m so glad it was designed with that rather than adding a belt as the Duchess sometimes does. The earrings are magnificent, and the hair, sigh. I’m so jealous I don’t have a reason to wear clothes/jewelry like this!

  44. She looks divine. Gorgeous color but why do all these coat dresses have such wrinkly sleeves!??? Not attractive!!

    • I was just going to speculate on the wrinkly sleeves in so many of her coat dresses. Makes them all look too long. Definitely not good tailoring!

      • So glad someone else sees the wrinkly sleeves On some of the coat dresses. Even the Alexander McQueen ones have really badly fitting & wrinkly sleeves. Poor Kate I wish they could correct this ugly fault on her coat dresses. Otherwise she always looks so beatifiul & serene. I like her hair just not too long also.

  45. I appreciated today’s outfit. Appropriate to the occasion, well tailored. The hair was gorgeous. The earrings perfect, especially as I often find her earring choices to be too small and delicate. I love the color on her. I disagree with those that question yet another coat in this color. There just aren’t enough colors in the rainbow to have a only one coat or dress per color given the number of occasions that she is seen. Overall, while I appreciated the outfit, I found myself bored. No detail to interest the eye or make the outfit pop. Maybe a pin or belt?

  46. Thank you for the great post. Appreciate that you were able to show the videos. Especially loved the one with the shy little boy. I think it demonstrates how the Duchess can reach out and be very natural in all situations.

    The outfit for today was perfect. Beautiful style and lovely spring color. All the elements worked together.

  47. I’m so sorry — I seem to be the only one but I really do not like it! I actually really liked it in green, but the billowing of the skirt is too much for me with the baby blue colour, this combined creates a sickly ensemble, almost ‘too cute’, if that makes any sense?

    That said she is such a striking figure in the group photo!! However see the lady on the left, with the neon yellow jacket and shoes? I’d die to see her in something like that!

  48. Kate looks lovely. Very pretty coat, even if it’s a typical choice, she looks really nice. I love her earrings, but I don’t think that the necklace was right with this outfit. The coat is extremely plain and needed better accessories. A broach would have been more interesting, or a bigger necklace. I really like the clutch, but it the shoes or stockings – the shade seems a little dark for the outfit.

  49. Beautiful colour, gorgeous new earrings – she must have soooo much fun ordering jewelry on a whim! Hair great today.

  50. I feel somewhat neutral about today’s look. There is certainly nothing to dislike, but then again, there is no WOW factor to it. Coat dresses confuse me. Can they be taken off, with something else underneath? Likely not, so not actually a coat. But as a dress they are so bulky.

    Once again Kate has mismatched jewellery. The necklace, is totally different in style and colour to the earrings. With such statement earrings, a necklace is too much. Also, the earrings, although complimenting the outfit in colour, have too much bling for daytime wear. The top part of the earring, worn as a stud, would have been more suitable.

    The coat dress is beautifully tailored, but it is very plain. A pair of interesting shoes would have helped the overall look.

    As always, Kate is gracious and engaged in her work. The twin boys presenting the flowers are amazing. Look at their beautiful grey shoes and their stylish clothes. Kudos to the twins’ parents!

  51. Lovely coat and the movement of it in the video is really nice. She owns a lot of this silhouette and lots of blue coats. I initially thought it was a repeat of the Matthew Williamson coat of the same color. If she likes it, no harm, but coats aren’t outfits and I’d love to see her put herself together in something other than a coat and beige shoes.

  52. One part of me thinks this is absolutely divine – she looks phenomenal. The other part of me can’t help but think – doesn’t she have a coatdress almost exactly like this?

  53. Lovely and classic Kate.

    A few other stray thoughts…
    - The neverending handshake in the video (with the cute little boy) cracked me up. Kate eventually had to yank her hand out of the other lady’s grip!
    - Goodness, those are some cheekbones, as shown in the George’s School Twitter @StGeorgesLux picture. (The Duchess, Just Like Us, suffers from bright overhead lighting!)

  54. Have no time to write a proper comment, but I have to say: she looks fantastic!

  55. Love the Duchess’s look today, but REALLY love the red dress Princess Stéphanie is wearing! WOW~ love those ruffles!!!! I also really like Kate’s earrings.

