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The Princess in Separates for Hereford Engagements

The Princess in Separates for Hereford Engagements

The Princess of Wales wore separates for engagements in Hereford with the Prince of Wales today.

The couple’s first visit was at Madley Primary School’s Forest School. Outdoor learning is a priority at the school and all children take part in the Forest School curriculum at least once a week, attending classes outdoors in a woodland setting. Students learn national curriculum subjects as well as environmental awareness, conservation, and woodland management. 

This Express story: reports, “The royal couple helped pupils prepare food around a campfire as they explored the premises…and also helped students debark logs as well as make a tree den.”

And from The Daily Mail.

The Waleses, who were gifted books for their children, George, Charlotte and Louis on arrival, took part in skimming bark off logs before crouching down and using a saw to help make a tree den.

The Duchy of Cornwall and Madley Primary have been partners with the Forest School initiative for the last twelve years. Some readers may recall that as heir to the throne, Prince William became the Duke of Cornwall with the accession of King Charles, and the Duchy now belongs to him.

The Duchy owns land in twenty counties in England and Wales; Prince William trained for more than a year for the role he knew he would fill one day running the Duchy, spending time with his father and Duchy managers in preparation for the eventuality. Today’s Telegraph has a piece by royal correspondent India McTaggart that examines Prince William’s efforts in one area of Duchy management.

The Prince of Wales has announced that he will put mental health schemes at the heart of his approach to running the Duchy of Cornwall.

The move marks the first significant change from how the estate, which generates an annual income of some £24 million for his family, was run by his father.

His new strategy will aim to provide mental health care and support for all tenants of the 130,000-acre estate he inherited on the death of his grandmother.

Returning to today’s activities, the Prince and Princess also visited Kings Pitt Farm, where they met with Duchy of Cornwall farming tenants, Sam and Emily Stables.

We learn more from Hello’s coverage. 

Sam and Emily set upWe Are Farming Minds to remove the stigma attached to mental health issues in the farming industry. The charity works tirelessly to improve the mental health of farmers living in rural communities throughout Hereford.

Hello notes that the We are Farming Minds program “…provides farmers in Herefordshire fully funded access to a range of services including counselling, a 24-hour phone and text support line, free mental health awareness workshops and social events throughout the year to break feelings of isolation.
Kensington Palace released a video about the very real problem of suicide among farmers.  


We return to the Telegraph story.

It is understood to be an initiative that the Prince has been actively working on behind the scenes since taking the reins of the Duchy last year.

“He has been keen to get his hands around the Duchy and continue the great work that his father did, but he is also trying to do it in his own way,” a source previously told The Telegraph.

The Princess meeting a youngster during the day’s visit.

One more photo from today’s engagements.

Now for our look at what Kate wore, beginning with her new blazer from Maje.

The Vincio Fitted Check Blazer is a double-breasted style, made of a viscose/poly blend. It features peaked lapels, front flap pockets, a welted chest pocket, buttons at the cuff and a center back vent. Thank you to UFO No More for this ID.

The Princess also wore her See by Chloé Liegi Ankle Boots. 

It also looked like the Princess wore her Daniella Draper Trio Diamond Midnight Moon Necklace ($1700). 

The Princess wore what appears to be a pair of earrings by Spells of Love, the Welsh brand’s Teardrop Garnet Charm Hoops in 18K recycled gold atop sterling silver with removable garnet. I had almost forgotten many of us thought the hoops were worn by themselves when the Princess visited the Irish Guards in March.

Below, a photo from that March engagement. Thank you to Gabi and a Facebook friend who wishes to remain anonymous for this ID.

I will see you for Monday’s engagement, if not before then.

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Monday 18th of September 2023

I agree with many of the comments that the blazer seemed a little to "professional" for a farm visit, but even if she wore it to another event, the blazer is a bit "dull" and perhaps too "menswear" like - perhaps due to combination of a dull grey windowpane pattern married with the double breasted boxy form. Perhaps she tried to create a counterbalance with the skinny pants and boots, which might have worked if the blazer color/pattern wasn't so drab. And while we are on the topic of blazers, I think they would look so much more contemporary when she styles them with a lower neckline, v-neck body suit, or conversely a higher neck line , like today. The "jewel' mid necklines (especially in the creamy white color), also seem to come off more traditional and detract from the modern lines of some of her jackets. I would also like to see her try to wear a classic slim fitting silk collared shirt. Having said all that, I generally think she looks so polished in her jackets/suits, and I love how tailored and modern most of them appear.

PS love the richer color of her hair and the bangs--I think that overtime, she will learn how to "tame" them and use them to add softness to her styles. I also love the pendant and recent embracing of "finer" jewelry. Hope that continues!


Sunday 17th of September 2023

Princess Catherine's beauty and style are definitely fit for a future queen! She always looks beautiful no matter what she wears, and today is no exception. Love the boots. I don't care for her new hairdo though. Looked so healthy, sleek and sophisticated before, and the two times we have seen the new hairdo, it looks disheveled with ratty ends and the bangs are not appealing. Her hair was glorious before, now it's just average at best. Can find this Farah Fawcett look anywhere. She is still beautiful but the new do is not doing her any favours... Hey, who cares anyway? Hair grows.... :)


Monday 18th of September 2023

@Brandy, I completely agree about her hair. It was so pretty before, but once again we have the dreaded floppy fringe. I think it's about the only thing she ever wears or does that I don't love.


Sunday 17th of September 2023

@Brandy, everyone is entitled to an opinion about Catherine's hair, pro or con, but I hope the Princess of Wales just doesn't care, one way or the other. She must surely be used to the criticism, and factor it in as inevitable. I personally love how Queen Elizabeth had her own look, all throughout her many decades on the thrown, and no one and nothing was ever going to deter her from having her own look, period. She was true to her look, which I very much admire.

Louise A.

Saturday 16th of September 2023

I'm surprised that she's gone back to the fringe (bangs)...I remember the massive slagging she took when she did that about 10 years ago.


Friday 15th of September 2023

Love that she and Prince William are twinning :-)


Friday 15th of September 2023

I admire the focus on mental health for the young in constructive outdoor pursuits and the focus on suicide rates among farmers, which so few seem aware of. It’s certainly rife among the more lonely wastes of the Scottish Highlands where I live and where farmers have a tough struggle to survive.

Catherine has certainly allowed for plenty of movement in this long boxy jacket from Maje, and her colour scheme is so restrained I think she has gone for almost full camouflage. Her skinny trousers are comfortable and the Chloe Ankle Boots practical, I think she has dressed as smart as she dares for a day in the woods and down on the farm.

There is some gentle contrast in the windowpane check of the jacket against plain pants and the silver pendant against her dark top. The one glimpse of colour is her garnet birthstone drop on the earrings, which look like another handy buy from Spells of Love. I wonder if Santa is listening.


Saturday 16th of September 2023

@ElizaMo, you wrote: "It’s certainly rife among the more lonely wastes of the Scottish Highlands where I live and where farmers have a tough struggle to survive." That does sound very lonely, and then struggling to make ends meet for these farmers must be so emotionally devastating. I'm sure where you are is also quite beautiful, too, with the freshest of air. I live in a very congested area, sad to say.

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