May 222017

The Duchess was in a new dress by a new designer for today’s visit to the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show.

The Royal Family Twitter @RoyalFamily

The Royal Family Twitter @RoyalFamily

Kate was wearing a silk frock by French fashion house Rochas.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Queen also attended the show today; it is said to be one of her favorite spring events.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

More from Simon Perry’s People story:

It has become one of the world’s greatest showcases for horticultural excellence, attracting visitors and exhibitors from across the world and is held on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London — growing from around 240 exhibitors when it started in 1913 to more than 500 today.

Other royals attending the show today included Prince Philip and the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice were also there.

The Royal Family Twitter @RoyalFamily

The Royal Family Twitter @RoyalFamily

Sir Timothy Laurence is on the right in this photo of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission display.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

HM has been royal patron of the Horticultural Society since 1952.

The Royal Family Twitter @RoyalFamily

The Royal Family Twitter @RoyalFamily

The displays are always magnificent, like the Viking Cruises Garden of Inspiration.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Or these bears.

@ninaewald Instagram

@ninaewald Instagram

Below, the Duchess admiring the David Austen Rose exhibit where she saw the ‘William and Catherine Rose’ named for William and Kate’s royal wedding.   

Kate Chelsea Flower Green Rochas Seeing William Catherine Rose May 22 2017 TRF

Kensington Palace

And from The Express:

 The Duchess of Cambridge took her time to speak with designers at the event and looked through the gardens and designs on show.

Duchess of Cambridge visits Chelsea Flower Show


Many of the royals spent time with Mary Berry, former host of the Great British Bake-Off.

The Royal Family & Kensington Palace

The Royal Family & Kensington Palace

From an Express story:

While Ms Berry and the Queen shared their delight over the impressive blooms on display, the two also share a love of baking.

The monarch is known to be an enthusiastic home baker, who’s favourite recipes have been published in a new cookbook.

Kate with BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans, who gave the Duchess a tomato to taste.  



The Express has more:

However, he then dropped it on the decking, but the royal still picked it up and ate it. Afterwards she told the Radio 2 DJ: “It’s delicious and sweet.”

It looked like the perfect spring afternoon to be at the show.

The Royal Horticultural Society Twitter (@The_RHS)

The Royal Horticultural Society Twitter (@The_RHS)

Events related to the show are not confined to the exhibition itself. Chelsea in Bloom is a program promoting the many different ways businesses decorate for the annual event. Several Kate-related retailers take part in the fun; below you see the Kiki McDonough store decked out with a giant giraffe. Hungry Sparrow (l) and In the Flower Shop I Saw (r) shared photos of the colorful creature on Instagram.


@InTheFlowerShopISaw and @HungrySparrow Instagram

Daniel from Hungry Sparrow says the vibrant piece is the work of floral stylist and designer Phillip Corps.

As we mentioned, the Duchess wore a dress by Rochas.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The frock is midi length, crafted of silk crêpe de chine in an emerald and ivory floral print. It features a fitted waist and flared skirt, side slit pockets, exposed back zipper and silk lining.

The Outnet /

The Outnet / Polaris

In this montage you can see the exposed zipper on the upper right, as well as the self-belt. I thought Kate’s belt was sitting a little high, but in comparing it to the product photos, it seems to hit at about the same place.

The Outnet

The Outnet

The Duchess’s dress was part of the 2016 pre-fall collection. From Vogue’s review of the collection.

The couture-like touch for which the brand is known was in evidence in the use of sumptuous, rich fabrics, yet it was stripped of any retro flavor. Tailoring was of impeccable atelier standards; embellishments, a signature of the house, were used sparingly.

The dress originally sold for $2666, but most recently was on sale at Luisa via Roma for $1845, and even less at The Outnet (Net-a-Porter’s off-price outlet), where it was $975. Our thanks to Japanese Ginger on Twitter for her speedy ID of the dress.

The dress was available in a different cut, and the same print was used in different fabrics in a variety of styles.



The company was founded by Marcel Rochas in 1925 with “simplicity and youth” as its motto; Alessandro Dell’Acqua is the brand’s creative director, overseeing the company’s devotion to well-tailored feminine designs that are often a little offbeat.

This is Kate’s second visit to the show; last year she re-wore a Catherine Walker coat. That piece was initially seen at engagements in Canberra during the 2014 royal tour.

©Splash News/James Whatling, Splash News

©Splash News/James Whatling, Splash News

The Duchess wore her Monica Vinader Siren Earrings in green onyx ($195).

©James Whatling/Monica Vinader

©James Whatling/Monica Vinader

And her trusty Fern heels by LK Bennett. The shoe is available in very limited sizing on the US website ($345); in mixed sizes on the UK website (£195).

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

UPDATE May 23: Marta, a lovely WKWer sent me a message saying she believes Kate was wearing LK Bennett’s Floret style, not the Fern. The Floret’s heel is 3″, while the Fern is 4″, so there is a significant difference. She owns both pairs and is familiar with both styles. I have not been able to find any photos with a good shot of Kate’s feet, so it’s tough for me to render an opinion; I will keep looking for a better picture.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett


Kate’s hair was in a ponytail.


©i-Images, Polaris/James Whatling/James Whatling

For those curious about what Sophie was wearing, Anna of the HRH Countess of Wessex blog says her dress is by Valentino, a piece the Countess has worn once before today’s engagement. Anna adds that Queen Rania also owns this dress. (You can still see the original product listing at Selfridges.)


Also today, the beginning of Children’s Hospice week in the UK.


A new video with Kate has been released in tandem with the campaign.

Together for Short Lives

Together for Short Lives

The video was recorded in January when Kate visited the EACH hospice in Quidenham, Norfolk. It includes footage of Kate with Isabella Benton, who has daily seizures.   

©Adrian Dennis/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

©Adrian Dennis/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

From Daily Mirror story about the video:

In the video message, filmed to mark the Together for Short Lives’ Children’s Hospice Week campaign, Kate says: “For any parent, being told that your child may have a life-limiting condition, or may die young, will be one of the most difficult and isolating experiences you can face.

“Having someone to help you come to terms with this news, and the professional support and care that comes with this, can make an enormous difference. It can help families make the most of every precious moment they have together.”

The video features Ed Sheeran’s song, “Lego House.” The singer is an ambassador for EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices); Kate is royal patron of the organization.

Here is the video in full.



  140 Responses to “It’s a New Label for Kate at the Chelsea Flower Show”

  1. I Luv this chilled outfit! She looks so relaxed!
    The high neckline, sleeves and length of the dress look so awesome with her hairstyle! (she looks so comfy compared to some outfits!!!;)

  2. I don’t think anyone has noticed this yet, but, if you look closely at the second picture posted Kate personal secretary who got married and “is no longer Kate’s personal secretary” is behind Kate as she always is.

  3. You know, I just want to add that I actually like the sleeves, combined with the high neck. It strikes me as a Katharine Hepburn sort of look, and I don’t find it unflattering at all. As others have pointed out, the Duchess certainly has the figure to pull that look off. I think if she’d worn her hair down the neck and sleeves might have looked awkward, but with her hair pulled back in this casual but ladylike way, she’s really channeling old-school, understated glamour–very appropriate for the event and for her role.

