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Kate Sports an Iconic Irish Brand for Farm Visit & Cliff Walk

After this morning’s engagements (that post is here) the Duke and Duchess traveled to Teagasc Research Farm. Kate William Teacasc Farm Dubarry Jacket Ireland

The farm is located in County Meath about twenty miles west of Dublin.

It is recognized for its pioneering research to promote sustainable farming across Ireland. 

Below, the royals meeting Ireland’s Agriculture Minister, Michael Creed (2nd from left).

More from Simon Perry’s People article

William’s father Prince Charles has shown a longterm interest in farming — especially organic agriculture. So when his son turned up at a farm in Ireland, locals were especially delighted he was following suit.

“Farming is a bit like the royal family — where it’s handed in from one generation to another,” says Liam Herlihy, chairman of Teagasc authority, which runs the research farm in County Meath.

The couple spoke with a group of farmers who have implemented Teagasc’s research into their own practices.  

More from the Irish Farmer’s Journal:

Prince William asked local farmers he met at Grange if the general public understands their role as custodians of the land and whether there were many young farmers entering the business.

Suckler farmer from the Hill of Tara Justin Walsh told him that he does not see a future in beef farming for his four children.

The couple saw some of the latest developments in beef farming during their visit. 

More from the Irish Farmer’s Journal, quoting Teagasc researcher Paul Crosson.  

“I suppose the concepts that really seemed to grab their interest was the role that the farmer plays not just in food production but being rewarded for the broader countryside stewardship role.

“I think Irish beef was something they were familiar with as a quality product and that we are a food island, if you like.”

Kate and William also met a group of school children visiting the farm. They spent time in a session that taught the children about the environment, nutrition, and food production.

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The excited children from Kiltale primary school told the royal couple about their healthy eating projects during the visit to Teagasc research farm.

Thaddeus, 11 — whose project was about sustainable farming and agriculture’s effect on greenhouse gas emissions — says, “They said they wanted to bring their kids over soon to show our projects.”

Before they departed the royals were presented with a piece of 5000-year-old bog oak as a gift.

After they wrapped up at the farm, the Duke and Duchess visited Howth Cliff.

Known for its spectacular views, the cliff walk is north of Dublin and looks out over the Irish Sea.

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In brilliant winter sunshine, the royals looked happy and relaxed as they walked to the trail summit where they were met by Irish environment minister Richard Bruton.

After meeting the couple the politician said: “They remarked on how you couldn’t come to Ireland and not see the coastline so they got their wish.

“And they saw it in a benign light, normally there is a wind howling – it’s really beautiful today, they couldn’t be luckier.”

More from

William and Kate took the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views of the Howth cliff walk , but their hectic day didn’t stop them from enjoying a chat with locals.

In this tweet from Shane’s Howth Adventures, you can hear them chatting with residents. 


The couple met representatives from the Marine Institute, a state agency responsible for marine research, technology development and innovation in Ireland.

They Duke and Duchess will learn more about the impact of climate change and conservation efforts around Ireland’s coastline

Now for our look at Kate’s second ensemble of the day.

We begin with a new jacket from iconic Irish brand Dubarry.  The jacket looks like it is the Friel Utility style ($379) in olive.   

The piece is made of a Gore-Tex exterior and lining that sandwich a lightweight middle layer. The piece features multiple pockets that snap closed, a belted waist, stand collar, and faux suede trim. It is also machine-washable.

Beneath the jacket, Kate wore a shirt from the Barbour X Alexa Chung collection.

Done in a classic navy and olive check, the 100% cotton shirt features a ruffled stand collar, tie neck with bow, ruffled cuffs, and front button closure.  Here is a closer look at the ruffled collar and bow at the neckline. 

A Tip of the Tiara to Laura for her speedy ID of the shirt. Kate’s pattern is sold out, but the ‘Bella’ remains available at Bloomingdale’s in a red check pattern. 

This is the second collection from the collaborative effort; the original group of pieces launched last fall. More about the line from an August 2019 Town and Country story

Sometimes, a fashion collaboration just makes sense. That’s certainly the case with Barbour’s latest partnership: a collection of outerwear co-designed by writer, model, and TV presenter Alexa Chung.

Chung has long been sporting Barbour’s signature wax jackets, but this collection marks the first time she’s officially collaborated with the British heritage brand. Chung personally worked with the Barbour team on the line, and delved into the brand’s archives during the design process to create pieces specifically for a summer spent outdoors.

Kate repeated her go-to casual boots, the Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel style ($695). 

Kate had on the Daniella Draper earrings we first saw this morning.

Here is one last photo from the afternoon’s adventures. 

We’ll see you shortly for our post on tonight’s reception; the Duchess wore vintage Oscar de la Renta, ooh-la-la!Kate Middleton vintage Oscar de la Renta purple dress Ireland



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Wednesday 12th of January 2022

The hug on the cliffside was cute


Friday 6th of March 2020

The video clip from Twitter made me cringe the whole way through - hear me out - in a good way. People think the royal family's job is so easy - just wear a nice outfit and shake hands. It is SO MUCH MORE than that! Yes, it's all meet-and-greets, but meet-and-greets are not easy! Imagine having to constantly make polite conversation with complete strangers, on film, to be watched by the whole world, while you represent an entire nation of people as you do so. The pressure would be unbearable, and the ability to make polite chat, to seem genuinely interested, to never have a gaffe, to never accidentally offend... I don't think I would be able to do it! Kate makes it look so easy! Even William who has been doing it for his entire life let Kate take the lead in this interaction. It's truly impressive to me.


Friday 6th of March 2020

Like most on here, I agree about the shirt. That hint of ruffle at the wrist and the neck (sans the tie element) would have been more than enough to soften the look. The overkill on ruffles is very 'Alexa Chung' design element.

However the outdoorsy engagements always seem a genuine favourite with the couple.


Thursday 5th of March 2020

I agree we've seen her in similar outdoorsy looking jackets and they all blend together for me but she wore this specific one from an Irish brand so I understand wanting to showcase an Irish company. I actually don't mind the pussy bow too much with the plaid shirt this time around, but then I can't see it because it is obscured by the jacket. I might have changed my tune had it been more visible! This is one fashion item I wish Kate would let go of though--I have never seen her wear a top with a pussy bow that looked flattering on her.

All in all a nice outfit for the Irish countryside and nice to see her bring out her beloved boots. Looks like they really lucked out with the weather!


Thursday 5th of March 2020

I love everything about this look except the blouse. The boots are some of my all-time favorites and she continues to look fantastic in skinny jeans. The jacket is great, but I feel like she now has about 25 of these very similar outdoorsy jackets and just like so many commented earlier in the week about so many green wool coats, I wonder how many of these anyone needs? The plaid pattern on the blouse is fine, but the bow at the neckline is too much for me. The product shot on the model looks like a maternity blouse---not flattering on the model at all---thank goodness there is just a bit of it peeking out on Kate. I love that she and William relaxed enough to PDA just a tiny little bit.

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