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We are back with a few very quick updates.

Our first topic is the Spain state visit to the UK. The most timely news is that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Harry, are expected at tonight’s state dinner in honor of Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia. The official start time is shown as 20:15 (8:15), that is 3:15 EDT. This will be the first time Prince Harry has an official role for a state visit. Tomorrow he will accompany the Spanish royals to Westminster Abbey.

This is the first state visit by a Spanish king since 1986.  The day began with official welcome events at Horse Guards Parade.



From ABC News:

Prince Philip and Felipe first inspected troops at central London’s Horse Guards Parade, a former royal jousting yard.

©MOD Crown Copyright 2017 Sgt Paul Randall RLC

©MOD Crown Copyright 2017 Sgt Paul Randall RLC

The Monarchs then rode down the Mall on their way to Buckingham Palace. HM and the King in a state carriage.

©2017 Crown Copyright MOD / Sgt Rupert Frere

©2017 Crown Copyright MOD / Sgt Rupert Frere

Queen Letizia and Prince Philip.



More from ABC:

Felipe and Letizia are the first Spanish monarchs to visit Britain since Felipe’s father toured the country in the 1980s.

Both royal lines are descended from Queen Victoria. Felipe’s great-grandmother, Queen Ena of Spain, was Victoria’s youngest granddaughter. Victoria is Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother.

©Crown Copyright 2017 MOD

©Crown Copyright 2017 MOD

As always, it was a magnificent display.

©MOD Crown Copyright Sgt Rupert Frere

©MOD Crown Copyright Sgt Rupert Frere

Following today’s luncheon at the Palace, everyone viewed a collection of Spanish artifacts from The Royal Collection.

Casa Real

Casa Real

The Mirror references the relationship between the two countries and an honor bestowed upon King Felipe in its coverage of today’s events:

It has been revealed that the King as been given Britain’s highest honour and made a Knight of the Garter by the Queen.

Felipe VI has become what is known as a “Stranger Knight” or “Extra Knight Companion” of the prestigious Order of the Garter.

The decision demonstrates the cordial nature of the royals’ relations with their Spanish counterparts.

The Mirror also notes those receiving this honor are chosen personally by the monarch.

The next item on the agenda, a meeting with the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.



Followed by the trip to Whitehall for the King’s address to a joint session of Parliament.



From King Felipe’s speech:

“I take this opportunity to convey my solidarity with the British people and the solidarity of all of Spain. You can be sure of the unwavering affection of the Spanish people.

“Every terrorist attack is an attack on every one of us – because the victims belong to every one of us.

His Majesty received a standing ovation for his remarks.

Some quick notes on what Queen Letizia wore for the formal elements of the visit thus far. For today’s official welcome she wore an ensemble by one of her primary designers, Spain’s Felipe Varela.

©MOD Crown Copyright 2017 / Sgt Paul Randall RLC

©MOD Crown Copyright 2017 / Sgt Paul Randall RLC

She was in a ‘lemon ice’ tweed coat atop a darker yellow silk dress. Both pieces featured appliquéd lace trim in a floral motif at the hem.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / @CasaReal Twitter

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / @CasaReal Twitter

The Queen’s hair was styled in a low bun, topped off by a hat from milliner Maria Nieto. Letizia’s heels are a style many will recognize, a nude pump. In this case, it is by Prada, a brand we have seen Kate wear frequently. More specifically, the design is the Pointy Toe Pump in nude patent leather ($670).



Her pearl drop earrings are slightly reminiscent of a style Kate wears; however, these hoops are ‘plain’ gold and the pearls are not detachable. They are also older, belonging to Queen Sofia of Spain, Letizia’s mother-in-law.

Letizia Pearl Drop earrings State Visit Morning Events July 12 2017

For the later engagements, the Queen displayed her skill at sartorial diplomacy, wearing Burberry’s Trench Dress.



The satin-back crepe dress showcases buckle trimmed epaulettes and a belted waist with matching buckle.



Another view.


The Royal Family @RoyalFamily

Our thanks to Núria Tiburcio for the ID on the dress. The handbag is from Menbur, with thanks to SM Reina Letizia on Twitter for that info.

For yesterday’s departure from Madrid, the Queen was in one of her go-to labels, Hugo Boss.



She wore the Ileti top and Valeti skirt; both are past season pieces and no longer available. The Queen also wore pumps by Magrit and carried a bag by Lidia Faro.



Our thanks to Queen Letizia Style, as well as Letizia de Princesa Reina and Desvistiendo de Letizia for their ID work!