    To be fair, and to show that I do think that there’s room here for politely stated critiques, I will say that I’d be curious to see the same look with some sort subtle detail on the neck–a small drape or gather, maybe–and I also agree with others about the exposed zipper here. That seems to me more appropriate for a very modern look, where (as we’ve discussed) this is more of a classic, 1940s look.

    If you look closely at the pictures of the dress on the model, the silk looks heavy and absolutely sumptuous. I’m sure that explains the price point. I absolutely love the color and the print. Years ago I owned a similar, much less beautiful, green silk dress from Talbot’s, and I was so sad when my middle-aged bod outgrew it.

  4. I agree with those who say that they are surprised at all the negative comments. She looks great–everything, GREAT! Maybe she was too busy helping children who are dying in hospice to check if the print matches from front to back, so sorry!

    I know this is a fashion blog, but I’m going to be snarky:) I think for every third negative comment that someone posts about Kate’s outfit, they should have to post a picture of their “amazing, perfect outfit” that has just the right color shade of green, or earrings that don’t clash so we can all learn from the “masters” just how it’s done!

    I want to keep reading this blog, I just love it—but it’s starting to bring me down because people are so critical. Yes its a fashion blog, but a seam off here and a hemline off there isn’t the end of fashion as we know it!

  5. I think Kate looks wonderful in this dress. The colour is lovely on her and her hair and makeup are perfection. I do think that her shoe option was a safe one and perhaps could have been a little more adventurous however for the event Kate was attending I think she chose a wonderfully appropriate and beautiful look. A firm win IMHO.

  6. I’m a fan of this look, especially for the occasion. The Chelsea Flower Show strikes me as a charming, delightfully British type of event, so a dress in this cut and pattern feels both wonderfully spring-like and still incredibly appropriate. I like the combination with the block heel sandals worn by the model but I would consider Kate’s lower nude heels as much more fitting for a classy garden event.

    My only qualm with the dress is the sleeves. Kate has gorgeous arms of which I am constantly envious, but the cut of the sleeves actually makes them look worse. I think even just adding a seam along the shoulders would make a world of difference.

    Love the ponytail – perfect inspiration as I’ve been pondering all morning about what I should do with my day-old hair before going out this afternoon!

  7. I’ve thought about this dress since the post first appeared, and of course read a sampling of the myriad of comments. Overall I like the dress–it’s summery, an attractive color that works well with all the colorful floral decorations, the length is fine, and I don’t think the dolman type sleeves are a problem. There is no way that a woman as slender as Kate is could ever look like a line backer!! The one thing I don’t care for is the neckline–too high and too round. A soft V-neck, or a lower rounded one, would be a more flattering look. I’ll just never understand why people are so dead set against her wearing her nude or beige shoes. It’s a perfectly acceptable neutral shade for spring, summer, and even fall. Most people are wearing just those shoe colors. If she wore green, it would be declared too matchy, matchy!! White–I don’t think the Royals ever wear white shoes, possibly because they would show scuffs and dirt too easily. It was nice to see other members of the Royal family there too. Loved Sophie’s pink dress.

    On a different point, I am not a fan of people comparing Kate to other royals, foreign or English. Sophie is in her 50′s and has been doing this job for some time now–she certainly has improved her look from when she first married Edward, but there was a time that she was rather ‘dowdy’ looking. And sometimes she still misses with an outfit. Queen Letizia is 44, was married before, and married the immediate heir to the throne of Spain, and is now Queen. Also the cultures and countries are so different. Kate has been a member of the British Royal family for only 6 years and she had 2 babies in that time. She was not born ‘royal’ and has had a steep learning curve. I think she has and is acquitting herself superbly in all ways–her charities, her way with people, her fashion, and as a valued and valuable member of the family. She will only get stronger and stronger as the years go by.

    • I completely agree! I love Kate’s nude heels. They are a major fashion necessity. And I like to try and determine which exact nudes she is wearing because she has so many that are very similar, yet different. Queen Leitizia is super fashionable, but like you said, the culture plays a big part. I imagine Kate has to walk a fine line as to not outshine other members of the Family (Queen included). I will say, I prefer Kate’s makeup when she first married William. She had a lot more color where as now I feel like she looks a bit washed out. Maybe that’s just me? I like heavier makeup. Her fashion has evolved so much, even in the last year. I’m excited to see her style as the years go on.

    • Not just the cultures of Spain and UK are different – so are the climates. And then the two ladies have entirely different colouring and characters. Kate does far more sporty occasions for a start, we aren’t going to see Letizia racing yachts around the harbour any time soon. Both women are beautiful in their own individual way.

  8. Count me in as a fan of this look. I think the dress is beautiful – cut, style, pattern, colour, and all. the movement is fabulous. At a different occasion, I think her Tod’s fringed pumps and a matching clutch would look fantastic..

  9. The dress is a bit blah…like she was thinking: for the flower show I’ll just put on some random flower dress.It’s not uneasy on the eye, hardly “dreadful” but…well…a bit blah. It needs something….maybe a large belt around the waist would have been sufficient to make it work . I actually like the skirt lengthens her hair looks good this way.

  10. I have no clue why this is getting negative comments– I love it! It looks polished, feminine and breezy all at once.
    I am missing how do many people complain when the DoC wears the status quo and now something fresh and different … Still complaining.
    Lastly, don’t confuse bring modest with being dowry or matronly. She looks 100% appropriate, and very pretty, too!

  11. I’m going to be different and praise the mid-skirt seam. It’s a very retro detail and difficult to assemble – you see it often in bias-cut skirts of the 30s. I see it achieving two things that I would want if I were a designer dressing Kate – balances her broad shoulders, and provides anti-crotch-cling insurance which beautifully drapey bias skirts are prone to. I’m so glad to see this sort of detail showing up in high-end RTW, because that means it *might* make it to clothing I can afford!

    • That’s a very interesting point you make here! Thanks for pointing it out – it gave me some food for thought.

    • Szarka, you bring up a point that most of us wouldn’t know about. I don’t mind the seam in the skirt, because it is not really that visible. It isn’t like it is gathered, making a ruffle or flounce. So many design details baffle those of us who never can afford dresses of this calibre.

  12. The duchess is always beautiful but this dress was a miss for me. The dark green color seemed more fall than spring and the high neckline was just too much fabric on her slim frame. A scoop or v neck would of helped to balance out the longer hemline.
    Her hair was fantastic. A bit of height with the pony swept to the side looked so lovely on her face.

    Always love the blog and seeing what she chooses. It would be so grand to know how she chooses these dresses and what she considers in the process. Must be a very fun part of her job!
    Look forward to her next event!

  13. I liked the look, with the exception of the earrings… wrong shade of green. True emeralds, even in a casual design, would have been better. This print is certainly better than some other dresses of a similar price point… that McQueen print dress at Wimbledon last year was dreadful. It’s a flower show so a floral was appropriate. As for the length, she is going with some more conservative cuts lately, which I much prefer over the way too short skirts she’s worn on occasion. The hair was wonderful and playful in an appropriate way. So, well done IMHO.

  14. Beautiful look and interesting belt placement. Almost making the dress an empire waisted one. The fabric must be scrumptious to be so expensive.

    But I must say that the moment I saw the dress, I could imagine the moans of ‘matronly’, ‘not flattering’, etc. The woman is already easily the most attractive and photographed person in any place she visits with these horrible looks – you mean she should dress to be even more beautiful and attractive and desirable? Pity the other humans.

