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Kate made her third wardrobe change of the day for tonight’s creative industries reception. She used the opportunity to wear another sartorial selection recognizing her host country. The Duchess wore a dress by Markus Lupfer, a German-born, London-based designer.

Clärchens Ballhaus Facebook (Click photo to visit FB page)

Clärchens Ballhaus Facebook (Click photo to visit FB page)

The event was at the historic Clärchens Ballhaus.

©Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

©Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

The Ballhaus is the last remaining old-time ballroom/dance hall in Germany. The following is from a 2013 Der Spiegel story:

Clärchens Ballhaus has seen illegal dueling, Nazi dancing bans, wartime destruction and communist black-marketeering. Fans celebrating its 100th anniversary this week say it retains a timeless charm that makes it an enduring icon of Berlin nightlife.

The Ballhaus now serves food in its beer garden and is used for concerts, parties, dance lessons and many other activities.

Via Claerchens Ballhaus Facebook (Click photo to visit FB page)

Via Clärchens Ballhaus Facebook (Click photo to visit FB page)

More about tonight’s reception from The Daily Mail:

Tonight’s event in the German capital offers a chance for Kate and William to meet faces from the world of art, culture, style, fashion and technology before they back to the UK tomorrow afternoon

Duke Duchess Cambridge Clarchens Ballhaus Kate Middleton Markus Lupfer Royal Tour

Clärchens Ballhaus Facebook (Click photo to visit FB page)

One of those famous faces: Game Of Thrones star Thomas Wlaschiha.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The scene inside the Ballhaus.

© Clärchens Ballhaus / Bernd Schönberger (Click photo to visit Ballhaus Facebook gallery)

© Clärchens Ballhaus / Bernd Schönberger (Click photo to visit Ballhaus Facebook gallery)

Kate and William on their way to the ballroom.

Clärchens Ballhaus / Bernd Schönberger (Click photo to visit Ballhaus FB gallery)

Clärchens Ballhaus / Bernd Schönberger (Click photo to visit Ballhaus FB gallery)

Kate wore a dress from the Markus Lupfer pre-fall collection.

©Pool, PA Images / Markus Lupfer

©Pool, PA Images / Markus Lupfer

The designer calls it the Teal Bird Pleated Arabella Dress; the sleeveless style features a wild sparrow print. It hit just below the shin, so it is beyond midi length, perhaps best referred to as “almost maxi length.” The bodice isn’t what I would call blouson style, but it was leaning in that direction.

The material is more interesting than readily seen, here is a look at the bodice for Kate’s dress, as well as a blouse in another colorway. Additionally, if you look at the waist on Kate’s dress, you can see (barely) what I think are raw edges of the material.

Markus Lupfer / Farfetch

Markus Lupfer / Farfetch

This evening the Markus Lupfer Facebook page says:

“Fit for a princess: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge wows in our Wild Sparrow Dress at a reception tonight in Berlin.

This style has already sold out, but discover more of the Wild Sparrow story from our Pre-Fall ’17 Collection online now

I think the company might have known Kate could wear the dress this evening; it is featured on the label’s home page.

Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer

Many thanks to HeavenQRF on Twitter for another fab ID, she really is a whiz!

Thoughts about the dress election from Bethan Holt’s Telegraph column:

What to wear for an evening in the midst of some of Berlin’s most eccentric and creative inhabitants, at a venue renowned as a hipster playground?

It’s not a dressing conundrum which many royals face, but tonight the Duchess of Cambridge stepped up to the challenge. In the end, she swerved the chance to wear something from one of Berlin’s community of avant-garde young fashion designers, opting instead for a chic yet richly decorative dress by Markus Lupfer, a German-born, London-based designer who is best known for his quirkily colourful knitwear.



More about the designer from the company’s web site:

Lupfer is renowned for his humorously subversive knitwear and inspired approach to jersey daywear and tailoring. His innovative and often surreal use of print, embroidery and graphic embellishment, continues to earn him a devoted celebrity following.

Madonna, Beyonce, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevigne, Olivia Palermo, Anna Kendrick and Nina Dobrev are listed as fans of the designer. Pippa Middleton also wears the label.

Kate’s most interesting accessory tonight: the 3-strand pearl bracelet worn on her left wrist.


©PA images/REX, Shutterstock

I received a number of messages and emails about it and its similarity to a bracelet worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. On this topic, I defer to royal jewelry expert Order of Splendor whose thoughts can be seen in this tweet about the bracelet.

Diana wore the bracelet in 1989 with the iconic Catherine Walker strapless dress and bolero jacket that she called her “Elvis dress.” (More about the dress here.)

There was some thought that this is a bracelet Kate wore to the Order of Garter in 2008.



Here is a closer look at the bracelet.



Order of Splendor notes the spacer bar on the 2008 bracelet is different from that on Diana’s bracelet. So it appears that Kate wore a vintage piece of Princess Diana’s for this evening’s reception in Berlin.

The Duchess brought back her Soru Baroque Pearl earrings (£130).