  56. I like the coat and think it is appropriate for the occasion. I don’t mind if the Duchess likes wearing light blue – we all have our go-to colors that we feel we look best in. Loved seeing the LK Bennett pumps again – I have a pair and they always look great with everything I wear them with. The two things I don’t like about this outfit, though, are: the Kiki earrings + Mappin pendant looks too dressy/fussy. I think it would have been better to just wear the earrings, if she really wanted to, or wear the pendant with smaller earrings (or its matching earrings). I think the pieces don’t coordinate together and the Kiki earrings look like cocktail earrings, not day dress earrings. The other thing I don’t like is the clutch – it always bothers me when the Duchess wears a clutch and shoes that are in the same general color family but are slightly off. The shoes are clearly a pinkish nude and the clutch is a beige nude. If you put the two next to each other, they wouldn’t match. Since the dress is very plain, I think it would have been much better to either match the clutch and shoes, or clearly contrast them (maybe add a yellow or red clutch to give the outfit a pop of color). But overall, a solid, dependable look for the Duchess. Also, did she get a haircut?

  57. The Duchess looks gorgeous. This color is beautiful for Spring and the cut and quality of the material is impeccable. What a great ambassador.

  58. I like it. She’s so slender that this adds some curves to her frame and the color is lovely. I know she gets hammered for the same silhouette and the nude shoe/bag combo, but here it just works. A breath of spring.

  59. Does anyone recognize the b+w dress the museum docent is wearing?? I love that!

  60. Lovely and very on-brand for Duchess. I have always loved that look from the Irish Guards–a defining silhouette for her, I think. I enjoy her frequent use of light-blue semiprecious stones. I feel like maybe one more detail might have been nice here–a brooch, or a somewhat more “done” hairstyle.

    • I agree that the outfit needed something else to make it pop–a brooch at the belt or (fantasizing now) a really great, unique shoe. The clean lines and quiet color of the coat created an opportunity for a fabulous shoe.

    • I wish her hair looked more done too. A very casual look.

    • Hair tied back with a scarf, maybe? I don’t know that she’s ever done that look, but she sure does have the hair for it.

  61. A great look for this visit! This is classic Kate of course, but the tailoring on this coat is impeccable and the fabric is much classier than the fabric on the green Wickstead worn to the Irish Guards. This is one of my favorite colors and it looks great on the Duchess. Not much to say about the pumps (sigh) but the clutch is nice. I think I spy the Mappin & Webb Empress pendant behind Kate’s hair.
    One thing this visit shows is how much Kate has grown in confidence over the years. Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie (the lady in the ruffled red dress) looks so shy next to her. Looking forward to the rest of the visit!

    • I think this is the first time I have ever liked Wickstead’s tailoring. I usually like her design ideas but have problems with the execution. This coat looks complete down to the matching lining.

    • I thought the fabric looked wonderful too, so much movement compared with the winter weight of the earlier green Wickstead. Although I did wonder at seeing all that beautiful tailoring end up on the paving stones when Kate had to kneel to talk to the distressed youngster overcome by being asked to present Kate’s posy to her.

  62. I think she looks lovely – but I do kind of wonder how much light blue a woman really needs in her wardrobe. On first glance on Instagram I was convinced this was the Matthew Williamson she wore when pregnant with Charlotte…upon closer examination, there are obvious differences, but offhand I can think of at least four light/pale blue coats in her wardrobe (Alexander McQueen from OZ/NZ, the Williamson, the Seraphine maternity coat, last spring’s Catherine Walker…) and that’s just light blue coats! I know there are differences between the four I referenced, but man…I guess I just have Duchess-closet envy and wouldn’t mind a pale blue coat or five of my own :)

    • I agree. This is a new outfit. but definitely not a new look. We’ve seen the color and the silhouette before. However, I agree it is lovely. The tailoring is impeccable and the fabric exquisite. I think the overly full skirt is its best feature. I think she coukd have left the Empress pendant at home. All she needs are those gorgeous new Kikis. The necklace is a completely different style.

    • I thought the exact same thing about the baby blue maternity coat! And the long list of other pale blue coats. Safe choice and looks nice.

    • And then there was that pale blue Christopher Kane with a satin sheen worn to one or two evening events. I think this is one of the best of her pale blue coat offerings. I still rate the Oz McQueen as a top choice though I thought it had more of a hint of grey. Probably just my memory going.

      But I agree that the pendant could have been left off. Maybe that degree of sleek is something that can only come with time.

      • ElizaMo, I agree that this is the best of her pale blues.

        I’ve always thought of the Easter McQueen as dove grey .

      • AGREE, the McQueen is top of the heap for me…although I do confess to loving the silhouette of this Wickstead. I think I prefer it in the dark green colorway. The light blue family seems to be her go-to…I also thought of the shiny Kane, as well as the blue-gray funnelneck she wore on Easter a few years back…I would seriously like to just move into and take up residence in her coat closet though. Outerwear is a weakness of mine and she has such a volume of gorgeous options!

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