Mar 132015

For today’s National Service of Commemoration honoring those who served in Afghanistan the Duchess opted for Beulah London.

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

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Mar 202013

Kate joined the Queen and Prince Philip today for a visit to London’s famous Underground.

PA Wire

The occasion was part of the events celebrating the Underground’s 150th Anniversary.

Transport for London

The anniversary was officially marked on January 9, but events commemorating the milestone will go on all year.

Transport for London

It was good to see HM out and about, although most accounts noted that she looked pale. It was the first time she carried out public engagement in almost ten days, she continues to recover from “symptoms of gastroenteritis”.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail, Mail Online

The Queen was wearing a Karl Ludwig tweed dress with an Angela Kelly hat.  As one might anticipate, everyday Tube riders were surprised to encounter members of the Royal family at an Underground station.

Transport for London Twitter

They were given a tour of Baker Street station, below we see Kate being welcomed with some lovely flowers.

Transport for London

Richard Palmer of the Express explains how Kate came to be involved in today’s function.

She and Philip were joined by Kate, who had scheduled a series of official engagements this week and asked if she could be part of the visit to the historic Tube station after their two offices compared diaries and the Queen formally invited her. “She just fancied it. She asked if she could come along,” a senior royal aide said.

Kate was given a new ‘accessory’ during the visit, one of the famous Baby on Board buttons.

For those unfamiliar with the buttons, here is more from the Daily Mail:

The lapel badges are available free to expectant mothers using public transport as a gentle hint to fellow travellers to offer them their seat and behave, well, in a slightly more courteous manner.

PA Wire

The Duchess did not put the button on but instead commented she would wear it at home. The group also toured a new train and HM unveiled a plaque naming that train ‘Queen Elizabeth II’.

Kate wore a teal blue By Malene Birger coat for today’s engagement. Laure Laura from Kate Middleton Style discovered this posting on a fashion selling/swapping/trading site.

The piece is 100% wool with elaborate trim at the neckline and down the front. There are large tabs at the cuffs and on the outer front pockets, accented by oversized buttons. The piece is closed with concealed hook & eye fastenings, if you look closely at the image of the coat back above you will see the additional fabric gathered at the waist.

When our friends at Grazia asked a Malene Birger representative about Kate’s coat they were told it was not one of their designs. But looking at details closely reveals the piece is identical (except for color) as the Malene Birger. Wire

The soutache style trim is topped with black beads, those beads are set on individual sequins.

The dual signatures on the inside of the garment confirm the listed piece is by Ms. Birger. You can see the interior pockets and polka dot fabric referenced on the Vide Dressing listing.

One FYI, if reading the VideDressing description (which is in French), it may appear the coat style or name was ‘manteau,’ that is merely because manteau is French for coat.

Denmark’s Princess Mary has also worn this piece, it dates back to at least November of 2006.  Coincidentally, Princess Mary was also pregnant when seen in the coat. Many thanks to the WKW Facebook friends who shared this information, as well as those messaging and emailing.

This is not the first time we have seen the Duchess in a coat with the Birger name on it, she wore a piece by Day Birger et Mikkelsen several times, although Ms. Birger left this company to start her eponymous label. We show Kate wearing it to the 2006 wedding of Laura Parker Bowles to Harry Lopes (below left), then again in 2010 for another wedding (Mel Nicholson and Oli Baker at St. Andrews) and once more for the wedding of Zara Phillips (below center) and then July of 2012 for the London Paralympics Opening Ceremonies.

Splash News/Splash News/Paralympic Sport TV

Kate accessorized with a hat we have seen previously, the elegant Whiteley beret-styled piece worn in January of 2011 to the wedding of Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton.

PA Wire/Splash News

We also saw Kate’s Episode ‘Angel’ pumps again, along with her Cornelia James Wool Gloves with Bow, and sapphire earrings.

House of Fraser/Cornelia James

We have included links below to a few sites, including the London Transport Museum’s Gift Shop. It has all manner of London Underground 150 items, including mugs and books like these.

London Transport Museum Gift Shop

The teal was perfect for Kate’s coloring and the accessories worked well. She truly looks happy and very centered these last few weeks. Today’s coat looked a trifle short though, hopefully the Duchess isn’t planning to stick with the shorter lengths.

I apologize for the tardy post, we’ve encountered significant technical issues throughout the day. We’ll see you Friday for coverage of Kate’s time with the Scouts.


  • You can visit the Underground’s website here, or the Transport Museum here, the Transport Museum Gift Shop may be found here
  • The Daily Mail’s photo-laden story is here
  • Watch ITV’s video here, there is also a short video at that link of Kate being given the Baby on Board button
  • Visit the Malene Birger website to see its spring collection, the a/w 2013 collection can be viewed here here at Fashionising’s site, those interested in Copenhagen Fashion Week might enjoy visiting that site
Feb 162013

As we wrap up this lull between appearances I thought it would be fun to do another “What Kate Might Wear” post, looking at the new spring merchandise arriving in stores. Selecting possible styles is very much a challenge as we’re in between seasons, but also because of Kate’s pregnancy. She has long shown a talent for finding garments that look “blah” on the hangar and somehow transforming them into solid ensembles, several of our picks very much fit that profile.

We begin with items from Zara, the retailer’s Short Military Coat ($189) is a good transitional piece.

Zara Short Military Coat

Next, a forgiving silhouette that is also ideal for warmer temps is seen in Zara’s Draped Linen T-Shirt ($49.90). It is 100% linen, making the dress a very breathable piece. It is an example of something that on the surface looks overly casual without much to it, but I imagine the Duchess could really make it sing.

