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The Duchess selected a style from Emilia Wickstead for the final day of the royal tour.


Hamburg Senate @Senat_Hamburg

The day’s events were in Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city. The first stop was the city’s Maritime Museum.

©Morris Mac Matzen / Reuters / Splash

©Morris Mac Matzen / Reuters / Splash

From The Daily Express:

Kate mania continued as Hamburg, gripped by the 35-year-old’s charm, turned out in force to welcome the royal.

Hamburg Senate

Hamburg Senate

Kate during a quick walkabout.

The Duke and Duchess listening to a presentation.

International Maritime Museum (Click photo to go to IMM site)

International Maritime Museum (Click photo to go to IMM site)

Being welcomed to the museum.

Hamburg Senate @Senat_Hamburg

Hamburg Senate @Senat_Hamburg

The Museum visit was meant to focus attention on the UK-German Year of Science, an initiative focused on the world’s oceans.

Kate Middleton Germany Tour Purple lavender Emila Wickstead dress

German Embassy Hamburg @GermanEmbassy

It has a terrific model of the Queen Mary II made entirely of Legos.

Duke Duchess Cambridge Kate Middleton Maritime Museum Purple Lavender Emilia Wickstead dress

Kensington Palace

The next stop was at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, one of the largest concert halls in the world.  



The couple heard a special performance for children by the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra.

Elbphilharmonie Twitter @elbphilharmonie (Click photo to visit Twitter feed)

Elbphilharmonie Twitter @elbphilharmonie (Click photo to visit Twitter feed)

From The Daily Mail’s coverage:

The Duchess of Cambridge tried her hand at conducting a prestigious symphony orchestra today when she and Prince William visited Hamburg’s new concert hall.

On the last day of their royal tour of Germany, Kate, who comes from a musical family and played flute throughout her school days, took a conductor’s baton and directed the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra for a few brief seconds as they played the first four notes of Beethoven’s fifth symphony – ‘da, da, da, daaa’.

UK in Germany

UK in Germany

To me, the photo perfectly illustrates the pre-planning that goes into a tour wardrobe. Those doing the reconnaissance would know that a lighter color would really pop against the stage backgrounds as well as the orchestra.

This is a wonderful photo of William on the couple’s way to their final engagement.

Hamburg Senate @Senat_Hamburg

Hamburg Senate @Senat_Hamburg

The crowds remained large throughout the afternoon; people gathered to see William and Kate.

Hamburg Senate @Senat_Hamburg

Hamburg Senate @Senat_Hamburg

Kate and William at their final stop of the day before they depart for home, the Airbus Hamburg Campus.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

On their way to see the final assembly of an A320 aircraft.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

After the Airbus tour Kate and William met Charlotte and George for a special treat:

More from The Evening Standard 

…the family took to the tarmac where the choppers, worth an estimated £12million combined, were waiting at the Airbus site in Hamburg.

Prince William, who flies the H145 for the air ambulance, proudly gave demonstrations to his family.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

Charlotte and Kate.

©Zak Hussein

©Zak Hussein

George seemed utterly delighted.

©Zak Hussein

©Zak Hussein

Then it was time to head for home.

©Zak Hussein

©Zak Hussein

Back to The Evening Standard:

George bravely bounded up the steps – ready to start his birthday celebrations.

Charlotte was helped up the steps by her doting dad while Kate said a final goodbye to the ambassador and mayor.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

For all of the details on what George and Charlotte wore and many more photos, visit sister site What Kate’s Kids Wore.

Now for a look at Kate’s final tour ensemble. As noted above, the Duchess wore a bespoke dress by New Zealand-born and British-based designer Emilia Wickstead.

©Splash / Polaris

©Splash / Polaris

The frock features the fitted bodice seen on many of Kate’s Wickstead pieces, with a full skirt that looks like it draped beautifully. The fabric appears to be the same used in the Fall 2015 collection. Below, two dresses in the material. While long since sold out, visit Moda Operandi if you want to read more about pieces from that collection.

Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi

Kate carried an Anya Hindmarch clutch. The bag looks like it is made of snakeskin; it has goldtone hardware and measures about 10″ x 6″.

Duchess Cambridge Kate Middleton Hamburg Tour Germany Red Anya Hindmarch Handbag July 21 2017

©James Whatling

The clutch was discovered by Giulia on Twitter; a big thank you to her for the ID.

We saw the Duchess in her go-to Gianvito Rossi pumps in the praline colorway.

Kate Middleton suede Gianvito Rossi heels praline


The style is available at Net-a-Porter in a shrinking range of sizes. They are also offered at My Theresa, but the sizes are limited. The shoe is $675 at both retailers.

Kate wore the Kiki McDonough Lavender Amethyst Pear and Oval Drop Earrings we first saw in Bhutan.

James Whatling/Kiki McDonough

James Whatling/Kiki McDonough

This evening Kensington Palace released a new photo commemorating Prince George’s 4th birthday.

©Chris Jackson/PA Images

©Chris Jackson/PA Images

The picture was taken at Kensington Palace at the end of June. From a news release:

The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share a new official portrait of Prince George to mark HRH’s 4th birthday tomorrow. TRH are very pleased to share this lovely picture, and would like to thank everyone for all of the kind messages they have received.

Some readers will recognize the photographer’s name; it is Chris Jackson of Getty Images. From a BBC story:

Getty Images royal photographer Mr Jackson, who took the photo at the end of June, said: “I’m thrilled and honoured that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen to release this portrait to celebrate Prince George’s fourth birthday.

“He is such a happy little boy and certainly injects some fun into a photoshoot.”

Below, Mr. Jackson attending Wimbledon in early July with his wife, Natasha Archer. Ms. Archer is one of the Duchess’s assistants, widely believed to act as her stylist.

Chris Jackson Instagram @ChrisJacksonGetty (Click photo to visit Mr. Jackson's Instagram page)

Chris Jackson Instagram @ChrisJacksonGetty (Click photo to visit Mr. Jackson’s Instagram page)

It is a delight to have a new photo of Prince George. For the details on what he is wearing and a look back at previous birthdays, visit What Kate’s Kids Wore.

NOTE ON COMMENTS: I am deleting comments about whether or not the children should have been on the tour. I wasn’t paying attention and approved a few, and we now have a debate that doesn’t relate to Kate’s fashion or style. My bad, my apologies. (I’m blaming tour brain!)

  165 Responses to “Kate in Emilia Wickstead for Final Day of Tour & George’s New Birthday Photo!”

  1. I seem to be in the minority here, but I do not like this dress. Sure, it is well made – Emilia Wickstead dresses are well made – and it fits well – BUT, it’s boring, and it looks heavy and it just hangs on Kate. We all agree Kate is beautiful and lovely and a great ambassador for the UK, but this outfit is a total miss for me, including the accessories.

