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It’s a Chanel Repeat for Boston Celtics Game

It’s a Chanel Repeat for Boston Celtics Game

The Princess of Wales repeated a Chanel blazer for tonight’s Boston Celtics game against the Miami Heat.

Here is a video of the Prince and Princess walking to their courtside seats. The game started at 7pm, midnight London time.   

The Daily Mail reports, “The Star Spangled Banner … was belted out by a semi-finalist of season 10 of the reality TV series The Voice.”

In this image, you see (left to right) Mayor Michelle Wu, Governor-elect Maura Healey, the Prince, and the Princess.  

This may remind readers of the last time the royal duo was at an NBA game. That was the Brooklyn Nets – Cleveland Cavaliers game the couple watched during the December 2014 New York trip.

More about tonight’s event from The Daily Mail’s coverage

Before the game started the royals met members of the ‘Celtics family’, including representatives of the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, which provides grassroots programming and strategic funding to local organizations serving at-risk or at-need populations.

Around the arena, digital advertising boards were lit up green to promote the awards while spectators were treated to a promotional Earthshot video ahead of the game.

The royals met 15-year-old Ollie Perrault, who was honored at the game for her work leading a youth climate leadership program. 

The British Embassy in Washington shared photos from the game.

Below, Governor-elect Maura Healey taking a photo of the Prince, Princess, and Emilia Fazzalari (right), wife of Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck. Ms. Healey knows her way around a basketball court. She was co-captain of the Harvard Crimson women’s basketball team and also spent two years playing professionally for an Austrian team.  

Mayor Wu posted a selfie on Twitter

In this image, former Celtics great Tom “Satch” Sanders is on Prince William’s right.

People magazine’s Stephanie Petit shared an image of the couple on the big screen. 

A quick video shows their reaction. 

Another photo from the game. 

UPDATE THURSDAY A.M.:  Kensington Palace posted a video about the engagement Thursday morning.

Now for our look at what Kate wore this evening.

She brought back a Chanel blazer first seen at an October Coach Core event. The circa 1995 design is made of an acrylic, nylon, cotton, and wool blend. It features notched lapels, patch pockets, turned-back cuffs, and contrasting trim.

Below, a photo from the Coach Core engagement.

Tonight, the Princess paired the jacket with black skinny jeans that I haven’t seen enough of to identify.

From what I could see in videos, the Princess looked like she wore her black suede Gianvito 105 pumps ($775), also available at My Theresa, as well as FWRD, and at Nordstrom.

She wore new jewelry, including what looks like a Laura Lombardi Portrait 14kt Gold-Plated Chain Necklace ($158). It is a chunky design with round and oval links, and a T-bar fastener. The necklace is described as being “plated with 14kt gold using a zero-waste technique.” Thank you to Middleton Maven for the necklace ID.

You may recall the Princess was first noted wearing Laura Lombardi for an October BBC Radio One appearance marking World Mental Health Day. On that occasion, she wore the Luisa necklace.

Her earrings look like another design by Shyla London, the Biaritz Squiggle Earrings ($74) in 22-carat gold on silver. 

We’ll see you tomorrow for a full day of engagements. 

  • The Prince and Princess will visit Greentown Labs and learn about climate innovations being incubated in Boston.
  • The royals will visit Roca, a non-profit focusing on young people considered at high risk for becoming the primary victims or drivers of violence.
  • There is a third engagement that will be announced tomorrow. 

Below, a review of today’s ensembles.

NOTE: As a rule, comments focused on the cost of the Princess’s wardrobe aren’t published, but I am making an exception during the Boston visit because of the trip’s focus and purpose.  


Here is GMA’s raw footage from the game. 

 And a WBZ story about the royals attending the game. 



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Wednesday 28th of December 2022

This is a perfectly appropriate look for someone who is essentially the guest of honour at an American sporting event – very similar to the outfit worn in New York in 2014, which I loved and still often try and recreate with my own wardrobe. This time around it also occurred to me that it's a clever move by Kate to avoid wearing colours that could be associated with either of the participating teams, so it doesn't look like she's favouring one over the other when she doesn't have an allegiance to either side (as opposed to when attending rugby or football in the UK, when she always gives a nod to England colours).

I do wish she would stop wearing stilettos to watch sports though. I realise it's not unique to her (as Meg mentioned in her comment, other celebrities sitting courtside do the same) but it just strikes me as a bit out of touch, like something worn by someone who doesn't understand how to dress for a casual event because they only attend events that require dressing up – which is a shame because we know how sporty and down-to-earth Kate is, and that's obviously not her thinking behind the outfit. All this to say, I think a pair of heeled boots would have looked so much better while still giving some of the height and glamoured provided by stilettos.


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

Another winning outfit and no one can go wrong with Royal blue! Princess Catherine looks lovely and appropriate. On a such a visit as the Prince and Princess are making, I don't think it would be so great to look too casual, even at a basketball game. I think she has chosen well: a somewhat casual, yet very elegant and pretty ensemble.


Thursday 1st of December 2022

ElizaMo, you made me laugh--"a hint of sporting WAGS vibe"-good one! I've traveled internationally many times- how they can look so refreshed after such a late night is beyond me, second day of any such trip finds me wanting nothing but sleep. I've loved every outfit so far, especially the Burberry plaid dress-excellent!


Thursday 1st of December 2022

I noticed several of us were wondering whether Catherine had committed a faux pas by wearing stilettos to the game, as they may damage the floor. In a quick Google image search of Beyoncé and Adele, I found multiple images of both ladies seated court-side in stilettos. Given that Beyoncé is married to a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets and Adele’s boyfriend is an agent representing basketball players, surely they would not wear shoes that could ruin the court. All that to say, Kate has once again not put a foot wrong. Pun intended! 😊


Thursday 1st of December 2022

She's Royal so a Chanel jacket at a basketball game - fine. The stilettos thought - WHY?! They look painful and out of place.

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