©PA Images/Soru

We saw a new clutch that is not yet identified. Kate’s handbag appears to be a style by Anne Grand-Clément.



The bags are handmade in India; we learn more about the process from the designer:

Each one of my pouches reflects the amazing labour of one embroiderer whose singular skill has been passed down for generations. Using a traditional Beauvais stitch, the embroiderer is seated bending over the loom as if in meditation. Up to 30 hours is needed to complete one pouch.

It looks like Kate’s belt (seen in pictures above) might be by Jenny Packham, with thanks to Michelle of Perth’s Fashion once again for her detective work on this item. Her tweet (below) shows several examples of the style.

Kate wore the Prada Scalloped Suede Sandals seen last night, a suede style in a color called ‘quartz’ or ‘quarzo.’ This color is sold out, but they are still available in black in very limited sizes at Net-a-Porter. NOTE: The initial photo showed the wrong style Prada sandal; *thank you* to those who let me know so I could correct the picture.

Kate Germany Day 2 Reception Ballhaus Scalloped Prada Sandal JUly 20 2017

Tonight’s other hot fashion topic: the shoes worn by the gentleman acting as host to William and Kate.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

On the Facebook page, Beth F suggests they are by Merluti; I think she may be right!

If you missed our earlier post about the Heidelberg and River Neckar engagements, click here to get caught up on those outfits.

©i-Images/James Whatling

©i-Images/James Whatling

We have a sidebar addition of particular interest in light of our discussion about Princess Diana and one of her jewelry pieces. Jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane died today; we have more from Vogue:

Lane designed his namesake jewelry line for more than 50 years and was a firm believer that glamour should be an attainable, everyday luxury.

He never ventured into fine jewelry, but that didn’t stop socialites and celebrities from choosing his pieces over the real thing—Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Princess Diana were frequently photographed in Lane’s designs.

Kenneth Jay Lane

Kate has worn Kenneth Jay Lane

Kate has also worn Kenneth Jay Lane, the Silvertone Crystal Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane/JacksonLee, Splash News

Kenneth Jay Lane/Jackson Lee, Splash News

We’ll see you tomorrow for the final day of the tour.

Friday, July 21:

  • The final day of the tour begins in Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, with a visit to the city’s Maritime Museum. The Duke and Duchess celebrate the UK-German Year of Science; an initiative focused on the world’s oceans.
  • The couple’s next engagement is at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, one of the largest concert halls in the world.  Kate and William will hear a special performance for children by the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra.
  • The final official stop of the tour is the Airbus Hamburg Campus, where the Duke and Duchess will meet German and English apprentices and see the final assembly of an A320 aircraft.
  • The tour concludes here, as the group departs directly from Airbus and returns to London.


  130 Responses to “Kate Wears Markus Lupfer and Diana’s Bracelet for Berlin Reception”

  1. I quite like this look. I’m not usually fond of that length, and I think the modifications to the sleeves were a good choice. I’d love to see her wear a funky up do but I do love her new haircut!

  2. This is a hideous dress on her and she’s so beautiful, I don’t understand her choices lately. This and the red beach dress are just horrible choices. I’m not sure who is advising her but she needs someone else in that job.

    • I agree. I do think, however, that the dress is much improved by the black leather shoes and studded belt the model is wearing as these reflect a more “earthy” aesthetic and provide a counterpoint to the print. Kate’s filagreed belt along with the Scalloped Prada sandals fight against the print and just don’t work, trying to pull the dress where it doesn’t want to go.

      The “boho everything goes” mindset that has taken over women’s fashions of the past several years is a very tricky business. It takes a very skilled and deft hand to pull it off. Too much confidence can be a downfall and this outfit is definitely proof that sometimes even the professionals get it wrong. I know I wouldn’t be caught dead in this particular ensemble.

  3. This is worse than the red “beach cover-up”. She is becoming really boring!!!!

  4. I just don’t like these Prada wavy sandals in any colour. They overpower her dresses vying for all of your attention like a puppy at your feet. I prefer subdued delicate sandals that accentuate like the pretty ones she wore to Wimbledon. The dress and bracelet were very lovely together. I disagree then girlfriend Kate in 2008 was wearing a Diana bracelet. I believe her first contact with such precious items was her engagement ring in 2010.

    • Rereading my comment I should have stated.. speculation as to whether Kate was wearing a Diana bracelet in 2008

  5. I really like this dress, seems just right for the event. It looks like the sleeve line was altered, making a bit of a cap sleeve on Kate’ version compared to a sleeveless version of the model. I like Kate’s better, gives more balance to the overall look of the dress. Accessories–well…. I think black shoes would have been better–she could have worn the wavy black pair. SIlver would have been too much, too glitzy. I find the purse to be a little too glitzy–it has an interesting design, but I don’t think it goes very well with the dress and certainly not the shoes. A black clutch with the black shoes, better choice. I like the belt,the earrings, and Diana’s bracelet. However, I’m not sure about mixing pearls with the predominance of silver. Perhaps a silver filigree bracelet would be a better match. I think she saw the 3 strands of the bracelet and the 3 strands of the belt and figured they would go well together. Besides the dress, the other thing that stands out is how vibrant and happy Kate looks, and how she and William appear to be so connected. It’s nice to see!

