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Kate returned to a favorite designer for today’s visit to Royal Marsden Hospital with Prince William.

Royal Marsden Hospital

The Duchess wore the designer’s Sculpted Felt Seamed dress in Oatmeal, our thanks to Kate’s Wardrobe for the rapid identification of the dress.

Amanda Wakeley Sculpted Felt Seamed Dress

The item description describes the garment as a “knee length fitted dress with 3/4 length sleeves and a slash neck. Features seam detailing.” There is also a Matching Jacket, additionally the dress comes in two more colors, gunmetal and black.

Amanda Wakeley

The gunmetal and black are shown with sizes 10-14 in stock.

Amanda Wakeley Sculpted Felt Seamed Dress

It turns out Kate purchased the dress at the Amanda Wakeley Store on London’s Fulham Road, that information comes via our friend Monique Jessen on Twitter.  The dress sells at ₤450, approximately $700 in the US; the jacket is the same price.  The dress remains available in UK sizes 10, 14 & 16 as of this writing (noon Thursday, Sept. 29).

Prince William had to be exhausted, he went without sleep last night, his search and rescue unit was involved in a number of missions overnight and he hadn’t been to bed.

Royal Marsden Hospital

He and Kate spent more than 2-1/2 hours visiting patients and staff inside the hospital. It doesn’t show however, as he and Kate greet children at the hospital.

Royal Marsden Hospital

Royal Marsden is an institution very close to William’s heart.  He became the cancer hospital’s president in 2007, his mother Diana, Princess of Wales was long a patron of the hospital.

The Duke and Duchess were on hand today to officially open the Oak Centre for Children and Young People at Royal Marsden, if interested in learning more or donating, click here.


Another WKW Facebook friend points out that there may be linkage between Kate’s dress selection and the fact it was worn to a cancer hospital, Laure reminds us that Amanda Wakeley has long chaired the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer fundraising effort.

Royal Marsden

Kate fashion fans will recognize the accessories and jewelry selected for today’s function, we have seen the LK Bennett Sledge2 pump and Natalie handbag on many occasions. (Our link is to the Sledge shoe in taupe patent, and we don’t link to the handbag as it is out of stock.)

LK Bennett

Kate also repeated her Kiki McDonough Grace earrings and cross pendant necklace.

Kiki McDonough

The earrings are currently available in white topaz and diamonds for £695, roughly $1135.

We also had word today that Kate spent some time visiting the National Portrait Gallery yesterday. More from this Us Weekly story.

The 29-year-old spent the afternoon touring the contemporary collection downstairs with a small group of curators, an onlooker tells Us Weekly exclusively.

“She was dressed all in black — she must have been boiling because it was a really hot day in London — in knee-length black boots, black tights and a slim-fitting black dress,” the onlooker says. “She had her hair up, completely pulled up into a twist at the back.”

According to onlookers Kate briefly looked at Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s portraits on the way, smiling as she did so.  Read the entire article here. Thank you to our friend Lilting Limes on Twitter for alerting us to this story.


We also have identification news to share, beginning with the top Kate wore when shopping at Peter Jones back on the 5th of this month, she was in a Warehouse top from the retailer’s spring/summer 2009 collection.

Warehouse 'Lace Kimono Top' s/s 2009

The Warehouse Lace Kimono top is 100% silk (of course the lace is cotton), originally it sold at ASOS for £50.  WKW commentor Chloe gets credit for alerting us to the maker and season, WKW Facebook friend Melissa alerted us to the ASOS link providing the name for the piece. Intrepid Kate fashion fan Brittney shared photos of the top she purchased on eBay.

Courtesy Brittney

Next on the ID list is that Burberry trenchcoat worn by Kate back in March when she and William visited Belfast. WKW Facebook friend Anna Marie let us know the official name of the coat is “Littleton”.   Anna Marie also shares the longer name is “Wool Trench Coat with Frilled Hem,” Kate wore the Shell color and it retailed for $1195.  It is possible the coat will be re-issued, we will let you know if we can get this verified.


While this is not a Pippa Middleton style site (we leave that to our friend Carly at Pippa Middleton), because Kate is seen so frequently in her French Sole ballet flats we wanted to share this montage.

Via French Sole Facebook page

The photos all show Pippa in her French Sole India (London Sole Pirouette in the US).

