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A New Engagement for Kate, the Preen & LK Bennett Collaboration

Hello-hello, we have several quick updates to share and a look at a few runway collections from London Fashion Week. We begin with a new engagement for Kate, presuming she is well enough to attend.

  • Tuesday, October 10: Kate, William and Harry are slated to attend a reception at Buckingham Palace on World Mental Health Day. The event “will celebrate the contribution of those working in the mental health sector across the UK.”

More from The Standard:

It will also be the royals first chance to thank those from the sector for the support they provide to so many going through difficult times in their lives.

Guests have been invited from across the country, including by the UK’s leading mental health organisations.

A look at one of the invitations as shared on Twitter by Samuel Carvalho.

Samuel Carvalho Twitter (@

Next, Kate’s introduction of a new video from the Anna Freud Centre.

The video was released Monday; it is about the Centre’s new “You’re never too young to talk mental health” campaign focused on supporting mental health in schools.

More from the Anna Freud Centre:

The campaign kicks off with an animation co-produced by children and teachers and includes an introduction from HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, who is Patron of the charity. The animation is accompanied by free teaching materials designed to help children learn the life-long skills to help them talk about ‘big’ and ‘small’ feelings, and how to listen to their friends when they need to talk.

This graphic offers the text of Kate’s introduction.

Anna Freud Centre

It looks like Kate’s part of the video was taped back in January when she visited the Freud Centre. The Duchess was in an Eponine London dress for that engagement; the dress and her hair are the same in the video.

 Here is the full 6-minute video.


Next, news about a collaboration I think most Kate fans will be interested in: a capsule collection from LK Bennett and Preen. More from Grazia UK:

It seems Christmas has come early for the Duchess of Cambridge with the news that two of her much-loved fashion brands – Preen and L K Bennett – are collaborating

More from Glamour:

The prints featured as part of this capsule are inspired by the work of Scottish watercolor artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. “We based most of our prints, the graphic lines, and the main color scheme on these which you can see if you view all of the collection garments together,” Thornton explains.

L.K. Bennett x Preen brings together the best of both brands—sophisticated staples (such as long-sleeved party dresses, knee-length skirts, and collared shirts) and sharp, eye-catching details (like graphic prints and asymmetrical hems).

From Women’s Wear Daily:

Highlights include a handkerchief-hem dress and a cold-shoulder, dévoré wrap dress with pink accents.

Back to Glamour’s story:

L.K. Bennett x Preen drops in full on October 5, with pieces starting at $295 and capping out at $825. Until then the speculation begins: Which item will the Duchess be placing a personal order for?

Here is a link to a page with an email link, you can send an email expressing your interest in getting updates on the collection.


Also today, a glance at two of the latest runway shows with styles for spring/summer 2018. Temperley London showed at London Fashion Week on Sunday.

From Vogue’s review:

The best of these were Temperley’s sequined jumpsuits and—without a doubt the standout look in the show—her matched sequin-striped wrap top and cropped trouser set in black and silver. The look wasn’t so outré as to be alienating to the core Temperley customer, but it had a confident, tomboyish sexiness that would draw a second glance from a Temperley skeptic.

You can see the entire collection on the Temperley site.

We’ll look at next spring’s Erdem styles shortly, but first, a reminder that the H&M / Erdem collaboration will be on sale in just about 6 weeks.

These two graphics offer a brief look at some of the prints being used in the collection.


A final note about changes to the site: we’re almost done. The ad formats have changed a little bit, and we have also eliminated some advertisements from the right-hand side of the page. We’re still fine-tuning the placement of some of the ads but hope to have things mostly completed within the week. Thank you to everyone for being so patient, especially in understanding why there’s been a paucity of posts!


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Sunday 24th of September 2017

I was delighted to see we had a round-up of runways and I love the picks you've made. I thought the Temperley collection was spot on -- some edgy ideas there with intriguing prints while contained within the label's trademark femininity.

The Erdem prints are striking and there are some good clean lines in the silhouettes giving more options Kate might well explore.

I'm seriously impressed by the LKB/Preen take on Mackintosh, I feared something more clichéd as the rose print has been used on a zillion tea towels, notelets and cushions. I see you have Mackintosh himself down as a water colour artist, this was only in the later stages of his life when his health prevented him from continuing as a highly gifted architect.

His wife Margaret was the creator of the famous rose motif which looks to have been brilliantly re-worked. I love the use made of the heavy art deco lines which are often featured with the original motif and then used in interior detailing for some of Charles Rennie's buildings. The floral rose print here is more realistic but the reference remains clear. It's so well done and Olivia Palermo carries it off to perfection.

Very happy to hear of a proposed date for Kate, but I don't want her coming out a moment before she's ready. It's when she's so unwell that I cease to mind what she wears as long as she is happy, healthy and safe.


Saturday 23rd of September 2017

Possibly wont see the Princess in any of these soon but I hope to see her in one of the Temperley formal gowns (the blue or pink ones with what I can only comment is a window on the chest) that has been adapted in the future!


Friday 22nd of September 2017

I hope she feels better!

I notice the invitation described dress as "Lounge Suit/Day Dress." What the heck is a lounge suit? Not what I'm picturing, surely.


Friday 22nd of September 2017

That is one of the odder expressions I've encountered over the years. My understanding is that it's essentially a business suit, a matching jacket and trousers. I always think of it as basically meaning "business attire." :)


Friday 22nd of September 2017

Did no one else notice that the printed invitation for the mental health event at the palace said it would be in the presence of HRH Prince HENRY of Wales?!?! It should have said Prince HARRY!! I’m shocked that a mistake like that could happen. I keep looking at it to make sure I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing and yes, it says Prince Henry.


Friday 22nd of September 2017

Harry's actual name is Henry Charles Albert David, he is just known as Harry. I believe his official title is Prince Henry of Wales. The situation can be confusing because he is almost universally referred to as Harry unless it is in official circumstances like the invitation. :)

Daphne L Rosenzweig

Friday 22nd of September 2017

I am not seeing the pop-up ads but I am seeing a heck of a lot of bored or disgruntled Erdem models. Why is this attitude thought to be helpful selling clothes?!


Tuesday 26th of September 2017

That is a frequent topic of discussion on social media, the industry's attachment to models with not-so-happy looks on their faces.

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