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Once again Kate goes shows her thrifty nature, opting for recycled style with one of her most notable looks, the Reiss Nanette dress.

Canadian Heritage

Kate’s fascinator wowed the crowds, the Maple Leaves on top are a wonderful way to acknowledge her hosts.

The Nanette is a busy garment with a cascading ruffle down the front, exposed zipper, overlapping petals on the skirt and three-quarter sleeves. As we originally noted in describing the dress, it is unremarkable on the hangar and needs to be tried on to appreciate the detailing.

British Monarchy/Reiss/Canadian Heritage

This is not one our favorite looks, there is simply too much going on. The dress is not terribly flattering and a length that was fine for engagement photos is too short for a Duchess.

Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press/AP Photo

Above we see Kate and William at this morning’s Citizenship Ceremony, part of the Canada Day festivities.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

This is one of several hats made specifically for the Tour by Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Company.  Another new piece seen today, Kate’s Anya Hindmarch ‘Fan’ Clutch.

Via Anya Hindmarch

If hoping to snag one of these for yourself, it is probably too late: they sold out almost immediately online.

Kate also repeated her earrings, they are from Kiki McDonough’s Grace collection. The ‘new’ jewelry is the enormous diamond Maple Leaf Brooch.

Via Kiki McDonough & The Royal Collection

Of course the brooch is not a new piece, the Queen has worn it for decades, starting with a 1951 trip to Canada – when she was Princess Elizabeth.

Reuters via The Daily Mail

UPDATED 8pm EDT 7.1.2011: We believe the Duchess was actually wearing the Albini Square Cut Court Shoe as seen at Hobbs.

The shoe is leather, comes in red or black and is was very reasonably priced; it is was on sale for £54.00, it was originally £135.00.  Unfortunately the shoe is already sold out online.

The only unresolved issue remains the shoes. Our wise friends over at the Kate Middleton Style Blog shared two *very good* possibilities, the Rupert Sanderson NYM pump at My Theresa.

Rupert Sanderson NYM at My Theresa

And the other idea from KMSB is the Stella McCartney Faux Patent at Harvey Nichols.

Stella McCartney Faux Patent Pump at Harvey Nichols

At this point we aren’t sure about the shoes, and are going to continue to hunt.

Thanks to Rose & Nikki on Facebook, blog commenters Nikki & Jessica, Perfect_Sinner, Ella KayChannii_Middie, TheDuchessStyle and Marina for their kind assistance with this one, with a special tip of the sartorial hat to Kate Middleton Style Blog.


  44 Responses to “Kate’s Recycled Style For Canada Day (Updated with Shoe Information)”

  1. Just wondering if you have any info on the necklace she is wearing. She has wore it a lot on the Canadian tour and I’m wondering where she got it and what it looks like more closely. Thanks!
    And love the website!

  2. Kate needs to retire that white dress for good! Looked great in the photo, but fits her very poorly. It’s got to go!!!

  3. I think this is quite the mess. The dress is too short, particularly with the split hem, and the design of the dress when seen from the front is all over the place. The leaves on the hat (ugh, so literal), stripes on the clutch, hot contrast between the red hat and the white dress. . . all too much. There’s a touch of the silly here, veering slightly toward tacky. Not sure what kind of mood she was in.

  4. Hi, I see Kate is going on with the white trend, and I think this colour flatters her. Besides, it was time to let us see the Mythological Nanette dress in other occasions than a photo.
    She is stunning in this ensemble, even if it is undeniable that she likes to show her legs: guess she the member of the royal family with the shortest kirts ever seen. I don’t find this unappropriate,but – on the other hand – hope she will give a stop wearing espadrillas and very very little flower dresses on formal occasions.

  5. Fantastic site! Great work.
    Also really glad that you think the Nanette dress too busy – thought it was just me :)

  6. “there is simply too much going on”: exactly my thoughts! the dress, the hat and the purse… a bit too much everywhere. certainly not my favourite…

  7. A bit of history for the Maple Leaf Brooch. I quate from the National Post.
    “originally presented to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother on her own visit to Canada in 1939″ So this goes a lot further back than originally thought.