  15. What, no handbag/clutch???!!!

  16. I must say, I am surprised to see so many negative comments about this dress. Although it isn’t one of her best looks, I think she looks lovely here. The dress is beautiful, but I do agree that it is quite expensive for something that looks so similar to one she already owns.

    I absolutely love her hair here. I cannot stand the hairnets and am happy to see a youthful, yet polished, ponytail!

  17. Love the pony! Reasonable minds can differ on the cut of the dress–I guess we just have to assume that this is what she is comfortable in, although I agree with the other posters that dolman sleeves are a friend to no woman!

    The earrings were such an odd choice–if you’re not going to match exactly, don’t venture into the same color (green) unless you’re at opposite ends of the spectrum (dark green and celery). I think the Kiki Grace White Topaz studs would have worked well, we haven’t seen those in a while.

    And I know Kate rarely wears bracelets (at least since her marriage, except for dressy events) but this was a missed opportunity for a bracelet–or at the very least her Cartier watch, it felt under accessorized with such empty hands/wrists. The outfit felt like she forgot her little velvet bag of accessories and had to make do with something Rebecca Deacon still had in her purse!

  18. Most people are saying they don’t like the dress cut and pattern, but I actually really like it! Normally I’m not much of a fan of the midi-length hems, but I think it really works here.

    I wish Kate would wear more hats like Diana did! I think this dress would look fantastic with a good hat.

    • I’d like to see Kate try some more substantial hats, too, but my guess is this particular event doesn’t call for a hat. Notice the Queen is not wearing one, and we know the other royal ladies always take their cues from her.

      I like the midi-length too, and I think green looks very good on Kate (not a universal opinion, I know, but green is my favorite color anyway). I don’t like the high belt. I am starting to think these high-waisted dresses are just the style at the moment, however, so I am going to have to put up with it for a bit.

  19. I don’t underatand why she’d buy a new dress when she has an almost identical, and at least in my opinion, more flattering dress. I’m speaking of the one she wore for the butterfly house pictures for George’s first birthday.

  20. This is Rochas?? One of the most dreadful design and fabric I have ever seen in my life. Not even Kate’s mother would wear this…

    • I completely agree. Kate looks beautiful – she always does. But the dress – ugh – “dreadful” is the right word. While colour and pattern are personal taste, the cut is particularly bad, especially the neckline and waistline as so many people have pointed out.

  21. I don’t know why, but I’m not liking this look, could be the really high neckline – maybe in a v or lower scoop would be nicer, also the length. Kate looks beautiful and happy though :)

  22. Curiously shifting standards – the nude pumps are horrible, need to be burned, thank goodness she’s ditched the clutch, hemline too long, neck too high, wrong color green, etc. Yet Eugenie (in what appears to be a similar dark green) looks great, as does Beatrice (asymmetrical hemline on a full skirt with a boxy jacket over), and Sophie is exquisitely fashionable (in nude pumps and matching clutch, and below-the-knee hemline). Maybe the attention to every last millimeter of Kate’s ensembles is because this is WKW, and that is fine, but the commentary that the other women look fab is inconsistent with the assessments of the flaws in Kate’s looks.

    I see a woman wearing a lovely dress in a color that is flattering to her coloring, a cut that flows in a pretty and feminine way, and an expression that says she is happily enjoying the day. That’s a look that works in my book, haha!

    • Like you, I think this is a look that works admirably on Kate. I think the scrutiny Kate comes under on this and other fan sites is out of all proportion and I can’t believe anyone’s wardrobe could ever stand up to it. There’d soon be complaints even about those given higher fashionista ratings than Kate.

      • Bravo, ElizaMo, for your remarks about the excessive scrutiny of Kate’s wardrobe. One or two thoughts to add…I know this is a fashion blog, not a political one, but sometimes I think too many of us forget that Kate’s role includes invisible (to us) activities that are security related, or are political in nature, including government briefings. These things are in addition to her patronages/charities, and being the mother of two young children. Right now her country is on critical alert for a second terrorist attack, after the horror in Manchester. I’m not saying that her fashion choices, and commenting on them, is frivolous or wrong. But I do think it should be kept in the back of one’s mind when commenting about clothes, because her current, and future roles for the UK are far more than Official Clotheshorse. I would wager that sometimes, at least, her mind isn’t occupied with donning the perfect outfit, if there is such a thing.Living 24/7 knowing you, your husband and children are prime targets for terrorism is enough to make anyone choose earrings that clash with your dress.

        • I think this blog deals very deftly with the diplomatic aspects of Kate’s outfits and there can be little doubt that serious consideration is given to each outfit vis-à-vis the general cultural context. That’s why I don’t think discussion of her outfits can be wholly frivolous. I also think the civilised nature of our discussions here make a fitting riposte to disruptive elements around us, a working example of the kind of society we wish to preserve.

          I also think Kate’s been very brave to step into such a public role given the constant security aspects and handles it all admirably

          • I thinkI might have been misunderstood.I think very careful choices are made in her clothing in both cultural context and as a diplomatic statement when she is abroad representing the queen. At the same time, there are forces working in her life of which we know nothing, not just security issues but also political ones, which must affect her, and might also affect her interest in clothing choices sometimes.I didn’t say clothing discussions were frivolous. They aren’t and are mostly fun. I still think, however, that those who read and post about her clothes should remain aware of the fact that her role is more than a clotheshorse, and that sometimes, to her, fashion may seem to be a somewhat unimportant concern in the larger context of her world. She is being groomed to be queen one day, which entails much more than fashion. No one cared what the late queen mother wore when she stood on the palace balcony each morning during the Blitz.
            I think Kate handles her role admirably, too. But I would question your assertion that this blog is always civilized discussion, especially since what I was responding to was your initial remark about the scrutiny Kate suffers in this blog, and that no one’s wardrobe could stand up to it.

          • Hi Jenny, thanks for your thoughtful response and I’m sorry if anything I said sounded critical, just expressing myself badly there — I didn’t mean to call you frivolous, I was thinking more of those who don’t understand why a blog like this exists in the first place! I think we’re pretty much in agreement about the pressures on Kate and I’d agree she has plenty of distraction from creating so-called ‘perfect’ outfits.

            I also have a habit of contradicting myself and probably have on the quality of discussion here on the blog. There is ultra-heavy concentration of Kate’s outfits and opinions are varied. But I probably meant that I find the overall tone of the blog civilized despite the odd minor disagreement. It’s a million times more civilised here than other places I visit from time to time, especially in the run-up to an election.

      • I total agree! I find the scrutiny & cattiness of some remarks just not appropriate. Isn’t this to be a fashion blog? Trouble is few peoples seems to know much about the world of fashion or the current fashion trends. This a beautiful look on Kate with forward fashion silhouette that seen on runways in Paris, Milan & she rock it. The other royals, apart from the Queen, look ordinary but Kate extradorinaiy. And how do anyone know about tailoring without a) actually examining the dress in person, b) being an expert? Photographs are one dimensional & deceiving. This blog beginning to be very boring.