Zara Draped Linen T-Shirt

Below left, Zara’s Crossover Dress in a very Kate-like blue ($59.90) has several elements Kate appreciates, like the deeply veed neckline, pleating at the neck and self belt at the elasticized waist. Unfortunately it is also 100% polyester, that could feel quite warm if worn on one of those rare hot and humid days in the UK. On the right we show Zara’s Crossover Dress with Pockets in black ($79.90), a very generous silhouette, but it too is all poly. I could see either one of these peeking out from a jacket or coat Kate is wearing.


I have to say that while grazing online at Zara this week I felt like there had been a decree issued this was the season of the sack, there were many (many) dresses and other pieces that were shapeless, simply hanging in baggy folds and looking not at all enticing. So if the Duchess wants pieces with absolutely no waistline or other definition then Zara would be worth a stop, but fair warning– a lot of these items looked utterly dreary online.

A style that reminded me of Kate’s propensity for basic pieces with a twist, Zara’s Sweater with Zip at Back ($25.90) in 100% acrylic fibers.

Zara Sweater with Zip at Back

The next two pieces are strictly for those desirous of repli-Kating the McQueen Black Watch look. First, the Tartan Blazer at Zara ($99), it looks fairly well put together, the pattern matches at critical seams, a must for a design like this.

Zara Tartan Blazer

The matching Tartan Cropped Trousers ($59.90), are not as appealing, even at a $59.90 price point. They are too shrunken, with pulling and gapping at some points, nasty gathers at other parts of the anatomy, not a flattering look on anyone.

Zara Tartan Cropped Trousers


That is it for our Zara look-see, we move on to Reiss, beginning with the Finlee Gathered Back coat ($420) in a weighty cotton. Not only does the coat offer many design elements Kate likes (epaulets at shoulder, welt pockets, a fabric with texture, asymmetric fastening), the ruching at the back waist will provide a touch of comfort.

Reiss Finlee Gathered Back Coat

Another non-maternity style that could work for several more months, the Lunata Dress ($320) in a silk poppy print at Reiss, it also has that elastic at the waist, making the frock more forgiving than most.  As a rule I would consider this a summer dress, but Kate has shown she’ll wear lighter chiffon weights throughout the year, it will obviously need a sweater or jacket.

Reiss Lunata in Poppy

The Danica in stone ($320) by Reiss is another dress with a forgiving silhouette. Kate likes this rounded neckline, she also favors three-quarter sleeves and self belt. This item is reminiscent of Kate’s ‘Maja’ dress by Diane von Furstenberg.

Reiss ‘Danica’ Dress

When it comes to separates the Duchess still has plenty of time to wear tops in standard sizes, non-maternity pieces like the Mimi Blouse in slate, white, lilac ($160). The ruffles are a touch precious, but Kate has demonstrated a fondness for pieces with details at the neckline and sleeve.

Reiss ‘Mimi’ Frill Neck Blouse

A more sophisticated blouse by Reiss is its Penny style ($180), the pin tucks and pleating provide a different look, as do the dropped shoulders. The piece is 100% silk, and *very* sheer, perfect under a jacket but in need of proper undergarments if worn on its own.

Reiss Penny Blouse


We now move to Max Mara. The firm offered a number of coats in its Resort collection that hold some possibility, although they don’t all have a definite “Kate look” to them, particularly the one on the far left. (But it is one elegant piece.)

Max Mara Resort

The jackets shown below left also have forgiving lines, as do the dresses on the right, they are all by Max Mara.

Max Mara

These next items are all part of a special ‘S Max Mara spring collection.

‘S Max Mara Special Collection

Glamorous? Not terribly. Clean lines that might work well for someone entering their third trimester? Very much so.


A reminder about this week’s engagement, Kate is slated to be at Hope House on Tuesday, the 19th.  Hope House is a women’s treatment centre, and part of Action on Addiction, of which Kate is Patron.  More from the news release:

During her visit, the Duchess will hear first-hand our female clients’s experiences of their addiction and recovery journeys. She will also have the opportunity to experience what a typical day at Hope House is like and find out why a range of treatments, such as art therapy and information on nutrition, are effective in helping women start to re-build their lives

As many as 23 women can be treated at Hope House, it is a residential-based program.


Also tonight, word that Kate will also be announcing additional Patronages, more from the Daily Mail:

Kate, who will announce she is taking on three new charities next month. A Palace spokesman confirmed: The Duchess is already patron of four charities and will add a small number to that list.

Obviously we’ll post if/when we learn about more Patronages or other news.
Finally, an enormous “Thank you” to Imogen Sheeran, mother of the ever-so-popular singer Ed Sheeran. But it isn’t Ed’s stardom that many WKWers associate with Mrs. Sheeran, it is these:


That is the bracelet she created and makes for another of Kate’s patronages, EACH (East Anglia Children’s Hospices), they are sold as a fundraiser for the group. Only today did yours truly realize Mrs. Sheeran was good enough to mention WKW on her page about the bracelets, I am woefully behind in expressing my gratitude. (Thanks to Trisha for mentioning this to me!)

Perhaps the best thing I can do is simply go purchase another bracelet! They are just £10 (roughly $15 USD), and best of all, that price covers shipping and handling! For a review of an Ed Sheeran concert by, pop in and say “hey” to A Petite Princess, she was lucky enough to attend one of his concerts last weekend and posted a review on her site.

We’ll be back on Tuesday, if not before.