As we have written about something slightly off-topic, we thought we would also point out something enjoyable from our pals at StyleFind, a slide show asking “Are You A Kate or A Pippa?”

The feature shows photos of Kate and Pippa side-by-side in similar styles, a trench coat, wrap dresses, etc., the slide show is a fun read.


  75 Responses to “Kate Wears Amanda Wakeley for Royal Marsden Visit, More Items Identified”

  1. Oooh, those red quilted patent Henriettas are calling my name!

  2. [...] Goodness she’s getting so skinny! (Please read this in a worrisome, motherly tone, not a tone of envy or congratulations. Because [...]

  3. She looks so elegant, sophisticated and beautiful at te marsden visit. Her hair looks like she had a trim her face is tan and the makeup is done less heavy and just perfect.

  4. Hi great site and so well done – thank you. Any chance of finding out what that red dress is behind Kate in the the top pic?

  5. I was thinking about the argument here that Kate has done something wrong by wearing neutral colors and that the Queen always wears solid bright colors to be seen. There are two problems with the argument:

    1. The Queen is rightly the center of attention at nearly every occasion she is attending. Kate is not royal by birth and is married to the second in line to the throne who should never be in the background and cannot choose to stand out in bright colors himself without becoming ridiculous. Comparing her wardrobe choices to Her Majesty’s is not entirely fair, as such.

    2. The Queen does wear neutral colors. Do a google image search of Her Majesty and scroll through a few pages of the results. You will see the Queen in a variety of bright colors through the years. However, you will also see her in a variety of neutrals, particularly tans, whites and ivories, and beiges. You will even see black at occasions that are not for mourning. So the argument that Kate should not wear neutrals because the Queen does not wear neutrals falls very flat.

  6. I love Kate’s look because it’s so feminine and classic – she doesn’t follow the trends or look ridiculous like the Kardashians or even JLo at times. I read this blog from a Presence Image Coach about Kate’s look and the message it sends – very interesting!

  7. Hello again i also wanted to share the claire’s version of the royal wedding earrings as I know many young girls are looking forward to winter formals this year.

  8. Hello….just wanted to inform you that here in the US we have a store called Kohl’s (discounted brands). I found a fabulous copycat of the LK Bennets Sledge…I have included the link for your confirmation. I think they are amazing and I bought them on sale for only (USD) $27! Though that might help interested readers on this side of the pond!

  9. wow. I thought I loved the outfit before. but after seeing this clip (! ) I have to say that the outfit was perfect, imho. anything less simple and respectful would have drawn attention away from the children patients.

    • Thank you for sharing the video. I really enjoyed it! You can really tell that Kate and William make a caring and compassionate couple.

    • I was going to mention this same video too. It really sets the tone of ease and comfort for the visit and keeping attention away from her.

  10. she is simply stunning. there ‘s nothing to add

  11. I like the dress but I would like to see her accessorize more. I think a pair of patterned shoes like snakeskin, or pretty scarf or statement necklace would have made this look more of a standout without detracting from the occasion in anyway.

  12. Looks like a very comfortable dress.

  13. BORING again and again.

  14. Keileen, rings can carry germs, and these patients have suppressed autoimmune systems because of treatment. She took her rings off for that reason, and both she and Prince William were given hand sanitizer to use.

    • Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! Maybe the clutch DOES have another use besides something to occupy a lady’s hands.

  15. I don’t think she needs an ornament or “pop” of color with this dress. Women with brunette hair don’t need a pop of color when they wear white or cream. Their hair provides the contrast. And hers does this beautifully here. She looks lovely!

  16. Curious… she’s wearing the sapphire ring in the outdoors photos but the pictures inside the hospital it looks like she doesn’t have any rings on. Anybody know why?

    • keileen, I read somewhere (maybe here? I’ve looked at a lot of sites yesterday/today!) where it was mentioned that William had rolled up his sleeves and scrubbed his hands once inside the hospital so maybe Catherine had to do the same and took off the ring then?

  17. I just get the “royal hotness” moniker for Pippa. She has a flat face and looks about 20 years older than she is. She also has very stumpy and chunky legs. Both Middleton sisters have narrow hips which makes tem look a little manish.

