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Kate and William made an unexpected appearance at the wedding of two close friends yesterday, sending us into quite the tizzy.

The Daily Mail does have a few photos, below we share one.

You see Kate in her rich red lace dress, accessorized with black bag and shoes, and a red hat. Images are limited, more will be released in this week’s issue of Hello! Below, part of the coverage in today’s Express.

Sunday Express via Princess Diana Remembered

And the cover of the paper.

The Sunday Express

The dress was very much a mystery yesterday, it remains so almost 36 hours after the event.  Initial reactions, including my own, were guessing Erdem, Kate did wear two of his lace frocks while in Canada. But within an hour it became clear that wasn’t the case, unless the dress was created from a lace pattern not before seen from this designer.

Several of us on Facebook started thinking it might be another piece from Collette Dinnigan, most recently Kate wore the designer’s work to the Zara Phillips wedding. Below we share a four-shot comparing a red Collette Dinnigan with Kate’s dress and two Erdem pieces. You will see the hemlines and lace designs are different from the Erdem, his flowers are open, while the design for both the Dinnigan and Kate dress have flowers that are filled all the way in with lace.

At this point we have inquiries in to several designers and their public relations people, we’ll let you know as soon as we learn anything.

UPDATED: We have confirmation the dress is indeed a Collette Dinnigan, Kate wore the Red French Floral Lace Dress.

From the Daily Mail story:

Kate, 29, dazzled in a stunning mid-length raspberry coloured lace dress by Canadian designer Erdem and 4in L. K. Bennett shoes.

The only problem with this portion of the story is that the shoes are Prada, not LK Bennett (the distinctive gold Prada logo could clearly be seen on the soles), and as detailed above we don’t believe the dress is by Erdem, unless it is a bespoke piece for Kate, the dress is by Collette Dinnigan.  Below, three lace dresses, the red is from Collette Dinnigan and the two on the right are by Erdem, the distinction in lace designs is evident.

Collette Dinnigan/Erdem/Erdem

With thanks to WKW Facebook friend Chiara, we show the Prada pumps at Saks.

Prada Pumps as seen at Saks Fifth Avenue

The shoes are described as “classic patent leather on a slim, cigarette heel,” they have a 4.5″ heel, and are still available in some sizes online for $720. (Note: in some images the shoes may look to be wine, or rich mulberry, but they are black, someone at the event shared that information with us.)

The bag carried by Kate is believed to be the Eaton clutch from Aspinal, she has carried it on multiple occasions previously; Pippa has also been seen with this bag. Kate’s version is the matte black, below we show the clutch in mock-croc patent, this version is $409.

Aspinal ‘Eaton’ Clutch

Finally, many of us initially thought the hat Kate wore was the same seen for Canada Day during the North American tour.

Photo Via Canadian Heritage

But several wise eyes (including @LiltingLimes and @AnnieElizabethN on Twitter, among others) pointed out this was not the same hat, we hope to have more on it as well.

A reminder, Thursday Kate & William open the Children’s Cancer Center at Royal Marsden Hospital.


  52 Responses to “Kate is a Lady in Red Collette Dinnigan for Friends’ Wedding”

  1. Does the duchess ever wear a watch?

  2. The third image down is in breach of copyright laws. Please remove immediately.

  3. The Dinnigan gown looks more like this one: thank the French Floral Lace. The French Floral Lace has a high neckline, which the one Kate is wearing does not, and it has a big bow on the waistline. I’m just curious is it’s the right one. Either way, the gowns in Dinnigan’s collection are STUNNING! WOW!

  4. love it keep up the good work

  5. Just wanted to share this article with all you Kate fans :)

  6. I’m sorry, but although each piece is fine on its own, nothing works together–or, indeed, for this time of year or the occasion. Odd problems of scale, odd color choices, too high a heel, too much random jewelry, too much verticality, too much hair; in fact, the usually bouncy tresses look like a stringy wig falling from under that too-far-forward too-tiny hat. (We can barely see the front of the frock!) And the makeup makes her look hard and old, which is a recurring problem. As much as I generally like Kate’s choices–and appreciate the difficulty involved in making them–I’m horrified to say that she’s edging toward drag queen today. (The last time she sent such a muddled message was on Canada Day.)

    • I have to agree with this to some extend. I feel it looks a bit awkward the red lacy dress with a serious black pumps…I can see the high quality of the lace, and how well made the shoes are, but I have to say the blue Erdem she wore in Canada was miles ahead. Same goes with little red hat. I remember both my friend and I was stunned by her look with the ivory dress and red hat in Canada. But for some reason, it looks odd this time with the lace dress. Maybe a sleek up hair-do with a different hat might work better, also changing the pumps to something fancier and less serious?

