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The Duchess in Dolce & Gabbana for Remembrance Sunday

The Duchess wore Dolce and Gabbana for today’s Remembrance Sunday ceremonies.

The annual event honors servicemen and women killed in all conflicts since the First World War.

Kate with Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s cousin.

There was a significant change to the service this year.

More from Richard Palmer’s story in The Express:

In a historic transfer of royal duties, the 91-year-old monarch stood beside Prince Philip, 96, on a Foreign Office balcony and let Prince Charles lay the first wreath on behalf of his mother as the nation came to a standstill.

More from Mr. Palmer’s story:

Her role on Remembrance Sunday has since 1952 embodied her place at the heart of the nation as head of state, head of the Armed Forces, and supreme governor of the Church of England.

The Duke of Edinburgh and HM.

Guests watch from other balconies at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Kate and Sophie; the Countess was elegant in black and navy.

Kate singing a hymn and observing the ceremony.

The scene at the Cenotaph, the war memorial in Whitehall, London, just before 11 am.

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, the Duke of Kent, Prince William, Prince Edward, and you can just see Prince Harry, as the royals arrive for today’s ceremony.

The Prince of Wales placing Her Majesty’s wreath on the memorial.

From the left: the Earl of Wessex, Princess Anne, and the Duke of Kent.

Other royals, dignitaries, and designated service personnel also lay wreaths. Below, Harry and William.

After a 2-minute silence and the ceremony’s conclusion, thousands of veterans from World War II and more recent conflicts march past the Cenotaph to Horse Guards Parade.

It was sunny but chilly in London.

The Chelsea Pensioners in their distinctive coats and hats; all are retired British Army soldiers.

Prince Edward takes the salute as veterans march by.

I am forever grateful that I get to look through these magnificent photos of veterans every Remembrance Sunday.

They represent all branches of the military.

They served in such different times and places. 

The expressions on their faces are amazing.

There are even 4-legged participants.

Now we make a tough turn to the topic of what Kate wore for the ceremony.

The Duchess was in a new coat by Dolce and Gabbana.

The Collarless Long Coat is made from a silk/wool blend. It features a round neckline, fitted bodice, and front pocket flaps. It has long been sold out. Our thanks to Heaven QRF on Twitter and Michelle of Perth’s Fashion for their ID of the coat. This is a piece I don’t think I would have discovered on my own.

Kate was carrying a new clutch, black with white gold piping at the edges. Thank you to Trisha on the Facebook page for mentioning the bag, I almost forgot about it! The consensus is that it’s another Emmy bag for the Duchess, the Natasha in black with gold piping ($475). Thank you to all on Twitter and the Facebook page who pointed out the similarities! We do not have confirmation it is by Emmy, and hope to hear sometime Monday if it is their bag. (See note below.)

UPDATE Dec 4: We have not heard back and are now leaning away from the Emmy style. The flap on the Natasha is longer, and comes down further on the front of the bag than that on Kate’s bag. 

Many recognized Kate’s Philip Treacy hat immediately. It was worn when Prince William passed out of Sandhurst in 2006, and again at Remembrance Sunday 2012.

Cornelia James confirms the Duchess was wearing the firm’s Beatrice gloves ($92).

It’s been several months since we’ve seen Kate wearing gloves; she owns two styles by Cornelia James, the Beatrice, and the Imogen. The company is a royal warrant holder; it has been glove manufacturer to the Queen since 1979.

Kate wore her Oscar de la Renta Sun Star earrings ($175). 

Kate wore the brooch with three poppies we have seen previously.

My guess is each represents a family member who served: Prince William, her grandfather, and her grandmother, who was a codebreaker at Bletchley Park. Below, the Duchess wearing the pin last year and again today.

For those interested in Kate’s ‘faux bob’ hairstyle, here is a fab link to a Daily Telegraph story shared by Bonnie, using Amal Clooney’s recent style as an example.

We’ll leave you with this Sky News video of HM laying wreaths at the Cenotaph.


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Wednesday 15th of November 2017

The comments that always get me is the 'aging' one. Come on, this is a solemn event, you're not really there to exercise your facial muscles against gravity.

The faux bob is fun. A lot of work to do it yourself, but if I had the help, I'd do it everyday.


Wednesday 15th of November 2017

I am less comfortable scrutinizing Kate's outfits for an occasion such as this. In my opinion, she rarely puts a foot wrong for this event, and all of her outfits have been completely suitable over the years. I do however have to say that I love this jacket, hat, earrings, and hair combo. I would wear that jacket in a heartbeat (although its out of my price range!). I am curious to hear those who say its reminiscent of the 80's, as to me the jacket looked thoroughly modern. As someone who is DOC's age, we didn't exactly live through 80's womens' fashion, although we can claim some of the great children's wear of the day!


Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Solemn, yes, and appropriate for the day. But I am generally not a fan of coats without collars and I don't care for those buttons or her hair.

Thank you for the wonderful post with all of the detail - very well done.


Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Absolutely love the information and detail provided, as always. Thank you. Bless all the veterans who give so much, at times the ultimate, for our freedom. I have no complaints with respect to Kate's coat, hat, bag, makeup or hairstyle. If it does look a bit Scarlett O'Hara, who on the planet did not want to look like her (in essence, like Vivien Leigh, an ultimate British rose, one of the most fabled beauties ever). The hair is a flattering change for Kate and very appropriate for a solemn occasion. Sophie looks lovely as well. What a gracious and lovely young woman Kate is.


Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Why did you avoid to mention the Duke of York? He was there and laid his wreath.


Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Because he really couldn't be seen very well in this photo.

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