    As for Kate’s attire, it’s always the same shoes, same style of dress. Boring. She does wear inexpensive clothes well but really, I’m tired of seeing the same dress, bargain priced dresses.

    • cparkeast, I do not think Catherine wears too many “inexpensive” and “bargain priced dresses.” This dress cost £450.00 or $700 here in the U.S. which to me is far from bargain priced. And like ginger said below, I find it hard to believe that her dresses are not custom tailored, they fit just too perfectly (which I love!) but that again makes the dress even more expensive.

      Now I understand that for HER they may be inexpensive compared to some other pieces in her wardrobe (such as her McQueen outfits) but, like ginger explained, this Amanda Wakeley dress and others are not mid-priced or affordable to many of her devoted fans (myself included).

      As for her go-to LK Bennett shoes I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have a new pair of expensive shoes every time she goes somewhere. Who do you know besides silly ‘celebrities’ like Kim Kardashian who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of very spendy shoes more than once?
      Many people have a select few of well-made, high-cost shoes that are worth their spendy price because they pair well with a number of outfits and, because they are good quality, last for years. Just one more reason to love Catherine: great style and common sense!

      • Its nice to see a celebrity that does not need 160 pairs of Louboutin to feel like she has something to wear. I share Kate’s approche to shoes, I also only have a selection of classic pairs of shoes that I wear over and over and carry on from one season to an other. I learned the hard way in my early 20s that you can really load your closet with silly stuff when you follow trends and try to be too original.

        She is the proof that sticking to basics works cause she always looks lovely.

        Maybe if women would follow her logic they would not have such crazy credit card debts.

    • cparkeast, “sexiness,” or “hotness,” in contemporary parlance, does not depend on beauty or a fabulous body. It never has. I assure you that Pippa Middleton has a great deal of sex appeal without being beautiful, without being physically fabulous. She doesn’t need to be, because projecting erotic appeal just doesn’t require it. A lot of young women don’t grasp that, but older women do, and so do men.

    • I would suggest that Pippa’s legs look muscular as a result of the running she does. And most of us would love their “narrow hips”. Still can’t understand why people come on the site to tell us how much they dislike either of the sisters.

  18. I think this dress is classic Kate: simple tailored line, well fitted (the back detail is beautiful), 3/4 sleeve, nice length, unfussy neckline. I would expect this dress to become a staple of her working wardrobe and to see it under various coats and jackets (the cobalt and black jacket she bought at TopShop comes to mind). The color will come in the accents.

    Personally I like this look better than the more costume-y military look. She’s finding her way…. More hits than misses.

    • I never noticed the back detail until your comment; thanks for pointing that out! It truly is gorgeous and looks stunning with her figure.

  19. All other reasons aside for today’s color choice, I’ve found it virtually impossible to find elegant ready-made dresses in colors other than grey, brown, navy, black and white. Obviously the dark colors would have been too somber for today. Given all of the many demands on her fashion choices: mid-priced,read-made dresses, preferably by a British designer (in this case she managed one with ties to the charity at hand!), that are also appropriate, photograph well (I am sure she is conscious how garish, and quickly dated, patterns can be), and are also flattering -it is amazing that she can find anything at all to wear!! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she soon turns to custom-made outfits.

    • Mid priced? $700 is not what the average person spends on a daytime dress. And forgive me, but ready made? I am sure everything is tailored to fit perfectly. That’s the real key to looking so good, everything is altered. No one that tall fits into an off the rack size 2 and has it fall at knee length.

      I love to look at what she wears, but it is not an affordable option for the rest of us. Let’s remember she was a rich girl before she married.

      As for what’s in the clutch, a phone, lipstick, a small brush, a hair tie… that’s my guess.

  20. Can we please have a poll guessing what Kate actually carries in those teeny tiny clutches???

    • Lol, lippy and a hanky? I believe that what’s in the clutch is pretty irrelevant- for the royals it’s all about giving you something to do with your hands so that you always look poised.

      • .. In The Clutch guesses- 1 lozenge; 1 (lavender scented?!) hand-wipe-thingy; 1 lippy; 1 hanky- would a Princess carry a cellphone? if a Prince was by her side and protection walking all ’round her?! (-: fun question to ponder-

        • LOL, that is sooo funny. I was wondering the same question last night…

          I think she might carry a memo card with people’s names and notes. She is a diplomat after all, and it’s her duty to be informed.
          She might have a cellphone for security…that would be smart…you never know…If I was her I would carry one. Why not?

