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The Duke and Duchess made a surprise appearance at Wimbledon today, coming out to watch Andy Murray battle France’s Richard Gasquet.

Kate continued her more fashion-forward and upscale style statements, with Temperley’s Moraiah dress in white, a wise choice for many reasons, not the least of which was minimizing the impact of the hot temperatures.

Kelvin Bruce/Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

Kelvin Bruce/Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

The white also could be seen as an homage to Wimbledon, the only grand slam event requiring players to dress in white; the piece also offered a bit of tennis dress styling as well, a sort of dressier take on a tennis dress. We received confirmation on the designer via the brand’s Facebook page:

Via Alice by Temperley Facebook Page

The dress features tiers of pleated fabric with intricate detailing at the shoulder and an exposed metal zipper on the back. It is very difficult to locate, although we did find it at the CSee Boutique for £395.00, roughly $630 USD at today’s conversion rates.

Here is a better look at the shoulder detailing with the overlapping petals suspended between straps.

If anyone is interested in a black version of the dress it is available online as of this writing (at least in the US), on sale at $660 USD.

Temperley London US Site

The dress is described at the US Temperley site this way:

This cocktail dress is a perennial, classic waist-nipped shape with a sexy, structured bodice, hand-embroidered straps and a tiered skirt.

Kelvin Bruce/Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

Kelvin Bruce/Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

UPDATE 6.28.11: As far as Temperley re-stocking or re-issuing the dress, this was posted on the company’s Facebook page this morning.

Via Temperley London Facebook Page

The link takes you to the Temperley USA shopping page, with the black dress, so we are presuming the white dress is not being re-stocked or re-issued. If we learn differently we’ll update, as always. As far as accessories go, once again the Duchess opted for her trusted LK Bennett Sledge2 pumps (our link is to a pair in the highly shined light taupe leather). Her bag appears to be another envelope clutch, possibly snakeskin or lizard.

©Kelvin Bruce/Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

©Kelvin Bruce/Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

Kate also carried a chocolate brown jacket, it looks from what little we have seen as though it might be a woven piece with patch pockets and a zipper. She also wore the fairly new earrings created from Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond earrings.

Perhaps of most interest to Kate fans, we see the intriguing link bracelet once again.

One ancillary note, we have previously noted Kate’s affinity for white. Some of her more notable looks include her Reiss engagement dress, the Epsom Deby ensemble and her McQueen coat at Trooping the Colour, to name a few. It is a distinctive look and style but we *do* hope the Duchess also continues to shine in bright jewel tones and other shades.

We’ll continue our hunt for the handbag, jacket and most importantly, the bracelet and update when we have more information! Clearly the big find of the day was the Temperley dress, a tip of the hat to Diana Remembered on Twitter for making that identification.

BTW, Kate might be considered a good luck charm for Mr. Murray, he won his match handily.

UPDATE 6.29.11: The more-than-amazing Ayvee solved the bracelet mystery on Facebook, explaining the charm has Camilla’s cipher on the other side (Kate’s is on one side), making it likely this was a gift to Kate from Camilla.  Click here to see Ayvee’s post (if a FB member) with the news, if not a Facebook member, click here for Richard Palmer’s story incorporating Ayvee’s info.

NOTE: The post has been edited to correct an error on my part, the dress is by Temperley London, not Alice by Temperley as the post originally stated. Many thanks to Sarah for pointing that out!

  30 Responses to “Kate Wears White Temperley London for Wimbledon”

  1. It’s a bit off topic
    Kate’s famous black shoes can’t be LK Bennett – if you match these two images you can see why:
    Kate’s is higher and the front is totaly different.
    Here you can see Pippa wearing the same shoes but in a diffenent colour and it is also different from the LK Bennett one:

    • Thanks for reading and for commenting! When LK Bennett re-released the Greta wedge and renamed it the Maddox they made a minor modification or two, but it is essentially the same shoe. Hope this is helps sort out any confusion. :)

  2. Her taupe clutch is very similar to the one carried by Carole Middleton on Derby Day (June 4, 2011). It has the same faux snake skin pattern and design details. It also appears that the clutch Kate carried on Garter Day is he same one worn by her mother to her wedding. Her mother has been spotted wearing a hat also worn by Kate. So sharing between mother and daughter is not unusual for these two it seems. Here is a link to Carole Middleton on Derby Day:


    • Yes, I think you’re right! Wonder who made Carole’s jacket?….Is there a site for Carole, too? LOL…I know it seems crazy, but it’s been sooooo long since we’ve had some positive style inspiration! Gotta love it! Thanks so much, all…you’re the best! Go Canada!