    The dress does nothing for her. I appreciate that Kate may have been trying to do something for this outfit by adding a red clutch, but with screen resolutions being what they are, I just don’t think the tone of the clutch goes with the tone of the dress. Purple and red can go together, but the tones have to be correct – so, not a risk to take when you are going to be photographed everywhere you go and the true colours are not going to be reproduced exactly.

    I think the biggest problem here is THOSE SHOES – they are lovely shoes, but Kate wears them way too often and they simply do not go with this dress…………………..I wonder if she has several pairs of the same praline pumps because it seems to me she wore them almost every day of this tour!

  2. This tour of William and Kate to Poland and Germany like all of their other tours (Canada; Los Angeles, USA; Denmark; Malaysia /Singapore/Solomon Island/Tuvalu; New Zealand/Australia; India/Bhutan; Canada (again); Vietnam; New York, USA; Paris, France) was a smashing success! Yes, Kate wore lovely clothes and accessories for every occasion. And, as usual, Kate looked stunning, beautiful and classy. But what really made each and every tour a triumph was how genuinely happy to be there W & K looked; how warm, friendly and down-to-earth to everyone they were; how the enormous crowds in every place waited to see them, to greet them, to call out their names, to shake their hands and take their pictures; how they made huge headlines in the newspapers everywhere they went; how absolutely delighted all the people looked when W & K went into their midst. All those people who happily cheered W & K in every single place that they have visited care about seeing them in person, not about what outfit Kate was wearing. Of course, if Kate looks lovely, people will like it, but what ordinary people love is the true warmth, sweetness and kindness that emanates from this lady. Kate transmits authenticity, and people see it, and sense it, and they love it. Fashion may be entertaining, but when everything is considered, fashion is not that important. There are other things that take precedent.

    • You’ve expressed, Scarlett, how so many of us feel. William and Kate are the best good will ambassadors that Britain has.

    • Well said. It must be an incredibly stressful lifestyle to always have eyes on you and your children…Kate always seems to take it all in stride, even Charlotte’s feet stomping! You are correct that they both look so genuinely happy and at ease during their interactions with the public. Regardless of all our opinions on her wardrobe choices, The Duchess is a remarkable woman!

    • Vietnam tour must be a typo!

      Anyway I agree with you that Kate is genuine and kind and above all…..an amazing DOC!

  3. It’s not my favourite of the tour – but nice enough.
    Nice colour and the red clutch is a winner. Chunky red shoes – with a thick heel and red belt would have rounded off the dress a lot better.

    • Okay, I really can’t understand this. Do red and lavender match? I have always felt that they clash terribly and seeing Kate carrying the red clutch with the lavender dress set my teeth on edge (I was hoping that the lighting on the photos was bad and it wasn’t really red).

      I thought everyone was going to pan the juxtaposition, but instead lots of people seem to like it. Have the rules changed while I wasn’t watching?

      • No, but I don’t think Yellow and Purple go together either and they’re supposed to be complimentary colors. I could maybe see it in a mustard yellow and deep plum purple together in the Fall.

        On the other hand, Blue and Yellow aren’t complementary colors but they do seem to go together. It’s also one of her favorite combinations. So much so she wore them to the sudden announcement of a royal baby on the way coming out of the hospital with sickness, and then she and Prince William went in yellow and blue at the birth of a baby coming out of the hospital.

        On a side note, today both her children were wearing red and her purse seemed to match them. The red purse was symbolically like she had her kids with her all day while out on royal duties without them.

        Also when I see Purple and Red together I think of Valentine’s Day because that’s usually when they roll out those colors for decorations. I think the red hat society also uses those colors and a couple other organizations. Not exactly lilac thought but a grape share of purple.

        NOTE: Quick admin edit

      • For some of us it’s not a clash of colours but some added tension — ‘edge’ being the commonly used term. For myself Kate’s colour picks may have slightly missed the mark but not enough to hurt.

        As for rules, what rules are there left in fashion? Some folks stick with rules which dictate matching shoes and bag, for instance, but for many of us those days are long gone and what Kate has done here is well within the bounds of what’s acceptable.

        • Agree ElisaMo, plus in person the colors might have worked together better:) Not necessarily but analyzing colors in photos can be very difficult.

        • You are definitely right. Not long ago, the worst color sin one could commit was to wear navy blue and black together. Today (or rather, a couple of years ago) it was suddenly the height of fashion.

  4. Susan, a million thanks for a yeoman job reporting on this trip! I can’t even imagine doing all that research, not to say sifting through hundreds of comments. I hope you’re going to take a nice few days off now for some r&r. You deserve it!

    • I’d like to add my own thanks to Susan for an epic achievement on this tour, taking in George and Charlotte outfits on top of keeping up with Kate. She didn’t ease up the pace of new outfits once — no cushy repeats at all!

      I’d also like to thank everyone here for all the lovely chat, this is a fabulous bunch of folk to be with and the variety of comments and breadth of input along with the civilised tone of exchange make this a very special place to visit. Thanks all.

      • ElizaMo, we echo your thanks to the community of commenters, by saying that your contributions are so appreciated. You have such a wise and interesting way with words. You have a better than average fashion sense and your wit is such a delight to all of us.

    • First and foremost, thank you Susan for doing such a great reporting/analysis job on this trip. You must groan when you hear Kate & William are hitting the road! Visiting your site is such a welcome relief to the day’s news and you are very much appreciated.

      I loved this simple dress although thought 3/4 or to-the-elbow sleeves would have improved it. Hard to focus on Kate when I could look at Charlotte’s darling little foot-stamping and later a skip in her step! This was a pretty mild tantrum that Kate handled with aplomb. She’s absolutely a paragon!

  5. love the dress, really really love it, but what on earth possessed her to wear that clutch??

    • Agree! Gorgeous dress. My only favorite of the tour. Shoes were great. The clutch was out of place. Would have been better to carry nude colored one? I’m sure she’s trying to stay current and not appear “matchy-matchy” but classic never goes out of style.

  6. Lovely colour. Lovely dress, well tailored (it should be, it was bespoke) even if we are back to the high neck long sleeve look. I do find it looks a bit heavy (not sure what the fabric is) for summer dressing. Re men’s suits – in fact summer weight suiting is very light and breathable as are shirts, even without resorting to linen. They are also cut looser than this dress’s bodice which would have been very hot.

    But as someone else has said, its a single piece that is not taken to the level of stylish outfit by the accessories. I liked the bravery of the dash of colour in the cutch. I think other colours would have worked better and picked up the mauve more. Almost any shade of blue, but esp the more saturated royal or navy blue; lime green can work wonderfully against mauve and is very modern. Those suede nude pumps! If Kate really wanted to go nude, a member of another royal family who shall remain nameless had an interesting approach. The nude pumps were patent leather which gave them a lighter and dressier feel and would have worked better here. The amethyst earrings are lovely, too bad can’t see them with hair down. It would have been better if Kate had skipped the earrings and gone for a necklace fitted close to the neckline. Kate has lovely hair and so it will good do matter what. But I don’t think this style makes it look its best. Kind of like a lot of her clothing. She has a lovely figure but her choices don’t show it to best advantage. And it almost always feels like she picks out individual pieces that are themselves okay but don’t necessarily work together to create a smashing look. That is what good stylists do.