  21. Gill, she may not have a well-worked-out strategy; she may simply like navy and white/cream/ivory. Before she became engaged, she really didn’t wear bright colors all that often. I recall a lot of black, white, and brown with just the occasional bright item on a special occasion.

    However, it is possible that while she knows she’ll be photographed, she hopes that if she wears simple, plain designs and colors, the media at least won’t talk MUCH about what she wears, thereby overshadowing the purpose of the visit (and Prince William) with fashion notes. Wearing red to a wedding is fine –weddings are festive celebrations (and she knew very well she’d be photographed there) — but I suspect she’s been told to keep it low key on official engagements, especially if William is with her.

    I recall that the late Princess of Wales eventually dialed down on the clothes for official daytime engagements, and this really did work to keep the paparazzi at bay. When they were a bit bored by she was wearing, they refrained from taking as many pictures and kept a certain distance.

  22. I think Mer raises a good point about keeping the outfit simple and low key to keep the attention on William and the hospital, however I think its a little too low key. I’m not a fan of the oatmeal, a pale pink would have worked.

    Also, the dress is very similar in style (from the front at least) to the dress she wore in Canada for the tree planting ceremony (that one had a V in the back). Its a nice silhouette and I do like the 3/4 sleeves, but I don’t think its worth getting in all three colors. Its fairly basic and straight forward and just meh, though flattering.

  23. She wore white again so that people would focus on the patients instead of “Oh she wore red.” or “Oh she wore purple.” and it also allows William to shine. I think she looks fantastic and healthy.

    • My favorite outfit of the day is the green and black striped tee shirt perfectly accessorized with the small tan colored teddy bear! That lovely child chatting with William wins the prize for me!

  24. Poor Kate….wears red to a wedding and is slammed for too bright, too much color. Wears ivory to an event and is slammed for too boring, not enough color. She really can’t win, can she?

    I think it is an interesting point that she is not upstaging William. Look how well it worked out when Diana upstaged Charles. She grew up in the U.K. and is not blind or deaf…..perhaps she’s aware of all of that and doesn’t want to put her husband in that position.

  25. I like this sensible outfit. Simplicity is beautifull.

    She is a breath of fresh air, as wholesome as oatmeal. She knows how to dress and how to run a closet. She does not get lost like a fashion victim.

    I am 27 years old and learning alot from her, she is grounding.

  26. I am so disappointed with Catherine’s outfit today. I have long admired her, both in the way she comports herself and in her dress sense, but this constant palette of navy and/or white/cream/oatmeal for public events is getting tiring (though I think they are very smart and I like them for myself on occasion). If I see 3/4 sleeves (though I think sleeves are appropriate, but 3/4 sleeves looks as though one is about to do the dishes), those shoes and that clutchbag again, and her hair down, glossy as it is……………….
    In her private life Catherine still often wears colour, witness the red dress to the wedding last week and her baby-pink jumper when going for a walk) as she did in her pre-marriage days. If her strategy is to bore the press into just concentrating on the occasion, rather than her, I think this will backfire. They will always photograph her, and soon it will be to discuss the bland clothes. I have always been taught that when visiting people in hospital, wear something bright and cheerful and pretty. Patients are faced with uniforms and hospital gowns and need something to cheer them up and bring a bit of the outside world in to them.
    When people go to see members of the Royal Family at an event, they want to be able to see them in the melee of all the people with them. The Queen wears solid, discernible colour for this very reason. One of Catherine’s greatest ‘hits’ in my mind is the purple dress she wore for the concert in Canada, with her hair up. She often wears her hair up on informal occasions, and she looks just wonderful. Why not for formal events; it looks so sophisticated.
    I can’t believe I’m writing these negative comments, but I really don’t understand her strategy.

    • Hello Gill,

      It’s ok to have a negative opinion once in a while…it’s just cloths afterall so don’t fell guilty to express your opinion about it. Criticisme is more them welcome on this website.

      I think you have a good point that royals usually wear bright colors to stand out from the crown and be seen at long distance. Kate on the other hand has a mind of her own, she knows that she will be seen on the internet and TV by alot more people then in person, so in her era and with her fame, she does not need to wear neon yellow ( like the Queen did once in Australia ).

