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Kate’s Afternoon Wedding Look: Everything Old is New Again

As mentioned in our previous post about Kate’s McQueen/Treacy styles for Trooping the Colour, the Duchess had a busy calendar today, this afternoon she and her sister Pippa attended the wedding of close friends Sam Waley-Cohen and Bella Ballin.

Unless we’re mistaken, everything Kate wore has been seen previously. Kate went for a simple satin sheath in black and white, topped by the hat worn for this morning’s ceremonies.Polaris Images

She was understated and chic, ideal for a June wedding, especially when one doesn’t want to detract from the bride. (Unfortunately, it was not Pippa’s finest fashion moment, her coat didn’t appear to fit properly and it seemed there was a lot going on with her ensemble, a rare miss for Kate’s sister.)

We believe she is wearing the same Links of London earrings worn Thursday night at the ARK dinner, the Effervescence Bubble Earrings are still available on the US website, but we can no longer locate them on the UK site. The earrings feature tiny lavender iolites at the top, they are $215 USD.Polaris images

Our eagle-eyed readers and WKW Facebook fans noted this is not the first time we have seen Kate in the satin dress, previously wearing it in 2007 as she left the Boujis Nightclub.

Nor do we believe it is the first appearance for the black court shoes, they look to be the same pair worn when William and Kate met the President and Mrs. Obama. If not the identical pair, they are very similar, we continue the hunt for the maker. Kate’s clutch has also been seen previously, most recently at that same meeting with the Obamas.

It is the Anya Hindmarch Maud silk clutch in black, below we show the bag in ivory.

Here is how the bag is described on the website:

“A classically styled frame clutch available in a range of luxurious satin fabrics with embroidered initials. Features twist closure with stone embellishment and is fully suede lined.”

It is no longer available, but one can sign up for a waiting list for the bespoke version of the bag at the Hindmarch website.

All in all it was a subdued yet stylish look for the Duchess, surely sensitive to the attention that would be directed toward her, wanting to ensure that focus remained on the star of the day, the bride.

With special thanks to Ciara, Diana, Carly-Kate Middleton Style FB, Leaf and Pearls Blog.



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Tuesday 14th of June 2011

Kate's dress is from Zara (thanks to coolspotters). There's a picture of it there too:


Tuesday 14th of June 2011

Hi Rachael, thanks so much for reading and commenting! We posted yesterday about the Zara dress on the WKW Facebook page, and also tweeted it yesterday. I hadn't really thought about doing something here on the blog, but I'm thinking from the number of comments & emails, etc., perhaps I should...hmm. Thank you!


Monday 13th of June 2011

I fear my Mac needs a special cut & paste button for the dull "I adore what she's wearing!" comments I'm always leaving you, but . . . well, yes. This is tasteful, elegant (I would have guessed DVF too), and somehow doesn't offend my hangups about wearing black or white to weddings. *golf claps*

It's so intriguing that Kate is getting props for re-wearing things . . . would we have always considered that so unusual, or is this a sign of the current Hollywood practice having become the new normal? In either event, I'm all for Team Kate on this one, particularly given the economic climate...


Monday 13th of June 2011

Hello, Kate is perfect, but the Pippa's coat is a style mistake (too large and the color doesn't match).

Great website !


Sunday 12th of June 2011

Cropped from HQ photos:

Back view of black pumps . They are both wearing the same brand but Kate's has a black sole while Pippa's is a light sole. Pippa wears a size 37. Kate we know wears a size 39. Hopefully someone can ID the gold logo on the sole of the shoes to identify the brand.

Close-up of earrings:


Tuesday 14th of June 2011

Kate and Pippa's black pumps are from Prada from older seasons. Kate wore this pair to the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman, July 2008. The older seasons had the PRADA name closer to the toes. This is the gold design seen on the close-ups of Kates and Pippa's shoes:

The new 2011 Prada collection has the PRADA name closer to the heels:

Not all PRADA shoes have this gold logo though.


Sunday 12th of June 2011

I respect her so much for wearing the same things twice and actually getting use of her fabulous wardrobe! She's so classy and fabulous.

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