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It’s British & Pakistani Designers for Final Tour Engagement

The Duchess mixed British design with traditional Pakistani styles for the final engagement of the Pakistan tour.

A quick refresher because it’s been so long between posts: the couple was supposed to spend the previous night in Islamabad but their plane was unable to land because of severe weather, and they spent the night in Lahore. More from this Hello story

The couple stayed at the Pearl Continental Hotel overnight following two aborted landings by the RAF Voyager pilot. British High Commission officials were quick to find the couple a hotel room, along with their entourage, security team and around fifty journalists – almost 100 rooms in total.

Following the frightening experience, Prince William and Kate privately thanked their RAF pilots and praised royal aides and British High Commission officials for immediately coming up with an emergency backup plan. William, 37, also personally insisted that journalists travelling on the royal tour, who were also on the flight, came with them to the hotel.

So the Duke and Duchess started the day with a flight from Lahore to Islamabad. Below, the duo as they were about to board their flight to Islamabad. (More here in our post on the day.) 

After arriving in Islamabad, they headed to their engagement at the Army Canine Centre. Below, the couple meeting puppies Salto and Sky.Kate Middleton puppies Salto Sky Islamabad Canine Centre Tour

Established in 1952, the official name for the facility is The Army Dog Breeding Training Centre and School (ADBTC&S).  From Simon Perry’s People story

The royals were at the Army Canine Centre in Islamabad, which mirrors the U.K. Defense Animal Training Centre in the English Midlands. In a relationship that goes back a decade, Britain has been helping the Pakistan Counter Improvised Explosive Device program as it aims to take on the ongoing security challenges of the region.

Simon also reports that “British troops are currently giving training and advice to Pakistan’s Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) programme, which in part breeds and trains bomb sniffer dogs.” Below, the couple with British Army Lieutenant Colonel Colin Whitworth.

The Lieutenant Colonel has been training personnel to deal with explosive devices for years. This is from a 2009 Guardian story

The ammunition technical officer, who lost an arm when a car bomb detonated in Northern Ireland in 1993, said: “You can be the best trained operator, and your luck may just run out. The more things you do by hand, and the more devices you deal with, your luck gets shorter and shorter and shorter.”

The royals watched canine demonstrations.

The People article also notes that “Pakistani officers say the dog programme has been a huge success, finding 19 tons of explosives and 700 homemade bombs in the past three years. Bomb incidents have fallen 30 percent since 2015.” Below, a photo shared by The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English. 

They also spent time with some of the dogs involved with the program. Here you see them with the lab puppies Salto and Sky again.

It’s no secret the Cambridges are dog lovers, so this engagement was perfect for them. 

Salto and Sky are being trained as search dogs. 

The Duchess with another pooch. 

I think that is Polka, another lab.

Hannah Furness reports in her Telegraph article that “Polka was born blind in his right eye, which instructors said had meant his sense of smell is more developed. He is the first visually impaired dog to have undergone such training.” Below, the Duchess playing with Polka. 

The couple also met two Belgian Malinois dogs, Tutu and Topper. Below, Kate and Tutu.

Hannah Furness’s Telegraph piece has more on Tutu and Topper, noting “Their handlers described the pair, who are brothers, as very competitive dogs who love attention. They raced around a circular agility course.”  

Kate and William very much looked like they enjoyed watching the demonstrations and meeting the dogs. 

The couple speaking with military personnel. 

After this event, the Duke and Duchess headed to the airport for their flight home.

Now for what Kate wore for the couple’s final Pakistan engagement. 

She was in a coat by Beulah London, the brand’s Papilio Wool Crepe Coat ($857). 

The A-line design is constructed of wool crepe with slightly puffed shoulders and silk satin accents at the bodice, cuffs, and buttons.

Beulah remains a favorite of the Duchess for both apparel and accessories. The company continues to give 10% of profits to organizations working to eradicate modern-day slavery.  

