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The Duchess in a Mix of Old and New Styles for ‘MumSpace’ Engagement

The Duchess sported a new blazer for today’s visit to PACT (Parents and Communities Together), a community-led social support project in Southwark, London.

The organization was created in 2014 by Citizens UK, a community organizing group.

PACT offers “a variety of weekly workshops that provide a fun space for kids to play and a safe environment for parents to build a network of support and share their experiences,” per the group’s website.  Stephanie Petit reports in her People article that “The group started after parents, community and faith leaders identified mental health issues and isolation as the biggest challenges impacting their ability to parent and give their children the best start in life. The project has since expanded to Leeds and Newcastle.”

The Duchess attended a MumSpace session, a group offering support for parents with babies and toddlers.

Below, the Duchess and Mena Amnour, an organizer of MumSpace.

The PACT site notes that at MumSpace “Each week we have a special time for parents to discuss a relevant issue. A Health Visitor also attends these groups to provide advice and signpost parents to other services.” Below, the Duchess and little Zoe work on making fruit kabobs.

The Duchess was evidently impressed by how quickly Zoe could devour a strawberry.

More from The Telegraph’s story by Hannah Furness

The Duchess of Cambridge made fruit kebabs and accepted pretend cups of tea from toddlers, as she spoke of the vital importance of play to building healthy children.

Helping young children chop and eat fruit to the soundtrack of a catchy song about bananas, she spoke to parents about the importance of a “holistic” system to ensure isolated new mothers and their babies do not “fall through the cracks”.

Hearing how PACT runs “Parent University” courses for expectant parents and those with newborn babies, the Duchess heard how mothers were learning about social and emotional development as well as the basics about labour and feeding.

Below, the Duchess with a young man named Jonathan who was celebrating his second birthday today and also working on the fruit kabobs.

In this video from Rebecca English of The Daily Mail, you can see Jonathan working on cutting his banana. 

From the Press Association’s story via Yahoo UK: “The duchess said she wished she had been able to attend a similar group when she was a new mother to her first child Prince George, saying she would have “learned a lot”.

Another video Rebecca English shared. 

Here you see the Duchess speaking with Ms. Amnour (back to camera), and Josephine Namusisi-Riley (2nd from left), who leads PACT in Southwark. (Unfortunately, I am unable to find an identifier for the woman on the far left.) 

In a social media post after the engagement, the Kensington Palace account noted: “One of the key takeaways was how local support networks are such a core principle in giving parents the confidence and resilience to support their children. The project is another great example of best practice in leveraging the power of communities for support of one another.” 

We return to The Telegraph’s story:

Hearing how some new parents worry about their children being “naughty” despite them behaving in a developmentally-appropriate way for toddlers, she agreed: “Behaviour is communication.

“Throwing things is all about learning.”

Now for our look at what Kate Wore, starting with what appears to be a new blazer.  Done in a Prince of Wales check, the Catherine Walker jacket is single-breasted with a fitted silhouette, notch lapels, flap pockets, a center-back vent, and four buttons at the cuff. 

The black and white pattern has a thread of light grey or blue running through it. 

Thank you to Chrissy and Middleton Maven for their ID work on this item. 

Found by Bojana suggests the Duchess was in her Frida Cigarette Trousers ($117), a poly/viscose/elastane bend by LK Bennett, and I think she is correct.

Bojana also suggests the Boden Cashmere Crewneck ($175) as a possible match for the Duchess’s top.  The piece is 100% cashmere with a semi-fitted cut.  

Without more photos, it is tough to say if this is the design the Duchess wore or not. (It is very similar and well could be, but most readers know how hesitant I am to declare something as a specific item without really good photos.)  

The Duchess had on her Gianvito Rossi Piper 85 pumps ($695).

And Blue Eloise mask ($21.25) from Amaia Kids.  

We saw the return of the Duchess’s Kiki McDonough Yellow Gold & Diamond Hoops (£600, about $812 at today’s exchange rates) and Annoushka Baroque Pearl Drops ($475). 

NOTE: With thanks to Val for her comment, the text has been corrected to reflect the drops being the Annoushka pair, not Kiki McDonough as I originally wrote.  

She also wore her Lapis Lazuli Pendant ($220) in yellow gold vermeil from Astley Clarke



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Wednesday 16th of February 2022

As many have already said, the DoC is in her element with this event. She seems to really click with community organizations, and looked thrilled to be out and meeting new people. The children seemed so happy with her presence.

I love this outfit, especially the blazer. It fits well and the color and texture are very becoming. I was so hoping that the DoC would continue these professional outfits and not go back to floral midi dresses! My only quibble is the choice of the block heels instead of flats or loafers. To save the DoC's feet and ankles, and because everyone else is wearing more casual shoes.

I'm not a fan of matching jewelry, so I like the attempts to find pieces that work with the outfit but don't necessarily match. I know she has gold disc-shaped necklaces with her children's initials, but I'd love to see her wearing tiny initial necklaces like her sister-in-law. I really don't think she is a fan of traditional pearl studs or pearl necklaces; I don't think we've ever seen her wear either.

I do not like the longer hair, and I could have sworn that it had recently been shorter in recent events. A 3-4 inch trim and it would still be fabulous, but less fly-away.


Sunday 20th of February 2022

She wore pearl studs at the Olympics many years ago but has transitioned to less juvenile jewelry. I expect we’ll see Charlotte in pearls studs in a few years.

I don’t typically reach for pearl studs either, I own hoop and pearl drops similar to Kate and wear them all the time. With dark hair, I love the way the pearl drops contrast and like the movement of the drop swinging on the hoop.

It is time that she got a matching necklace to those earrings! She obviously loves the earring to she should have another piece of the set.


Saturday 12th of February 2022

Hurrah for the return of the Annoushka pearl drops! I have not been a fan of her inexpensive earrings. Agree the pearls don’t go with the lapis necklace, though.


Saturday 12th of February 2022

Is there an ID on the belt at all?


Saturday 12th of February 2022

It looked like the Anderson croc-effect belt we have seen previously. There is more info in this post: ?

Susan Smith

Friday 11th of February 2022



Friday 11th of February 2022

I’ve noticed that Catherine very often chooses this specific mask pattern or others that are extremely similar by Amaia when to my mind another color way or pattern might better suit her outfit. Are there any ideas why that might be aside from just liking the print?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.