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It’s Erdem and Suzannah for Children’s Hospice, Cambridge Visit & Cycling Center Opening

For a day of engagements in Hamilton, New Zealand, Kate wore a green Erdem coat and Suzannah dress.James Whatling/Splash Newsl

After arriving at the airport William and Kate went their separate ways, William to Pacific Aerospace and Kate going to Rainbow Place, a children’s hospice.Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

The Hospice offers a variety of free services; more from the organization’s Facebook page:

Rainbow Place is a free Waikato-based service helping children and young adults affected by serious illness, or the death of a loved one.

Rainbow Place also provides specialised Nursing Support for children and young people who themselves have a serious illness.

Today was a special treat, the annual tea party at the Hospice. Earlier in the day finishing touches were put on a spectacular setting for the Alice in Wonderland-themed tent where the party was held.


Rainbow Place Facebook Page

The decor was a huge hit with partygoers, it looked just terrific. One story from the visit via Victoria Murphy’s article in the Mirror:

The Duchess sat down at a child’s tea party table with Bailey and asked: “Are you having tea?

“Can I sit with you?

“How is mummy doing?

“Do you find it difficult sometimes?

“Yes, I’m sure  you do, but you’re a very brave little girl.”

Bailey said afterwards: “I was excited to meet a real princess and it made me feel like a princess for the day too.”

Following their separate engagements, William and Kate visited the town of Cambridge where they were greeted by large crowds of cheering well-wishers. Police estimates put the crowd close to 15,000.James Whatling/Splash News

As mentioned above, Kate wore a coat from a ‘go to’ tour designer, Erdem. The ‘Allie’ coat as shown at My Theresa.My Theresa / Erdem

The ‘Allie’ coat was from Erdem’s pre-fall 2013 Collection. Victoria Murphy’s story in the Mirror has an interesting note:

During a walkabout in Cambridge, Kate revealed that William wasn’t sure about her green Erdem coat.

Bev Hayes, 68, from Cambridge, said: “I complimented her on her green dress (sic).

“She said she liked it but Prince William thought it was a bit bright.”

This is a style we actually suggested as a good look for the Duchess back in December of 2012, in a post covering the Erdem pre-fall 2013 collection.   The garment is made of a wool crepe with multiple seams and top-stitching, front pockets, along with exposed zippers on the front and at the wrists.Stephen Lock/i-Images/

The coat originally retailed for $3120, we last saw it selling at half of that price, $1560.

In several photos, you can see the hem of Kate’s dress peeking out.James Whatling/SplashNews

Underneath the coat Kate wore a dress from British label Suzannah, its Budding Heart Silk Tea Dress.

Kate Suzannah Budding Hearts Silk Tea Dress Worn on Royal Tour 2014 Visits to Rainbow Place Hospice, Cambridge Rugby

The frock is crafted of Italian silk crepe de chine, with a silk habotai lining. It has smocking at the shoulder and just under the bust, as well as a full skirt; the dress retails at £475. This style is one of the brand’s signature styles, an item they offer every season. Suzannah has been worn by Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, as well as Pippa Middleton.

Kate wore her Episode Angel heels and carried her Mulberry clutch.


Stephen Lock/i-Images/

For jewelry Kate wore the Cartier wristwatch and the emerald earrings first noted at a November 2012 Natural History Museum function.

Splash News

Splash News

Many have asked about the third ring Kate now wears. It is an eternity band, although we don’t know the designer or retailer.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

The Duchess also wore the commemorative WWI anniversary poppy pin first seen on the blue McQueen coat.


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Monday 14th of April 2014

I am so glad I'm not the only one who detests that coat! I saw it and said, "Yikes!" I was incredibly shocked that Kate would even wear it. She had to know it was awful. It's like a royal version of a burlap sack. She could have stuffed Prince George in the front and taken him with her. If this is the Queen's choice of fashion for Kate we're in big trouble 'cause it's going to go downhill from here. The Queen needs to tend to her pooches and let Kate worry about her wardrobe.


Sunday 13th of April 2014

I love the color of the coat, but it pretty much stops there. :-( the whole thing reads very stiff and buttoned up, and the column like effect it gives isn't very flattering, the fit and flare silhouette works so much better in heavy coats! It's a shame she left such a boxy garment on the whole time, because the Susannah dress looks lovely, and a print would be refreshing in the midst of so many monochrome looks.


Sunday 13th of April 2014

Is this the same dress that Carole Middleton wore to the hospital after the birth of a Prince George? Or a similar pattern? It seems quite familiar to me, I remember liking the pattern on Carole...


Sunday 13th of April 2014

My first thought when seeing this coat was, "oh my, it looks like a house robe!" It's a shame because it is a beautiful color. Maybe it was because she zipped it all the way up to the chin - maybe it would look better with some of the dress peeking through? Also it is too loose and ill fitting - which is surprising as Kate always has such tailored looks! I think this is my first time to comment on this blog...but I'm a frequent reader and love Kate's elegant and timeless styles (usually!)


Sunday 13th of April 2014

Hi all. I am an avid Kate watcher and think she is so stylish. I think that if the Queen has too much influence this will be a shame. The advice to weight her hems and lengthen hems a little is good advice, but apart from that I think the Queen should leave the rest to Kate. She has excellent taste and is so 'lady-like' in a world where many females in the public eye are the opposite. This has been her style all along and it translates so well into her royal life.

I also love that she has clearly taken such good care of her clothes and accessories before she became royal, so she can re-visit them years later. This also shows she has always bought quality and classic styling for expensive pieces.

Re the green an experienced seamstress, I think the welting/top-stitching on the front seams (which stiffens the structure) and the full length front zip (which is stiff) prevents the coat from forming natural horizontal folds when Kate bends. This is what gives the quilted/padded dressing-gown appearance to the coat. It would be slightly improved if the zip ended 15-20 cm short of the hem, so the skirt could spread a little and relieve the bunched-up centre front. In this event, the patterned dress would also give some relief to the solid green. However, the coat will never be right without a total recut, as it is too stiffened on seams to allow the tabs to be pulled tighter. A fuller skirt and a tighter waist would have solved a lot of problems. Kate, leave it for your next pregnancy when your bump will fill out the loose waistline!!

So I got that off my chest!! I wonder what other seamstresses think. ??? Carmel


Sunday 13th of April 2014

Thank you so much for your insight, Carmel. I'm not a tailor/seamstress, but your comments are illuminating and explain why the fit of that green coat seems so off! On a related note, I'd never heard the term "gore" used in a construction context before I started reading WKW, and have learned quite a bit from the wonderful Susan and equally incisive comments from this community.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.