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We move to the second trimester in our retrospective look at Kate’s maternity styles. (Our post on the first trimester is here.)

January 11th Kate attended the official unveiling of her first portrait at the National Portrait Gallery wearing the Sophie Rae dress by Whistles. At the end of January the Duchess did a bit of shopping in her Seville Boots by Really Wild Clothing and a plaid cape. We still haven’t determined if the cape was a 2010 Zara piece or a 2012- 2013 item from Orvis.

PA Wire/TOPSTAR Photos

PA Wire/TOPSTAR Photos

February brought just one official engagement for the Duchess, a trip to Hope House in South London on the 19th. Kate wore a 2011 wrap dress by Max Mara Studio.

All Images SplashNews.com

All Images SplashNews.com

In March Kate & William were in the Swiss Alps attending the wedding of close friends, we saw distinctly different looks for Kate at that weekend event. On the slopes she was casual in her LK Bennett Darwin jacket and a pair of boots by Oscar Sports, an Italian label.

Splash News

Splash News

For the wedding she was more formal, in a dress coat that is yet to be identified atop the MaxMara Studio dress worn when she visited Cambridge with William last November.

Splash News

Splash News

Kate made a solo trip to the town of Grimsby March 5th, wearing her Hobbs Celeste coat over a new dress, the ‘Cezanne’ by Great Plains. Ten days later she attended Cheltenham with Prince William, wearing a Joseph coat dating back to at least 2007, accessorized with her ‘Betty Boop’ hat by John Lock & Co (Also seen above at that wedding in Switzerland) and new earrings.

All Photos by Splash News

All Photos by Splash News

For the annual St. Patrick’s Day ceremonies with the Irish Guards, Kate repeated her Emilia Wickstead coatdress. You can compare how the Duchess looked wearing this piece in 2012 and 2013 in the images below.

Splash News/Splash News/ Domhnall, Regimental Mascot 1st Battalion Irish Guards Facebook Page

Splash/Splash/ Domhnall, Regimental Mascot 1st Battalion Irish Guards Facebook Page

On March 19 William and Kate visited Child Bereavement UK; Kate wore the ‘Redgrave’ coat in wool crepe by Goat Fashion over Topshop’s Contrast Collar Shift Dress.  The next morning the Duchess joined HM and Prince Philip as the trio visited Baker Street Station for events marking the London Underground’s 150th anniversary.  Kate wore a teal blue By Malene Birger coat, a piece that dates back to at least 2006. Kate’s elegant Whiteley beret-styled hat was previously worn in 2011 to the wedding of Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton.

Splash News/Paul Edwards-The Sun-PA Wire/Splash News

Splash News/Paul Edwards-The Sun-PA Wire/Splash News

Kate wrapped up the month with a snowy training session as part of her volunteer work with UK Scouting. She wore her familiar Le Chameau boots, a good selection may be found here at Le Chameau’s primary online retailer, our pals at Philip Morris have a solid size selection as well. Kate’s jacket by Barbour, the Ladies Linhope style we’ve seen her wearing as far back as 2009. Really Wild Clothing Company has verified the hat is their Lindsey style in ‘Tweed Moss Fleck,’ it will not be restocked.

Paul Berentzen, Northwest Evening Mail Twitter/Martyn Milner-UK Scouting

Paul Berentzen, Northwest Evening Mail Twitter/Martyn Milner-UK Scouting/Stephanie Manley, Westmoreland Gazette Twitter

A closer look.

Splash News/Splash News

Splash News/Splash News


We also want to share a few news tidbits (for lack of a better term) beginning with word about a capsule collection for a brand Kate wears frequently that we mentioned just up above, Le Chameau. According to a story in Wednesday’s Women’s Wear Daily, the label will launch two capsule collections next spring.

The company will continue to make its traditional boots — beloved of clients ranging from the Duchess of Cambridge to the fishermen of Brittany. Its fashion offer will launch with a capsule collection of two styles and six colors set to land in stores in January.

One of the new models is called the “Paris,” it will come in long and short versions.

Le Chameau Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

Le Chameau Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

There are also plans for the brand’s clothing, more from the WWD story:

Le Chameau plans to launch more new styles for fall, and will also begin to develop its outerwear collection into a more luxury offering. The company plans to unveil a few pieces for the fall season.

The company will continue to make its boots by hand from natural rubber, and told Samantha Conti, WWD’s London Bureau Chief, they have no plans to move production to China or anywhere else. The boots will continue to be made at the factory in France, seen below.

Le Chameau Facebook

Le Chameau Facebook


Our other item involves a film being released, “Born to Royalty”.

BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide

In a somewhat unusual move, BBC Worldwide is doing a theatrical release. as opposed to selling the documentary directly to consumers (See notes below about purchasing the DVD.)  The film will be shown starting July 19th “in select cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and more.” When it comes to the “and more” reference, the resourceful Abby shared on our Baby Cambridge Fundraiser page that the film is going to be shown in New Orleans and Newport, RI. (More here on the Newport showings.)

Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey fame narrates the film. From the press information: “Most babies get a highchair – these are in line for the throne.”

BBC Worldwide/Keystone/Getty Images

BBC Worldwide/Keystone/Getty Images

More from a news release:

The film explores the changing way that Royals have dealt with their own children, becoming more hands-on through the generations and the staff that were closest to the family. It also looks at what it means to enter this rarefied world from the outside, starting with Princess Diana and more recently the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton.