  7. This is her color (or one of them). The dress looks better in motion than standing, where it swamps her a bit – the original pencil skirt on the dress looks nice. She likes her fitted torso, flared skirt combos, so what can you do? I like the contrasting clutch and the shoes are fine. As a family, they’re coordinated without being too cutesy.

  8. I have to say, Natasha and Chris are a very attractive couple! :)

  9. Beautiful. Love the color and the amethyst jewelry. As always I do not know how she can stand all that standing and walking in 4 inch spike heels.She does it a lot so she must be used to it . My feet would die within the first 5 minutes or less.

  10. Light silk print scarf with a pop of the color of the clutch, and shoes to match the clutch and scarf (or dress), or a nice pigeon’s blood ruby simple drop necklace barring the scarf, and a bland look would have been much improved. The Duchess does err on the side of safe shoes, doesn’t she? But I found this dress too safe and a touch matronly. Overall, I found her choices on this tour a real roller-coaster of success and not-so-much.

  11. I was disappointed by this dress. The tight neckline and long sleeves seem so boring, although the color is perfect.
    I like the pop of color with the clutch, but it would have been more successful if both colors were in the same “season”. The purple is bright and clear whereas the red is dark and rich. Diana’s use of red and purple was so successful because the red she wore was also bright and clear, like the purple.
    I find it amusing how much commentors hate the praline shoes. :-) Every style blog I’ve ever read says that shoes that match your skin tone are the one shoe to have, because they are a perfect neutral color and work to visually lengthen your legs.
    In sum, I feel her outfit could have had a little more pizazz in the bodice of the dress and with a slightly different red.

  12. Lavender, red and “praline” ? REALLY? What was she, or her stylist, thinking ? Looks like she got dressed in the dark.

    • I like the red and lavender together. As others in this very long comment thread (whew! We’re outdoing ourselves!) have noted, there are colour theory reasons why they can work together.

      The surprising colour combination seems to me to really be the accessory here — more would have been a distraction. So the praline shoes, which don’t actually match anything, to my way of thinking work because they pretty much disappear. Look at the photo with the Duchess facing the camera and holding her clutch around waist-level to see what I mean.

      • Right. “Praline” isn’t a color per se, it’s just another way to say “nude,” which some manufacturers (of cosmetics, particularly) are trying to use less since we’ve started acknowledging that skin comes in lots of different colors.

        The purpose of a shoe that matches the skin tone, as someone else has noted, is to provide a neutral background and let the garment itself stand out. It also lengthens the leg for an elegant look. It’s deployed perfectly here. I appreciate that some don’t like the red clutch, but it’s just incorrect to regard the shoes as some sort of interfering third color. They are practically invisible.

        To each their own, of course, but in my opinion the suite of navy or red accessories (bag, shoes, belt) that others have suggested here would have looked downright silly with this elegant dress.

        • Good point about the use of the word ‘nude’. And right with you on a matching suite of accessories, it would have looked hopeless in my view!

  13. While this is certainly not the most exciting dress, I think it was a good choice for a day full of activities that ended with a flight straight home. I like the colour as a bit of a change-up from the usual blush pink or bright red that Kate wears often. The way the skirt moves in the video looks lovely. Something seems a little off with the sleeves though, in some pictures they are unnaturally smooth and in others they look way too big.

    Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the red handbag with that shade of lavender. Happy to see her going to Anya Hindmarch again though, I always liked the bags she carried in her first couple of years as a royal. I also think a longer necklace would have added a bit of pop to the bodice of the dress.

    Overall, a great tour! And Kate only needed to bring six pairs of shoes with her ;) Thanks for the wonderful coverage this week!

    • Forgot to mention the essential: the adorable photo of George! He really does still look like Michael Middleton, whereas another commenter previously pointed out that Charlotte looks a lot like Carole. The Middleton genes must be strong!

  14. Love the color blocking. A more cool toned red, or even fuchsia, clutch might appeal to a wider mass, but I find the color palette interesting. Well done, team.

    The cut if the dress is really good on her, I think a short sleeve version would be a nice variety too, in yellow or others.

  15. Kate’s dress (yes it is a dress, NOT a “coat”), is exquisite and lovely. The lavender color is to die for. The dress fits Kate perfectly, and she looks elegant, gorgeous and simply smashing! I also love the clutch and the shoes. No matchy-matchy here! Kate’s hair looks fabulous too. At the end of a long, exhausting tour, the Duchess of Cambridge has managed to look impeccably cool and beautiful. Very well done William, Kate, George and Charlotte!

  16. I love when she wears shades of all purple. It feels so rare and like a real treat. The last time I recall was on the tour to Canada. That was my favorite purple dress. This is my second favorite purple dress and my second favorite dress this tour. My first favorite would be the summery red maxi dress at the Garden Party in Berlin.

    • Agreed! I wish she wore purple more, and that dress in Canada is also (and still) one of my faves.

      • Agreed– the Canada purple dress was unforgettable and this is a close second. Purple really is her color (or one of them).

  17. Prince George is growing up fast. He is a gorgeous and adorable child with beautiful hair. He looks like a happy little boy. I always see Kate’s Dad, Michael, in him. This is a brilliant photo taken by superbly talented royal photographer, Chris Jackson.

    • George does really look like Michael Middleton in the Birthday photo. In fact I agree with others that at least at this stage he is favoring the Michael Middleton gene pool. Charlotte I am not sure of, she seems a match of both sets of Grandparents. But both kids seem to be throwbacks to the Grandparents at this stage and not much of Kate and William.

      • Actually, if you look at photos of Kate when she was a little girl, she resembled her Dad a lot. Now, as an adult, the resemblance between Michael and Kate can still be seen clearly.

        • Interesting, I have not looked at many younger photos of Kate. Agree I see Michael in her face but plenty of Carol also, and with Charlotte I just do not see much of Kate or William. Both kids are still very young though and their faces may change quite a bit.

  18. Not a fan of this dress, I think the high neck and long sleeves make it too conservative, I would have done something fun with the neckline, or added balloon/flared sleeves. I love the bag but I don’t think the colour goes with the lilac of the dress.

  19. Love folllowing Kate’s wardrobe. For me some hits some misses but my opinion is irrelevant. What I’d love to see is Kate take one whole year off from new fashion and recycle from her fabulous and vast wardrobe, for all engagements, big small or stately. It would be very interesting to see how she would pull new ensembles together from that extensive wardrobe. Great for the privvy purse and would focus on her work rather than her hemline or shoe colour.