  3. She looks beautiful and is a fashion icon. She is a mix of Chanel-like hats, Jackie couture and Vogue. She is a hard act to follow for anyone.

  4. It must suck for Will to have to wear a full suit in 33 degree weather whereas Kate can prance around in a sleeveless dress.

  5. http://www.aspinaloflondon.com/dynamic/generic_press/document/hello_may3rd10_2.pdf
    hey you!
    you might want to have a look at this link, I am pretty sure it is the same bracelet, so it is nothing new. Keep up the great work!!!!

    • This may be a similar looking bracelet but the bracelet she is wearing at Wimbledon has been identified as having Catherines royal cypher on one side and Camilla’s on the other which leads us to believe it was a gift from Camilla. Also it would have to be recent since Catherine has only had a royal cypher for the last few months. Not as far back as May of last year.

  6. This dress is gorgeous! But ito be clear, t is not Alice by Temperley, it is Temperley London, which is the more expensive line.

  7. [...] What Kate Wore identifies this as Alice by Temperley’s Moriah dress. You’ll recall that Duchess Kate is a fan of Temperley, and her sister, Pippa, wore a Temperley gown to the wedding reception. [...]

  8. I think Kate looks gorgeous and so happy. And the colour combo is perfect for Wimbledon. Can’t wait to see what she wears for North American tour.

  9. Diana’s earrings?! As much as I love Kate, she is no Diana….

  10. Online they’re saying the charm bracelet was prob a gift from Camilla since it has her cypher on the back…..


    • This may be a similar looking bracelet but the bracelet she is wearing at Wimbledon has been identified as having Catherines royal cypher on one side and Camilla’s on the other which leads us to believe it was a gift from Camilla. Also it would have to be recent since Catherine has only had a royal cypher for the last few months. Not as far back as May of last year.

  11. The eyeliner really needs to go!

  12. Jenny – I think it’s more just a really good possibility that these are Diana’s Saudi sapphires re-done, than a confirmation. But it’s an excellent point none the less!

  13. Great site, great content – your efforts are very much appreciated! I found a number of sites carrying this dress when the correct(?) spelling is used with the 2 x a’s ie. Moraiah – just a tip ;-)

    Also, thank you very much to London for turning on the amazing weather – I don’t know if we would have seen an appearance at Wimbledon of William and Kate if the wet weather had continued…

  14. As for the earrings……follow this discussion at the Royal Forums board:

  15. Now, this is *perfection*!! She wears this so well….and, most importantly, she looks like she is having a blast….brilliant!

  16. I love the dress! It’s fun but I think she could have lightened itnup a bit with some fun shoes in a bright color for summer to maybe make it less formal. But she always looks fabulous!

    • True!
      (Except for the fact that I don’t like the dress, but a least it’s not just another white dress. It has some original elements, but unfortunately not quite a success)

  17. I LOVE this dress. I suspected that her earrings were from Princess Diana’s Saudi Collection, but I have only read that here. You do a fabulous job on this blog. I read it everyday and look forward to seeing what you write during the upcoming tour of Canada and California, USA.

  18. You mention her earrings are “fairly new earrings created from Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond earrings”….Not that I doubt you (You seem to always get the scoop first!), but I haven’t seen this even mentioned anywhere else – Are you sure? I’ve always wondered what happened to Diana’s Saudi jewels!

  19. I think her clutch is the same on she used for Prince Phillip’s 90th Birthday Service.

  20. Regardless of where the bracelet comes from, I love the custom medal with her royal monogram :) – very sweet.

  21. I don’t really like this dress – it looks like a christmas tree…

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