I have received a number of messages and emails asking about a What Letizia Wore blog and/or Queen Letizia style sites. Queen Letizia Style and Letizia de Princesa Reina are both terrific sites, and I am sure there are others I have neglected to mention; the fashion of Spain’s Queen is a popular topic. As far as a WLW site, we have had the What Letizia Wore URL registered since June of 2014, along with corresponding Facebook/Twitter accounts. We are talking about getting the site up and running and covering Letizia’s fashion, but need to do a little more info gathering and research before making a final decision. Stay tuned!


Also today, ITV has released its air date for the documentary we covered previously, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. It will Monday, July 24 at 9 p.m. in the UK.



From ITV’s story about the broadcast:

…the film is built around contributions from HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry, both of whom talk openly about their mother and pay tribute to the many ways  her influence has shaped their lives. 


  • It looks like HBO will air the documentary on July 25 at 10 p.m., and it will be available on demand beginning July 25. (More info here.)
  • Kirsten comments that the program will air on CBC in Canada on Wednesday, August 23. There is more info at this link she shared.

We’ll see you in just a few hours for coverage of tonight’s state banquet.


If interested in Queen Letizia’s style, there are a number of recent articles/galleries that may hold appeal:

  • British Vogue’s “Decoding Queen Letizia’s Style” is here
  • A look at Queen Letizia’s background and style may be read in this Telegraph piece 
  • The Telegraph offers a piece here on Letizia’s hair, makeup
  • From The Business Insider, “The glamorous life of style icon Queen Letizia” is here
  • InStyle has 35 photos of “Letizia’s Captivating Style” viewable here


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  48 Responses to “Kate & William Expected at Spain State Banquet & What Letizia Wore”

  1. I love love this lady. She never puts a foot wrong.

  2. It’s exciting to see the two Queens together. What star power! Letizia looks fabulous, as always.

  3. Letizia always looks perfect and does not disappoint here. . . . The white ensemble in particular is a favorite for me. However, I just don’t get the sense of warmth from her as I do the Duchess. And for me, that detracts from her overall perfect look.

    And thanks once again Susan for the great coverage.

  4. I am a big fan of Letizia’s style but this lemon ice outfit is so bland… That colour is not at all for her. It looks cheaply made with cheap fabrics. Very disappointing.

  5. Now this woman knows how to dress !!!! Kate could take a lesson or two from her.

  6. The Queen of Spain looks fabulous in yellow. And the hat is lovely too!

  7. I’ve been looking forward to Spain’s State visit and Queen Letizia doesn’t disappoint!

    Wowza! #FitnessAndFashionGoals

  8. Just an FYI for your Canadian followers. The Diana documentary is going to be played on CBC Wednesday, August 23 at 9pm ET.


  9. Why all this coverage of this woman? This is What Kate Wore, not what Random European Royalty Wore.
    No interest whatsoever in the queen of Spain, especially in this blog.

    • You sound a tad out of sorts, Jenny. Yes this is What Kate Wore, but when members of another Royal Family, are granted a State Visit to the UK and Kate will later be in the company of the Spanish Royals, most of us are very interested.

      • Not out of sorts at all, Bonnie. That’s my bluntly stated opinion — no interest in Spanish royalty, unless Kate is at the event. Maybe it’s because I’m a Yank — we have deep ties to Britain and its royal family. The rest of European royalty — don’t know, don’t care. They seem like relics of a long dead European order.

        • Well, Jenny, as you say, blunt your opinion is. I’m not sure being American or a Yank, as you put it, is the deciding factor here. I believe a huge percentage of the readers of this blog are American and they don’t seem to mind photos and information of the Spanish Royalty. You say, that American’s ties to Britain are deep. Well in that depth is Queen Victoria, and the current King of Spain and the current Queen of the UK are both descendants of Queen Victoria. Felipe and Elizabeth are third cousins, once removed. Also, the King of Spain, has been given Britain’s highest honour and made a Knight of the Garter by the Queen. So I think this is all rather special. You say your don’t care about relics of the a long dead European order and you have a right to your feelings and opinion. But for those of us who are having a good time learning a bit more about the Royal Families of Europe, we hope that Susan will continue to report, from time to time, about these other Royals, most especially when they are involved in a State visit to the UK.

          • Bonnie,
            It’s all very World War I, don’t you think?
            You see royalty and glam — I see Flanders Fields.
            Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    • I have to agree with Bonnie on this one. Although I live in the US (or maybe because I live in the US), I’m very interested in seeing royal ladies all dressed up for special occasions. I just love the fancy jewelry, and the hats (how I wish we wore hats here!). I started following the Duchess of Cambridge when she was engaged to Prince William because I’m only a few years older than her and it was exciting to see a basically normal young woman become a princess, but I really love Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s style as well and I also enjoy seeing what Queen Letizia’s wearing from time-to-time.