    • Well said! I agree with everything, though I like the contrast of the belt and bracelet. It’s almost like the bracelet fills the holes of the belt. The clutch is interesting but I don’t like the pattern conflicting with such a heavily-patterned dress.

      As for the earrings – THIS is finally the outfit they were made for!

  6. New York and Company has an excellent repliKate on the Prada sandals. They are called something like Scalloped Faux Suede Sandals and were $14.99 this afternoon.

  7. I think the dress is a good look on Kate, appropriate and modern. I love the purse, great accessory!!!!. I think the dress deserved black or silver shoes, the beige shoes
    are a safe and boring.

  8. Oh,, what a lot! The red gypsy dress is so me that I naturally like it; I don’t like red much & prefer the pink, but she looked wonderful, just right for a summer party outside!
    The marigold seemed a bit more evening than daytime but I loved that too – the cut of the skirt seemed to be the same as the floral ‘Concentration Camp’ combo. I was intrigued at this design, you said a ‘lace’, was the lace sewn on?
    Bird-Print dress: – I love Bird Prints! I would never wear Bird Print myself myself, I only use it on home decor etc (that is not a criticism that belittles) but I think Catherine looks amazing!! Silver belt just makes it a ‘star’!
    Lavender dress? Beautiful colour (but I would say that!), but the cut & flare is wonderful too.
    The shoes are always described as ‘Praline’; I think of ‘Pralines’ as chocolates, but the shoes always look like a ‘blush pink’ tone (which went well at Pippa’s wedding); do they have a blush pink tone?

  9. Kate somehow manages to look make the dress look better than the dress models themselves can do. Just lovely! (Whereas I don’t think it’s really that lovely at all in the brand’s photo of it.)

  10. Another totally ugly choice. I’m so over her fashion. Boring, matronly, ugly, frumpy.

  11. I dig it. Modern, fresh, unexpected, interesting, different. Good for her. Clothes are supposed to be fun.

    • I love your comment because “I dig it” is the complete attitude behind this outfit. It’s not princess or royal- it’s urbane sophistication with a definite hipster vibe. It’s of a generation that wears Grandma’s pearls with thrift store shoes. And she nailed it.

  12. I love this look on Catherine. She looks elegant and sophisticated and totally right for the event and the setting. The print on the dress is great and I like the way she has accessorized her look. Well done Kate.

  13. oh and the guy with the silver loafers! Yeah William is going to have to step it up in the shoe department!! lol

  14. I always have issues with Kate’s accessorizing. It’s either too much or not enough. This look there was a lot going on. The belt was awesome. The dress ok… something about where the sleeves cut off was awkward. It would have been better without the pearl bracelet and the shoes. Those shoes with the bands threw off the proportion.

  15. I’m probably in the minority here as I love this dress. The colour is fantastic on Kate and I quite like the pattern. My only regret is the shoes, I am not sure of the choice of coulour or style. Hope to this this dress again with the Jimmy Choo Vamp sandals seen at the Tusk awards and at the Olympic Gala.

  16. I’m German and here are my two cents on the dresses and the schedule. The main purpose of this visit was to show how closely our two nations work together and to strengthen that bond. It was no accident that the scientist who showed them around the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg was British, that the two rowing teams were a mix of rowers from Cambridge and Heidelberg (who btw are twinned), that the shirts worn by the rowers had the neologism Freund(i.e. friend)ship(i.e. schaft) on the back and that last night the duchess wore a dress by a German designer based in London. It’s obvious that a lot of thought on both sides has been put into planning their schedule. The sartorial diplomacy HRH is so renowned for was put to great effect. While I have never heard of the cornflower being our state flower (we don’t have anything like that) and Prussian Blue is darker than the color of the coat she wore on her arrival plus only someone who isn’t German would think the red dress was reminiscent of a dirndl, she paid subtle tribute to our national colors of black, red and gold. It is pretty much impossible to combine the three in one dress and still look chic – as all the girls trying to do it during Germany’s football matches have found out. But she wisely chose to wear one dress in red, one in gold and last night a dark grey one which all in all was great. They were received very enthusiastically here and I hope their visit will help remind both nations that our friendship should remain strong even when Great Britain leaves the EU.

    • What a lovely insight from the host country — thank you so much Nanna!

    • The blue cornflower was one of the national symbols of Germany. This is partly due to the story that when Queen Louise of Prussia was fleeing Berlin and pursued by Napoleon’s forces, she hid her children in a field of cornflowers and kept them quiet by weaving wreaths for them from the flowers.

    • Great to have the German perspective on the visit! Heidelberg has definitely been added to my places to visit in Germany, looks like a charming city. Too bad there isn’t time or opportunity to get outside the cities and into the beautiful countryside, but maybe they can make it a private family vacation in the future. Such a gorgeous country!

    • Nicely said.