    • Agree. I think commentors need to remember that being harsh about the Duchess’s style (or anyone else’s) does not, by definition, mean that theirs is superior. We all know better than to put others down in order to make ourselves feel good; the impulse to do so on a site that is dedicated to a person whose style, overall, we presumably admire feels very bizarre to me.

      • For this event in particular I’m just flummoxed that Eugenie and Beatrice both get not only a pass, but seemingly multiple thumbs up from the same group that implies that Kate has a lot of improvement to do. I don’t begrudge either of them, or Sophie (or the Queen!) the kind words, but the assessments are lauding the very elements in those ensembles that are denigrated in Kate’s looks. It’s a head scratcher.

        • I suspect it has something to do with improvement (Beatrice and Eugenie’s) rather than suggesting that their outfits are in someway more acceptable than Kate’s. Neither York has set the bar particularly high when it comes to fashion so it is fairly easy for them to leap over it, so to speak.

          I think also the fact that Kate has more money and greater access to fashion help than all the other three combined (Sophie, Beatrice, Eugénie) also plays a roll in why many are more nitpicky with Kate.

          As to to outfit, I love the hair, like the dress (and while I wouldn’t wear it agree that it is right in fashion) but think the shoes and earrings were not the best choices. That is a minor quibble as it is clear that these shoes and earring type are a favourite of Kate’s. While I would love to see more variation in footwear, I can totally understand that comfort comes first.

          Finally, this event took place before the Manchester attack so unless Kate can see into the future, I don’t think she was distracted by the attack. Kate is also not involved in government briefings. Those go to the Queen, who may share them with Prince Charles, but Kate, is simply not in that loop.

          • Hmmm – I’m quite certain I didn’t suggest that the Manchester bombing or government briefings had anything to do with what Kate chose to wear to this event.

            I’m also not sure that the assessment, “Kate has more money and greater access to fashion help than all the other three combined” is necessarily correct. Beatrice, Eugenie and Sophie all have a ton of high-end, expensive clothes in their closets as well, and in Sophie’s case they include formal ballgowns. Though the overall effect of the York girls ensembles may imply that they are working with less money, the fact is that their clothes, hats, shoes, etc. are very costly. Likewise, though they may not all have personal assistants/secretaries (though I’d be surprised if Sophie doesn’t, they would certainly have access to fashion consultants at any of the high-end department stores or fashion houses from where they purchased their clothes. In fact, this is one element of fashion and shopping that we mere mortals could really explore better, particularly with more expensive or special-occasion purchases. At the end of the day, the York girls issue isn’t that they don’t have enough money to dress as well as Kate – it’s that they aren’t innately skilled at dressing for their body types, and haven’t yet learned to do so, though at times they have flashes of success. I can relate to that difficulty in my own life! But the sad part of their situation is that they spend a ton of money on clothes that are too often a terrible return on the investment – Kate’s clothes are nearly always an outstanding return on her investment, and that is an impressive skill. She clearly considers the long-term wearability of what she purchases, takes excellent care of her wardrobe and jewelry, maintains it extremely well – and maintains her figure well too, so that those older pieces can still be used years later, resulting in a very expansive closet from which to select her ensembles. Thus, she comes across as head and shoulders above the other women in the Family when they’re all together. Sophie, to my mind, is the one that is most like Kate in this respect.

            This is one of the elements of Kate’s personality that I find so appealing. She’s a great role model for resisting the latest trends and adding smart choices to her wardrobe for the long haul – for many she may come across as boring, or unskilled in her ensembles, but I think she really does think of fashion as something that one would wear and love for many years, not just the latest season.

            • I agree, I don’t make a particular point of making a note of the York’s clothes, unlike for Catherine’s, but they never seem to be particularly well-dressed. At this flower show, Beatrice had a pulled-up blanket with strange shoes on, while Eugenie had a dress that was too short (for her) and a jacket that was too small & bulging on the front. Catherine was pictured next to someone with a similar jacket in Europe; this may be a fashion trend, but as both ladies are, ahem, generously sized (and I am also), it is not a good choice for elegance.

  23. The only good thing I can say about this look is her hair. I just don’t understand spending so much on a dress and accessorizing it with cheap earrings and horrible, boring nude pumps. Her matchy, matchy – covered up to here looks are just awful. I can only hope she dresses with more flare in her personal life. Sophie’s pink dress was so much more stylish than this dress. It’s not a bad dress, but there is no styling involved to pull it all together, and the midi length of the dress with those frumpy shoes just makes it look awful. Soon nobody is going to tune in to what Kate is wearing because it’s so dull (which seems to be what she wants), but then nobody is going to know what is going on with her patronages and other good things that she does.

    Considering the amount of money she spends on these outfits, and to have them fall flat is a waste. Sophie, Mary, Letizia all dress to impress on their public engagements and are still taken seriously – Kate should take a cue from them and stop being so afraid to show some flare.

    • Maybe no one will read WKW because they are bored with her looks. But some people think she looks good. And some people read this blog over other blogs because WKW provides detailed background on the events.
      Taste is subjective. I personally think that Sophie dresses in a similar way to Kate ( nude pumps, long skirts, high necks). And as for Letizia I always find her overall look to be too lacquered. Too focused on making a statement. It’s always look at me. When looking at pictures of Kate at events I see her engaging with others and that makes me notice not just her.
      But as I said it’s all opinion. And I try to focus on what I like. That’s why I don’t comment on blogs about Letizia. And I don’t think the newspapers and tv will stop covering her.

    • Newspapers won’t stop covering Catherine’s patronages just because she isn’t some people’s idea of a ‘fashionista’ whatever that is. Not only will the palace keep us informed often via TV because they want the monarchy to continue, but it is only a tiny minority of people who look at fan blogs of what she wears or worries about it. Princess Anne was always frumpy & staid in her clothes choices, with little colour & dressed far older than her years, but she was often on the news regarding her work for children’s charities. She was also interviewed on TV where her naturally bubbly personality came over strongly, unlike her somewhat stern public persona. We will definitely get to hear about patronages that put the royals in a good light.
      I watch a lot of quiz/game shows where general knowledge comes in; the majority of people from ‘ordinary backgrounds’ don’t know who Beatrice is & have never heard of Eugenie. Evan a Daily Mail reporter referred to Prince Andrew as “the Queen’s youngest son” recently. But we will be kept informed about those that matter. It has become obvious to me that there is a fascination with some about royalty in general with references to a Queen Lezit & some Mary, whoever they are, but most people just don’t care what they wear.
      Catherine’s patronages are also a sideline as support for her husband. It is he who is the Royal, the heir to the throne.
      I find Catherine appealing & both are an appealing couple. Sophie dresses much like Catherine but looked overdressed at the flower show, while Catherine fitted in well, looking fresh & elegant, despite the shortcomings of her dress (that bit of exposed zip – wrong era, the strange waistband, mismatched flowers on seams – a pet hat of mine). I think she gets the balance right even if she is conservative in style. Actually, the Royal family, and indeed the aristocracy in general, are not people who try to be glamorous & trendy in their day wear. They are quite tweedy & staid. The Queen has stuck to black pumps with either a plain wool shift or a floral one for warmer weather for years. Catherine is also sticking to the general likes of what she likes.

  24. This is one of those dresses that I’d love to see more in motion. I bet it sways very gracefully when Kate walks. Shorter lengths are great but there’s nothing like a below-the-knee style for swaying.

