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About That Vogue Cover & The Horror of Tiara Neck (Gasp!)

Once again we have a number of updates to share, as well as some new images of Kate, so we’ll jump right in with this Us Weekly story about Kate visiting the hair salon last Friday.

Kate was sporting a winter white v-neck sweater with horizontal ribbing, black skinny jeans; it seems the change of seasons has brought the return of her black suede boots. She also carried the navy Mulberry bag we have seen previously, most recently on the runway as she boarded a flight to Canada back in June. The Polly Push Lock in midnight navy is available directly from Mulberry, priced at $1300.

Mulberry ‘Polly Push Lock’

From the story:

The 29-year-old royal stopped by her go-to hair haven, Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa, in London’s stylish Chelsea neighborhood where she sat all afternoon for a series of services including getting her hair colored with an organic vegetable-based hair dye.

There is another photo of Kate that seemed a little intrusive, so we aren’t sharing it, click here to see it and read the entire Us Weekly article.


Next, we have an exciting story to share about another Kate style blogger who actually saw Kate in London yesterday! Ashlin at Get What Kate Wore was in Topshop and noticed someone in line ahead of her who looked familiar…guess who?!  In her post on the event, Ashlin says the Duchess appeared to be wearing the very same jeans and boots as those seen above in the Us Weekly story.

From what Ashlin shares Kate is said to have purchased a skirt that is now sold out, the Polka Dot Pencil skirt in green with black dots, it was £38.00.

Topshop Pencil Skirt

She is also thought to have bought the Velvet Trim Boucle Jacket in a beautiful cobalt blue. (I like this style quite a bit.)


The jacket remains available online in both the UK (£65) and the US ($130).


Next, the debate about whether or not Kate should pose for Vogue magazine, the US publication. That story first surfaced online late last week, and it gained traction when the NY Post published this piece:

Anna Wintour is still quietly but persuasively campaigning to land the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, for the cover of US Vogue.

Sources tell us that Wintour has been appealing to famed photographer Mario Testino, a close friend of the British royals, to reach out to the elegant newlywed to shoot her for the fashion bible.

The rumors have been squashed, Richard Palmer, the Royal Correspondent for The Express tweeted the definitive word from the Palace yesterday.

Via RoyalReporter on Twitter

Richard went on to add:

Via RoyalReporter on Twitter

In the wake of the rumors there has been a spot of fun with Photoshop, someVogue covers appeared, here are two of our favorites.

The Cut/

The image on the right is via Royal Photos on Twitter, the image on the left is from the creative folks at The Cut, one of our favorite blogs. We like it because they also came up with some fake stories to tease:

  • “Do You Have Tiara Neck?”
  • “Special Report: Everything You Need To Know About LK Bennett Wedges!”
  • “Sheer Pantyhose: We’re All Wearing It”

The image on the right is from the very talented Charlotte at the Duchess Kate blog.

On a more serious note, this blog post in The Telegraph makes a case for Kate declining any such offers:

The Duchess of Cambridge should avoid Anna Wintour and US Vogue like the plague

From the blog post by Cristina Odone:

Anna Wintour, scary-wary editrix of American Vogue, is determined, by all accounts, to get to the Duchess of Cambridge.

A few more bullet points from the story:

  • “Cover girls are celebrities. The Duchess of Cambridge should be something much more.”
  • “She may kindly condescend to her photo appearing in a mag, “but she must never look like she’s in cahoots with that media lot.”
  • “To date, the Duchess of Cambridge has played her role perfectly: charming, caring, glamorous  and regal.”
  • “Leave Pippa to deal with the glossies, Your Royal Highness,“ you’ve got history to make.”

This one really has provoked quite a debate in the What Kate Wore Facebook Community, and to a lesser degree on Twitter. What do you think? Is it time to bring back the intrepid WKW online poll?

We will be back soon, at the very latest on Thursday when Kate & William have a scheduled appearance, if not before.


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Tuesday 4th of October 2011

Hiya I am still waiting deperately for some to inform me where I can purchase the white lace cram top kate middleton wored while shopping at peter jones on 6th Sept 11 - please some one help me regards Bir


Friday 7th of October 2011

If you haven't already spotted it ,Bir, it's in this later WKW post - keep scrolling down:


Monday 3rd of October 2011

Ashlin's hope that her excitement about seeing the Duchess at Topshop wasn't noticed seems to be wishful thinking. A later comment from the assistant who served Kate said she was very cool and relaxed despite people in the queue behind her pointing and saying quite audibly, "Oh my God, it's her!".


Friday 30th of September 2011

I love kate's style of black jeans, black boots and a casual shirt. I must say I've borrowed this look for my own closet and I always get compliments. I really don't have much of a sense of style on my own and so the few tips I've gotten via this site have been great! :o) It's not necessarily that I need the exact same clothes (they're a bit pricey for me) but I just love the way these items are put together and I find it relatively easy to copy using a few bargains!

I heart Kate

Thursday 29th of September 2011


Thursday 29th of September 2011

Great article as always! But it appears Ashlin's site is down? The URL did not work. I was excited to read her article after reading what she had to say on and this site. Has anyone been able to get to her site? Thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.