  17. I like this look, in fact `I think its one of Kate’s best informal evening looks. The colours of the dress suit her and I think her shoes work really well with this dress length. The pale colour works with the pale colours in the dress and the straps look a bit edgy. I really cant understand why others dont thing they work.
    Actually, I’m often critical of Kate’s accessorising but here, her shoes, bag, earrings and even bracelet work well. Kate looks great!!

  18. Very elegant dress but those huge birds are not pleasing to the eye! The choice of colour for the sandals is perfect for the dark green on the dress. That clutch does not belong to the outfit, neither does Diana’s delicate pearl bracelet.
    Her hair is always her best accessory!

  19. The more I see dresses by Emilia Wickstead, the less I like them. In fact, I don’t like them at all. To me, they photograph like they’re made of horrid cheap thick polyester from the 1970s that looks really bulky around the waist. I’m sure they’re NOT cheap fabric, but they LOOK that way to me. And if they are going to look at all good on someone, they would look good on Kate, but they don’t and that’s not a comment on Kate, it’s a comment on the dresses. Ugh!

    • So, I checked out the designer’s website and there are indeed some beautiful clothes, so I have concluded I just don’t like the designer’s dresses that Kate has worn! They tend to be very similar – solid colours in what look like heavy wools. I think what bothers me is that they look too heavy on Kate and photos probably don’t do them justice. They look heavy and thick around the waist and just hand on Kate’s body.

  20. Has anyone figured out the mystery of the belt yet? It sort of reminds me of these Jenny Packham Olympia designs: http://m.ebay.ie/sch/i.html?_pgn=1&LH_PrefLoc=2&_sop=1&isRefine=false&_nkw=jenny%20packham%20bracelet

    • Michelle (PerthsFashion on Twitter) posted some Jenny Packham Olympia pix this morning, but I haven’t added them to the post yet. I think you are both on the right track with this, very much so. With the benefit of your link I’ll have more to choose from, thank you! :)

  21. Every day I go on this site, and everyday people sling insults instead of having just thoughtful conversations on what she’s wearing. I’m curious, is there anything she wears that you do like? I see a beautiful happy woman that has to constantly endure everyone bashing her no matter what she does. I would kill for her wardrobe, but I guess you all have expertly picked, custom made outfits everyday laid out for you and never ever make a step wrong. I enjoy this site, but it’s supposed to fun, they are clothes. Find some happiness in your life besides sitting behind a screen and tearing apart a person you don’t even know. This is seriously one of the biggest problems in society today is people having the inability to be kind to one another.

    • Amen! Thank you for saying it.

    • I think WKW provides a forum for people to comments on Kate’s outfits and how they are put together, which is the purpose of the comments section in the first place, but I think “admin” makes sure that no one is “tearing anyone apart”. I don’t think there is any harm in sharing honest opinions about outfits – that’s the purpose of the site – and personally, I like reading differing opinions – if all the comments were sycophantic “I love that” type of comments, I wouldn’t read them! Most of my comments, for example, pertain to my personal taste, which of course, differs from Kate’s. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate her outfits or the effort she puts into them. I think people who comments on this site are generally supportive of Kate and recognize that she is in a spotlight that isn’t shone on any of us.

      • Well said Hilary. It is called What Kate Wore allowing the visitor to read about the event and then what she wore to mark such event. I love the comments section allowing visitors here to have an opinion on what kate wore. It makes me wonder then why you read the comments all of you who are offended by any negativity. I challenge you have you ever cast a critical eye over one of her outfits but because you think it and don’t say it you hold the higher ground. The Duchess to me has a healthy attitude and is clearly not bogged down by opinions. She continues to wear her beloved coat dresses, skinny jeans, stripey casual tops, even clothing and jewellery from years ago because she likes them. She has a coterie of designers she falls back on time and time again to maintain the look she is after. Not the look we’re after. Rest assured.

        • I love your challenge: Have you ever cast a critical eye over one of her outfits but because you think it and don’t say it you hold the higher ground.

          I love that we can share our opinions here – having an opinion on an outfit Kate wore does not equal an attack on Kate.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment Michelle. I visit this site often to look at the photos and read the thoughtful commentary provided by the author!

      More recently I have noticed a trend towards criticizing DofC. We all choose how to wear clothes based on our personality, our view of the world, and our comfort level. I admire Catherine for trying new things, putting herself out there, and never seeming to mind that people are scrutinizing her every choice.

      This is my first time commenting, so I want to take this opportunity to thank the site author for the wonderful work!

      • Kathryn, I have noticed as well that the comments are becoming more mean-spirited. I hope that everyone who posts keeps in mind that an opinion can be given thoughtfully and diplomatically, without resorting to careless words. Thank you for pointing this out.

  22. Stunning! I love her hair, earrings, dress – another diplomatic nod to the host country – earrings, belt, bracelet, clutch. As for the sandals – how on earth is she able to walk in such high heels?!?!

  23. I like the dress. I think it’s appropriate for an occasion like this, and it’s nice to see her branch out with something different, print-wise. Love the earrings and the bracelet.
    The shoes need to go–they don’t really work here. Her shoes have been curiously strange this tour! The clutch is meh.