  20. I disagree with most people here and would point to the earrings as being the problem. I like the mismatching accessories as there’s no need to so coordinated that your accessories hold no interest. However they do need the same vibe and the vibe of her earrings is “pretty pretty princesses” versus modern woman with a bold red clutch.

    Overall this tour is a total head scratcher for me. I love that she’s stepped out of her comfort zone but it has shown once and for all that her choices of accessories is not intuitive or often successful and that she stays with certain comfortable fall backs even when it does they don’t go with the vibe of the outfit. For example, big loose curls non stop, neutral lips for every single appearance, low heeled wedges though not currently fashionable, the same watch for everything.

    Overall I’m not sure how to feel. I love that she took risks and we got some different looks with new points of visual interest but I don’t think we had a single look that was perfectly executed.

    • I could not agree with you more. I actually think that some of the “match” issue here might stem from her knowledge that she’d be photographed with her family. While it’s clear that she and William don’t always match perfectly, she seems to dress to complement her entire family when they’re out together. (Or rather, she dresses the rest of her family to complement her? unclear which one it is!) In this case, perhaps the intent of the red clutch was meant to ensure the entire family in the red, pink, purple color family. When I think about this outfit with that lens, I actually think that the entire family’s outfit ensembles were exceptionally well done.

    • I’m not quite sure how anyone’s “look” can ever be “perfectly executed”! Even the most polished and well thought out of outfits on any of us will be met with a variety of responses from a small audience of family, friends and colleagues, let alone anyone in the Duchess’s position who is subject to global scrutiny!

      • Very true! Now that I’m not typing on a phone I can clarify…I feel like every outfit on this tour had a glaring issue with styling that made people stop and scratch their heads. Sometimes Kate has an outfit where I feel like ‘Okay, I wouldn’t have done that but I can see why she did.’ and very rarely – but sometimes – I think ‘I wouldn’t change a thing.’ This time we got outfits that felt so close to making sense but then had a very strange accessory or odd hairstyle choice. For example, the beautiful vintage pearls…paired with a very edgy bird-print dress. The yellow Packham…nearly ruined by old, unsightly wedges. This modern, clean lavender dress and clutch…but with little girl princessy earrings. The red McQueen…put with the same old hairstyle that hides amazing earrings. The very first outfit, white McQueen, seems to be the only one, for me, that was successful and without distractingly poor accessorizing. I think this was the least successful tour for fashion, in my eyes, but I loved it none the less!

        • Very well said. I completely agree with you, especially that the first outfit of the tour was the best one. I know when I’m putting an outfit together for myself, I often ask a friend what she thinks. A good friend will tell you what is wrong and make a solid suggestion that improves the outfit. Maybe Kate could run ideas by WKW and we could vote on her hairstyle, accessories (so they are not out of place like the pearl bracelet or a little twee like some of the earrings), placement of waistbands/belts, etc. The WKW community could become the stylist to the Duchess so that there isn’t something “off” with the outfit. Haha! In the end, though, I agree with you. It is fun to see what Kate wore and offer our two cents’ worth, whether it’s worth that much or not!

          • Oh, and one more thing: tell her to stop wearing those blasted awful Monsoon wedges! And give the praline suede pumps a rest!

  21. Kate is just lovely. I love these particular nude shoes on her. While George is just so handsome. I’m not a fan of the shirt, the stripes and grandfather collar. But then again I’m biased I avoid stripes at all costs in any format when choosing clothing. Even the Hugo Boss top the Duchess wore rowing reminds me of mints or gum lol

  22. Pretty color, but the tailoring is awful. The hem is poorly sewn and the belt on the back sidelooks amateurish at best. She is such an attractive woman but she needs a professional stylist.

  23. This dress is just so boring. This shade of lavender is not flattering on her. The dress needs a necklace or brooch, some kind of sparkle.

    The red 80′s clutch is just silly. Are suede heels really an appropriate summer shoe? Her beige clutch would’ve looked better than this red purse.

    I wish she could consistently dress her age. This dress looks like something my gran would wear and she’s older than the Queen.

  24. it’s difficult to determine exactly what color her dress is, as it looks different in every photo; in my opinion however, purple+red+beige shoes is — ick. a miss for me.

  25. I just love those earrings. I’m glad we got to see them again!

  26. This is not a color that Kate wears very often, but it certainly suits her and the style of the dress is a good one. Love those lavender amethyst earrings!! As to the red clutch–I like the observation made by a poster over on the What Kate Wore FB site–that the red was picking up Princess Charlotte’s red shoes, hair bow, and red print dress. We have seen Kate do this before–notably Christmas 2016. Loved seeing Prince George enthralled by being on the helicopter–he’s his father’s son alright!! But it looks like all the travel and the lack of the usual comforts and routines of home, got to Charlotte–poor tyke! But she did get back on track, with a little hlep from her mother! Has to be hard on little ones–on and off planes several times in one day. When they were in Canada, they stayed in Government House in Victoria the whole week, so they didn’t have to travel about.

    This was a whirlwind of travel and sights, and clothes!! Many thanks to Susan for the wonderful coverage, even when suffering a migraine! I think I might back track now to post about the previous outfits! :)

  27. I was drawn to the color of the dress, something we haven’t seen on her very much, if at all. My first thought on the dress it was a predictable and kind of boring silhouette. However, after seeing the video and of how the dress moved I really quite like it. I continue to protest the use of beige shoes by Kate. I think the use of navy accessories, purse and shoes, would’ve made the dress more modern.

  28. Kate seems to favour this silhouette (fitted top, flared knee-length skirt) when the children will be present. Very practical, if you ask me, seeing how often one needs to bend down with a toddler in tow.

  29. She should wear purple more often. I really like her in it.

    • ditto. also thank you so much to the admin for the fantastic, erudite coverage of the tour! your hard work is very much appreciated!

  30. Gorgeous colour and style. Loved the skirt draping. Not sure why people were complaining about high temp, it was only low 70′s.

  31. This dress is everything. Lovely color, proportions and it moves beautifully.

    Effortless, modern day dressing.

  32. Love the color, great fit, LOVE the earrings, baffled by the red clutch, wish we were either seeing short sleeves or else looking at this in in November and not July. :) (doesn’t George just looks beside himself with joy to be on the helicopter?? So adorable, and just like his dad, LOL)

  33. Violet and red do pair well together as colors, as long as the red is on the orange side of the spectrum (an orange-red vs a purple red). Which this red appears to be. Also, the neutral shoes are the perfect choice, given the choice of red bag as the pop of color. I think she looked great. The dress is a beautiful color on her and the silhouette is classic. As to the long sleeves, maybe she prefers to travel in long sleeves. No one could know but Kate, and as someone else said, it’s no different from William walking around in a suit and tie.

