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Kate Wears Goat Fashion for Visit to Harlem Child Development Center & British Consul General Luncheon

Kate returned to a favorite label for this morning’s engagement at the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem.Jackson Lee/Splash News

She visited the center with New York’s First Lady, Chirlane McCray. Clarence House posted this Instagram photo of the Duchess arriving and greeting Ms. McRay.

Clarence House Instagram

Clarence House Instagram

More on the Center’s work from Simon Perry’s People story:

“It’s an inspirational center which provides children from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to learn, and build their own self esteem from an early age,” an aide says. “This is an issue the duchess is personally very interested in and reflects the work of some of her existing patronages in the U.K., such as Place2Be.”

The Center works with more than 3700 children and families in New York.From a WCBS story:

“It’s just amazing. We feel honored, we feel privileged,” said Executive Director Thelma Dye. “Her royal highness feels very passionate about mental health, children’s mental health, global mental health, and that is absolutely what we care about.”

Once inside Kate and the First Lady set to work helping the children wrap donated Christmas gifts. ABC’s Carolyn Durand shared these photos of Kate and Ms. McCray with the children.Carolyn Durand, Good Morning America, ABC News Twitter Feed

Ms. McCray and the Duchess also helped the children with some craft projects. Kate very much seemed to be enjoying herself.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

The children were enchanted by Kate, although many seemed to have been thinking that Princess Elsa of ‘Frozen‘ fame was coming for a visit.Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Fans gathered early to see the Duchess, and not all were local. For anyone wondering about media interest in Kate and William’s visit, here is a look at just some of the photographers credentialed for the Northside Center

Following the Northside visit the Duchess headed to the British Consul General’s residence for a lunch in her honor. Elizabeth Holmes, the senior style reporter at the Wall Street Journal, shared this photo on Twitter.

Elizabeth Holmes, The Wall Street Journal Twitter (@EHolmesWSJ)

Elizabeth Holmes, The Wall Street Journal Twitter (@EHolmesWSJ)

The Sun’s Emily Nash noted on Twitter that “Kate chatted to British ‘success stories’ including Welsh actor Matthew Rhys at lunch. She also met award-winning producer Colin Callender and NBC football presenter Rebecca Lowe.” Below, a photo Emily posted on Twitter.

Emily Nash, The Sun, Twitter Feed (@EmyNash)

Emily Nash, The Sun, Twitter Feed (@EmyNash)

Prince William spent a good part of the day in Washington. He met with President Obama at the White House, discussing efforts to curb the illegal wildlife trade.

The British Embassy (@UKinUSA) Twitter Feed

The British Embassy (@UKinUSA) Twitter Feed

From a BBC story about the meeting:

Prince William held talks with President Obama in the Oval Office, in advance of delivering a speech to the World Bank on wildlife crime

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said the prince had enjoyed access “most politicians can only dream about”.

William then addressed the World Bank’s International Alliance of Corruption Hunters, it was a major address for him on the illegal wildlife trade. William at the airport ready to board his flight back to New York.

On to what Kate wore today.  She was in the Washington coat from a label that has become a favorite for her, Goat Fashion.

The coat is a swing style with a retro, 1960s feel. It is made of heavy wool crepe, with contrasting tabs at the cuff and on the back with decorative buttons. It is available at Goat in all sizes except 14, selling at £680, about $1050 at today’s exchange rates. It is also offered at Matches Fashion in all sizes, where it is priced at $1038.

As many of us noticed, Kate’s coat is different than the version seen online and in stores, additional fabric was added to lengthen the garment.

Andrew Parsons/

The Duchess accessorized with her Episode Angel heels; this is from a Women’s Wear Daily’s story:

Fans made much of her footwear, towering black pumps that most five-month-pregnant women would eschew.

Andrew Parsons/i-Images

Kate carried her Mulberry Baywater clutch again and had on her Cornelia James Imogen gloves.James Whatling/Splash News

They are made of 100% merino wool, and have the side bow that Kate favors.  The Duchess has worn the brand’s gloves for several years now.

Cornelia James

Cornelia James

For those unfamiliar with the company,  Cornelia James has long been the holder of a Royal Warrant. The NY Times recently did a profile on the brand. From that piece:

Few of us can live like a queen, but we can wear that glove.  Or the pure merino wool pair worn by the duchess of Cambridge, or the singer Rihanna’s long French lace ones, or even the opera-length satin sheaths that set off Lady Mary’s gowns in “Downton Abbey.”

Each of these gloves was sewn in a converted cowshed on a farm in East Sussex, under the direction of the willowy Genevieve James.

And while the company does make flashy lime-green-and-fuschia items for stage shows like “Mamma Mia,” many of its products are simply, subtly beautiful. It’s a mark of their class that all but the ski gloves, for example, have no external label or logo.