  24. It’s probably not easy to find a UK-based German designer. She needs to promote Made in UK, after all. The dress is interesting, I like the length and this silhouette actually elongates her body, so I don’t understand, again, what is matronly about this. I wish to be a mateonly woman, if this is what matronly looks like, lol.

    The toe polish now looks normal, so I think it is not long before we see q vampy color or even pastels on her toes. They would look good on summer sandals. Crossing fingers!

  25. I also don’t get the shoes with this. But I will say I just saw video of her in this dress on the news, and photographs of it really don’t do it justice. They don’t clearly capture all the full-length pleats, which are really beautiful and make the fabric look much nicer. Considering the busy print, the designer and seamstress really did a great job

  26. I think the dress is a good choice for the occasion and while I love the shoes I don’t think I would have worn them with this dress. The dress ends mid calf and the shoes encircle the ankle, I am not sure it does great things for her legs – which are good and somehow at least in pictures it doesn’t flow. I wouldn’t have gone for pump/court shoe, but a sandle where the strapping across the ankle was lower, or over the foot. There is a classic Jimmy Choo style that does this and I know the Duchess has worn shoes with a similar styles before.

  27. At first I didn’t like this dress…I thought it was too dark but after seeing more pictures and looking at the pattern of the dress I really like it. It’s different and looked great on her. I’ve never really liked the earrings when she’s worn them previously but they actually work really well with this dress. For me the only misstep with this ensemble were the shoes…the pale color just didn’t work, I think if she had gone with a grey/silver shoe it would’ve been better.

  28. As usual, Kate is short of achieving a great look:
    - the mismatched jewelry – both in style and design
    - the shoes
    - the hairstyle

    If there is a stylist, the stylist should be fired.

    • 100% agreed

    • Agreed. The final touch accessories often seem so random and unpolished. A really good stylist would be a great investment! That said, I love the interesting dress choices lately, and, the great, bouncy hair. Yay for branching out! :)

  29. This is a perfect city-chic choice from Kate, its lovely subdued colours in contrast to her previous sunny provincial outfit. The designer is a master of print making with an abstract arty effect in the folds of the drape when hanging loose, but a familiar bird in outline on closer inspection. Funny how often a bird print adds class.

    I’m delighted we have an ID for our feathered friend. I’d had it down as a Lesser Spotter Urban Designer Bird given a similar shape is used elsewhere in the Lupfer collection, in whatever colours suit the artist rather than environmental correctness. Thank you so much for the illustration of another of the prints. It’s an intriguing new designer for Kate and fun that she is able to reference her own sister by choosing the label.

    Kate’s accessories work fine, the eclectic mix of chain, pearls and strappy sandals somehow part-and-parcel of the creative nature of the event. I’m intrigued to be introduced to the Ballhaus and must offer my respects to a fine old building that has somehow managed give various invading armies the slip.

  30. My kingdom for a silver shoe!

    This isn’t my all-time favorite, but the forest-green and silver combination throughout is really remarkably beautiful on her…and unusual. I don’t understand the neutral shoes with it!

    • Just swap out the silver Jimmy Choo sandals, and this is out-of-the-ballpark for me! It’s such a fun and funky (for her) look that I’m more endeared to it the longer I look at it.

  31. Why are we so fascinated by Catherine I won’t even call her Kate Middleton she is married with two children.
    - She is married to the royal family and found a great stylist. You can work hard and make your own mark on the world. As for style hire a stylist or find out what works for you and stick to it.
    - Why not look up to a someone in academics and learn more and grow more.
    Setting up a site in her name and paying for it – You are burdened and Catherine is benefiting.

    Ask yourself – Who is Benefitting and who is Burdened! – In terms of time, effort and cost.

    Great site – But one I think should be in your own name – instead of Catherine….

  32. Haha. I am surprised to see that so many here did not like this look. I feel like I’m usually one of the first to be critical but I think she looks great. I like the dress a lot, the shoes work with it, her hair works with it (I often think she should pull her hair back at cocktail functions), the jewelry works, even the belt that she added looks good with the dress (I usually hate when Kate adds belts, lol.)

    I think this dress and the white cocktail dress from Poland are good examples of Kate stepping outside her comfort zone a bit, but still maintaining her own style.

    • So glad to find a fellow fan of this dress — I think it’s just plain gorgeous. It’s precisely the kind of print that can stay in a wardrobe for a lifetime as the clever subdued colouring makes it an easy convenient pick on those days when eager to avoid any hint of trying to stop traffic.

      I think that’s what I mean. Getting to the end of the tour and rational thought difficult :-/

      • I think it’s a great dress, and what’s even better it’s interesting. I’m not sure the murky colors are the most flattering g on her, though

  33. a “blah” choice although made for the right reasons. I found the red “peasant” dress absurd, so this one is better, but with her odd length hair nothing looks great. Just as she did with the “fringe” she won’t commit. Either have a fringe or not. Either cut the hair or not. If she wants shorter hair she needs a style. This is just her long hair but not as beautiful. She needs to find a style.