  8. Hey everyone!
    I love this site like all of you, but I have to tell you something. I went to Reiss today in Los Angeles on Robertson Blvd. And there I saw 3 of the white Nanette dresses! I also saw the white dress she wore under the white jacket (OMG – I don’t know all the names of these dresses and all the places). But it’s the dress that comes in orange too. There were 5 of those! Women! She’s coming to LA in a few days and she’ll be right down the street in Beverly Hills! What if she decides she needs to do a little shopping at one of her favorite stores and sees all these dresses are not sold out! Seriously, it would be a little embarrassing for Los Angeles. We love you too Kate! Everyone, if you know someone who wants one of these they appear to be available, although they are in the larger sizes (US 8, 10, 12). I think we should avoid having to explain this situation.
    Love you all! This site is so fun!

  9. I really like the dress and don’t think it’s too short at all. However, it’s way to frilly for such a festive hat. She would have been better off wearing a plainer white dress.

    I don’t get why she’s always carrying a clutch. Surely she could leave it in the car or ask one of their staff to carry it for her?

    • Hi Serena, and thanks for commenting! One reason they carry a bag is so they have something to do with their hands. If you have ever had to stand in front of thousands of people for long periods of time it can be really helpful, keeps you from fidgeting. :)

  10. I’m privileged to join in the discussion after so many wise and thoughtful remarks have been made. Let me see — not wild about the dress but I prefer white to red. Red would have been too matronly, in my opinion. Perhaps the hat was a touch over the top but really, how does one cope with a red maple leaf? It was iconic and a lovely gesture to her hosts — her new Canadian family.

    Overall, a good effort — I think it must be very difficult to dress to such a specific occasion — and whereas I think the straw bag was a bit informal, she’s 29 not 59 and why shouldn’t she interject a bit of her own personality. The shoes were dazzling — and well worth the hunt.

    I like all the comments: I don’t think they’re disrespectful, I think everyone here is very appreciative of the thought and time that the Duchess of Cambridge puts into her working wardrobe.

  11. This is a greet site, but sometimes you all can be too critical. Bottom line Kate is a beautiful young woman with a fantastic figure. Why not show it off and who cares if it’s not perfect, she looks fantastic!!!

  12. I agree something too much going on but too be fair it’s hard to pull off an outfit incorporating red, white, and maple leaves (being Canadian, I know!). For me it’s the shoes–her favourite neutral LK Bennett pumps/court shoes would have helped tone down the outfit.

    ps. Adore this site!

  13. Each piece is lovely – taken individually – but, worn together, they look confused and disjointed.

    Kate is still lovely, though. :0)

    Sarah x


  14. This dress looks awesome in the engagement picture.
    But with Kate walking around and seeing it on her… the dress just looks limp to me, like it’s just hanging on her. It doesn’t flatter Kate’s figure at all. It accentuate how thin she has become, I almost feel like the dress is too big on her.

    But I love the maple leaf hat and the clutch, they’re fun.

  15. the length that was fine for engagement photos is too short for a Duchess.

    So what would you designate as the “appropriate” length for a Duchess? Is there a rule book?

  16. The straw clutch does not seem appropriate, but the headpiece is delicious, I think we’ll see even without the maple leaves.

  17. Though I originally found the Stella shoe and posted it on one of the comments on the facebook page, this picture has just been released : http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/117861750/Getty-Images-Entertainment which means its neither the Stella or the Rupert Sanderson.. alas back to the drawing board!

  18. When did Kate become so attractive? I mean, she has been around for years, but since her wedding, she is just stunning.

  19. [...] There’s currently no consensus on Kate’s shoes, but I’m leaning towards this red Stella McCartney pair that What Kate Wore posted: [...]

  20. I think this whole look is just a mess. The dress looked lovely on the photos, but not so much at the event. The maple leaf hat and the maple leaf brooch is too much, either one of those would have been enough. And I am not even going to say anything about the clutch, it is just horrible. And I think she should stick with the higher heels.

  21. I happen to really enjoy the fashion commentary. I see some blogs that just post the clothes and I think it is more fun when you highlight pieces from a sartorial perspective. It gets a conversation flowing. So keep it up!

    I liked Kate’s white dress, until it gets to the bottom. Something just seems weird about how it tucks and gathers and pulls up.

  22. its neither shoe…here’s a close up…


    • I must have those shoes, although I typically don’t wear less than 4″ heels. Those are gorgeous. Kate has such great taste in clothes! The only critique I would have about this outfit would perhaps that the purse was a little informal, but, really, she looked great.

