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Kate Wears Temperley London for Glittering SportsBall UPDATED

NOTE: Please accept my apology to those who may have seen a “non-post post” earlier. Yours truly tried to multitask and failed miserably: it was sweet potatoes vs. the blog, the potatoes clearly won yesterday’s round.

The Duchess chose another piece by Temperley London for tonight’s annual SportsBall, wearing the label’s Templeton dress.

Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

The SportsBall recognizes and benefits SportsAid; the Duchess is the organization’s Patron. SportsAid “helps talented young disabled and non-disabled athletes to achieve their ambitions. Since 1976, the charity has distributed more than £50 million to aspiring young athletes throughout the UK…”.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Kate speaking with Tanni Grey-Thompson,an 11-time Paralympic Gold Medalist in wheelchair racing, now trustee of SportsAid. (It is actually Baroness Grey-Thompson, DBE.)

The dress showcased a highly detailed laser cut design.

Jeff Moore/Splash News

Jeff Moore/Splash News

Our images of the frock are via Lyst.

Temperley 'Templeton' via

Temperley ‘Templeton’ via

The dress originally sold at $1385, but had been discounted to $554. More from Lyst:

Inspired by Renaissance stained glass, it is made of a taffeta style fabric and has a plain body with a detailed neck yoke, sleeve and skirt finished with a feminine scallop. Demure and slightly Audrey Hepburn in feel, it has a nipped in waist, slightly exaggerated shoulder and full skirt.

Here we have a better look at the fabric’s intricate pattern, we show it on Kate’s frock on the left, as well as an online retailer.

Splash News/Temperley

Splash News/Temperley

The piece is from Alice Temperley’s 2012 autumn/winter collection. Several Templeton pieces were offered, we show the separates as seen on the runway. The collection also included a full-length dress in this fabric.

Kate accessorized with her Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps in black suede. They are available at Jimmy Choo for $775, as well as at Net-a-Porter for $695.


The Duchess carried her red Alexander McQueen clutch.

Splash news/Alexander McQueen

Splash News/Alexander McQueen

She wore that dazzling diamond set we have seen previously.

Splash News

Splash News

Arguably Kate’s most notable accessory was her hair. While we try to stay firmly focused on style and fashion topics in this space, not mentioning the return of Kate’s shiny hair in a new, shorter cut, would be an oversight on my part.

The evening’s most-anticipated moment came when Kate presented the highly respected One-to-Watch award to Amber Hill, a 16-year-old sharpshooter who already competes at the senior level and is ranked 5th in the world.  British Shooting shared this image of Amber with her award in that distinctive Tiffany box; Tiffany was a major sponsor of the function.

More on Amber and her Award from Richard Palmer’s story in The Express:

This year at the world championships she smashed a junior world record with a score that equalled the senior world record.

After the presentation the teenager said the Duchess liked her reply to the BBC broadcaster: “She said she loved my comments.”

She added: “It’s just so nice she recognises young and upcoming sportswomen and gives us the backing and the recognition. Its definitely good that she’s patron – a great role model.”

More on Kate’s participation at this year’s SportsBall from SportsAid’s online story:

At her first SportsBall since becoming SportsAid’s patron earlier this year, last night Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge helped to highlight the amazing commitment, sacrifices and achievements of young British athletes who one day hope to compete at the Olympic or Paralympic Games.


Tomorrow we’ll be back to share some of the Kate-related bargains for those partaking of the weekend’s shopping frenzy and/or Cyber Monday (known as Pink & Green Monday at our real job); there are some discounts that may be appealing for those inclined to peruse the offerings. There is one to tell you about today, because of its time-related element. It is for Kate’s M Missoni coat, marked down to just $399 at flash sale site

One thing to keep in mind: this particular sale ends Thursday night, so if interested in the coat you may want to act sooner, rather than later. Gilt is one of many ‘members only’ flash sale sites. If you are not a member and need an invitation (I think you may be able to sign up without one), just click here. (Full disclosure, if you become a member, and if you buy something, I receive an account credit.)

Kate has worn the coat more than once, on the left she is shown at Fortnum & Mason in March of last year, and on last June’s trip to Nottingham with the Queen and Prince William.