    I like the look in general. It has a vintage feel (someone said 40s and I agree), and my sense is that this is a very traditional flower show so they seem to go well.

    It’s interesting to me to see how few women shown in the photos wore print dresses — almost all plains. That made Kate’s dress look a bit odd to me at first.

  25. This is one of Kate’s looks when I just wonder why she spent so much on a dress and wish she would stick to designers she knows. The same cash would have bought her a bespoke dress and this one isn’t worth it – the positioning of the flower at the top isn’t done well. I’d reject a cheaper version for the same reason but for that money, it should be made a lot better. I do wonder how she manages with such heels at Chelsea too. I’m going tomorrow and flats are definitely in order. Beatrice’s shoes are much more in keeping with the event.

    Love Kate’s ponytail though.

    Kates’s hair looks good.

    • I so agree with this. I thought it was a pretty dress for a flower show, a sort of vintage style in a dark green that makes a nice backdrop to the displays, pretty ponytail (love the new hair length!) but then I saw the price. Ouch. The level of quality here is more like maybe $100 (and even then I would hesitate). This seems to happen quite a bit (like the poppy print dress with puckered seams where the pattern didn’t match, and cost thousands). I wonder why this is?

      • Also meant to add–if I was her and wanted to go dark green for the event, I would have just pulled out the Dolce & Gabbana from the Canada tour :)

    • I’d have thought the quality of silk being used here — it has to have some weight in it to swing so nicely and not just fly-away — plus the fact the dress is fully lined in yet more silk would go some way to explain the price tag. Then there’s the originality of the print and the unusual colours, those off-beat colours always seem to up prices on things.

      It is a puzzle given the loveliness of print and fabric that seams are not matched up, but maybe it’s explained more in the other more offbeat offerings in the same pattern. There’s an element of quirkiness there which is maybe lost in the dress.

      • Amen to this – until I can literally get my hands on the dress to feel the fabric, really see it up close, the photographs are never going to convey how splendid (or not) the actual garment is, and whether or not it’s worth the price tag. I suspect the silk is absolutely gorgeous and sumptuous at that price point.

        • These fabrics are quite amazing seen first-hand. I spent many years wondering why the Queen Mother chose what seemed to me like frumpy floral patterns. Her dresses looked quite solid on the printed page — we were some way off having the internet at that stage.

          As I lived in Windsor the royals were around us quite a bit so the day I got to see QM for real I discovered how utterly gorgeous those floating silk chiffons were, how fluid and how very definitely not solid or frumpy. She was all femininity, grace and lightness, reminding me somehow of bone china with its mildly translucent quality. Far from looking heavy I quite thought a puff of air could blow her away.

      • I think you are totally right about that! The fabric does appear to “hang” and flow well, it’s got a nice weight to it that will be a big help if the weather gets breezy. :) Even though I’m about the duchess’s own age, I tend to be an old fuddy-duddy about details, especially in higher-price pieces, maybe because my grandmother was a seamstress and used to lecture me about that a lot. :) I would certainly love it if those shoes got “lost” somewhere and couldn’t be found, though

  26. I don’t really have strong feelings about this dress. I like the color and the flower motif for the flower show. The length and the sleeves don’t bother me. I think the dress would be greatly improved with a boat neck instead of the high, choking neckline. I also think pearls would really tie everything together nicely.

    A lot of people comment that they don’t understand why Kate often purchases similar or near-identical items. As someone who also owns a ridiculous number of nude pumps and Breton tops I sympathize with Kate. But in this case I don’t understand choosing this dress (and paying thousands of dollars for it) when you have the lovely Suzannah budding heart dress in your closet.

  27. I thought Kate looked…..okay. I liked the silhouette of the dress, but didn’t care much for the color (dull) or pattern. Loved her hair, the shoes are getting old already.

    I was really happy to see that Kate had ditched the clutch for a change. (I also noticed that she didn’t have one at Pippa’s wedding!)

    • Not surprising that she ditched the clutch for the wedding when she was acting as child wrangler and aide to her sister. And I’ll bet that they were touring the flower show before the crowds arrived so that she was expecting to shake hands with all the celebs invited to meet the royal party and didn’t need the protection of the clutch to hold. Plus with all the different royals there, they could share the handshaking duty….

  28. Even though I don’t love the 40′s look, I think beautiful Kate pulled this dress off well and it looked graceful and flowy. Her pony was absolute perfection and agree with others that I wish she wore this flattering and youthful style more often.

    I like the neckline and even those cap sleeves which are almost impossible for a normal person to wear.

    Would have liked gold earrings and a few inches off the dress. And this gives me a chance to thank this site’s many knowledgable readers. I would never have seen the seaming detail being pointed out without your keen eyes.

  29. Love Kate’s hair today- so pretty off her face. I also love the earrings!

  30. Dress= perfection. Hair = perfection!

    Also, the Duchess looked perfect at her sister’s wedding. Who else could pull off such a dress but the Duchess? It was a beautiful color and style. Her hair was beautiful, and I loved her earrings. Bless her heart for shepherding all of those children, too!

    • Am I seeing things, or have the skirt lengths for the Duchess been lowered to below knee level in both the lovely one she wore for her sister’s wedding and the green floral at the latest sighting. Graceful and much more dignified than in the past.

  31. I really like this dress on her, the shape, floral design AND the color. I think even though blue, or light-steel blue, is seen as her color, I always like the look she has instantly when it is this dark and earthy green.

  32. Well, Kate’s had a very busy few days. I like her look for the flower show, where the colour green and the floral print are most appropriate. The dress is lovely, although as others have said, the price is hard to justify. Personally I like the midi skirt, as I think it makes one look taller and more elegant…although Kate is both tall and elegant already. I am not a fan of the exposed zipper in the back, but otherwise this is a pretty outfit.

    We are all so weary with the nude shoes. It seems that they are far more popular in the UK than in North America. Sophie and Beatrice are wearing them also. In some of the photos you can see other women wearing them and I notice this often in photos. While they never clash with an outfit, generally speaking, they do little to enhance it.

    Kate’s hair. is casual but impressive. It is a great way to get it out of her face, but be less structured than an undo. Her makeup is beautifully done and very natural looking. As others have said, the green of the earrings is not a match for the dress. I would have preferred simple pearls.

    For those really into gardening, Google “Chelsea Flower Show” and enjoy the photos of the lovely gardens.

    • I don’t have a problem with the nude shoes — just as long as those darn Sledges don’t come back!

  33. This dress really suits her and I love the ponytail and wish she would wear a similar hairstyle more often.

    On a slight tangent what on Earth is Beatrice wearing on her feet? Novelty bedroom slippers? ;)

  34. I happen to like this length. Much like I am tired of strapless wedding dresses (and was relieved to see Pippa’s sleeves), I am tired of dresses and skirts that hit at the knee. However, the seam in the middle of the skirt is not only unnecessary, it’s ugly. I can’t see a ruffle effect or another purpose for seaming the middle of a skirt like that. Very strange for a $3,000 dress.

    I do not like this particular dress with the way the pattern is chopped off at the neckline. It’s too bad whoever picked this one out couldn’t have chosen from several of the same dress and considered the pattern placement at the neckline. Or maybe the person did, and this was the best of the lot. Also weird for a $3,000 dress.