    • Lynn I agree with your thoughts. Her dress worked very well for all the different events of the day. I loved the look and find her long sleeve look just fine for the relatively mild summer weather and lots of air conditioned rooms great. I often think of the men in their suits. Kate had a much less warm garment on than the men.

  34. Maybe it’s the lack of jewelry, but I find this look really drab. Never been a fan of Emilia Wickstead.

  35. Kate looks gorgeous. Everything about this dress is perfect – colour, cut and style.

  36. I love this colour on Kate. She seems to shine in almost any colour – quite a feat! I liked the red clutch – I think that this colour combination works well and is better than a ‘matchy matchy’ look. Her colour choices mean that she is clearly visible in a crowd – an important aim in her case – and she looks happy and comfortable. In my opinion she has stepped up her look on this tour and has really shone. It is always possible to change a shoe or accessory option but her general look has been elegant and considered; has been respectful and in touch with her host country; and has been true to her own personal style – I think that is something to be greatly applauded.

  37. I love the colour of this dress on her. I think classic tailoring suits her well with her figure, and she probably is comfortable in this style as well as she heads to the end of the tour. I think they miss the children too much when they are away from them on tour which is why they have started to take them with them when they go away. Most families go together on trips in the real world don’t they. It stops being stuffy about protocol, look how it worked out for the Prince of Wales in then end, distanced from the real people of the world. I have loved her looks throughout the tour, she has trialed some new stuff which is great and at the end of the day people will never always be happy with everything but we follow her avidly. She is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. The Duchess is very savvy and knows how to stand out in a crowd anywhere which is the whole point of her wardrobe on any tour. She has learnt the lesson well from the Queen. great trip and great articles . Thanks once again for the work that goes into keeping us happy.

  38. Dear Admin, THANK YOU for your hard work this crazy, busy week. You’ve covered everything so extensively. I have enjoyed every post so much, so many dresses to admire – it almost gives me a headache. Please get some sleep now, you certainly deserve it. If I were Kate, I would invite you to George’s b-day party tomorrow!

  39. The dress is a nice color. This is a time when Kate could’ve used more accessories. I think the bigger news here is that William finally has a new suit besides his navy one whoo hoo!

  40. A very pretty ensemble for a springtime event, but in the heat of summer, I think its a strange choice. Man, those are cute kids.

    • I agree! I can’t help but thinking some shorter sleeves and/or a v neckline would have lightened the look considerable. The Emilia Wickstead dresses are always very pretty but so heavy looking on the top.

  41. I actually quite like the red clutch with the purple dress and it makes much more of a statement when you see Catherine alongside Charlotte. However, I think a similarly red shoe would have really sealed the deal and made it look so much more sharp and intentional. I do love the dress color and the earrings are beautiful. She is such an exquisite beauty and carries herself through these events with such grace, shoe color is a minor quibble.

  42. Beautiful! She looks great.

  43. To all the people complaining about how hot she must have been, the high today in Hamburg was 72F. That’s a lovely cool day, by any standards.

    Also, I note that her dress coordinated with William’s tie and her clutch coordinated with the outfits worn by the children. I’m surprised the people here don’t complain about the kids’ uniforms. Charlotte wears the same dress in different colors every time we see her. That doesn’t bother anyone. But when the Duchess has a preferred look for her official outings, commenters act as though they are in physical pain over her choices.

  44. This is my new fave- gorgeous colour

  45. I think the dress is beautiful in every way. I only wish she were wearing two colors- not three. The dress, the shoes, the clutch — two of these should have been the same color. Any two…..

  46. Love this dress, but agree with most comments – should have been short sleeved. I imagine she was MELTING in the heat! Initially, I also disliked the clutch, (why red??) but then I saw the video, and it looks a lot better in that video than it does in the photos. It actually goes, and they compliment each other! One of my best friends always says: “It doesn’t have to match, it just has to go”, and as another person pointed out – red is in the same color family.

    Very glad she went with a “down” hairdo today – I think up would have looked a bit too formal. Loved the pics of the kiddos getting on the helicopter to leave! So adorable.

  47. How does Kate never sweat!? A mystery to me how you can wear a wool/ silk longsleeved dress without melting at the current temperatures – I want to know her secret!

    Hamburg being a maritime city, her maritime McQueen knit dress would have been lovely if really they chose her outfits in order to reflect the individual location’s speciality.
    However, having said that and not being a fan of the colour, I am actually happy she isn’t clothed in the country’s flag colours or said maritime theme. Repeadetly doing this, it gets predictable and kind of borders to “dressing up”.

    • Dress shields would be my bet to prevent wet armpits or she’s one of the fortunate few like QEII that don’t sweat (I don’t either). She may also have resorted to Botox injections in the armpit which stops sweating – the thought of this makes my eyes water.

  48. I love the colour of this dress and the shape. I do wish she had opted for a 3/4 sleeve as I find it looks out of place and heavy for summer. Yes, it may be lightweight wool and not very warm outside today, but the high neckline and long sleeves just do not say summer to me. I felt the same way about that beautiful blue coat from the other day – it looked so heavy and it was very warm outside. I don’t mind the lavender and the red together but I agree that the then light (praline) shoes do not pull it together. Someone else said that navy would have been better in accessories, and I agree. If she hadn’t carried a clutch I think I would have liked this outfit so much more. Some hits, some misses this tour!

  49. I’m drooling over the tailoring, lines, and fabric of this dress. So, so pretty. She looks lovely.

  50. Who designs these outfits??? Long sleeves and a high necked dress in the summer? A red clutch with a lavender dress? it’s all so strange!!!!

  51. Just a quick comment from me regarding the departure back to the UK, I’m really enjoying how the family colour palate is so coordinated (I know some might suggest this is a little “twee”), but I think it’s now becoming a rather quaint trademark of their visits for both arrivals and departures. I also notice that Prince William often matches his tie to the Duchess’s outfit too, great togetherness, I think.
    And as for today’s lavender dress, unexpected and pretty.

  52. I love the beautiful color of Kate’s dress. The dress is very pretty as it moves with her. And the earrings are lovely. With her new haircut, she looks absolutely lovely.

  53. This looks great! The color is very flattering on her, the swishy skirt is marvelous, and the darts perfectly placed! The red clutch does look a little odd, I keep wondering if it didn’t photograph well? I like to combine a dark wine/burgundy belt with light purple, and it looks really nice. Not sure about straight red, though.

    A lot of people are commenting that it looks way too hot for summer. The other items made from this material say it’s wool with silk lining. It sounds too hot, but they spent most of their time in a museum, concert hall, and manufacturing warehouse. Those places can all be really cold, especially when people start cranking up the AC in the summer. Wearing summer clothes to museums and theaters can leave you shivering and covered in goosebumps, with icy cold fingers (so awkward for handshakes!).