Back to the news release:

From stories of Royal delivery rooms, nurseries, playtime and schooling to tales of the Royals themselves as babies, mischievous toddlers, students and dutiful members of the Armed Forces, this film sheds fresh light on what life was like — and what life could be like – for the latest child Born to Royalty.

A trailer for the movie may be seen by clicking here.

I am guessing at some point this will be offered as a DVD.

UPDATED: With thanks to Wendy who left a comment on the post, it looks like the video is already available for pre-order. Click here to see it on Amazon, it is priced at $12.33 with a release date of August 6. (I believe this is the video, going by the producer names, BBC Worldwide’s name, etc.)  It also appears to be available for pre-ordering on Amazon Canada, click here to see that listing.


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Mar 202013

Kate joined the Queen and Prince Philip today for a visit to London’s famous Underground.

PA Wire

The occasion was part of the events celebrating the Underground’s 150th Anniversary.

Transport for London

The anniversary was officially marked on January 9, but events commemorating the milestone will go on all year.

Transport for London

It was good to see HM out and about, although most accounts noted that she looked pale. It was the first time she carried out public engagement in almost ten days, she continues to recover from “symptoms of gastroenteritis”.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail, Mail Online

The Queen was wearing a Karl Ludwig tweed dress with an Angela Kelly hat.  As one might anticipate, everyday Tube riders were surprised to encounter members of the Royal family at an Underground station.

Transport for London Twitter

They were given a tour of Baker Street station, below we see Kate being welcomed with some lovely flowers.

Transport for London

Richard Palmer of the Express explains how Kate came to be involved in today’s function.

She and Philip were joined by Kate, who had scheduled a series of official engagements this week and asked if she could be part of the visit to the historic Tube station after their two offices compared diaries and the Queen formally invited her. ”She just fancied it. She asked if she could come along,” a senior royal aide said.

Kate was given a new ‘accessory’ during the visit, one of the famous Baby on Board buttons.

For those unfamiliar with the buttons, here is more from the Daily Mail:

The lapel badges are available free to expectant mothers using public transport as a gentle hint to fellow travellers to offer them their seat and behave, well, in a slightly more courteous manner.

PA Wire

The Duchess did not put the button on but instead commented she would wear it at home. The group also toured a new train and HM unveiled a plaque naming that train ‘Queen Elizabeth II’.

Kate wore a teal blue By Malene Birger coat for today’s engagement. Laure Laura from Kate Middleton Style discovered this posting on a fashion selling/swapping/trading site.


The piece is 100% wool with elaborate trim at the neckline and down the front. There are large tabs at the cuffs and on the outer front pockets, accented by oversized buttons. The piece is closed with concealed hook & eye fastenings, if you look closely at the image of the coat back above you will see the additional fabric gathered at the waist.

When our friends at Grazia asked a Malene Birger representative about Kate’s coat they were told it was not one of their designs. But looking at details closely reveals the piece is identical (except for color) as the Malene Birger.

VideDressing.com/PA Wire

The soutache style trim is topped with black beads, those beads are set on individual sequins.

The dual signatures on the inside of the garment confirm the listed piece is by Ms. Birger. You can see the interior pockets and polka dot fabric referenced on the Vide Dressing listing.


One FYI, if reading the VideDressing description (which is in French), it may appear the coat style or name was ‘manteau,’ that is merely because manteau is French for coat.

Denmark’s Princess Mary has also worn this piece, it dates back to at least November of 2006.  Coincidentally, Princess Mary was also pregnant when seen in the coat. Many thanks to the WKW Facebook friends who shared this information, as well as those messaging and emailing.

This is not the first time we have seen the Duchess in a coat with the Birger name on it, she wore a piece by Day Birger et Mikkelsen several times, although Ms. Birger left this company to start her eponymous label. We show Kate wearing it to the 2006 wedding of Laura Parker Bowles to Harry Lopes (below left), then again in 2010 for another wedding (Mel Nicholson and Oli Baker at St. Andrews) and once more for the wedding of Zara Phillips (below center) and then July of 2012 for the London Paralympics Opening Ceremonies.

Splash News/Splash News/Paralympic Sport TV

Kate accessorized with a hat we have seen previously, the elegant Whiteley beret-styled piece worn in January of 2011 to the wedding of Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton.

PA Wire/Splash News

We also saw Kate’s Episode ‘Angel’ pumps again, along with her Cornelia James Wool Gloves with Bow, and sapphire earrings.

House of Fraser/Cornelia James

We have included links below to a few sites, including the London Transport Museum’s Gift Shop. It has all manner of London Underground 150 items, including mugs and books like these.

London Transport Museum Gift Shop

The teal was perfect for Kate’s coloring and the accessories worked well. She truly looks happy and very centered these last few weeks. Today’s coat looked a trifle short though, hopefully the Duchess isn’t planning to stick with the shorter lengths.

I apologize for the tardy post, we’ve encountered significant technical issues throughout the day. We’ll see you Friday for coverage of Kate’s time with the Scouts.


  • You can visit the Underground’s website here, or the Transport Museum here, the Transport Museum Gift Shop may be found here
  • The Daily Mail’s photo-laden story is here
  • Watch ITV’s video here, there is also a short video at that link of Kate being given the Baby on Board button
  • Visit the Malene Birger website to see its spring collection, the a/w 2013 collection can be viewed here here at Fashionising’s site, those interested in Copenhagen Fashion Week might enjoy visiting that site
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