    • I agree with you. The Marcus Lupfer dress is a great choice. I think the cut and the length were perfect. If it were any more generous of a cut, it would be just too much. The red nightgown the previous night was not a good choice (haha!).

      I agree with other posts re silver sandals would have been better. A chunkier silver sandal could have avoided the risk of veering into formal territory as it appears neither the venue nor the event was formal.

      As for her hair, I imagine it is difficult to go from very long glorious hair to short hair overnight, so she went in-between. Then again, it’s just hair – it grows! On the other hand (three hands?), shorter hair needs to be styled all the time to look good – at least at this length she can still pull it back in a pony which is really great when you are busy with two young children on your “days off”!

    • Couldn’t agree more on her lack of commitment to changes to her hairstyle. She has great hair, she needs to find her confidence.

  34. Wow i just adore that dress! how fab she wore that bracelet too!

  35. It’s not the most gorgeous of all her looks but I think she got it right for the occasion. “Clärchens Ballhaus” in the “Mitte”district of Berlin is probably as far into hipster territory as the royals could get (…it’s mildly hip but still in safe distance to lets say Berghain Club…).”Posh” is not the thing there, individuality is appreciated and chic should look like it sort of coincidentally “happened” but isn’t taken too seriously. The simple column shape of the dress balances out the rather busy print.There is some pleating going on in the bodice to lift the quality but it’s very subtle so the overall look remains understated. The colouring almost looks like military camouflage on first sight, wich gives it a welcomed edge.Also the bird motif of the print is a tiniy bit more wild than the classic flowers.The bag,the belt and the shoes are ok,not perfect for the dress, but again, this ist Berlin, so now one really cares.

    • Thanks so much for the local knowledge. I agree with your comment about the simple column shape helps slow down the busy-ness of the print. It also struck me how such dull, loose mid–length dresses can make Kate look kind of droopy, but this one oozes chic and considered structure. Individuality appreciated, as you say.

  36. From first sight I didn’t consider this dress to be evening or intersting but looking at photos further I can say that it suits sircumstances well. It’s not so evening occasion, the place looks rather simple so this dress is appropriate. But still not so inspiring. Earrings add more light and liveliness to all look so I like them and clutch also.

  37. I think the sleeve has been altered on the version Kate is wearing. It’s more of a cap sleeve and is more over her shoulder compared to the original on the model. In my opinion this makes it a more flattering shape.

  38. I love this look and find it very flattering and current on DOC. I agree that the sandals aren’t s perfect choice, but overall they still seem to work. Finally a dress that pairs well with those earrings!

  39. I am not a big fan of this dress, in part because it seems dark for a summer day but I am also not a fan of such a loose style. Just personal taste. Also agree the sleeves are not quite right. But overall I like the dress and it is spot on for the occasion. Agree the shoes are not quite right nor the jewelry combination. Hee hee I am arguing with myself, I like it but for me it is just bit of a miss from the dress to the shoes to the jewelry, But I argue as I bet if I saw her in person I might think what a lovely outfit and how beautiful she looks.

  40. THIS is what everyone means when they say Kate needs to be more adventurous when it comes to fashion! Not a classic shade of red on a dress that is straight out of the 80′s and does nothing for her shape- but a unique (unusual!) pattern that we wouldn’t expect in a dress that flatters her long, lean figure. Say what you want about the length… the length is actually perfect, it’s just the top strap of the sandal that makes it look ‘wrong’. That being said- I adore these shoes on their own, and I like the choice of nude with such a busy pattern.

    All in all, despite it not being my favourite dress of all time, and the fact that it isn’t a classic or timeless print, I am so glad she picked something unexpected and different that she still looks stunning in. I loved all 3 outfits today!

    • I agree — this is a perfect example of Kate becoming more confident in her fashion adventures. She’s pulled off a terrific wardrobe for this trip.

      • I agree! She has had a wild variety of engagements during this tour and I think she has hit the right notes. She has definitely gone out of her comfort zone and I particularly liked her evening choices. As for the different choices she has perfected the art of diplomatic courtesy either with color or designer. And I for one love her hair at this length! Her longer hair can look very “heavy” on her delicate frame.

  41. Love the belt and shoes and earrings. Hate the dress.

  42. Is this the first time we have seen Kate with painted toenails?

  43. This choice is a mystery. I can’t imagine what about this dress she found appealing. Completely unremarkable. What’s worse is she has been blessed with an insanely great figure and this dress manages to obscure that. That’s hard to do. I know I sound harsh, but she has access to *everything* on the market, so I’m at a loss.

    The pearl bracelet is not the same as the one from 2008. In addition to the difference in hardware, the bracelet worn in Germany (and Diana’s) seems to have smaller pearls (note none of the strands appear to touch one another in images of DoC tonight or Diana) and it also appears to be more loosely strung.

    On a different note, I have to say, it’s really nice to see images of this couple like the one (11th from top) where they are looking at one another. There have been six years, two kids, and though they enjoy tremendous material comforts, their lives have unique stresses. Yet there seems to be genuine affection between the two of them. Admirable.

