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The Duchess is Casual for Visit to Ancient Maya Ruins

The Duchess wore casual styles for today’s visit to Belize’s Caracol Archaeological Site

The Duke and Duchess visited the remarkable Maya ruin located in the Chiquibul Forest.  

More about the site from  

Caracol is the largest Maya archaeological site in Belize, Central America. In AD 650, the urban area of Caracol had a radius of approximately 10 kilometers around the site’s epicenter.

Another view of the couple.

More from The Mirror’s coverage

The 3,000-year-old royal residence and temple, built by the Maya civilisation, stood at the centre of a city – home to an estimated 150,000 people.

Allan Moore, associate director of Belize’s Institute of Archaeology, showed the couple around the site which featured other buildings and was discovered in the 1930s by a logger looking for mahogany.

He told them: “It’s like looking at the inside of Buckingham Palace. This is just a small fraction of what we have here.”

Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle reports the structure includes four palaces, three temples, and more than 100 tombs.  

More from Chris Ship’s ITV story.

Caracol is at the end of a two-hour ride down the most uneven of tracks which cut their way through the steep terrain of the Mayan Mountains.

On a good day, only a few dozen determined tourists will make it along this road and yet it’s a sight which could easily be a stop on this planet’s most popular tourist routes.

After being told that this ancient city dates back to 1,200 years before Christ – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge climbed the giant stone steps to the very top – where the views extend across the interior of Belize in one direction and into neighbouring Guatemala in the other.

We return to The Mirror’s article

Mr Moore told them as they climbed the steep steps up: “People often like to try and run up here.”

William replied: “What they race? You must be very fit if you are doing this three times a week Allan.”

A video from Chris Ship of ITV

They learned about the history of the Caana “sky palace,” the tallest man-made structure in Belize. Here you see them at the halfway point up the structure.

Here is a wide shot giving you a sense of the scale. In his Evening Standard story, Robert Jobson reports that “As they caught a glimpse of the vista, the couple marveled at what they saw. “Wow,” Kate said.”

 Here is how the pair looked to photographers.

A posed photo posted by The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English. 

The next engagement was at a location Prince William visited 20 years ago, BATSUB, the British Army Training Support Unit Belize. 

BATSUB is an army training unit in the jungle that provides “challenging terrain and an austere environment giving the British Army a world-class training environment.” From the British Army site

The British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) is manned by 12 permanent staff and employs more than 100 local civilians.

A number of UK and Belize international partners conduct training in Belize. BATSUB is based in Price Barracks, which is also home to the Belize Defence Force.

And from a Yahoo UK story

William was just 18 when he was taught the essential techniques by the British Army Training Support Unit (BATSUB) in Belize at the start of his gap year in 2000.

He was reunited with his former Sandhurst sergeant major who now runs the jungle unit, and the officer described the future king – who turns 40 this year – as having “aged gracefully”.

The Duke drinking some rainwater. 

We return to the Yahoo story. 

As they were helped to raise the giant vine aloft to take a drink of water William suddenly rocked back laughing, saying: “It’s got a bit of bark in it. Nothing wrong with a bit of Belizean bark.”

The royals also spent time with representatives of Friends for Conservation and Development, a non-profit “actively engaged to conserve some of Belize’s most impressive wonders,” as well as Panthera Belize, a non-profit “devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 species of wild cats and the vast ecosystems they inhabit.” Below, a group photo. 

And now for our look at what Kate wore today. 

The Duchess was in a pair of cargo pants by G-Star Raw, the label’s High G-Shape Skinny Cargo Pant ($120). The high-waist style is made in the brand’s Bracket Superstretch Twill, “woven …with a good amount of elastane to create a comfortable stretch and recovery.”

The pants also feature a shaped waistband that ‘wraps around the waist to eliminate gaps,’ with a zip front, thigh pockets with flap and hidden snap closures, and a single zipper pocket on the back. With thanks to Caroline Leaper of The Daily Mail and Middleton Maven for this ID, as well as Heaven and Bojana

Her tee looks like it may be by John Lewis, the retailer’s Double Front Scoopneck Top in cotton with a touch of elastane. 

Thank you to Christine for identifying this piece. 

The Duchess wore her Superga sneakers today, the Cotu Classic, which is 30% off at Superga ($44.50), and $48.71 at Zappos.

The Duchess wore Ray-Ban sunglasses again today. They appear to be the New Wayfarer Classic ($151). Thank you, Lady Parky, for this ID. 

It looked like the Duchess brought back her Spells of Love Medium Hoops (£60, about $79 at today’s exchange rates).

Enormous thanks to Heaven for also identifying the Duchess’s boots on the second engagement. She suggests the Palladium Pampa High in the Olive Night color (£80).

I link to them above at Palladium’s UK site, but a similar style is offered at Nordstrom ($80). 

And Heaven suggests the Duchess was wearing Scotch and Soda’s Belted Tencel Safari Shirt ($120). It is described as, “Belted safari shirt for women made from drapey Lyocell fabric. The shirt features front chest pockets statement buttons and a classic collar.”

The post covering tonight’s reception is here.

The Duchess wore a dress by the Vampire’s Wife for tonight’s function. 

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Thursday 24th of March 2022

The 90s have returned to us in the form of the white baby doll tee and the braided belt. Not a criticism; simply an observation. As an owner of these Supergas, I will attest to their general practicality and comfort. But I'm not sure I would choose them for this setting. However, Catherine has proven to be something close to super-human, so her ability to keep them sparkling white throughout this engagement no longer surprises me. I do find myself finally to the point of expressing discontent with her unwillingness to purchase a high quality pair of hiking trousers. From Borneo to Belize, there are settings where skinny fashion cargos stand out - badly - for the borderline athleisure product they are. Companies such as Patagonia have vastly expanded the space for functional and fashionable women's outdoorswear in the last decade. It is beyond time for Catherine to invest in some. We, as her fans, are no longer in any doubt of her ability to play volleyball in 4-inch wedges or ping-pong in a fit-and-flair dress. But she is also well past the point of any fashion criticism if she were to choose inarguably the proper outdoors gear for a jungle hike. The future king of England did; his wife can as well.


Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

Having never visited a Mayan ruin deep in a jungle, I’m reluctant to be critical regarding the Duchess’s wardrobe choice. I really like the skinny cargo pants. Better protection from insects I figure but also just good looking. Plain white t? Nothing questionable about that. She looks great. It had to be hot and steamy so my hats off to her and Prince William. She alsways looks good. Really hasn’t put a foot wrong in my opinion.


Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

The Duchess does casual wear so well and this is no different, she looks great.


Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

A really intriguing trip today and beautiful backdrop for the photos. I feel like this outfit is one that looks great at a distance, but up close I don’t love the details of it. Cargo pants are a good option but the final fit on these just doesn’t work. The white top is cute and functional but not ideal. I do love the addition of the safari shirt for the second portion of the day. It pulls everything together in a way the top and pants could not do on their own. For me, it’s a great look in theory but not reality.


Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

Berenike-Scotch and Soda was also the name of a song sang by the KIngston Trio back in the day. I did a few semesters of college radio broadcasting and would get requests for that song on Friday evenings when the professors were partying! Guess I'm off subject here! Kate's wardrobe has been spot on ---except for those awful cargo pants. She needs to ditch the skinny pants completely. I get the fact she has the figure for them but this pair in particular are just NO!


Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

Thank you Gayle! I agree with you on the skinny pants, least ladylike thing Kate has ever worn.

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