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October Appearances Scheduled, Major UFO Resolved and More

Kate was out and about Saturday, joining her parents and sister Pippa at a wedding, longtime family friend Thierry Kelaart was married, Mr. Middleton actually gave the bride away.  We would love to share photos with you but neither of the agencies I purchase pictures from has them available, the best I can suggest is that you visit this story in the Mail.

The Duchess wore the silvery gray Erdem dress she was in for this year’s Trooping the Colour.

UK Press Association

Kate did wear a new hat, it was created by Jane Corbett, as was June’s Trooping the Colour hat. The designer shared more in her blog, showing Saturday’s hat in process, shown below left, below right we show a closeup of the fabric from the dress, also incorporated in the new chapeau.

Jane Corbett Millinery/UK Press Association

Kate also carried her grey suede clutch and a grey scarf, finishing off the look with her Sledge pumps in taupe.


We also have updates on several appointments added to the royal calendar; much of the information comes via Majesty Magazine, I have merely added links and some photos.

Tuesday, 10.9.12:

William and Kate travel to the official opening of St. George’s Park, the new home to the Football Association and its National Football Centre.

The Football Association

This one makes a lot of sense, William is the honorary President of the Football Association.

Wednesday, 10.10.12:

1) The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit Newcastle Civic Centre in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. While there they will meet several groups of people.

  • people who made the 2012 Games successful in the Newcastle area
  • students from Percy Hedley School, the school specializes in teaching pupils with motor skill challenges
  • representatives from the Institute for Ageing and Health, among other activities, groundbreaking research is carried out at the Institute

2) Kate and William then go to Elswick Park, for a Fields in Trust event, part of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge. Some may recall a June Fields In Trust event the couple did with HM. The Elswick visit will include an outdoor sporting/learning activity and a look at a garden run by the West End Women and Girls.

3) The couple’s next appointment is a visit to a youth charity, Keyfund, at Gateshead Youth Council in Gateshead.

4) The final event for the day is at CRI Stockton Recovery Service, located in Stockton-On-Tees. The facility is partnering with Action on Addiction for the group’s M-PACT program, Action on Addiction is one of Kate’s patronages.

Thursday, 10.11.12

  • Prince William again hosts the 100 Women in Hedge Funds dinner, Kate is not expected to attend this year (you may read more about last year’s gala here)


We also have an ID to share on a pair of shoes, going back to January of 2011 when Kate and William attended the wedding of friends Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton.  Many will recall the event when seeing a photo.

Mirrorpix / Splash News

Kate wore her popular Libelula Dulwich coat in black silk velvet. Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice and her longtime beau Dave Clark also attended.

Mirrorpix/Splash News

One of the more intriguing UFOs has been the shoes worn by Kate that day. After months and months of looking, it seems they are by a brand Kate has previously favored, Mascaro.  A big tip of the fascinator to WKW Faceboook friend Lizzie Darcy, she deserves the credit for this ID.

Splash News/eBay

As you can see, the oversize grosgrain bows look identical, heel height is the same, and other features seem to match. A great find by Lizzie, she shared that she long believed the heels were by Mascaro, so she steadfastly watched eBay auctions and other sites in an effort to locate the shoes.

Kate has previously worn the brand, notably the black pumps at Christmas, as well as the Pretty Ballerinas (a Mascaro brand) bag carried to the War Horse premiere and other events, shown below.

Splash News

The bag carried to the 2011 wedding is very similar, but not identical, the placement of the bow is different.

Splash News January 2011

But otherwise it looks *very* similar.


We wanted to let readers know about another ‘app’ for those interested in Kate’s style. “RepliKate Me” has been on the market for a bit over 6 weeks, available via the App Store.

Apple App Store

The app is the brainchild of Emma Poole, she came up with the idea when shopping in Wales and noticed how many retailers had displays directly related to what Kate wore. Her brother has IT experience and helped her develop the program. Emma shared that the app shows “… high street and online replicas of Kate’s looks, with links and stock information to help you make a purchase….”. Emma’s goal with the app is to show users reasonably priced items similar to Kate’s.

Below, an example of suggestions for copying the Roland Mouret dress worn to Claridge’s in June.

Repli-Kate Me App via The App Store

As Emma notes, “Some of Kate’s pieces are unique and specially commissioned for her, or are beyond the budget of even her most loyal fans. For those who desire something similar but affordable, the app recommends items to make a “replikate” of the original.”

There is also a RepliKate Me Facebook page, the app sells for $1.99.


Our final tidbit today is something a bit out of the ordinary, it involves my friend Megan.  Megan happens to be an author, and her very first novel is being published soon.

A Royal Pain by Megan Mulry

A Royal Pain by Megan Mulry’ is due out November 1, but I was lucky because Megan sent me an advance copy of the book. The novel even received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, getting a star on a review is a *big* deal, I was beyond tickled for Megan.

Publishers Weekly

More from that review:

Mulry debuts with a delightful love story between Bronte Talbott and her modern-day duke. Bronte loves everything pop culture, including ”perhaps especially”royal gazing, mostly because it annoys her intellectual father.

Mulry creates a completely fleshed-out character in Bronte, with her insecurity issues and her envious good luck. She and the other characters make this charming book worth reading again and again.

Not to give away the plot, but Bronte learns about the challenges of marrying a duke. I can tell you that Megan knows her royalty, the ins and out of society’s upper crust, as well as the decisions faced by working women in today’s culture. I loved reading it: Megan is one gifted writer and the book more-than-qualified as a page turner.

So why am I blathering on about the book? Because Megan agreed I could give away my ARC (Advance Reader’s Copy) here on the blog. It’s sure to be something of a collector’s item, I know that A Royal Pain is certain to be a bestseller, there’s no doubt Megan is destined for stardom as an author. (You can learn more about her by visiting her website or following her on Twitter.)

Even though the book isn’t out yet, you can pre-order it via Barnes & Noble or Amazon. To win my copy, just leave a comment and we’ll draw a name at the end of the week.

We’ll be back later this week with the results of all Royal Tour polls. (Dress poll #1 is here, Dress poll #2 is here, and the Accessories polls are here

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Sunday 9th of February 2014


what I really like the best about the dutches style is that she seems to wear the right outfit for each occasion. Ans that seems not very easy to me in her position. so I don't know if she gets much help with that, but she does great!! Besides she has so many followers, all loving this site...


Tuesday 16th of October 2012

Thank you for identifying those fabulous purple shoes! Now, if only I could find a pair in my size :-)

As for the unidentified purple bag, I'm wondering if it's an old LK Bennett bag. Look at this ebay listing. Although it's a print, it has the same lines as the purple bag. What do you think?

Thanks for all your hard work!!!


Saturday 6th of October 2012

Would LOVE to win the book. Sounds awesome!


Saturday 6th of October 2012

Oh the app sounds interesting :) ....and the book sounds cool too...putting my name down for it :) The plum shoes were so pretty...! like this blog too...awesome work!

Becky M.

Saturday 6th of October 2012

Putting my name in for the book!

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