  54. Gorgeous. And this is a perfect example of different shades and tones working together. The color of the clutch is ideal with this lilac tone. However, I’m not 100% sold on the praline shoe. A bit dark. Neutral yes. Perhaps the sort of neutral of the LK Bennett Sledge. Stunning on Catherine…she can wear colors like no one that I’ve ever seen. I look hideous in yellow, lilac and red!!!

  55. Love the dress and colour. It’s A line! I would wear this in a heartbeat! Well done!

    The red clutch actually does match. Purple shades are part of the red colour family, it’s unexpected and fun!

    Long sleeves must have been so hot for her. All in all a lovely look. The A line is such a comfortable and modern cut I wish she would choose this more often.

    • Rachel, purple is made by combining red and blue together. Had this dress had more of a red concentration, then perhaps a red purse would have worked. But this dress is closer to the blue tone, therefore it clashes with the red.

    • Right, there’s in the same color family, but the tone is wrong. This is a brick/oxblood red, and the dress is lavender. She should’ve gone with a brighter, pinky-er red to really match. The clutch would “work” better with a darker purple dress, not lavender.

    • Purple shades are not part of the red family, but the blue.
      If you lay fabric of burgundy, grape & purple together, you see 3 totally different colours.
      Burgundy + white = Pink.
      Grape + white = Lilac
      Purple + white = Purple
      Only the purple/white have a strong blue tone.

  56. I like the color of this dress, but the waist is too high, Also, the red clutch is not pretty, style-wise, and that particular red clashes with the lavender. If the dress were more of a deep grape color, the red might work better.

  57. The dress is fine, but it’s such a strong color block that I feel she needed something to break it up. A statement necklace, shorter sleeves, something to give the eye a break from all that color.

  58. For the second day running, I’m not wild about the clutch with the ensemble. I still think last night’s clutch was a nod to German design, but not this one. I’m also not sure about the snakeskin bag with suede shoes and the McDonough earrings. However, take the bag out of the equation and this is a lovely final look for the tour. The dress may seem like a toasty choice for the day, but Kate doesn’t appear overheated, and she won’t be freezing on the flight home.

    The photos of George in the helicopter are great! So adorable.

    What a fun week – thank you so, so much Susan for all of your work on the many events, well beyond fashion and into the background/history of the different stops, as always. It’s a wonderful site, and we appreciate your efforts!

  59. WHY choose a coat for summer?? Throughout this entire trip, we have seen wrong choices of heavy dresses and coats. Someone should have known better! Someone like a stylist – if she has one which I highly doubt by now – or someone like her assistant.
    I think that colour would have been fine for the Queen but not for a 35 year old duchess. And that red clutch is just horrible against the coat.

    • I don’t get the “coat” idea. It is long-sleeved, but this is clearly a dress, no?

    • This doesn’t appear to be a coat, but in looking at the similar offerings on the Moda Operandi site, it is apparently crafted from wool, though I suspect it’s a lightweight. I’m curious as to the meaning of “someone should have known better” – should Kate have known to only wear lightweight clothes throughout the trip, despite her own comfort level, because it’s summertime? Should her stylist have insisted that she wear lightweight clothes at every event because it’s summer?

      She did wear lighter weight clothes on multiple occasions during this trip, in fact – both garden parties saw her in arm/shoulder-baring dresses, last night’s dress was a light, breezy fabric, as was the red McQueen. At the end of the day, people simply have different tastes in clothes and that is fine. It is curious that people seem to get so angry at what she chooses to wear, as if she’s personally letting them down! :)

      Also, “summer weather” means different things in different places – I guarantee she wouldn’t have worn this wardrobe in Arizona, but Europe’s weather isn’t hot/sunny/humid from June through August – there is a much wider range of temperature changes, and fewer extremes, than other destinations. I just peeked at today’s weather in Hamburg, and it’s listed as a high of 70 degrees, with lower temperatures and thunderstorms rolling in for the next few days. Seems cool enough for her to wear this dress today.

      • This! I am a “cold” person. I suspect Kate is as well. I very rarely go out, even in mid summer, with a jacket or cardigan. Wool breathes extremely well and is fabulous in both warm and cool weather. Kate looks comfortable both outside and inside where the air conditioning may be been quite cool.

  60. An odd choice on the clutch. I don’t mind the style, but the color throws me off. You don’t often see those two colors together, and there are no other pieces that really tie them in. Maybe she was going for a more stark, modern German aesthetic? But then why go with the very traditional, formal, matchy-matchy jewels?

    I like the dress, if it’s a bit plain. Looks like a nice silk crepe, I always love the way crepe drapes and falls. Shoes are lovely, they would have been perfect with the Jenny Packham marigold lace, though I understand why she didn’t want to wear stiletto heels walking around Heidelberg. With the right accessories, I think this dress could have been a real winner. Unfortunately, I think the accessories she chose missed the mark.

    • I agree with you, that a lavender dress and red clutch are odd, as I stated earlier today. The only place I’ve seen red and purple together is with the ladies of the Red Hat Society. This is a group of women who get together for the single purpose of having fun. For them a red hat and purple dress combo is certainly fun. I think red and purple should stay with them.

      • Oh, seeing this, I had to add to my other post/reply to you. I am not plugging religion in any way (this post should be free of religion like politics), but in the last book of the bible, the symbolic harlot, Babylon, is depicted as wearing Purple & Red!!! What a combo!!! One I love & wear often, gypsy styles normally. It’s ones of those little tidbits about history I love picking up!
        Was it you that noted Diana wore lavender shoes also (light purple) with her Taj Mahal outfit? People did match shoe colour to outfits more in those days: lemon or peach to a wedding – shoes the same colour!! I’m not a fan of beige shoes & I really don’t like those wavy ones in Germany, they look colourless especially next to a darker boldly printed dress, but I think they they started as a less formal option.
        I really like your posts, likewise with Eliza Mo.

  61. I don’t understand if this dress is bespoke, why she would have it made with long sleeves. It’s clearly a summer dress – maybe she doesn’t get hot!!! Strange choice of red bag, but she looks gorgeous, as usual :)

    • I’m suspecting that too – I’ve never once seen a damp mark on her clothes, and I think I’d be overheated in some of these dresses, regardless of how beautiful they are! But I do know people who perpetually feel cold, maybe Kate is one of them.

  62. Love the dress and her whole look. Really looks beautiful and fresh. One of my favorite if not my favorite looks she has worn on the tour or even over the past year. Her hair looked really good in that more relaxed curl and her make up looked really nice also.

  63. I love the color, fabric and fit of this dress. I think a clutch and shoes in a deeper lavender color would have gone better than the red clutch and boring nude shoes. I also wish that when she wears a solid color dress she would liven it up with a colorful neckless or brooch.