Splash News

Splash News

Update to Kate’s Calendar:


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Saturday 7th of December 2013

Hello I think in general the Duchess should wear evening shoes with her more gala events. Jeweled, beded or satin pumps would look nice. She seems to wear the same shoes for both day and evening wear.


Monday 2nd of December 2013

I like the dress, but not for this occasion. Its a "ball", not a garden party or low key cocktail party. She could have pulled out one of her already worn long gowns, like the off-white with the slit or that pretty dark green. Even the McQueen black lace that she has worn 2 or 3 times already would have been nice.


Monday 2nd of December 2013

The dress is cute and her hair looks nice and fresh again, but it just seems a bit plain compared to the way other people dressed for the occasion.


Saturday 30th of November 2013

Feel free to critique, of course! However, the critiques-in-a-vacuum will always be misguided, IMO, since they assume that the Duchess is trying to convey "look at me", when she and Prince William have adamantly insisted on the shared goal of "look at them" (those they are supporting) - and her style choices expertly back that up. In addition, there is an expectation in the majority of the remarks that the effects of new motherhood, pregnancy, morning sickness, etc., should have no bearing on her appearance, or at least not a negative effect. I find it telling that one of the defenses of the negative commentary is that Kate doesn't actually read the blog - somehow making it more acceptable to judge a person literally from head to toe; surely you can agree that comments have regularly gone beyond merely commenting on What Kate Wore...perhaps a sister blog could be started, "What Kate Shoud Look Like"? Kate certainly has an uphill battle in being seen as more than a mannequin, but I like her chances.


Tuesday 3rd of December 2013

I agree with Lilli. Let's face it, we all project everything we want to see on to Kate. You claim it should be all about "those they help"... well, this isn't a "What Kate Does" blog. It is about appearance. That's the point. This isn't a blog about her good works, her charities or anything other than "What Kate Wore". The best piece about our relationship to the "visuals" Kate presents was written by British author Andrew Sullivan about the time the portrait was hung in the National Portrait Gallery. I suggest readers of this blog read it. It is insightful and spot on.


Monday 2nd of December 2013

JR, I totally agree with you. There's a a difference between evaluating fashion 'for the fashion' or fashion 'in context'. The former is what one can do e.g. during fashion shows; the latter is more appropriate to comment on fashion worn by specific people on specific occasions.


Sunday 1st of December 2013

Forgive me if I'm terribly dense, but precisely what is a "critique-in-a-vacuum"? And I am not using the likelihood that the Duchess doesn't read this blog as a "defense". I am rather pointing out that she has far better things to do than pay attention to us.

So, no, I don't agree with you, not at all. In fact, I think you've misunderstood the point of this blog. It's actually far less about the Duchess herself than about how observers may emulate -- or not -- her style. What is she wearing that we like; where might we buy it: how could it be tweaked in a way that suits us?

There are other sites that presume to discuss what she (and her husband) think, what their personal problems and concerns are, but this is not one of them, nor should it be. I find that sites on which people do make presumptions and assumptions about what's going on in the Cambridges' or other royals' minds are a little disturbing. We are not their friends, we don't know them, and we really are not in a position to say that they have "adamantly insisted" on anything.

I also think that people here have been considerably less critical of a woman dealing with pregnancy and new motherhood than on other sites. Perhaps you are confusing WKW with those.

I reiterate: this is a fashion blog, a blog for the discussion of clothing. If that is not want you want to read and discuss, then perhaps this is not the site for you. It does appear that as far as you concerned, this site should not actually exist. If, on the other hand, you think it SHOULD exist, perhaps you would be so kind as to inform the rest of us what you think we should be discussing.

I apologize if I am sounding slightly snarky, but you do seem to be suggesting that the Admin lost her way in the woods by allowing the terrible commenters on fashion to have anything to do with her blog, but I can't quite figure out what you think the blog was about in the first place.

An Verhulst

Saturday 30th of November 2013

Wonderful post & ditto dress. I'm glad that many of those who've commented find the dress too 'modest' for this occasion, so that perhaps, finally, more attention will go to the causes the Duchess supports. And if, as is suggested below, the future of the monarchy depends on her clothing style, it looks very sad indeed :).

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