Beneath the coat, it looks like Kate brought back the creamy white trousers by Maheen Khan worn for meetings and a luncheon with political leaders on Day Two of the tour.

We saw a new pair of shoes, although they looked familiar to many readers. Kate wore the Xpresso Crossover Flat (£195, roughly $255 at today’s exchange rates) by Russell and Bromley. The point-toe design is made in Italy and features the crossover straps and 1/2″ heel.

The Duchess owns the shoe in a blush color as well; they were worn with the blue ensemble by Maheen Khan seen on Day Two.

In some photos you see Kate wearing what I think is the same dupatta (long scarf) by Maheen Khan we saw earlier in the tour. 

A closer look. 

The Duchess wore her hair down. 

And brought back her oft-worn Simple Filigree Short Drop Earrings (£5, now sold out) by British retailer Accessorize

I will have a poll picking your favorite tour ensemble later this week, along with an overview of articles commenting on Kate’s tour wardrobe.  


Also today, a video was released with Kate speaking about the 5 Big Questions survey. More than 200,000 people have already taken the survey; the last day to do so is the 21st.



The Royal Family Channel has about 3:30 of content in this piece. 

This coverage from Canada’s Global News runs about 1:30.   

Pakistan’s 24 News HD has the full departure ceremony from the airport. 



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Monday 24th of February 2020

It's a lovely coat, no doubt about it, & it particularly suits her. Although similar in shape to the bright green coat, it looks so much nicer. Perhaps it is the lower neckline, with the white breaking it up & giving a nice balance to the flared skirt? I agree that it would be fantastic to see the coat again. I wonder how it might be styled? Worn with pants that day (or trousers as we used to call them here.... although "pants" is fast taking over!) was the only time that the pants really enhanced the look of her outfit....although of course I understand why she wore them constantly that tour. She looked so lovely this day. I think she looked the best of any day of the tour. I'm not sure if it was the hair (I liked the "fixed but not fussy" reference Susan!), or the clothes, or just the obvious joy in scoring such a great gig! She looked really comfortable & moved v gracefully. It may have been down to the flats: They are certainly something of a departure in style, & I'm a bit divided on them, but they do seem to suit her, & the rest of the outfit. Regardless, it is so great to see her in flats. Even though she does such a good job getting around in her super high heels, I can never quite understand why they have to be so very high, almost all the time. My feet ache for her. It's not like she needs the height or elongation! Love that the earrings have become her "go to" pair! We all have a pair that goes with everything & just sits out on the dresser for ease of access. Amusing it is such a cheap pair! It was so lovely to see the interaction with the doggies. Everything about this post brought a smile to my face.


Sunday 23rd of February 2020

I really love the black Beulah London coat, with its delicate details like the buttons, worn over traditional pants. One of Kate's go-to British brands, which supports ethical fashion, mixed with the traditional Pakistani elements. It is such a simple, clean look, but also effortlessly fashionable.


Thursday 20th of February 2020

For me this was a Top Two look of the tour, second only to the green Catherine Walker coat dress and white trousers. Both outfits blended east and west brilliantly, chic and professional, with a respectful, but not pandering, nod to the norms of Pakastani female dress.

I adore the coat and would love to see Kate wear it again, perhaps over a dress, as it's styled on the model. I like the shoes but would personally have not worn such an open style for engagements that involved walking on grass and dirt paths.

My only "huh?" reaction to the engagement was that Kate's outfit seemed so much more dressed up than her husband's. I would have liked to have seen William in lightweight blazer.

Betsey NYC

Thursday 20th of February 2020

This was not my favorite tour, but thank you for covering it all the way through to the final engagement. I hope you're feeling much better now, Susan!

I don't understand the negative comments about the shoes. I love them! I'd like a pair myself, but they're a bit out of my price range. I'm so tired of the towering 4-inch heels. I also love the earrings. These I can afford, but unfortunately, they are sold out.


Thursday 20th of February 2020

Love the coat with the delicate button detailing and the soft clean flow of it's shape i also love the shoes so pretty functional,and affordable.

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