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The Princess in Zara for Windsor Family Hub Visit

The Princess in Zara for Windsor Family Hub Visit

The Princess of Wales mixed familiar styles with new pieces for a visit to the Windsor Family Hub today. 

A quick video as the Princess arrived comes via Richard Palmer of The Express

She was there to hear about the organization’s work supporting families across Windsor, Maidenhead, and the surrounding areas.

The hub is managed by Achieving for Children, a non-profit offering “a wide variety of services designed to support parents, carers, and children of all ages, including universal provision delivered through family hubs. This is offered alongside targeted support provided at the earliest opportunity to facilitate family resilience and prevent issues from escalating.”

The Princess heard from staff about their experiences in providing services to the community. 

Another view. 

More from a MailPlus piece by Rebecca English

She told Maidenhead children’s services boss Lin Ferguson: ‘I keep driving past, saying I need to see what’s going on in there.’

Kate sat down on the sofas with a group of mums who use the space to meet up weekly and swap advice on how to raise their children.

This piece in the York Press offers background.

The hub offers support on issues including exploitation, knife crime and substance abuse problems alongside basic parenting skills.

The princess has a keen interest in the early childhood sector and previously launched the Shaping Us campaign with the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in January 2023 to highlight the importance of supporting young children and those caring for them.

And she spoke with parents about the support they are receiving from the organization.

The Princess took part in one of the courses offered at the hub.

The Princess with one of the toddlers at the center. 

We return to the York Press piece.

She also joined a stress management course with mothers from the Punjabi community, and upon learning about the course said: “I’ll come here and pick up some tips!”

Lin Ferguson, executive director of children’s services and education for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, told the PA news agency: “It was absolutely amazing, because she (Kate) is really passionate about the work that she’s been doing on Shaping Us, and she was really engaged.

“People were nervous but she really put people at ease, and she was genuinely interested.”

We also return to the MailPlus article

The group erupted in laughter when Kate told one dad how good it was to see a man among the five women who were being instructed on how to massage their babies.

‘It’s great to see a man here,’ she said.

Kiran Rudolph, who was at the centre with three-month-old Raya, said: ‘It’s one for the memory books. She made a point to speak to every single one of us, which was amazing. We were nervous but she’s a mum as well so that helps.

The Princess with one of the mothers and an infant.  

We return to the MailPlus story one more time. 

She also spoke about how we as a society need to ‘normalise’ emotions, saying: ‘We all experience such different emotions and cope with them in different ways. It’s so important to be able to share them in a safe environment.’

When asked by the princess if they feel it’s changing culturally to be able to freely speak about your emotions, the group said: ‘Yes, definitely.’

Mother-of-three Anaya Faisal, 40, who is fighting breast cancer and on the ten-week stress management course, said: ‘I wish Kate could come here and share her experiences of being a mother. This place is really helping us. We don’t talk about mental health at home. Depression is still a taboo. But they have really helped me change my negative thoughts to positive.’

A group photo from today’s visit. 

In a social media post after the engagement, Kensington Palace wrote. 

The Palace also released photos of a home visit the Princess made after leaving the hub, saying, “A big thanks to the Beldom family too for such a warm welcome into your home.”

We turn now to look at what Kate wore for today’s engagement. 

She was in a new (to us, at least) Zara blazer. With thanks to Found by Bojana for the ID, the piece appears to be Zara’s Double-Breasted Houndstooth Blazer (past season). It is a cotton/poly/acrylic blend in a classic double-breasted silhouette with peaked lapels, front flap pockets, padded shoulders, silver crest buttons, and a center back vent. From a distance, the jacket looked like a gingham check, but in seeing closeups of the fabric, you can tell the pattern has a bit of the jagged edge distinguishing it as houndstooth.

We saw the return of the ‘Nadalia’ Cotton Blend Puff Sleeve Top (no longer available) from the Lauren Ralph Lauren line. The finely ribbed top is a cotton/nylon blend with a squared neckline and puffed sleeves. It was first noted at a September 2020 engagement.

It also appears the Princess brought back her the Frieda Cigarette Trouser ($195, now sold out) by LK Bennett. The style is made with a poly/viscose stretch crepe, with a straight-leg cut, front zip, and front pockets. 

The Princess wore a pair of Lulu Pointed Flats ($440, about ) in ‘midnight navy’ by Emmy London. The point-toe style has a suede upper, leather sole, and leather lining, with a .5″ heel. Thank you to Middleton Maven and Gabi for their speedy ID of the shoes. 

The jewelry worn today was familiar, the Mappin and Webb ‘Empress’ earrings and pendant (£2250, about $2800).