  35. This is such a lovely dress and a winning look for Kate. I especially like the way a monochrome floral echoes the refinement of fine botanical drawing and am most impressed that even Kate’s shoes have reference to matters green and leafy.

    The gathering under the bodice and into a fixed waistband also echoes the dress Kate wore to her sister’s wedding though this is a more relaxed take on a summer outfit. The length is excellent on Kate, she wears it well; it solves the hazards of a light full skirt she has experienced with her love of tea dresses. This looks like a wonderful new label for the Duchess.

    The earrings are perfect though I was surprised how much smaller they are than I remember, I think I may be getting confused with some of the larger gems Kate has featured of late. A pony tail gives just the right hint of informality to the whole.

    • Soooo — now I’ll just have to go and ponder on whether ‘Floret’ is as much a horticultural reference as I was hoping ‘Fern’ was :-/

  36. Kate looked gorgeous.
    The deep colour really suited her skin tone. Dress was well fitted.

  37. I think she looks great. I like the print on the dress and I love her hair.

    I always get very confused when people describe her dresses as matronly. To me they don’t match the definition of the word.

  38. This is slightly off topic, but the pink Valentino worn with to this event by the Countess of Wessex would have been a much better choice for Kate at Pippa’s wedding IMO—understated but lovely. With her slim figure and a gorgeous necklace, Kate could have made that look like $1 million.

    • I thought the same. Maybe in a slightly different shade so as not to compete with Carole’s suit, but a dress like this would have been great for Kate.

      • Oh my, well I agree on your comments. A slightly different shade would have worked for the wedding and maybe a slightly lighter weight fabric. I was not a fan of Kate’s dress at the wedding, but I also am not a fan of this garden show dress, the waist detail, sleeves and ruffle are a miss to me.

  39. Wow, I am surprised at the negative comments. I feel like I am usually one of the first to criticize the Duchess but I LOVE this look. The green dress with a flower pattern for a garden show is a bit…cheesy….but I still love it.

    I think the dress fits her wonderfully, and for once she nails the vintage-romantic look. The dress does not age her, it doesn’t make her look matronly, it shows off her figure without being inappropriate – I just think she looks fantastic.

    And I love her hair. I’m glad to see a higher ponytail for once, I think it’s a great look for her.

    • It’s funny how the same characteristics strike one person as great but hit a negative note with others. Part of the fun of coming here is when I get my mind changed through other comments. I was not so keen on the previous McQueen but have now re vised my opinion to a thumbs-up.

      This one is much easier for me as I took an instant liking to it. I don’t find the print cheesy because it’s tastefully done with in monochrome, the dahlia flower depicted of course being one of the most colourful in any garden and one of the stand-out annual exhibits at this show. Instead the print has the flowers in a restful neutral on a soothing and shady green.

      I love the unstructured elements of the bodice, its simple crew neck and the loose cap sleeves. The movement in that full skirt is fabulous and I’d agree with your view that Kate looks fantastic.

  40. Why so covered up? She has a perfect figure. A more open neck? Or a shorter shirt?
    Anyway she looks lovely even if her dress isn’t really flattering.

  41. Her hair is amazing and that she looks so put together after a long day and night from her sister’s wedding makes me, well, green with envy. The rest of the look, though, falls flat for me. For the dress: wrong shade of green for the event. The bright green from last year was better and she “popped” more among all of the green in the show. The cut of this dress is, as others have said, too matronly. Shorten the hem to the knees and make it a more of a sheath dress, and I would have liked it much more. I also thought the earrings are wrong. The green on those is too different than the green on the dress, making the mismatch look awkward. Oh dearest Kate, knock us out of the park on the next one!

    • I’ve never heard of a “wrong shade of green” for an event, what does this mean?

      • I am not Beth, but I thought the same thing she did regarding the shade of green. Of course, I’ve not seen the dress in person and so am relying upon the pictures as they appear on my computer monitor (always a risky business). To my eye, the green is too dark, too earthy–more of an autumn shade rather than a Spring green.

        • Exactly.

        • So, the wrong shade of green for the season – not for the event itself. Personally, I love it when people wear a larger range of colors throughout the seasons, including browns, bronzes, pinks, etc. (I’m still a holdout on white from Memorial to Labor Day, admittedly.) But this particular dress just doesn’t give off an autumnal vibe to me in any way – in fact, that dark green shade matches the foliage of many spring-blooming plants, and in a spring garden or border it looks fantastic! :)

      • I see several posters are struggling with this dark shade of colour but for me it simply seems elegant and refined. Kate has left the loud patterns and colours to others — and to the wonderful floral displays on show.

  42. This dress seems to be another that falls into that “love it-hate it” category. I like it and I’m not going to critique it, many people ahead of my comment have taken time to discuss the finer details of why the dress looks nice or doesn’t depending on their opinion. I would like to call attention to one part of the dress that does bother me. Does anyone else find that gold exposed zipper on odd touch? I think of exposed zippers as adding an edgy, modern vibe to a garment. But there is nothing edgy or modern in this dress ( which is probably why I like it as I’m sort of old fashioned in my tastes). Anyway, it’s a small detail and overall I think Kate looked wonderful.

    • I’d agree with you about that zipper, it seems an out-of-touch note of brash on such a feminine frock. Maybe it’s meant to be of a piece with the starkly cut-off pattern at neck and on mis-matched seams but it still seems odd. The basic print and quiet design of the dress are so elegant it just strikes a jarring note.

  43. Am I right in thinking that the skirt of this piece is actually made from two pieces of fabric– it’s ever so subtly tiered? In the pictures from @Polaris and @JamesWhatling you can just make out a seam, especially towards the left hand side.

    The ponytail is incredible. I love the lift from a very short, far left parting.

    • After going back over the pictures, it does appear to me there is a horizontal seam in the skirt of the dress on the left side in the picture. However, the close up on the gathers in the front of the skirt do not show a horizontal seam or any seam at all.

      It is curious, would love to have a more detailed look, so as to see exactly how this dress was cut and pieced together. Perhaps four panels form the skirt with the side two tiered?

  44. I like the skirt but not the top half, I don’t like the cut of the neck line and the sleeves. I think the neck line is too high and tight around her neck, which actually makes her neck look wider in my opinion. I also think that the shape of the sleeves is unflattering for her shoulders. Hard to explain what I mean, but I am not a fan of the tailoring of this piece. Apart from that, I like the colour and print, and I love her hair.

  45. Am I allowed to keep changing my mind about my favourite Kate dress? I absolutely love this look so much. A gorgeous dress. I love seeing outfits like this, it shows a real sophistication in style and growth in fashion.

  46. I like the dress and the style a lot! Beautiful print.

  47. Firstly, the Duchess’s hair is gorgeous. I find it both polished and playful; the perfect combination for a daytime event.

    Moving on to the outfit, while I like the pattern, again, I do not like the execution. I would have added a statement necklace to add something extra to the neckline or added a beige or camel wrap/scarf atop a plain gold pendant necklace.

    I’ve also noticed Catherine’s hemlines have dropped and I must say I prefer her shorter combos. I don’t think the hemline is unflattering, I just prefer the shorter look or suit ensembles. The current hemlines make me want to add something – an Erdem tiered ruffle or a strip of another fabric.