  23. I agree with those who have commented; I think she looks fantastic, as usual! I love how thrifty she is, it’s an encouragement to us “normal” folks who have to wear our clothes more than once : ). She knows how to wear an outfit again, but make it look fresh and beautiful even the second or third time around. Brilliant! I especially love the hat.

  24. I don’t mind the dress, I just thought the whole ensemble was a little too much. The fascinator on its own would have been fine. Then throw in the competing bag, the brooch, the red shoes; it’s just too much for my tastes. Also, in all the pics I’ve seen, the shoes look much more tomatoey (is that a word? I think not) than the hat. Like the shades don’t match.

    Whatever, she gets points for trying. But it’s not living up to Jackie Kennedy’s suit designed to match the Mounties’ jackets.

    Thanks so much for sharing your blog with us!

  25. hmmm – I am also not a fan of the fit of this dress – although very much a fan that she is recycling. This was a dress only seen in one photo previously so I really like that she is wearing it “out”. I don’t think the bodice does her any favors. The wrinkle looks like it needs to be straightened even though it is obviously sewn in that way. I must admit that I think the purse is very distracting from the elegance of the ensemble. Seems like an odd piece. The length doesn’t bother me. I love the hat. Would love to see her in all red. That would be striking. I disagree with the above comments about nit picking. I enjoy seeing everyone’s opinions. Just because I don’t think this dress is fantastic doesn’t mean I’m not a huge Kate fan.

  26. I agree with the “busy” though I think it is less because of the dress and more because she wears more accessories than usual and that combined with the stark color contrast and detailed dress makes for busy. Without necklace, brooch and a simpler clutch, it might have been a little less so.

    As for the length, I disagree. I tend to view such things in perspective though. Viewing it in the context of only today, okay, maybe borderline. But in context: The girl hasn’t hit 30 yet, it is summer, she usually wears longer dresses and this is one of the shortest looks and she’s really tall and this is an off the rack look – considering that, I think it’s just fine.

  27. I think a huge part of Kate’s mass appeal is that absolutely anyone can throw together the looks she wears. This fact is either terribly exciting or terribly disappointing.

  28. What about her necklace? :)

  29. Oh no Kate!!! What is this creation???? I have to agree with our esteemed administrator. There is just too much going on here. In the engagement pics, this dress was lovely; however, Kate was artfully turned to the side and you couldn’t truly discern how short the dress was. It was the perfect dress for a picture where you can be “posed” accordingly. However, for an out in public event…this skirt is definitely too short…and too many extras!!!! The hat is lovely…but, maybe with a more simple sheath dress? The fabric of the Reiss dress seems more sophisticated and it just doesn’t go with a straw purse in my mind. The Reiss dress would be better with a little satin/rhinestone type of clutch. I’m a fan of the hat, love the clutch and love the shoes…Kate just needed a different dress to look right with those accessories!!

  30. The length of the dress looked appropriate on the escalator, but it does seem to ride up when she is walking and raising her arm to wave.

  31. The colors of her attire make perfect sense, but the execution is a little too ’80s, and the fan bag is just off. A plain white clutch would have looked much more regal and classic. Personally, I really don’t love this look as a whole.

    That said, I do like this dress on her. I just wish she had chosen a more simple white dress for this particular occasion.

  32. I have to disagree that it is an unflattering style for Kate. I think the cut of the dress shows off her figure very well. Though I do agree that it looks a bit short when she is sitting down. I have to say I think the look is great for the events of the day and the maple leaf fascinator is a nice touch!

    • Thanks for reading *and* commenting Gabrielle, I like the overall ensemble as well. It is a very nice look that also sends a gracious message, something Kate has done flawlessly since the outset of the Tour, I’m just never going to be a fan of the dress. :)

      • Although, I have to add after looking at the photos again, that the dress does appear to fit looser than in the engagement photos or am I imagining it?

  33. I like when you spot Kate’s clothes, but not when you provide commentary on them. Then it just feels like you are nit-picking her apart – which is already being done to death and is massively destructive – and creates a negative atmosphere on an otherwise fun blog.

    Fwiw, when standing the dress is only 2″ above her knee, which is completely appropriate.

  34. I LOVE her outfit. I think she look perfect!! The maple leaf hat and clutch are amazing!!

  35. I thought she looked fabulous & wonderfully dressed to celebrate my country’s birthday! I’m really impressed with how she and William worked the crowds…she seemed very much at ease given this is her first official overseas visit. Can’t wait to see what she wears for the rest of their tour!

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