      I think she has a good balance in wearing bright color vs.neutral color. In canada she wore alot more colors then what we are ready to give her credit for.

      Also let’s not forget that she is a Capricorn, the most earthy sign of the astrology. It’s a mirical that she wears colors in the first place…I am a Capricorn and I like colors but I don’t wear colors every day…only sometimes and I need a couple of days break after wearing red.

      • Absolutely Justine, we love healthy debate and discussion, how else do we expand our minds and horizons and learn new things? The only no-no’s on this site are vulgarity and personal attacks or political statements, other than that we are delighted to learn from everyone. :)

      • Hi Justine,
        I’m a Capricorn myself, so I do tend to the ‘quieter’ colours myself, so I take your point. I loved Catherine’s outfit when she departed Britain for Canada (the Roland Mouret dress and Smythe blazer, though I don’t think it was universally admired as many people thought it too business-like’) and of course that is plain navy. I just think there’s been such a lot of this palette lately – different shoes and bag might help ring the changes.
        Have you seen the Telegraph’s site – link below:

        • The Roland Mouret dress and Smythe blazer is my favorite outfit that she has worn so far.. I’m so glad someone else admires it as well! I don’t care if it is business-like or not; I thought it suited her so well and fit beautifully.

      • Just wanted to say I’m yet another Capricorn and also named Justine :-) There would appear to be a few of us (Capricorns) “around here” – I wonder if that’s purely coincidental… I like to think Kate displays many Capricorn traits, which just makes me admire her more.

    • I think keeping to a sleek tailored look will ultimately work for her with the press. Imo, the more it all becomes about her clothes, the worse off she’ll be. If she acts like a celebrity, playing up to the press by always wearing new shoes, having a fancy hairstyle and a bright color or trendy outfit (i.e., making it all about her outfits/look), the more they’ll treat her like one. I enjoy her clothes and I love her style, but it should never be the focus of her official role, which will always be to support William (and not out-shine him in his navy suit ;) and charity work.

  27. I like the style — I always appreciate a sleek, simple, sophisticated cut like this — but the oatmeal color doesn’t excite me. That’s probably only because it wouldn’t work on me with my blonde hair and very fair skin; I’d fade into the workwork. The Duchess, with her darker coloring, can carry it off.

    I also think a simple cut and color were appropriate for the occasion, a visit to a place dedicated to helping the seriously ill.

    As an art historian, I’d love to know exactly what she was doing at the National Portrait Gallery. Possibly just taking a look at a few historical figures of interest, in the context of the lessons she’s getting? And given the all-black outfit, I wonder whether the “no all-black except at funerals” rule for royals is still in force.

    I also wonder what she wore under that lacy top. I tend to avoid anything that might reveal my underclothes in any way.

  28. I really LOVE this ivory dress on her. One of my all time favorites I have to say! This reminds of that Joseph dress she wore for the wedding exhibit and another similar outfit she wore in Canada. Forgot the brand/designer. But anyhow I simply love this on her.
    Notice how other people get influenced by her in a way. The lady in red dress beside her has a very similar style. Pure coincidence? maybe.
    Looks like body types run in the family. Pippa also seems having a longer torso and shorter legs like her sister.

  29. just one pop of color – that’s all i ask! maybe some color in the purse! or the shoes!

    the dress (oatmeal! sigh) fits her v well, and is beautifully tailored. she has an incredible body, and makes what is probably a v difficult dress to wear – v body conscious, stretchy fabric, light color, no embellishments or tailoring to hide flaws – look really good.

    but, come on, girl, give us *some* color.

    i *think* she’s put on a pound or two (barely) – her face seems a little softer, less gaunt. yay! much prettier.

    • I agree. I agree that understated is the smart way to dress for this event, but at the very least her clutch could have had some color for pete’s sake. Or her earrings! Just a touch would have made a world of difference and still been understated/non-distracting. And I agree with the commenter re “happy colors” in a hospital. One touch of happy color anywhere! This is just so incredibly blah.

      • “Or her earrings!”

        Yes! I long to see some good jewelry. What’s the point of being a royal if you don’t wear some of the bling? It does no good for beautiful jewels to sit neglected in vaults.