    As for the shoes, I feel that a darker green suede pair would have looked better than the lighter colour. I can understand her current choice, however, given the event would be prone to water and dirt hazzards.

    The ear-rings don’t quite do it for me as they are the wrong shade. It is the second time she has done this recently – the other time being at a charity event where she wore a striped Bretton jumper. I’m not sure if this is an afterthought for a busy mother with other priorities or a poor judgement.

    I must say, as a long time reader and second time poster, I am enjoying commenting, however I do feel a tinge of guilt… I adore the Duchess and am a huge fan of her style, grace and work. If only she could see me now in my striped black and white stretch top, black leather look stretch pants (trousers for UK readers) unwashed hair piled into a loose bun and unmade face, finished off with comfortable Skechers! I don’t doubt she would win the style stakes at present and forever more regardless!! But it is fun to play stylist and consider what I would do if I had a day in her life. X

    • I often feel the same, but as I’m still in pajamas you beat me in the fashion stakes!! Luckily we don’t have to post selfies as we write on this site.

  48. In the picture of the Queen with a handsome older gentleman, said gentleman is Raymond Evison, world renowned clematis breeder, whose nursery is on the isle of Guernsey. Raymond is the one of the founders of the International Clematis Society. If I recall, he might have an OBE.

  49. Hmmm…. she’s tall, but even still, the hemline needs to be brought up a few inches. The length + fullness make her hips look bigger than they are, and along with the positioning of the belt, it could almost be a maternity dress.

    The colour is gorgeous on her, and her hair is perfect.

    Earrings don’t quite match- someone on here said pearls would have been a better choice, and I have to agree.

    I LOVE the shoes- they bring a light, spring-y feel to a dark-coloured outfit. Another fabric, or darker colour, wouldn’t have been appropriate for a Spring event (especially at a garden).

    All in all, she looks lovely as always.

    • I do not mind that the earrings do not match but I just dislike how inexpensive, dare I say, cheap they look. I know they were not a drugstore buy but that is what makes it even more surprising how poor the quality looks.

  50. I truly loved this dress and was so excited to see Kate wearing something from this designer!! She looks impeccable, so groomed and very ladylike!! Perfect!!

  51. The dress is dowdy. The print/colour isn’t great either. The Duchess is a good-looking woman. There are so many choice of colours/styles that would look great on her but she had to wear this!

    The Queen looks fabulous and so does the Countess of Wessex.

  52. I love her hair in this style. She looks so fresh and pretty. Hope we see more of this hair style.

    I really like this dress, It is a bit of a different style for the Duchess. I like the colors and it is a beautiful fabric. I don’t think the fullness of the skirt would work as well if it were shorter. I think it was a good choice for the flower show.

    The big problem I have is with her shoe choice. The dress needs a heavier shoe, those stiletto/court shoes, contrary to what Kate seems to think, don’t go with everything. I think even her trusty rope soled wedgies may have worked better with this dress.

  53. The good: Her hair is silky, bouncy perfection. Such a cute ponytail and perfect for the event. I do think she looks great in greens, dark green especially. She is clearly enjoying herself and people are loving meeting her. And her makeup is very nice.

    The not good: I can’t accept that 80′s dress fashions are coming back. They can’t be. Are these designers really saying to her, “This is the coming wave … The new edge … You’ll be ahead of the curve …” ? I’m going into hiding. Wake me up when designers realize this was a big mistake. I just can’t find anything good about the dress other than she is so beautiful and graceful that her goodness and poise shine though any outfit. And at that price I’m sure the fabric must be exquisite up close. I agree with others that a boat neck or something looser up top would help.

  54. Countess of Wessex looks stunning. Modern fresh look with a touch of fashionable elegance.

  55. Well there is no chance the Duchess will upstage the flowers. Sorry, but of all the colours/patterns/designs she could have chosen for this lovely event, this just isn’t interesting or flattering or festive. The Queen looks fabulous with her gorgeous blue jacket that makes a needed snappy contrast to the soft silky flowery print of her dress. (I’ll forgive her the black shoes – she’s in her 90s after all). The young modern version of that is a Giambattista Valli look from his winter 2014 collection that had a black T-shirt and gorgeous yellow flowered silk print pencil skirt. If that was too edgy, Kate could have subbed a different coloured T-shirt, casual chanel style yellow jacket or even a deeper yellow cardie like the one Mary Barry is wearing. . This dress doesn’t work in lots of ways. The neck is too high, the dolman sleeves are very unflattering and aging (compare to Pippa’s cap sleeves) and combined with the unflattering length of the full skirt adds up to a matronly look for a local woman’s committee. I can’t believe it cost close to $3000. I find the fabric boring in design and colour – I do not think this shade of green is flattering to the Duchess. This fabric works best when it is used completely against type – as in the edgy cropped trousers shown in the lookbook. I do think Kate’s hair and makeup look great. The accessories as usual are a disappointment and do nothing to lift this look. I am sure Kate is tired after the wedding but its not like the Chelsea Flower Show snuck up on anyone. Her “stylist” would have planned this one far in advance – probably with at least two choices for weather.

    • Could not agree with you more – took the words right out of my mouth- looked like a dime store dress- what a miss!

  56. This dress reminds me of what she wore in the photo with Prince George and the butterfly.

  57. This is a very typical dress for her, but I don’t like the color green. I also think the green of the earrings doesn’t go well with the green of the dress.

    Great hair today — wish I could see a better picture of the back.

  58. I think this is a fantastic look! Love the dress, great color for her, and the midi length works since she’s tall. And that ponytail…I wish my hair could look half that good in one!

  59. I like her dress – colour, print, length and the high neckline – although it is similar to the Suzannah (spelling?) dress she wore for George’s first birthday pictures. Also upon first glance with that high waist band I thought it looked like a maternity piece.
    Like some others mentioned, my jaw dropped at the cost of this piece. I don’t know what makes it warrant that price tag, aside from the brand name perhaps.

  60. The low ponytail is lovely–so ladylike.

  61. The dress would be fine with a proper hem. It needs to come up about three inches, and be tacked so that it is even all the way around. The earrings aren’t a perfect match. It’s hard to get greens to coordinste. The pearls on loan from the Queen would have been perfect.

    Isn’t Mary Berry delightful? We should all look so classic and sparkling at age 80.

  62. Today’s look is a good choice. I love the dress; it’s definitely a garment that I would wear. I happen to midi length dresses and skirts. I would like to have seen this with a fresher shoe. I can think of at least 10 styles that are not too far from her standard shoe but cuter!

  63. I wish Catherine would of copied entire look from the model pictured above. Flower placement around her neckline looks like bib and it’s not flattering , on the model is spaced out and it’s quite pretty . Black chunky shoes would of been much better choice. Don’t care for her hair. Lately I’m so disappointed with her choices ☹️

  64. Love Kates look today ! I always think this dark green is one of her best colors. Nice to see she is leaving out the clutch and her hair back this way looks so nice, not having to push it out of her face all the time. A great spring look :)

  65. what!??! this happened today!!?!??! Wasn’t she at her sister’s wedding last night!?!? :) How does she look so put together? I love the the whole outfit, hair, makeup, dress length, colour and earrings. Perfect for the garden! The colour is fabulous with her complexion and. hair colour.

    • Wedding was Saturday, flower show was Monday. Not a lot of time in between, but Kate looks as fresh as a daisy.