  7. I found an article by US Magazine saying that on Friday she was at Richard Ward salon getting her hair done. They have two pictures of her which do seem to be recent however its the only article I could find saying thats where she was the day before the Saturday wedding. Heres the link:

  8. I like this outfit, perfect for a wedding guest. I didn’t love her Canadian laces.
    Is the dress really red? If so, i do not really understand the pairing with burgundy. The light of the photo can be deceptive. Perhaps black would have been more appropriate.

    • The shoes were black. Perhaps you didn’t read the article carefully?

      • I read the article, I also saw the photos (shoes and clutch seem both burgundy) but I didn’t meet the Duchess live to see the real color of her shoes – i was not invited!
        She has already worn a pair of black patent leather shoes (Emilia d’ Erlanger’s wedding and Oli Baker’s one), actually without plateau, and duplicates seem to be rare in her “public” wardrobe.

  9. I’m afraid I’m in danger of becoming the “sleeves” girl, but again, I love her sleeve length on this dress!! It is so classy.

    • I’m with you and am older, so this length is really perfect for me.

    • Man, do I ever agree! Ever since Kate has unintentionally envaded my life ;p I’ve been all about the sleeves! Even my plans for my wedding dress have changed. I always loved strappy gowns, but once I saw how classy Kate’s dresses ALL are, I decided to go with some sort of sleeve. My fiancee is a bit sad about this, but hey! I love her sleeve-length. She always does it right.

  10. I’ve been DYING for another sighting and was SO excited to see this post!! :D and as usual, she looks beautiful, and the dress suits her so well!! I love the fit and the lace, and she should definitely wear that colour of red more often. Love it all!! :D

  11. I’m 16 and I would wear her dress in a heartbeat! I love her style and her poise. Kate is truely and elegant person.

  12. What about her purse? I’ve seen before, but still d’ont know what is it…

    Thank You!

  13. Good looking blog, and something about Kate – she is beautiful in every dress! How is it possible…

  14. Yeah, the hats are not the same. The design is the same, color,shape…BUT the circle is wider on the one from Canada then on the one from the wedding. I have no idea how comes she has two so similar hats but yet different in a little detail. If U look closely, the “ring” around the hat in Canada is wide and thin and on the wedding a small and thicker….it looks like it’s a biiit smaller version of the Canada one hahaha..

    And I love her outfit, red fits her sooooo well!


  15. I might be alone in my sentiment, but I do not like that dress at all. She’s what? 29? 30 at most? The color and the material age her so much. She’s gorgeous but I think this is a miss. Also, she needs to lighten up on the eyeliner. I guess it’s now her trademark look, but again, I think it ages her unnecessarily.

    Says the older 30 something who is obviously concerned with looking older than she is. ;-)

    • I agree, the dress is a nightmare. The colour is okay, but the material and the cut is awful.

    • I am the same age and I have the same color eyes and complexion as Kate. I used to wear black eyeline untill I was 25. After I switched to charcoal because black was aging me..

    • I think the dress suits her perfectly, but I DO agree about the eye-liner. I would LOVE to see her without such heavy eye makeup. She’s beautiful, but I’m sure her natural beauty would impress us even more!

  16. Ginger, the “rule” about not wearing green to a wedding applied to the bride, not the guests. The media got it wrong. It dates to the era when brides wore whatever colors they liked to be married, so there were various warnings and folk sayings concerning what colors NOT to wear. As for the Duchess wearing red and possibly overshadowing the bride, I think worries about this could get a little old. No matter where she goes and what she wears, she’s going to be an object of attention. If I were a bride truly worried about this, I simply wouldn’t invite the Cambridges. Otherwise, I hope I’d be sufficiently wrapped up in my day that I wouldn’t care about a few pictures of my royal guest. After all, would the bride and groom have gotten their own pictures in the media if it hadn’t been for their prominent guests?

  17. It is so great to see Kate and William out and about again. I think they are playing it very smart by staying out of the limelight some because it just makes us want to see them more. I can’t get enough. I will be looking forward to their Thursday outing at the cancer center.

  18. I’m pleased to see her in that rose-red shade, since I’ve always thought that she wore reds, pinks, and roses well and was getting a little tired of all the pale or neutral colors. I hoped she would ramp up the color once autumn rolled around. However, the dress is just too lacy for my tastes. Just a matter of personal preference, but it’s the reason I didn’t much care for the Erdem dresses despite liking the basic designs, cuts, and fits.

  19. I never knew you could not wear green to a wedding till the paper made a big fuss about it. But red seems a bit showy–over shadowing the bride…Any thoughts?