    • Well I am an American and a Yank and Queen Letizia is my favorite royal. I absolutely love the way she dresses. Thank you WKW for covering her on this blog.

  10. You made a mistake at the beginning of your post. The last state visit from Spain was in 1986 by King Juan Carlos, not 1977

  11. I’ve been struck how similar Letizia’s English style is to Kate’s, almost as if in deference to her hosts. The formal yellow outfit reminds me of several hat-and-coat ensembles from Kate, maybe these ornate public processions demand something more fussy. It’s a world away from the sleek Hugo Boss that Letizia left home in.

    It’s certainly the first time I have ever seen Letizia in a hat and she wears it as Kate often does hers, complete with low bun as a practical solution to a complicated accessory.

    The Burberry dress-cum-raincoat with its imitation storm shoulders also reminds me of various loose shirtwaisters of Kate’s. In all a most exciting royal day once Kate’s evening appearance was confirmed.

    • ElizaMo, surely you saw Letizia wearing hat at William and Kate’s wedding. She was dressed all in pink with a beautiful, matching hat.

  12. love her nude shoes and both ensembles, elegant and sophisticated

  13. Letizia looks fab from head to toe. Love the yellow, especially her hat.

  14. I too am eagerly awaiting the full post on this!

  15. I started imagining how Kate and Letizia could look like twins…

  16. Dear Susan,

    First time poster…long time reader.

    I adore this site and the lovely community you have created here. There is no other place I’d rather follow the life and styles of our beloved Duchess.

    In a world of stress and crudeness, crass language and dress, many of us strive to live with elegance and timelessness. We may be in the minority, but how wonderful for us to have a modern day role model to look to for fashion, style, kindness and connection. Kate seems to embody those elusive qualities in so many ways.

    Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely way you word your posts, moderate comments, and keep us informed and entertained while maintaining a beautiful atmosphere. It is so appreciated!

    Looking forward to seeing all the photos of the upcoming royal trip to Poland & Germany.

    And lastly, the thought of a What Letizia Wore site fills me with great delight!!

    Susan, you are a treasure.

    With appreciation,

  17. Letizia looks stunning. I might quibble a little with the burgundy ensemble as being a little too fall-like, but it was a stately occasion, so it’s appropriate. Letizia was a news reader before she married Felipe, and her daytime wardrobe shows her expertise in choosing outfits that suit business occasions and will photograph well. She’s great at casual and at evening attire, too.

  18. I love her style so much. In the first pics I saw earlier of the yellow outfit I didn’t love it, but the side shot looks very pretty. I like that she changed to a red dress (red and yellow being Spain’s colors) and that the king’s tie matched her dress.

  19. Thanks so much Susan for your piece on Queen Letizia. I have always found her to be the most beautiful and stylish of the royals. Her fashion choices are right on point and suit her physique perfectly. I wish there had been a blog like yours when Princess Diana was alive. I view her to be one of the style icons. Keep up your wonderful work. I thoroughly enjoy your site.

  20. I believe that the King of Spain and Queen Elizabeth are third cousins three times removed… at least if my diagram is correct! (Not strictly-speaking fashion related!)

  21. I’m in Heaven, looking at, and reading about this meeting up of the royals! The gowns, day dresses and jewels, as well as the other accessories, has been such fun to see! Such stunning outfits, each and every one! Made my day! So enjoy this blog! Thank you for bringing this joy to me! I so appreciate seeing the finery as well as the beautiful rooms, and grand displays (carriage rides, etc.)

  22. Loved this “special edition” on Queen Letizia!

  23. Queen Letizia never fails to impress.

  24. Letizia always looks amazing. She doesn’t wear a hat very often but obviously did so for this occasion, with Queen Elizabeth setting the tone with a hat. And what a hat, Letizia chose! It looks fabulous on her. The entire yellow/cream outfit makes quite a statement.

    The claret coloured Burberry dress and the white outfit Letizia wore departing from Spain were up to her usual high stylish standards.

    I am smiling that, although Letizia has an extensive, colourful and very edgy shoe wardrobe, she chose to wear nude pumps with two if her outfits. It is almost like she thought she needed to take on this British go-to shoe.

    Can’t wait to see the gown and gems for the state dinner!

  25. Love the Burberry; what a gorgeous color on her.

  26. King Felipe is SO TALL!

    Just googled–he is 6’6″—

  27. Hi Susan ! What do you think about this dress by Marchesa ? Is the Kate’s model of dress but in grey and as gown ?
    Greetings :)

  28. The Queen of Spain always looks fabulous!!

  29. I can’t wait to see everyone in their finery this evening, gowns and jewels!

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