The identical earrings are no longer available; a current version of the earrings may be seen here


Also today, congratulations to Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank. Yesterday the Princess announced the arrival of the couple’s new baby, Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank.

More from the text accompanying the photos posted on Instagram


Finally, I had hoped to have a post yesterday with more details on some of the styles worn for last week’s royal wedding in Jordan. I wanted to wait and see if I could make arrangements to license additional images from the event; those negotiations didn’t wrap up until today, so it will be Thursday or Friday before I publish that post. I will see you tomorrow for the Princess’s engagement at the Maidenhead Rugby Club.


The Royal Family Channel offers coverage of the visit.



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Saturday 17th of June 2023

I really like this blazer- it’s playful, yet polished and classic. There’s something so quintessentially “summery” about blue gingham. The pointed-toe flats too- so nice to see her in flats for an engagement with children.

Debra Bishop

Saturday 10th of June 2023

Oh she looks so wonderful. I never really followed her fashion wise, but now she is wearing separates I’m interested. Also love her hair. Overall she seems very happy & interested in the causes she undertakes. Not relevant to this post, but also love the simple evening dress worn with reasonable cost & rather bling-y earrings.

Caroline A.

Saturday 10th of June 2023

With regard to the comments others have made about the shoes, a reviewer on the Emmy London website says they are “super comfortable”. I myself have always found flat shoes uncomfortable, and I find thin soles excruciating - especially now that I am older and have lost some of the fat on the soles of my feet - but we don’t all have the same type of foot, and some people seem to be able to wear flats effortlessly. The Lulu Pointed Flats that The Princess wore are made of suede, have leather linings, are padded, and have leather soles, so I suspect that they are indeed quite comfortable. HRH could also be wearing extra insoles, as I read somewhere that she sometimes wears leather ones for comfort. I found it a refreshing change to see Catherine wearing flats, and they looked very suitable for this event.


Monday 12th of June 2023

@Caroline A., I have the same problem, with my feet and I personally can't afford to spend 400£ on a pair of flats. But, I took a few pairs to the cobblers, who glued on an extra thick rubber sole on them (the soles come in different colours). It makes the shoe much more comfortable and less slippy, also you can not see it at all, as the colour matches the original. Additionally, a set of soft insoles with carbon (cheap), makes my flats like a totally different pair of shoe and nobody else can see any change. Maybe this might help. Also, even flats should have some heel height for comfort.

Even if the most fashionable is the pointed toe, I have flats with a "blunt", more square toe, do not know the right phrase for that. They are also in fashion and make the front of the shoe much more comfortable, with more room for the toes. Just some tips for comfort on budget, that I've found worth while. Never been keen on Ballerinas just for the aforementioned reason, but now I just love mine!

Do not know if it is allowed to say it here, but Clark's do really comfy and a bit more "sturdy" flats, than many other. I have a couple pairs of the "Feckle Ice".


Sunday 11th of June 2023

@Caroline A., good points! For shoes at that price, I would also hope that they offer more comfort then might be obvious to the eye.


Friday 9th of June 2023

Most ballet flats have thin soles—Isn’t that an integral part of the definition ? I exclusively wear flat shoes and what is more important for comfort is how rigid the sole is, and not how thick.


Thursday 8th of June 2023

I have loved this blog for years and have happily followed, and enjoyed reading the comments whether I agreed or disagreed. So it was with great expectation that I logged on to read the comments on this outfit knowing that so many had been calling for flats rather than stiletto heels. However, I was dismayed by the comments on how these flats were not suitable ie. thin soles, looked cheap, wrong style. I have worn heels and flats both cheap and expensive for more than 30 years with both being comfortable. I wouldn’t have bought the shoes if they were uncomfortable and I suspect the Princess of Wales has enough sense to do the same. As for sole thickness, I now wear orthotic shoes (not just inserts and always strive for cute, interesting and comfortable shoes) due to an autoimmune disease and the soles on the Princess of Wales shoes are just as thick as mine. The leather is padded on the inside and quite durable on the outside. Her whole look is professional, relatable and cute. Thank you Susan for creating and maintaining such a positive blog that brightens so many people’s days. I hope it will continue in this manner.


Monday 12th of June 2023

@SunnyK, Hi! Good comment. I thought Catherine's flats were beautiful, the colour pretty and they were really the right choice for the occasion, playing with toddlers. I have not yet read all the comments, but struggle to find her shoes looking cheap! Sorry for your discomfort, but good for you to be able to find pretty and comfy shoes. Hope you have found a really good professional to look after your feet.

I agree with you on Catherine's intelligence in wearing comfortable shoes. She is on her feet a lot and surely by now is quite an expert on what fits and what does not.


Friday 9th of June 2023

@SunnyK, Well said!

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