  44. I have to agree with those who say this look is okay but nothing special. Perhaps if she would have done something a little edgier with her hair, the dress would have done more for me. Two nights in a row with the same hairstyle is a small disappointment, but it worked better last night with the off-the-shoulder gown and it basically stayed the same all day for all of the activities. The bracelet, although beautiful and a lovely nod to her mother-in-law, is just too traditional for a look that was trying to be young and hip. I do love her eye makeup and her earrings, but as someone else noted, they don’t quite match the style of the bracelet, and you can’t really appreciate the latter with her hair down. And the dress hits at such an awkward length for her height, which is exaggerated with those nude rick-rack heels. She could’ve subbed the d’Orsay heels from the first evening’s reception here, and it would’ve been more pulled together. (Also, she could’ve worn tonight’s bracelet on Day 1, too…). Her clutch is cool, but again, doesn’t work with the color scheme.

    In short, it’s not a bad look, but it’s on the forgettable side. I will say, I love how happy and relaxed the Duke and Duchess seem to be on this trip. They seem to really be enjoying themselves, which is the most important takeaway from all of this.

  45. Hey, does anyone know whether this dress was customized for Catherine with the little almost-cap sleeves, or is it just that the model has hers pushed up a bit farther on the shoulders. There’s definitely a difference. I like it with the sleeves better.

    It’s a kind of unusual assemblage of pieces, but I think it all works together. Of course she can’t please everyone; some of us prefer a coordinated set of accessories and others of us are leery of the “matchy-matchy” look. It seems she’s offered us a bit of each, this trip.

    I like the sandals so much better with this dress. Last night’s red number was crying out for a chunky black sandal, but this pairing works. Good show.

  46. Stylish and elegant. Kate will never please everyone with her clothes.

  47. I’m not liking this dress. The length and colourings are too old for her. The purse and belt and dress pattern make it hard for one to focus on certain thing. Too busy. Sorry but this one is a complete miss!

  48. Would love to see the back of the belt on this dress.

    She hit a home run with her yellow dress this morning. It was my favorite.

  49. This dress isn’t my favorite, but it looks better on Kate than on the model. This shade of green is certainly her color, and I like that the bracelet is an echo of the triple row of circles in the belt, even though the bracelet is very traditional and the belt is not. The earrings are well suited to the dress.

    I suspect the clutch is by a German designer as well, for the simple reason that it doesn’t seem to be her style at all, more of an “accessory shout-out”, and she hasn’t carried it before.

    The photos are a continuing triumph – if protocol permitted, it seemed at numerous times that these two would have been holding hands, or leaning in for a kiss. It’s been a busy week, but they seem to have really loved this tour.

    • P.S. Thank you for the writeup on Mr. Lane – interesting that he only focused on affordable luxury jewelry, I like his philosophy. I’ll keep his outlook in mind when Kate opts for costume jewelry. That’s one impressive list of women endorsing “the cheap stuff”. Love it!

    • Thanks for mentioning that bracelet/belt tie-up — I’ve only just noticed it! So subtle and yet it pulls the whole look together.

    • And another threesome — three rows pearls, three of belt circles, and, yes, three of ric-rac straps on sandals. A hat-trick of threes? :-/

  50. At first glance I really liked this, but the more I look, the more it seems it doesn’t come together. The shoes don’t work with the bag or the dress. The dress seems too edgy to me for such a formal, delicate (though beautiful) bracelet. The sleeves look like they hit in an odd place. Like so many outfits discussed on this blog, this one gets close but just doesn’t quite make it, at least for me. I do think her hair has looked really great, and I hope we see the bracelet again soon with a different style.

  51. I am truly sorry to say this. Kate is lovely and the whole family makes me smile. But clothes wise, this tour for me is absolutely the most disappointing of all the tours.

  52. The more I see this look, the more I love it. The pattern and the cut are very flattering on Kate. I love interesting belts. Never been a fan of those earrings, but they are actually a great addition to this look. My only quibble is with the shoes – they’re a bit high for this dress, and I’d prefer something with straighter straps. But that’s minor.

    Thank you Germany, Kate is hitting it out of the park with her evening wear!

  53. I believe the Prada shoes do not match the Duchess’s shoes. The backs of the shoes are different and the top strap is higher on the shoes the Duchess wore versus the Prada shoes.

  54. The dress is not attractive at all. This is one of my least favourite looks on the Duchess. The dull print is similar to the Erdem dress that Meghan Markle wore at Prince Harry’s friend’s wedding.

  55. My take on Kate’s dress is that it is okay. It is not fabulous, nor is it awful. Nice that she chose from a German designer, although I find it to be a rather drab look. Perhaps the thing that bothers me most about this ensemble is that there is no harmony and no cohesiveness. The earrings and bracelet, although beautiful in themselves, do not really go together with the earrings being baroque pearls and the bracelet being symmetrical pearls. The belt appears to be silver, whereas the edging on the earrings Is gold. The purse is a print that in no way relates to the print in the dress. And I’ve decided that these shoes are a big miss. They are too high, nude once again and the zig zag bands, as someone else said, look like rick rack that trimmed children’s clothes a few decade ago.