  66. Another vintage, 40′s inspired dress? Not a favorite. Hair? Amazing.

  67. I love the color and print of this dress, but I’m not a fan of the cut. I never like the sleeves that are one big piece of fabric with the bodice, they make anyone who wears them look broad-shouldered. I think this dress would look so much nicer with a tailored cap sleeve. The self-belt doesn’t seem to match Kate’s proportions, it’s a bit high to be at the natural waist and a bit low to be an empire waist. While I don’t mind a midi-length like some other commenters, I agree that knee-length would be so much more flattering.

    But I adore the Duchess’s hair at this event! Perfect for outdoors, but not too done-up. It looks age-appropriate, not too stiff or formal. I always love a ponytail with some volume around the temples and crown, and this just frames Kate’s face so beautifully!

    • I was coming to the comments to say almost the same things you did!! The sleeves are so unflattering (dolman, I think it’s called, when they are not cut and seamed with an arm scye) and the neckline should really be cut in a wider circle to be more graceful. Right now the collar looks oddly tight.

      But her hair!!! What a great style – still some pretty movement, but elegantly controlled. I think it’s the most flattering style I’ve seen on her!

      One more picky thing about that dress: that seam at the thigh seems so odd. It doesn’t seem to be adding a fuller section to the skirt, but it breaks up the flower print in a distracting way. I thought it used to be the mark of couture clothes when the print was matched at seams. . . ?

      • I also came here to say the same things! My eye just can’t tear itself away from that odd thigh seam. I suppose that once something becomes blase (matched seams) they go for something new (unmatched, random seams) to keep the fashion march going. No thanks!

      • Dolman sleeve! Thanks, I couldn’t remember the proper term!

    • You could have read my mind with what you wrote.

  68. Love her hair this way and it gives a good look at the pretty earrings. This green is a great color for her and I like the pattern and length. The waist or lack of one is a mess. I was hoping there was a belt that could be tied around the front or even buckled. The waist is sitting too high and in some pictures she’s carrying herself like she’s pregnant, which she isn’t, but the cut of the dress makes it seem possible.

  69. First the good: the Duchess’ hair and makeup were lovely—-the gorgeous ponytail was professional but young and I am a fan of it. The green color of the frock is a good one for Kate. The sleeves on the dress were flattering.

    The rest: I found the self-belt to be so oddly constructed that it distracted me from the overall look—-at first, I thought it was riding up but upon further review, I realize it is folded and the mismatched patterns cause it to look “off”. Additionally, I am already on record as disliking the midi length and feel like this dress would have looked so much better if the hem were several inches shorter.

    The shoe choice was fine with this dress. I like the earrings but they are a yellowish green and the dress is a bluish green, so they are not in the same family of green tones. I probably would not have worn them together.

    all in all, not a miss but definitely not a home run either.

  70. Beautiful dress – love the fabric, color, pattern, cut. But what an improvement if it was done with a bateau neckline or even a V neckline. It’s so high it looks like it’s constricting her.

    LOVE love love the pony. I’m in general a fan of Kate pulling her hair back since when it’s down it tends to either get crazy or fall forward and obscure her face. And then there’s her nervous tick of tucking it behind her ear. Up in a half-up, pony, or up-do let’s us all enjoy her earrings and dresses so much better.

  71. She looks lovely, but I just can’t get over these “midi length” dresses. I just want to chop them to a normal length!

  72. I always enjoy the Gardeners World shows from Chelsea. Would love to see it in person. Kate’s hair is nice. Not fond of another high neck, high-waisted frock with an ill-fitting bodice. The green dress she wore to the butterfly exhibit with Prince George a couple years ago is much prettier.

  73. Her ponytail really looks fabulous today. I will start with that instead of the dreadful nude shoes, which I would like to burn with fire. I think the earring choice was off as well, because the dress is a pine green and the earrings are kelly green, which don’t go together particularly well. I actually quite like the dress, although I did clutch my pearls at the price a bit. Normally I don’t pay much mind to what celebrities and other rich people spend on clothes, but I was a little taken aback at how a dress that looks like it could have come from Banana Republic (not a slam, they have cute dresses) could cost $2600. Craziness.

    Sophie looks very chic but I would also like to add her nude shoes to the pyre. A cute pair of pink floral shoes would have looked fab (and thematic to the event!)

    • We’re on the same page SG. Nice dress, nothing worth $2,600 (or anything close to it), nice (or nicer) dresses to be found for a tenth of the price. Good colour on Kate – but the earrings / shoes are terrible. Literally terrible.

      Beatrice and Eugenie are getting older and therefore I think they’re starting to grow up in terms of making appropriate choices when in an official situation.

      I used to like Sophie’s outfits a lot – but not any more. that dress engulfs her. Too strong of a colour for that voluminous dress. Too much everything.

      Overall – not all is bad on Kate’s look, but I am left wanting a new shoe (for too long)

      • I love the nude shoes. A way to not distract from the outfit – very elegant to have a tone so close to her skin color and not be matchy-matchy with the outfit by choosing a color. What color shoes should she have worn with this dress? Ivory? Dark green? Dark brown? Black? All much poorer choices than the nude heels, in my opinion.

  74. I’d also like to add that Beatrice and Eugenie look terrific.

  75. I think it’s wonderful that Kate and the Queen wore florals for the flower show. So appropriate! Usually Kate’s clothes are winners to me, but I have to say that this print is not a favorite. I think there’s too much contrast in the two colors for the style of the dress. A bold print like this calls out for a bold silhouette (pencil skirt, bateau neckline– really go for it!), and this is a demure design that is right for a flower show, but not right for the fabric, in my opinion. However, Kate looks very happy, and beautiful, and as I’ve noted before, she can carry almost anything off.

  76. I love this dress. It’s quite perfect for a flower show.

    I think my favorite part of this post is the giant giraffe topiary. So colorful!

  77. Wish there was a better shot of her hairstyle from today. It looks to be very different from her usual styles (totally down or totally up).

    • It’s a volumized (teased) ponytail secured at the middle of the head. If you go to the Daily Mail page, you can view a video that shows her walking and you can get a good look at the back. Her hair is curled from yesterday most likely, then teased at the crown, the top smoothed lightly over and gathered at the middle of the head, the hair on top pulled softly to give the soft volume again before securing into an elastic, and then a piece of hair wrapped around the elastic and bobby pinned securely. They probably use U-pins or Amish pins with how heavy her hair is and further secure it with hair spray I imagine.

  78. I have quite mixed feelings about this look. I don’t mind the dress, and overall it looks nice, even if it is “matronly”. However, I just don’t think green is really the Duchess’ best color. For me, the only time she’s worn the color superbly was in Los Angeles back in 2011, when she wore her DVF dress, if I’m not mistaken. Other times, in my humble opinion, the green makes her seem quite plain ( a good example is the Catherine Walker she wore to the last Flower Show).

    Additionally, I think grey suede pumps would have greatly improved this look. As well as silver earrings, not the gold and green gems. The gold and the shade of green in her dress don’t complement each other, again, in my humble opinion.

    On a separate note, I loved the Countess of Wessex’s look. She always looks fresh, fashion-forward, and appropriate for her age. I wish the Duchess would take a note from her book. Ever since 2012, Kate just hasn’t been on the same style streak.

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