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The Duchess Wears Laura Green London for St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards

The Duchess wore a coat by Laura Green London for today’s St. Patrick’s Day shamrock ceremony with the Irish Guards.

The Duchess as she arrived. 

Because of overseas deployments and COVID-19, the Duke and Duchess have not taken part in the annual ceremony since 2019.

Today’s function was at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, home to the Irish Guards.

Prince William has been the honorary Colonel of Irish Guards since May 2011. 

Richard Palmer of The Express posted a video of the parade. 

After the parade, formal photographs. 

A video as the royals and others walked over to the photo area. 

And more photos.

Then it was time to hand out shamrocks. 

Another view. 

This image offers a look at the back of the garment.

And one more photo.

The last to receive his shamrock: the Regiment’s mascot, Turlough Mór, also known as Séamus. 

The Irish Wolfhound is two years old and handled by drummer Adam Walsh.

More from Robert Jobson’s Evening Standard story

“I said it was Turlogh Mor but we call him Seamus as its a bit easier. “She said ‘I hope I put the shamrock on right this time and I helped her and we carried on.

“I was very excited as this was the first time in three years we have seen them. Seamus behaved himself. I was afraid he was going to let us down. I was more nervous than he was. But he was fantastic.”

Here you see Séamus when he was just a puppy in December 2020. 

The Duchess was given a posey by seven-year-old Darcy Tomlinson. 

She also met 20-month-old Gaia Money.  

Gaia’s father is Commanding Officer Lt. Colonel Robert Money.

More from The Telegraph’s story by Hannah Furness. 

Toddler Gaia Money, 20-months-old, stole the show after grabbing two bouquets from the Duchess.

“Shall we swap,” the Duchess asked her, handing over a second. “Now you have both of them.”

We return to The Telegraph article. 

Lt Col Rob Money, Gaia’s father, placed his bearskin hat over the little girl’s head.

Kate said: “That’s so sweet. Do you fit inside it?”

Lorraine Money, Gaia’s mother, said afterwards: “The duchess was lovely. Gaia took both bouquets and she let them keep them. Gaia has been practising her curtsey at nursery school but failed!

“I am from Jamaica and we spoke about Jamaica as they are going there next week.”

Another shot of the Duchess with Gaia. 

And more from an Evening Standard story by Robert Jobson. 

Gaia’s grandmother Mary Money said: “They both said about how much they are looking forward to Jamaica and Gaia is half Jamaican.

“They expressed regret as they had been unable to see the regiment for many years because they have been serving in Iraq and South Sudan and Covid last year. So it was a great reunion.”

Here you see Gais with her mother, Lorraine Money. 

Now for our look at what Kate wore for St. Patrick’s Day 2022. 

She was in the ‘Emilia’ coat (£3200) by Laura Green London.  The piece is described as “speckled hunting green military wool perfectly complemented with a khaki green silk satin lining. The Emilia is finished with a structured dagger collar with epaulettes held down with navy leather buttons and a matching wool buckle belt.” 

More about the designer via a 2020 story by Monique Jessen for People:  

In addition to her bespoke work, Green, who used to work at Vogue, designs two collections a year for her eponymous label. Having previously worked for Catherine Walker & Co. (one of Kate Middleton’s go-to labels) for over 10 years prior to setting up her own line in 2018, Green is an expert when it comes to royal protocol. “There are certain elements you have to think about, like making sure the fabric doesn’t crease, the temperature of the weather – it needs to make them feel their best.” 

Here you can see the darts in the back.

A closer look at the details, including the fabric.

The brand notes on its site: “…Laura continues her love for timeless pieces and ensuring women feel at their absolute best, whatever the occasion. Each artisan in the Atelier is selected with the focus on their love for making beautiful clothes. The team has a wealth of knowledge in couture and invaluable dedication to detail.” Another view of the Duchess in the piece. 

Othe royals who have worn Laura Green include Zara Tindall, seen at Cheltenham in 202o sporting a coat and dress by the label.  (Some may also recognize the Aspinal Mayfair handbag.) 

The Duchess wore her hair up today.