    • I’m of two minds–On one hand, I don’t have a problem with most people wearing red to a wedding (people wore to mine and I loved that they dressed up nicely–I wanted my guests to feel good). I also agree that all the old rules re color at weddings are passe. On the other hand, because of the fascination with Kate, I think it might have been a bit attention-grabbing (although she looked gorgeous), and I can understand why some feel she should have stuck with the kind of palette she wore to the other weddings post-marriage and save this outfit for another occasion.

      I’m just glad this post didn’t include all that language in the stories about Kate and Pippa stealing the show. That is just unkind to the bride. And really, how do we know whether or not they stole the show at the actual wedding? But, if they did, such is a downside to being high society–which is far outweighed by all the upsides!

      The prada shoes in burgundy are lovely (the black are standard in my opinion) but for me, are 1) not worth the price and 2) way too high! My feet would rebel but fast–no way one can party at the reception in those!

      Someone on the FB page says Collette is re-making the dress by custom order for $1290. That dress would be perfect for my anniversary, except not at that price–gotta put some $$$ into savings!

  20. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! keep it up. What jewellery was she wearing?

    • I saw in another photo that she was wearing her dangle circle earrings with the horizontal bars in between and a small cuff bracelet.

  21. It might be an interesting feature if you tally up how much each outfit costs. I am not spending 720 pounds on one single pair of shoes. And I don’t know of many who do. She has taste, but it isn’t high street exactly most of the time.

    • I’m not in a position financially, age, or weight wise to spend and wear the outfits Catherine wears. But I sure enjoy the pictures of her in her outfits. She seems to strike a good balance between the real expensive items and the more casual jeans and ballet flats, etc. Since I’m not a U.K. citizen, I can’t comment of the effect her wardrobe has on the treasury. I assume that she probable purchased her pre-wedding clothing with her own or her families money. Post wedding I assume that she has access to Williams money that he inherited when Diana died. I can’t afford the couture outfits, but have no envy that she can. She recycles outfits as appropriate which causes me to have even more respect for her.

      • Bingo, Kathy.

        Besides, her expensive clothe and shoes will last FAR longer than anything I could pick up at Target. If she maintains her weight, she could wear her outfits for years to come.

        She balances it well – she can be ‘average Jane’ and recycle her outfits, and she can glam it up because hello, she’s a Windsor now. There are certain expectations for royalty, and she can’t exactly show up to a big gala wearing something from the UK’s equivalent of Sears.

  22. Please could you remove the picture of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge off your website. The image of Kate wearing red at a wedding on the 25th of September is copyrighted and you do not have permission to publish the image on your website.

    Kidn Regards
    Ikon Pictures

    • Goodness, are picture libraries reduced to posting barely-literate pleas on blogs?
      In the event that I had similar creative works to manage I would certainly hope to find an agency able to deliver a more professional impression than this scribble from “Ikon Pictures”. (And isn’t an icon a picture?)

  23. Is the dress the French Lace Scallop Front Lace Dress from the autumn/winter 2011 collection on Collette Dinnigan’s site?

  24. The base hat is VERY similar in shape/style – without the embellishments – to the black hat Kate wore to Autumn and Peter Phillips wedding IMHO. Do ‘we’ know who created that hat for Kate?

    Loving your work as always! :-)

  25. She also wore those round drop earrings with the little horizontal bars inbetween the circles and a cuff bracelet.

  26. Is it just me or does her fasinator look like the one from Canada, even though you don’t seem to think so, just with different decorations added to it?!

    • Agreed!

    • I thought that at first and was going to post on the fb wall but then when i looked at the images you can clearly see the one she wore yesterday is a more a pillbox style whilst the Canada one actually has an inverted brim on it.

      • Yes, and the hat she wore in Canada seems to have red maple leaves as part of the embellishment, very clever nod to the hosts, as well as the diamond maple leaf pin that I believe this blog reported was loaned to Kate for the Canada visit by HM The Queen.

  27. I love this red dress! Just lovely. I agree, Kate looks wonderful in red, she should wear it more often. I just adored the red suit she wore to St. Andrews earlier this year, as well as the red (Issa?) dress she wore to a friend’s wedding last year.

    Great site and great sleuthing!

  28. Excellent sleuthing as usual, Ms. WKW. As Catherine noted above, Kate / Catherine / Duchess ought to wear more of this read; it truly is stunning with her coloring.

    Speaking of stunning, I’m a big fan of those sleek Pradas, though I actually would have preferred them in the burgundy vs. black. That would have been a fun, more unexpected pairing, though I’m guessing I’m the minority report on that opinion.

  29. In other blogs I’ve read and in other pictures I’ve seen it actually appears as though she has the burgundy colored prada pumps on.

    • They’re definitely dark red/burgundy…it’s obvious in a photo in one of my local magazines here (wish I could scan it!).

  30. She is so gorgeous in red. I know she usually wears blue or ivory/white, but she should really wear more red – with her hair, it looks amazing on her.

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