Jun 122011

It is yet another busy day for Kate, she started the morning at Prince Philip’s 90th birthday service.

Many readers will recognize pieces in Kate’s ensemble, beginning with the periwinkle blue Jane Troughton brocade coat. (For more on the coat, click the tab above labeled ‘Iconic Looks’.)



Below, a better look at some of the detailing on the coat.

Splash News

Splash News

Two other items readers will recognize, the blue Zara Pleated dress and LK Bennett Sledge2 pumps.(Note our link to LK Bennett Sledge2 only shows other colors, the nude or taupe Kate wore is sold out.)

Zara/LK Bennett

A nice Sunday morning look, appropriate to the occasion. We are eager to see who did Kate’s earrings, from our uneducated perspective they look new, and almost like they match the engagement ring.

Kate’s hat was a piece by Jane Corbett, a tip of the hat (pun intended) to Duchess of Cambridge Style for that tidbit. :)

  20 Responses to “Kate’s Blue Zara Dress & Periwinkle Coat Return for Prince Philip’s 90th”

  1. I know I’m probably too late, but I do own one of those Jane Troughton Periwinkle coats. I do love it, but am open to offers as it may be time for a change.

  2. For those asking about Jane Troughton (Pocket Venus) – she’s not really designing anymore as she’s just given birth in the last few weeks. She lives in Singapore with her hubby, but hoping to relocate back to the UK in a couple of years or so to move to her hubby’s family home and take over the running of the estate (no mean task in itself), so with 3 young kids, a forthcoming UK relocation and then a large pile to renovate and turn into a business venture her energies will be focused elsewhere. She’ll be thrilled by the attention her coat has been receiving though, and who knows, might inspire her to rethink?

  3. Hi,
    Does anyone know any contact info for Jane Troughton to order the periwinkle coat that Kate wore??? I really want that coat to wear to my BFF’s wedding in August??? Can any one help me?? Google search doesn’t show any news about the designer :( any info about where to get the coat will be greatly appreciated. BTW I love this website… this is my go to place for what’s new (fashion news) with the Duchess Kate!!!!!!

  4. I also have a question about the periwinkle Troughton coat… I am dying to have it!! Have you (or has anyone else) seen it available anywhere? The company (Pocket Venus) is apparently no longer in business, but is there a knockoff being made (or is the designer re-making it herself)? I hope so…

  5. [...] you remember the press, she repeated the blue Zara dress that she wore the day after the wedding. This frock coat is also a repeat. She previously wore it [...]

  6. The dress that Kate is wearing under the jacket is the same one she wore the day after the wedding while walking with William.

  7. I know this is for Kate’s cloths only, but I am DYING to know who makes Zara’s cream coat she was wearing. I love it!

  8. The photo taken outside church shows Kate’s eyeliner. I recall that Princess Diana was criticized for wearing heavy eyeliner during the famous interview. Times have changed!

  9. This coat is one of my favorites. Do you have any info on the clothing Kate wore to the Order of Garter Service today?

    • Hi Terri, and thanks for reading & commenting. Both the coat & dress are by Katherine Hooker, it’s almost the same coat her mother wore to Kate’s wedding, it is the ‘Buxton’ style. We’ll have a post up shortly, in the meantime if you are on Facebook we have photos up there as well with info, just search What Kate Wore . :)

  10. Most people think that the earrings are one of Diana’s sapphire studs remoddled slightly for Kate so that they dangle from her ears

  11. i have always loved the periwinkle coat… do we have any idea who designed it? or perhaps it’s a custom made number?

    • Hi Seaside Prep, it is by Jane Troughton, if you look at the “Iconic Looks” tab you’ll see it there, or for today’s post as well. :)

      • Thanks so much for the info! Is Jane Troughton still in business do you know? My google search did not come up with much… Many thanks!

  12. I wonder if those earrings are from that set of sapphire jewelry that was gifted to Princess Diana?

    • I forgot to add. This coat is my all time favorite piece that Kate has worn so far. Not that I can afford it, but is it still available?

  13. Her earrings look very similar to Diana’s sapphire earrings (http://dianasjewels.net/bluestoneearrings.htm) altough Kate’s seem to be smaller.

  14. Wahoo!! I love that she re-wears pieces, and I’m REALLY loving the Zara dress paired with that gorgeous brocade coat. I’m so in love with this outfit!

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