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Kate is Casual for Kids Tennis Engagement

It was casual Kate for this afternoon’s engagement at Bond Primary School. (If her jacket looks familiar, there’s a good reason!) 

The Duchess was greeted by students when she arrived at the school.

She was there to see the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative (WJTI) in action.

Many readers know what a big tennis fan Kate is; she is the patron of the All England Club and attends multiple matches at Wimbledon every year. The Initiative offers “…children the opportunity to experience tennis, as well as showing how participation in sport can develop the life skills and values which tennis encourages, such as teamwork, discipline and fairness.”

More from Wimbledon’s report on the event:

“It was a huge pleasure to welcome Her Royal Highness to our school,” added Mrs Despo Stevens, Head Teacher at Bond Primary School. “We so enjoy having the visits from the WJTI, and being active and fit is a very important message for our children.”

I believe Mrs. Stevens is seen in the photo on the left just below.

The WJTI reports more than 195,000 local children have been introduced to the sport via its free tennis coaching sessions.

It is funded by the Wimbledon Foundation. Kensington Palace tweeted that the lessons “…help build technical ability and promote values such as teamwork, fairness and discipline.”


Kate looked like she was having a terrific time.Here you see her working with the children.

As often happens when the Duchess is with children, we saw a few of Kate’s Funny Faces. There were also outstanding expressions on the faces of the children, including the little scamp you see below right, he looks like he was having a great time.

There were high fives.

This little girl was darling.

And hugs.

Kate said goodbye to individual students before she left. 

Now to what Kate wore for today’s engagement.

The Duchess was in another jacket from PlayBrave, the Clarice style (£129).

The jacket is crafted of a technical stretch material. It is described as having a generous fit to allow layering and freedom of movement. Here you can see the multiple seams of the pieces of fabric used in the piece. Many thanks to Laura for her speedy ID of the jacket and Sara for getting confirmation from PlayBrave of the exact style name for the piece.

Kate wore the Clarice for a Lawn Tennis Association engagement in October.  

Today Kate brought back the Monreal track pants we have seen previously.   

The Duchess wore her Nike Air Vapor trainers again.

And had on the Annoushka pearl drops ($420) with Kiki McDonough hoops (£500) worn for this morning’s engagement at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

I will try and update with the usual list of links if I am able to make the time this evening. Our report on this morning’s engagement and Kate’s new Boden coat may be read by clicking here.

A quick Retail Roundup update: Aquatalia has the current version of the Rumbah on sale for $188.  It is only available in larger sizes (10 – 13), but that’s an awfully good price if that’s your size.  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

UPDATE THURSDAY AM: Two new engagements have been announced for next week:

  • Wednesday, January 24: The Duchess continues her work in the maternal mental health field with a visit to the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute at King’s College and the Mother and Baby Institute at Bethlem Royal Hospital. Kate will see the unit’s nursery area and meet with several patients who are currently undergoing treatment.


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Sunday 21st of January 2018

I wholeheartedly applaud Kate for her support of causes related to young people and she is certainly in her element particularly when these causes involve sports . She appears to be a kind , gracious and empathetic person . From a strictly fashion perspective, which is of lesser importance , her choices are appropriate and attractive but hardly newsworthy ( nor is that a criticism)


Sunday 21st of January 2018

Three reflections on this post: She is undertaking so many engagements these days! And so successfully! Bravo! On the upcoming Scandinavian visit, the daily schedule is so loaded, with no apparent breaks. Remembering back to my own preganancy at this stage, I hope she will have a chance to lie down at some point and rest her back! Also, remembering back to this stage of pregnancy, how she can bend and squat for extended periods, I don't know! It must be due to a meticulous physical training regimen.


Saturday 20th of January 2018

Kate looks wonderful in this outfit! I like the whole look. I think what may be the issue with the bottoms is that the white stripe is a bit too wide for the side cut. With a thinner stripe the white wouldn't be as stark against the black I believe.

It's a great sporty look and she's in her element. I would live in this kind of outfit during my pregnancies! The duchess only gets to wear this sort of casual look every so often!

A pony tail would have been a nice look too, but as usual her hair is on point!

Joan in NV

Friday 19th of January 2018

I really love those earrings. Every time she wears them, I just sigh with envy. Lovely post.


Thursday 18th of January 2018

I loved the bright Boden coat she wore earlier in the day. Beautiful choice. I'm not a fan of these track pants though. Hate the white jacket. It doesn't come down long enough for a pregnant belly and it looks uncomfortably tight in several pics. Had the jacket been longer & looser, I could totally get behind this look. There are so many cute athleisure wear options out there. I wish she would have her dresser look around. She looked very happy and beautiful as always.


Friday 19th of January 2018

I agree. This isn't her most flattering get up. The wide stripe on the pants is not flattering and the top didn't fit correctly, and I felt that the stark white washed her out. Actually, I think she could have gone with a more form fitting, less bulky yet longer top.


Friday 19th of January 2018

Hmmm, I haven't seen any of the photos where the jacket is uncomfortably tight - ? The ones Susan's posted seem quite the opposite, roomy arms, not tight through the bust or back, even roomy on the sides. A couple have the fabric/zipper close against her bump, but even those don't show telltale pulling at the bottom of the jacket. I also didn't see any sign of her bump peeking out, not sure how long is sufficiently long for a pregnant belly.

At the end of the day, she's in excellent shape, and the clothes do seem appropriate for the engagement, and not garish/revealing to warrant much comment one way or the other. Basic tracksuit bottoms and jacket, in black and white. I get the scrutiny and interest over jewels, gowns, dresses, but the athletic wear analysis always brings out the giggles in me!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.