An interesting note regarding not just the companies or designers whose pieces Kate is wearing, but the location where things have been manufactured: the Beulah dress seen Sunday and today’s Goat Fashion coat were made in Britain, just like the Cornelia James gloves. The Duchess isn’t just flying the flag for British designers, she is also promoting British manufacturing.

Kate also wore her Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings suspended from Kiki McDonough hoops.

Kiki McDonough/Annoushka/

Kiki McDonough/Annoushka/

For the day’s engagements, the Duchess wore her hair partially pulled back.Andrew Parsons/

Tonight the Cambridges are off to the NBA game in Brooklyn between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets. Cavs star Lebron James (also known as “King James”) has shared his thought about playing basketball with William and Kate watching. More from

“The stuff that you read about, people like them, only in books, and to hear that they’re coming to town to see me play, they want to see me do what I do best, it’s a huge honor,” James said Sunday, before the Cavaliers’ practice at Baruch College in New York City.

James called the game – and the Royal couple’s attendance – a “pretty huge deal in my household,” comparing it to past experiences of playing in front of people of great stature like Obama.

We will be back shortly with a post on what Kate wears this evening.


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Sunday 14th of December 2014

She wears black to hang out with kids and hot pink to go to a memorial for thousands of deceased persons. Hmmm. Oh well, she can do whatever she likes, just seem like odd choices. I like the purple coat of the lady who is with her in the picture!


Tuesday 9th of December 2014

Hello All, I am 33 years old and I really loved this Coat by Goat on Kate. It's really cute and has a retro and 60's feel to it. If anyone has been following recent fashion weeks will immediately realize that a lot of fashion houses have been inspired by 60's and 70's for fall winter 2014 and also latest pre 2015 fall winter collections. So I am thinking this look is here to stay. Kate looks lovely considering she must be jet legged, and going through her second trimester. I didn't like her shoes though. I wonder why she never wears Victoria Beckam?! She will looks gorgeous in her clothes!


Tuesday 9th of December 2014

In some of the pictures taken inside it appears Kate is wearing a watch with a black strap and a gold bezel. Is anyone familiar with the piece?


Tuesday 9th of December 2014

I'm really surprised at the negative reaction to this coat. I think it's a lovely look, elegant and understated with a retro vibe. I'm also astounded that anyone would think this hemline is inappropriately high for a woman in her thirties, particularly the way she has styled it with dark tights. I don't think it's childish in the least; in fact, if I was going to offer any criticism it would be that perhaps the whole look is a little bit matronly. But very Duchess-appropriate.


Monday 8th of December 2014

If I read the comments before seeing the photos, I would expect to then see the duchess wearing a mini skirt!!! I think an important component when considering whether a hemline is "appropriate" or not, and one that is often overlooked here in the comments, is how conservative other elements of the outfit are. I think that a woman can wear shorter hemlines if other elements of her outfit are understated and conservative. The duchess does this so well. You never see her with a shorter hemline and a lower neckline at the same time, or her shiny gold strappy evening sandals with a short hemline. Though her heels may be high, they are always closed toe and a conservative, neutral color and material.

I also think the idea that her shorter hemlines while pregnant are reminiscent of children's clothes is a bit dated. Older generations easily remember the tent-like maternity fashions of the 20th century (I'm thinking Betty draper from mad men and some of my mom's clothes from the 1980s) that seemed specifically designed to eliminate a pregnant woman's sensuality (heaven forbid anyone imagine what got her in that situation in the first place!). As a late 20-something, I can understand how some readers might have that reaction, but I can also see where a young woman today might prefer to show a half inch more leg or so while pregnant to assert her continued sensuality and attractiveness. One doesn't lose their desirability because their waistline is expanding temporarily, and I can't fault her for subtly highlighting one area of her body that is unchanged by pregnancy. I think it's generally accepted as good fashion advice to play to your strengths and minimize your trouble spots (the million magazine articles on how "pear" and "apple" shapes should dress come to mind), so it is a bit bewildering to me that so many find her doing this so unacceptable.

I am not a goat fan, I don't think, but I think kate looked lovely and was properly dressed today for her occasion and status.


Tuesday 9th of December 2014

I agree completely, Brittany (another late twenties-something here). I think another aspect when choosing a hemline depends on a person's overall body lines; for example, my upper legs are short and wide, and a hem greater than an inch above the knee looks like my thigh has been sliced in half. For someone like Kate, whose legs are long and slim in proportion to her body, we're seeing the extra "leg" a little but the total look still comes across as long enough, modest, and appropriate. I think the concept of the knee having to be covered is a bit passé, not to mention that actually finding wearable longer length dresses these days is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, especially if you don't favor the maxi.

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