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India Royal Tour 2016



  • Taj Palace Hotel: The hotel was one of the sites of the deadly Mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008. Kate & William will lay a wreath at a memorial inside the hotel & also meet staff who helped protect guests during the 4-day siege.
  • Oval Maidan: The couple will watch a cricket match showcasing young people and also meet representatives of three charities:
    • Magic Bus: Steers children “toward a better life with better awareness, better life skills and better opportunities.”
    • Doorstep School: A literacy organization providing “education and support to the often-forgotten children of pavement dwellers, slum dwellers, construction site families and many other underprivileged families.”
    • Childline India: A 24-hour helpline for children in distress anywhere in India.
  • The next stop is at the historic Banganga Water Tank; while here Kate & William will meet representatives of children’s charity Smile
  • Red Carpet Gala 7:30pmish: Tonight’s reception and dinner are being held in honor of the Duke and Duchess, it is sure to be a glamorous, glittering party showcasing Bollywood film stars, sports legends and fashion designers. Hosted by the British Asian Trust, the event will raise money for the three organizations first mentioned at the cricket event: Magic Bus, Doorstep School and Childline India.


  • GREAT campaign event at a bar/restaurant/internet cafe called The Social where the couple will meet young entrepreneurs
  • Flight to New Delhi
  • India Gate: Kate & William lay a wreath at this site, a war memorial.  
  • Gandhi Smriti Museum: The Museum houses Old Birla House, where Mahatma Gandhi lived the last several months of his life and where he was assassinated in 1948.
  • Queen’s Birthday Party: This event at the British High Commissioner’s residence will be “Attended by hundreds of VIPs from the world of government and politics.” William delivers remarks allowing him to “personally pay tribute to his grandmother.” 



  • AM – Open Air Park Tour: The day begins with “an early open air drive” around the Park.
  • AM – After the tour Kate & William “…have an opportunity to interact with local people in a village.”
  • PM – The couple visits the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation
  • Kaziranga Discovery Centre: The Centre is funded by Elephant Family, a charity founded by the late Mark Shand, the Duchess of Cornwall’s brother


  • Flight to Bhutan
  • Paro Airport, Thimphu: official arrival
  • Thimphu Dzong:
    • Kate and William take part in a traditional welcome ceremony at this ancient monastery, now the seat of Bhutan’s government.
    • Following the ceremony the Duke & Duchess have a private audience with the King and Queen, followed by a walk across an open courtyard to “to a temple where they will receive a brief blessing and will light butter lamps”
  • Archery: The couple watches an archery exhibition, archery is the country’s national sport
  • Dinner: The Duke & Duchess have a private dinner with the King and Queen


  • Paro Taktsang hike: Kate and William will hike for 5 to 6 hours until they reach Paro Taktsang, also known as Tiger’s Nest monastery.
  • Reception: The final event in Bhutan is a reception with “British nationals and Bhutanese people with strong links to the UK.”


LINKAGE: (We’ll update these as much as possible, this is merely a starting point.)



Help yourself to these graphics if they are of any assistance in remembering the schedule.

India Tour Map Graphic With Arrows Cities April 9 2016 copy

Or the calendar graphic.

April Tour INdia Bhutan Calendar Graphic ONe Week Only



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Saturday 9th of April 2016

I've been to Bhutan and done the Tiger's Nest hike. It's amazing how the temple is built into the mountainside. It did not take our group 5 hrs to summit. We were probably up and back in that time. It was considered an "acclimatization" hike for our group before our trip in the Himalayan countryside. Although I realize the Duke and Duchess will likely have staff, security and media in tow, I believe it is paved most of the way. I'm so thrilled the Duke and Duchess are visiting Bhutan. It is a wonderful place. We happen to be there the week the King and Queen were married and the entire country was celebrating.

I am curious how the Duke and Duchess are flying into Bhutan. It is my understanding that only the Royal Bhutanese Airline is allowed to fly into and out of the country because the takeoff and landing is very difficult due to the terrain.

Looking forward to seeing the Duchess and her fashion choices!


Sunday 10th of April 2016

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It must of been amazing to have experienced Bhutan first hand.


Saturday 9th of April 2016

I hope the Duke and Duchess have been training. A 5-6 hour hike to reach the temple also means a 5-6 hour hike to leave and on mountainous terrain no less.

In Tech Out

Sunday 21st of May 2017

Thanks for sharing your experience.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.