Nov 282011

Today we take an opportunity to revisit several topics we haven’t had time for of late, although there are two functions tonight of note, one where Kate & William are expected .

We begin with the identification of a handbag we have seen Kate carry with some frequency, the slim black clutch.  First, a refresher showing The Duchess carrying the bag during the couple’s visit to Copenhagen in support of

The British Monarchy

Here is a better look:

Once again those savvy stylistas on the WKW FB page have come up with what we think is the answer. Fashion-forward Kristen deserves the credit for this identification, she suggested it is Stuart Weitzman’s Raz Clutch, we think she is spot-on. Below we show the bag as recently seen for sale on Amazon.

Stuart Weitzman

The dimensions shown for the bag make sense: 10.5″ long x 3.75″ high x 2″ deep. It very much looks like Kate’s bag, it also makes sense as Kate is clearly a Weitzman fan, wearing the company’s “Zipkin” boots (more in this post) for that UNICEF Copenhagen trip.


Also today, an ID on a blouse Kate wore during the couple’s North American tour this summer. Below we see William and Kate touring the devastation left by an enormous fire in Slave Lake, Alberta.

Canadian Heritage

The top generated quite a bit of discussion at the time; below we show the Lauren by Ralph Lauren chiffon ruffle blouse as seen at House of Fraser. Our thanks to WKW FB friend Clare for making this ID.

Via House of Fraser

Sadly the blouse is no longer available, it is a cute piece. (It is possible others may have suggested this was the piece when we were all tracking it this summer, if so, let me know so you may also receive credit.)


A few product updates we think you might find of interest, starting with the Sebago Bala, it is back in stock on the Sebago UK site.

Sebago UK

The shoe is priced at £80 (approximately $125 USD at today’s exchange rates), there is very limited stock available as of this writing. We hope to have an update for you shortly regarding the shoe’s availability on the Sebago US site.


There are two events this evening (Monday, 11.28) that will interest Kate fashion followers, the highest profile function is a reception at Buckingham Palace for journalists expected to cover the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year. More from the UK Press Association:

Senior royals will also be mingling with the press including the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In honour of the guests the palace’s East Gallery will be renamed the Tweet Suite for the night – for those who want to post online messages – and the space will also contain displays about the Queen’s Golden and Silver Jubilees.

We love the way Buckingham Palace continues to embrace social media as a way of communicating “The Firm’s” message. Tonight’s event is not formal, we expect to see Kate in a dress and heels, however, it is not the sort of function where a hat is expected.

Also this evening, the British Style Awards, we will have more on that event should Kate be named as Britian’s most stylish.


US television viewers might want to mark their calendars for Tuesday, December 13th, that is when NBC airs Inside the Royal Marriage.

Here is more on the show from TBI, an industry site:

The show taps into the enormous interest in the young couple. “They are doing things their own way,” explains executive producer Matt Drury. “Whereas previous generations of royal newlyweds have just cut ribbons and shaken hands with people, they have a clear idea what they want.” He adds: “The biggest challenge is that there is blanket media coverage of everything that they do, but we wanted to cover things not revealed before and add value to the stories people already know.”

The program has been produced by the same company that did Inside the Royal Wedding, Spun Gold TV.

Spun Gold TV

The UK production company has done a number of programs showcasing royal topics, including Prince William’s Africa, and How to Nab a Prince.


Finally today, two flash sales that may be of interest to Kate followers, both at ‘members only’, (cough-cough) sites. The first is a sale on Hudson Jeans beginning today (Monday) at 3pm ET on Rue La La. (Click here if you need an invite.)

Hudson Jeans at Rue La La

The second is tomorrow at, another Kate fave, J. Brand Jeans will be on sale beginning at 12 Noon.

If in need of an invite for Gilt, just click here. (The ‘cough-cough’ reference up above is because we look askance at the phrase “members only” because anyone with an email address can join, it is not quite as exclusive as sometimes portrayed.)


EDITORIAL NOTE: We have received multiple emails asking why we haven’t posted about Kate’s most recent shopping trip to Tesco in Anglesey. Those are not photos we care to share, they cross the line into the intrusive category.  Pictures of Kate in the parking lot are fine in my opinion, she knows there may be photographers on hand. But once inside a store I think she should be entitled to some level of privacy, and shouldn’t have to worry about the public knowing precisely what she purchased right down to the brand of potatoes.



Oct 262011

Is there anything more delightful for Kate fashion fans than finding an email from the Palace announcing an upcoming appearance? Methinks not. Here is the news:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit UNICEF’s emergency supply centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 2nd November to view the effort to distribute emergency food and medical supplies to East Africa, where severe food shortages are affecting more than 13 million people.


UNICEF now estimates at least 320,000 children are in life-threatening situations, in dire need of food and medicine. More than 13,000,000 people in the area are affected by severe food shortages. The growing crisis in East Africa has gradually been gaining traction with the media, the visit will surely help raise awareness and much-needed funds.

William and Kate will also make an official (and private) call on Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. (The Danish Royal Couple actually just left the United States on Monday following a busy visit.)

Official Danish Crown Prince & Princess Site

I think this will be somewhat similar to this summer’s trip to Mission Serve in Los Angeles, they are expected to tour the UNICEF facility and then help pack boxes with emergency supplies. Knowing the couple’s fondness for Africa, this does make the charity an ideal recipient for their efforts. More from the official announcement:

The decision by The Duke and Duchess to visit has come about at short notice following the worsening crisis in East Africa. The date of the visit was chosen taking into account The Duke’s Search and Rescue commitments.

The UNICEF UK news release carries a new photo of the couple, it turns out that is their official photograph, taken at Clarence House by Getty photo ace Chris Jackson.

Chris Jackson Twitter Feed

Here is the photo Mr. Jackson shared with his tweet, Kate is in her navy Amanda Wakeley suit. It is similar to the official photo for the North American tour, that was also taken by Mr. Jackson.

To see the full-length photo, visit the UNICEF UK page.  Here is a bit from the UNICEF news release on what has been accomplished thus far in East Africa:

So far, UNICEF has delivered more than 10,000 metric tones of supplies to the region, treated 108,000 severely malnourished children in therapeutic feeding centres, vaccinated 1.2 million children against measles and provided 2.2 million people with access to safe water.

Obviously we will have comprehensive coverage of the trip. Until then, here is a link for those interested in donating and/or  learning more about UNICEF‘s work in East Africa.


I have been pathetically slow a tad tardy in sharing the results from our most recent poll. Back on the 6th of this month (in this post) we looked at the merits, or drawbacks, of Kate being photographed for a Vogue magazine cover. With nearly 2900 votes, here is how things look:

The results surprised me a little, I thought perhaps more might be adamantly opposed no. matter. what. However, if combining votes from the first (no way, no how) and third (only if British Vogue) answers, the interpretation could be that 40% aren’t keen on the idea. Anyone else surprised by the way this one turned out?


Also today, some very quick bullet points linking to articles I think you might enjoy, if you haven’t already seen them, as many are what we use to call “moldy oldies’ when I was in tv, meaning some go all the way back to September.

L2 Blog


We’ve loads of other tidbits to share, but have to fly in order to take care of all those contest entries, eek! A reminder, the contest for a pair of Kate’s London Sole shoes ends tonight at midnight, we’ll announce the lucky winner tomorrow.