    • Quite a few years ago Kate wore deep purple shoes and a matching purple clutch to a wedding. These would have been perfect with this lavender dress. The shoes had satin bows on them, which would have dressed up this rather plain dress. Also, I think navy shoes and clutch would have been a good choice. Kate also has dove grey accessories that would have been a subdued but pretty selection.

  64. This is a beautiful and rather unusual colour for Kate and it suits her. The amethyst earrings go especially well. I do like the dress, with its impeccable tailoring, although it appears to be very covered up for summer with long sleeves and high neckline.

    As often happens with Kate, the accessories are so wrong. How in the world does anyone think that praline shoes and a red clutch go with lavender? I think navy shoes and purse would have really enhanced the colour palette. We have long been wishing that Kate would get out of her comfort zone and be edgy. Edgy dressing, like eclectic decor, takes talent and just putting odd things together does not always work. Since there is a trend to colour coordinate the family, perhaps the red clutch was thrown in to go with George’s shirt.

    I do wonder why the children were along on this tour? This is a question, not a criticism. George and Charlotte did not take part, other than appearing on the tarmac for the plane rides. It must be hard on the children to be out of their routine and expected to shake hands and such with greeting dignitaries. Perhaps this is advance training, for when they become of age to do royal duties. Perhaps William and Kate really miss the kiddies when they are away from them…this is understandable. But given how little the children actually were involved, I am puzzled as to why they were brought along, especially since George, as adorable as he is, seemed out of sorts and overwhelmed.

    • I think it was just a slight mis-match, the combination of purple and orange-red is a classic one so I think Kate was going in the right direction. The snappiest example of the classic combo is the outfit Diana wore at the Taj Mahal — I hope this link works:


      NOTE: Admin edit

      • I love this comparison! And I agree that Diana’s colors work well together. I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of Diana-inspired pieces on Kate recently. Nothing very obvious, though, so maybe that’s just my imagination.

      • ElizaMo, I was not especially fond of the red/purple combo that Diana wore at the Taj Mahal. However, Diana at least wore purple shoes, rather than throwing praline shoes into the mix. Also, Diana’s outfit was not a conservative dress, but something a bit more casual. Diana wore a cream blouse also, that broke up the red/purple combo.

        The readership seems divided on the red/purple that Kate wore. Some love it, some hate it. We’ll all have to agree to disagree. :-)

    • Totally agree with your comment.
      I got into her style pre-engagement because I found it interesting, but now I can’t find anything particularly stylish in her outfits. Great pieces, but she never manages to put them together into great outfits.

    • My first thought was…a navy purse and navy shoes would have looked amazing! I love the earrings but this dress needs a necklace as well.

    • SG totally agree with you

    • Because this was the first time that royalty have been used for soft diplomacy because of our Brexit, it was not a ‘goodwill’ visit as subh – you can google for more info on UK sites as I can’t be too political here (as it is a fashion blog).
      I did like the Diana purple/red combo but not the actual outfit she wore, tight tulip skirt/bolero jacket. Just my opinion, the cream top breaking it up looked a vest (underwear in Britain); a very pale lavender or shell pink would have been better.
      I did of course love this colour on Catherine – because I love all things vaguely purple, I liked the blush shoes with it too but like you, thought the red handbag not quite right. I also felt it was again a wintry outfit in sweltering temperatures. Apart from day 1, I liked everything but thought a coat in tropical temps & a wooly dress in same didn’t go.
      My favourite was the white suit with the floral pattern that some didn’t think that she should have worn to a concentration camp. I liked it anyway & I may go to Poland now after learning more about it.

  65. I love everything about this ensemble except I wish she had a different watch to wear with outfits that are a little dressier. Her watch looks too heavy with this elegant dress and I think the watch and earrings clash because the watch is so casual.

  66. I love this outfit. The clothes have been a little hit or miss this tour, but this dress is stunning. I love the shade and the earrings. I could do without the purse but everything else is perfect.

  67. This dress looks amazing on her! Beautiful color and the fit is perfect. The swish of the skirt is to die for — in the video of her where we see her walking away from the camera the swoosh of the skirt is swoon-worthy. I’m one of those that loves the red clutch against the lavender, and the clutch itself is gorgeous. Given the red clutch, I’m not sure what would have been the right thing to do with shoes here, so the praline is as good as any — red would have been too much. Lovely look all around.

    • I agree — red shoes would have looked plain daft and these praline courts have been just great with the outfits Kate has paired them with.

  68. Overall, I am disappointed with the outfits on this tour. Maybe it is a result of having to go to two different countries, or maybe it is because there was more pressure to use “native” designers and engage in sartorial diplomacy due to Brexit, but overall I thought her clothing felt very “costume-y”. While I know that when touring she will often wear clothes reflective of the country that she would likely not choose on her own or wear at home (eg some of the items chosen for the India tour and the Thailand tour), I was surprised to see her opt for those types of items on this tour. For example, the red McQueen dress seemed very out of character for her, as well as the metal belt worn on the green sparrow-print dress. I also felt like someone told her to not always match her clutch and shoes, and so she’s trying not to but doesn’t really know how to do a contrasting clutch and heels. The red clutch looks very odd against the purple dress and purple jewelry, as it has nothing to tie into. Similarly, when she disembarked in Poland, red shoes would have been better to tie into the outfit than the praline. She seemed to have trouble in general with shoes on this tour – the grey-beige of the Monsoon wedges really did not work with the yellow dress, and she would have been better off wearing her navy Stuart Weizman wedges, if she needed a wedge for the cobblestones. I suppose I’m particularly disappointed in this tour because I thought overall her last Canada tour was just stunning and she did very well in Paris also.

  69. The co-ordination of colours doesn’t resonate with me. I would prefer her to go bold with darker shade of purple for clutch and shoes.

  70. Love this look! Kate’s hair has really settled in well. I am not usually a fan of Wickstead’s construction, but this dress is lovely and the hem doesn’t appear to be doing the usual Wickstead droop. The praline shoes were a great choice and the pop of colour from the red bag elevates this outfit to the next level.

  71. Oh, this is just perfect. This is such a great example of a simple design done flawlessly. The little swing in the skirt makes it a work of art. The color is to die for.

    This is such a good example of when these nude suede pumps are not only a good choice, but practically necessary. Anything else would have looked clumsy with this perfect brushstroke of a dress.

    Earrings are gorgeous and perfectly selected.

  72. The video in this post shows the duchess limping somehow – maybe the shoes she has been wearing weren’t a good choice considering the temperatures within the last days.

  73. It is certainly a lovely color and one you don’t see often, but long sleeves and an enclosed neckline with a suede pump for a summer engagement? I think Kate has gone over the top conservative and does not know how to come back!

  74. Beautiful color on her, I have not seen before. To me this dress is screaming for an accessory, pin necklace, anything. The swing of the skirt is lovely but too plain for me. She definitely saved room in her luggage by not bringing many shoes :) Hope ehe retires these soon!