She accessorized with a new chapeau by Lock and Company, the ‘Mayfair’ pillbox (£445, about $580 at today’s exchange rates).  The design is described as being “about light as a feather and incredibly comfortable.”  The hat is designed to be worn at an angle and fastens with an adjustable elastic at the nape of the neck. 

Our thanks to Innominate on Twitter for speedy identification of both the coat and the hat!  

The Duchess also wore her Emmy London ‘Rebecca’ pumps ($415). 

As well as the shamrock brooch owned by the Irish Guards and loaned to royal women taking part in ceremonial duties. We also saw the return of the UFO emerald and diamond earrings.

In the photo you can also see the fabric button added to the coat; the shamrocks were looped over the button. 

Below, a look at ensembles worn in previous years. 


A quick note about a watch associated with the Queen’s Jubilee, a piece by Swatch complete with Corgi and a black handbag, there are 70 dots around the outside of the dial, one for each year of HM’s reign.  What’s fun is that the Queen’s outfit changes color every day for seventy days.

The watch is available for pre-order at the First Class Watches UK site (£83, about $110 at today’s exchange rates) and is offered at a higher price on eBay ($400).  Many thanks to Rebecca English and Sophia Money-Coutts for the tip on this!

One other item today involves the Caribbean tour starting on Saturday: at the end of February, I mentioned doing a more in-depth post about the tour. Because no new details have been released about the trip, I think we’ll just wing it as each day arrives.   

Apologies for the post being so late – we had enormous technical issues today.  Below, one more image from the day.  


A 30-second video from Kensington Palace. 

This is a terrific video with Seamus and his handler.

 The Royal Family Channel looks at the Duchess’s St. Patrick’s Day ensembles over the years. 


  • The Evening Standard article by Robert Jobson is here; Hannah Furness’s piece for The Telegraph is here; The Daily Mail’s coverage is here; a Metro piece is here; a Daily Mirror story is here
  • Simon Perry’s People article is here; a Hello piece is here. 
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Tuesday 19th of July 2022

Till this day i still adore her 2014 outfit from top to toe!She just looked so curvy classy,and beautiful.


Tuesday 19th of April 2022

I always feel bad being critical when I get to the end of the post and read all about the designer and the thought and care that has been taken into constructing a high end garment. But, unfortunately, I just found this coat so boring from the start. I never used to get tired of Kate's "uniforms" and her tendency to go for similar styles repeatedly – but they used to be more flattering. I find most of Kate's new coats nowadays to be far too long, and I don't really understand why they need to be that way. Looking at photos and videos of these longer coats blowing in the wind (and it is always windy in the UK), I feel like the longer length – ending at a slimmer part of the leg – has a tendency to blow around much more than a coat that ends at the knee. Of course there is less chance of a wardrobe malfunction when the coat is longer, though that shouldn't be much of a concern when Kate wears dresses under her coats anyway. Then pairing such a long, heavy coat with skinny stilettos seems inconsistent. I've complained before this winter that I really miss Kate's boots – when was the last time we saw the Stuart Weitzman Half & Halfs or the Aquatalia Rhumbas? I pine for them!

I really love Kate's hat, hair, and earrings in this look. I would love to have seen them in combination with a sleeker coat more along the lines of the Emilia Wickstead coat worn in the early years of Kate's attendance at this event.

That all being said, it was so refreshing to see Will and Kate finally back at this event and enjoying themselves. I hope there was the usual pint of Guinness at the end.


Saturday 19th of March 2022

The St. Patrick's event is always so lovely. The duchess, of course, looked perfect. My favorite still photo was her full-blown laugh over the father's hat being placed on his 20-month old daughter.


Saturday 19th of March 2022

I LOVE this event and look forward to it each year simply because Will and Kate really seem to enjoy it and we get to see Kate look gorgeous as always in head to toe green, my favorite color. And one of her best colors in my opinion. The coat has pretty, classic details and does look comfortable. I can see Kate maybe reaching for this brand again in the future. I guess Domhnall the dog retired from his duties with the guard. The watch is really cute! Another commenter mentioned it was already sold out though. ?


Saturday 19th of March 2022

She looks gorgeous for me, I love the ensemble. I've never seen a public figure appear to get so much joy and happiness out of her role. She just always manages to look like she's having the time of her life at every engagement. Inspiring.


Saturday 19th of March 2022


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