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Kate’s look for her first appearance at Trooping the Colour, the official commemoration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. (Also the first time Prince William has taken part riding in the event.) So many fashionable friends emailed, tweeted, or left comments on the WKW Facebook page about Kate’s coat-dress it is difficult thank everyone, but it looks like LiltingLimes’s tweet was an early tip-off to the designer, Alexander McQueen.

Robin Nunn/Polaris Images

Robin Nunn/Polaris Images

McQueen’s ‘Cotton and wool-blend pique coat‘ was available at Net-a-Porter, but that is no longer the case. Here is how the piece is described:

“White cotton and wool-blend pique coat with a softly pleated tiered Samurai skirt. Alexander McQueen coat has a short collar and lapels, accentuated padded shoulders, long sleeves with button-fastening cuffs, button fastenings through double-breasted front and is fully lined. 71% cotton, 29% wool; lining: 74% acetate, 26% silk. Dry clean.”

The coat was priced at $3845 USD.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

It is interesting that once again she opted for white, this is the third time in recent weeks we have seen her go for a solid, monochromatic look.

UPDATED 7.16.2011: A helpful commenter asked about the hat, noting that many outlets are saying it is by Lock & Company, a firm known to most WKW readers. We tend to think that TH, the person kind enough to leave the comment, is correct, it is a Sylvia Fletcher creation by Lock and Company.

The tidbits of information readers so kindly shared proved especially helpful, as word came that details of what (or whom) The Duchess is wearing will not be released by Clarence House; here is what our friend @RegalEyes re-tweeted from @AdamLeePotter earlier today:

“Clarence House oddly refusing to reveal who designed Kate’s outfit.”

It is possible the Palace doesn’t want too much focus on Kate (we would never suggest such a thing) attention paid to Kate’s apparel and accessories; in reality however, that train has left the station.  The fact is the fascination with what Kate wears and ensuing frenzy will only intensify moving forward, it is something the Palace cannot control.

While Kate looked lovely for the ceremony, this was not our favorite look from her; the coat was a little too frou-frou, despite it flattering her slim figure and healthy glow.  We know many sophisticated observers are probably delighted to see a more fashion-forward statement from the Duchess, it is merely not a style we are fond of.  Most assuredly not a miss, just not the best we’ve seen.


  13 Responses to “Kate Picks McQueen Again for Trooping the Colour”

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  2. I LOVED the McQueen white coat — very fashion forward. I’m a great fan of unusual fitted coats and coatdresses with interesting details like this. However, I’d like to know what she wore with it — a dress or skirt? The coat isn’t long enough to be worn on its own.

  3. Is the hat definitely Philip Treacy – I have seen it listed as Sylvia Fletcher – Locki & Co on some other sites?

    • Hello, thank you for reading the blog and for helping out with your kind comment. I have actually gone in and updated the post, referencing your comment, I think you are correct about the origins of the hat. Thank you for the help! :)

  4. Love the McQueen – shame you can’t see the lower part of the outfit.
    The bag looks like a bowler bag (Prada) – she had the same bag when shopping for the honeymoon on the 20th April 2011

    • Found some more photos of the bag – she is seen shopping with on the 9th – it is definitely Prada – I found pictures with the logo displayed online & also these photos were dated 10th January 2008 (it was the pictures where she is wearing the tartan skirt).

  5. i LOVE this coat! the tightly fitting top part with the strongly flaring skirt is stylish, beautifully tailored and flattering – and yes, kc, i’ll say it for you, edgy (but not haut couture over the top).
    the white/cream color looks great with her dark hair. also like the high v-neck.

    i like the wide-ish brim to her hat – it nicely balances the closely tailored fit of her coat.

    one of my fave looks for her to date!

  6. I wonder what those casual white shoes are that she is wearing on her shopping trip? They are very cute. Definitely love the Prada bag.

    • I must have looked at several thousand pair of loafers/flats last night Rene, and continue the hunt, could not find them for the life of me! I’ll keep searching and post as soon as we find them. :)

  7. I LOVE the coat, looks very “royal”, very McQueen. Not such a big fan of the hat though.

    I don’t know if you know already, but latter in that day Kate went to a wedding for which she wore a black and white dress that I don’t know the brand, but I know she already wore it in 2007, you can see a picture of it on my blog: http://leafandpearl.wordpress.com/2011/06/11/kate-middleton-veste-alexander-mcqueen/

    Thanks for the work you are putting in your blog, it’s really good! I linked you in mine. Best regards!

  8. Bag is Prada, probably old as she has been wearing it for a while now :)
    ps: Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into sourcing everything KM wears

    • I agree about the brown bag being Prada. It is the same style as her white one. In Hello magazine, issue March 28, 2011 page 56, there is a picture of Kate holding the bag and you can clearly see the triangle logo of Prada on the bag.

  9. I loved the coat and hat combo. She looked fantastic and regal, but still youthful (and dare I say slightly edgy?). You can’t go wrong with cream and black and it looked like there was a pale colour scheme to the day.

    But the best part? Both Kate and William look so happy. :D

    Has CH commented on anything Kate has worn since her wedding? It seems weird that they would do so…ever. It doesn’t matter though, we can find it ourselves.

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