  75. I do have to say that I was really excited about the dresses in Poland and felt more and more let down while the week continued.
    I liked the dress worn when arriving in Berlin, wasn’t a fan of the red one, doubtful about the yellow dress and not at all impressed by the Markus-Lupfer-style.
    And now this…
    While the material seems light and draped beautifully (even though it seems to crumple when one sits on it) I simply dislike this lavender colour in anything but accessories. The earrings are nice but the plain dress in this colour is not at all to my liking. Plus the cut is just boring in my opinion.

    The long sleeves and the closed-up bodice look too covered up for what is a boiling hot day in Germany – I’m here, so I know :-))

    Also I find the red of the clutch and the lavender of the dress clashing.

    To a more positive point – while I read that everyone thinks the praline pumps are boring I love how they optically Stretch the duchess’ already long legs.
    If I could walk in heels like that I’d definitely want them.

    While I’m decidedly pro the shorter hair, I like it better blown out, not as curly as it is done today.

    All in all I’m a bit sad about this final outfit of what started off as a very promising tour (assuming this is the departure-outfit).

    Luckily Kate and William made up with their positive attitude and obvious enthusiasm for every outfit-choice I would have wished to be different.

    • I find one of the challenges of a tour is to keep my critical faculties fresh. As I tire, I can grow more critical, and I think the pace at which these outfits come out may lead me to tire of the wearer and her choices. If I go back a little while later, choices which seemed inexplicable at the time become clearer to me.

      I also think Kate’s picks have been pushing at her style boundaries and asking us to assess her afresh. I have to confess I’ve liked all the outfits on this tour and been happy to go along with her. I think Kate has come into her prime.

  76. A stunning piece of tailoring from Wickstead and another classic dress from Kate. The fit of the bodice is superb and the flare of the skirt most flattering on the Duchess. It looks as if the fabric has enough weight to keep it out of uplift-zone though I imagine the similar white one worn in India was intended to be windproof. This one may have a shade less flare.

    Great to see a pop of colour in the clutch. I’ve always liked the purple and orange-red combo Diana wore for her Taj trip, it had real snap to it. I’m not sure this softer lilac and the dull red clutch quite matches that, but then it may suffer from duller European skies.

    The earrings are fabulous and hair looks to have had a freshen-up after becoming a little limp the previous evening. The earrings are perfect and the Rossi courts are more than earning their keep. My only quibble is Kate’s fondness for creating an eyesore on belts which fasten at the back. But there, it’s the little quirks that make things more interesting, eh?

    • I had forgotten about that color combo on Diana in India – interesting. I have to admit the clutch here is a headscratcher for me. But her hair looks great, and I’m surprised how much I’ve become a fan of the center part – those soft waves are framing her face beautifully.

  77. For me this is one of the prettiest dresses of the tour. The cool lavender is just the right shade for the DoC and her complexion is glowing from it. The fit is very flattering and the dress has beautiful movement. I’m very happy to see the lavender Kikis again. The red/ lavender pairing is unexpectedly perfect. I never get tired of seeing red lipstick or nails with clothing in the purple color family, so I can really get behind this look today. Unsure of the nude courts though.

    Agree with most posters. She looks warm and certainly must be uncomfortable. I feel that she has dressed for a British summer on this tour not a continental European one.

    • I totally agree with you on the style and color combination. I saw the picture and thought I just love this look. Purple is my favorite color and this is a great shade for her.

      • Glad to see a fellow purple lover! It’s my favorite color as well and this lilac shade is delicious. I’m trying to decide if I can get way with it.

  78. I like the color but yet another dress in this boring style? Ugh. And those blasted shoes again. I like the idea of adding a pop of color with the clutch, but red does not go with lavender. I think this look is both boring and a mess, except for the earrings, which I love.

  79. I’m confused by the praline shoes and red handbag, neither of which go with each other or the dress she’s wearing.

  80. This is a beautiful piece of tailoring, the dress fits her perfectly. Not my colour, but it looks good on Kate. Nothing ground-breaking here, classic Kate, but she looks just right for the day’s work. I like the earrings, I like the clutch (although I never really see the use in her clutches!), and I can’t even be bothered to comment on the shoes…

  81. She looks nice in this color but I find the overall look stuffy and boring. I feel like she has so many dresses similar to this.

    • Agree

    • Exactly. I hate this style of dress on her (long sleeves, A-line skirt, Emilia Wickstead). I would’ve like the dress to have at LEAST 3/4 length sleeves if it has such a severe neckline, or if she wanted to keep the sleeves, a deep V neckline a-la her dress from Monday night. These dresses make her look like she’s trying to dress like a little girl and not a mature woman. I LOVE the color on her and I like the jewels, but I’ve had enough a-line skirts :(

      • I agree too. The colour is lovely but I am just not a fan of the Emilia Wickstead designs.

        The earrings are beautiful and go brilliantly with the dress!

    • Yes, one in every color. From the audience perspective, agree it gets a bit boring but for me, the color palette is sometimes interesting enough to distract from the repetitive silhouette.

  82. Why is the clutch RED? I do not understand that, especially when everything else works so nicely together! I can see why she wouldn’t want to be matchy-matchy, but even the omnipresent nude clutch would be better than red!

  83. The darts on this dress are *flawless* *swoon*

    • My thoughts too! Sometimes her Emilia Wickstead dresses look too clunky, but this one is perfection on her. Impeccable tailoring.

  84. Charming dress and a good color for DOC. Red bag clashes and praline shoes are in different color palette! Pretty amethyst earrings which match the dress.

  85. I love the color of this dress. Very refreshing color but I feel sorry for the DoC in long sleeves on a hot day. She looks hot! The earrings are a perfect choice with the dress. I hate to be negative but a lavendar dress, red clutch and the praline shoes makes for a look that is not well put together. Black or navy accessories would have been a good choice.

  86. Love the color. Love the color combo with the red purse. Love the swing of the fabric and skirt. But I am too hot looking at Catherine; long sleeves and high neck on a hot day in summer. ugh.

    • Think of all the men in their suits!!!!! Whew!

      • EXACTLY. I think this all the time! At least Kate has a breezy skirt on the dress, and exposed legs – men wear suits in these ‘boiling hot temperatures” every day, and they seem to survive. William does look flushed from time to time in the heat, but Kate doesn’t seem to suffer much – most of the photos I’ve seen today show her looking comfortable.

  87. how lovely! The dress fits her beautifully and drapes beautifully – not clingy, but so graceful. And I like the little pop of color from the clutch. Well done, Kate!

  88. I LOVE the red clutch against the lavender dress.

    And she must have feet of steel to tour a museum in 4-5″ heels. Maybe she Botoxes her feet! If anyone is looking for a lower-priced and lower-heeled RepliKate, the JCrew Colette in tan suede is an excellent option. It’s now available in limited sizes (discounted) but this is the 2nd year it’s been carried.

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