  30. I’d like to know what the lady in the background of the first picture is wearing – her red dress and two-toned black and tan heels. She looks fabulous too!

  31. I think the outfit was very well calculated to serve a purpose. The simplicity of her outfit ensures that William — assuming duties as president of the hospital — and the patients will be the focus of the pictures. Anything flashier or more intricate would have detracted from that. If she’d worn anything more extravagant, the press would focus on her clothes. Instead, everyone will remember William kneeling down, smiling and laughing with a little boy… and the two of them plopped on a gurney, chatting with a patient. The simplicity of her dress allowed William to dress modestly and still stand out as he interacted with patients. She perfectly complements him, without upstaging. It’s understatement with a purpose – and that’s truly brilliant.

    • I totally agree with you. She is quite brilliant.

    • This is a really sound observation. Maybe I’m just too shallow or superfacial, as I have never given so much thought to an outfit that a celebrity image wears. I simply judge by how it looks on that person.. So fashion is no longer just fashion. it’s good to hear different perspectives.

    • Great point, but she still could have worn a pop of color – blue shoes, for instance, or a brightly colored clutch. It would have been subtle, and it wouldn’t have overshadowed William or the patients.

    • .. I agree with Mer. the young patients and Prince William are the focus- Kate’s outfit here, to me, looks simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

    • Nice post. I agree.

  32. Kate used to be fun and vibrant her she’s just “meh”. I mean seriously..the dress color is called Oatmeal..a blush color would have been nice..especially if ur going to a hospital..happy colors people..happy colors!!

  33. I initially found the outfit a little boring, but I think overall Kate is striking the right balance. She wore that gorgeous red outfit to the wedding recently and now today, she is in more muted tones. I always think that she is so elegant.

  34. I was amazed at a contrast shot on the Duchess Kate blog showing today’s dress alongside the similar one worn in Canada.

    Hope this is the right link

    Maybe it’s the way Kate is standing in both, but her legs are looking in a whole lot more healthy shape — she looks almost scrawny in the earlier shot. Maybe she’s filling out a bit at last.

  35. Excellent coverage of this morning’s events, as well as everything else. Thanks so much!!

  36. Just a tad disappointed with today’s look. She’s getting really boring with her outfits. It’s not so much the recycled bag and shoes (although, enough with the LK Bennett nude pumps already), the dress is just so profoundly underwhelming. I realise she’s at an event where she may not want all the attention to be on her and her clothes, but I was hoping for something with a little more character or personality. I was really looking forward to seeing what she’d wear after a pretty long hiatus from the public eye. Also, something weird’s going on with her eye make-up for this event.

    • I’m sorry, but I agree. I find the dress a little ‘boring, I do not like the fabric. I think the makeup is always the same, is the face to seem slightly “swollen”, perhaps a little tired.

    • I guessed there would be comments about “boring” when I saw this latest outfit. For myself, I really like this dress, and the similar Malene Birger one from Canada. There’s a least one pic on the Daily Mail site showing the lovely seaming on today’s.

      It’s not so much I’m a fan of beige-and-boring, but I like that she’s not walking out to impress the fashionista crowd. Maybe she’s setting a style for being a working royal, and not bowing to the expectations there might be of someone actually working in the fashion industry.

      She manages an unenviable balance between the regal thing while giving enough of a nod to fashion, and above all, not upstaging William. I like her for it.

      • I have to agree with Eliza on this. I really love this look on her. It maybe true to be a boring outfit for a commoner on the street, but for some reason, I think Kate is a whole package. I started focusing on the whole of her, not just the clothes or jewelry or shoes, or hair…:)

        • Very true! When she keeps it simple, it’s so much easier to appreciate a picture of her with little kids or notice the happy expression on her face and others when she’s greeting people. And at the end of the day, those are the things that matter, and the reason I like her.

      • Eliza,

        Your reply is extremely well-reasoned and I find myself agreeing with all you say. “Maybe she’s setting a style for being a working royal, and not bowing to the expectations there might be of someone actually working in the fashion industry.” I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

        Still would’ve liked to see something fresh and fun on Kate though ;) In hard times like these, can’t help wanting to live vicariously through someone like her.

    • I am loving that she wears things repeatedly. Most other women have to and it makes her seem just a little more real or down to earth.

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