    Individually some of the pieces have merit, but put together it creates a mish mash of assorted and competing elements. There is just too much going on and as I said before, there is no harmony.

    • Agree

      • I love this outfit for many of the reasons that others do not. The dress is edgy with a thoroughly modern, graphic print softened by the birds in flight pattern and the soft fabric. Love the pleating, (ruching?) and the columnar silhouette. Finally the mixed metals and surfaces are absolutely au courant with the hip generation of that room and that city.

        This is a thorougly modern urban Princess, nothing sedate here. I think she nailed the look.

        • I’m right with you on this one anita, thank you for expressing it so well. These are what I think of as city-dweller colours as one is so often trying to merge into the crowd and standing out is so uncool. The whole subdued thing is precisely what city hipsters favour and Kate’s choice was spot-on for the company she was with.

        • Agreed! I think she looks gorgeous! I love the edgy colors of her dress for the event. And her new haircut is just what she needed- we can see her lovely face and bone structure now! And she seems to love it- she is absolutely glowing in every picture of her since she got it cut! Her neutral shoes pick up the same hue in the dress and keep things light for the summer. And the clutch is a great change from the solid color clutches we see so often. This was a win for me!

        • I’m totally of the same thought. The ensemble has the right level of urban glam with a refreshing appearance of insouciance, particularly for a tour.
          I could have loved it more with a different shoe, but that’s not a huge quibble.
          All in all, it’s a great look to me, especially considering the parade of predictable designers/styles this short tour had.

        • I agree with you! It’s an eclectic look that works well together and blends in with the part of town that they are in. A more polished, matchy matchy look would have looked out of place.

        • I agree. I especially like the pearls with the metal belt.

          I’d like to have seen a darker shoe — maybe something with a bit of silver? Or a deep green? — but then that might have been a bit too matched-looking.

    • Also agree.

    • You so eloquently said exactly what I was thinking! Thank you!

    • & me.

    • Agree, I can overlook the other things but those shoes are just not a good choice for this dress.
      There is nothing about this dress that coordinates with a beige shoe. I might have been able to go for a cream/white to pull out the white in the dress and pearl.

  56. The stappy sandals she is wearing are not the Prada shown in the side by side, or on the Neiman Marcus website. Her strap encircles the ankle and the heel is enclosed.

  57. I LOVE this look. She looks so thin and long in the dress. The deep green colour is beautiful on her.

    • Agree! This look is perfect. I love, love, love when she goes for more adventurous prints & shapes. I tend to find many of her looks boring or matronly.

      Here, the makeup works, the shoes work, and her new haircut works (I haven’t been a fan until now.) And, I love the risk she took with the bag. Well done!

  58. This tour has seen Kate at her most fashionable and elegant. Love the bird print and those shoes. The yellow dress earlier in the day is a keeper.

  59. Her shoes do not appear to be the Prada style mentioned- they do not have the strap around the back of the heel, but a zipper closure. They look more similar to a style by Club Monaco, the “Channon” Heeled Sandal. http://m.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=120089546&prodFindSrc=prodCrossSell&refProd=115721466

  60. I think is perfectly acceptable. No wow moments but pretty and nice. I do like how the Duchess’ sleeves are a little more “cap” than sleeveless. I think it balances the dress.

  61. I don’t love this but I don’t hate it. I do think black shoes would match better. And the clutch is competing with the dress’s print.

  62. Love this blog! Kate’s shorter hair is so modern and fresh—I love it, as well as this visually interesting dress length and pattern.

    I must say that this shoe seems misindentified. The Prada shoe has a buckle instead of a zipper and lacks an ankle strap.

  63. I like the idea of the dress…dark green color, sleeveless, pattern, but omg, I absolutely abhor the birds. I am not a big fan of animals on clothes (animal print, yes, but not full on animals), and so this is not at all working for me. I do credit Kate with becoming more experimental with clothes and shoes and stuff in these last few weeks, but ack. Birds. So many birds.

  64. I loved the whole look tonight and was very happy to see Diana’s bracelet being loved and worn again.

  65. Sleeveless! Almost! Yay!

    Love the dress.

    ..Except the shoes. They just don’t seem like the right style for the dress. It seems as if Kate’s shoes have created a lot of discussion this trip. Not too sure what is going on with her footwear. I can’t really describe it…something is off.

  66. I think at first glance the dress seemed sophisticated but as I see more photos I find it unflattering. The odd cap- almost sleeveless makes her look broad shouldered when she is so tiny. I also find the silver chain belt odd and weird with a triple strand classic pearl bracelet.

  67. Markus Lupfer is one of my faves!

  68. I don’t think Kate’s sandles are the same as the Prada ones pictured. If you look at the sandles she’s wearing, they have a closed heel area and a zipper in the back. The Prada sandles have an open heel and a buckled fastener. The Prada sandles also appear to have a shorter heel.

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