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Tonight’s Gary Barlow concert in London was a star-studded event, complete with red carpet, royals and quite a few fans.

Once again Kate showed her fondness for lace overlays, she was in a primarily black ensemble for the evening’s events, I think we can comfortably call her frock a mini-dress.

Via Majesty Magazine Twitter Feed

Kate went with Zara’s Lace Tulip Dress, now sold out on both the US and Canadian sites, still available on the UK site in extra small and small sizes.  A tip of the hat to WKW Facebook friend Jennifer and @MrsRegalEyes for quickly locating the dress online.


Made of 100% polyester, the frock retailed at $99.99 stateside, it is selling at £99.99 in the UK.  WKW Facebook friends Ruby and Dress Like a Lady both noted there are also Lace Pants available at Zara.


No doubt many Kate fashion followers noted she switched from nude hose to black tights, that made sense from a sartorial perspective as well as a practical one, it was quite chilly in London this evening. We are still debating the clutch (black suede, small bow) and heels (black suede, probably a 4″ heel, slim platform) Kate wore, we’ll update things here as soon as we have that information.

We reference the solving of a ‘major mystery’ in the post title because we believe the black jacket Kate wore today is the same as that worn the day after the wedding.

PA Wire

PA Wire

Tonight was one of those occasions when media is given information about the designers being worn, they were told the Duchess was wearing “a Zara dress and Ralph Lauren jacket.” When looking at the photos it is obviously the same jacket, this is a garment that was very much a UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object), it’s nice to finally have an answer on the designer. A commenter left a comment this evening saying she purchased the jacket on eBay this afternoon.

Ralph Lauren Jacket as sold on eBay

Interestingly, it is the second time Kate has paired the Ralph Lauren jacket with a Zara frock, Zara made the blue pleated dress she wore when departing Buckingham Palace after the couple’s wedding.

Kate fashion followers will recognize the rest of the Duchess’s ensemble, she wore her sapphire engagement ring, charm bracelet and Kiki McDonough Grace earrings.

Kiki McDonough ‘Grace’ Earrings

No one will be surprised to know that both Prince Charles and Prince William were in navy blue suits, the always astute @MrsRegalEyes noted Camilla was elegant in a chocolate-bronze Anna Valentine outfit, the Duchess of Cornwall previously wore the ensemble to the Pride of Britain Awards.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Barlow, he is part of Take That, a popular band, as well as a judge of The X Factor.

The Prince’s Trust Facebook Page

In fact, last night and this evening’s concerts are the first solo shows he has done since 1999. Both shows are fundraisers for The Prince’s Trust and The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry, Kate was named an official patron of the latter group in October. More specifically, the funds will be used to help those impacted by this summer’s riots, Look to the Stars has more:

The money raised for The Prince’s Trust will support the charity’s UK City Riots Appeal, helping disadvantaged young people from riot-torn areas to rebuild their lives and communities.

The Telegraph

The BBC also has a video story on tonight’s concert.


It looked like everyone enjoyed themselves, William and Kate were clearly ready to have a good time, when the entertainer said “I hope you enjoy tonight and I hope it’s not too loud” William can be heard responding, “The louder the better.”
We want to send out a special “Thank You” to Kate Middleton Style, graciously covering us on the WKW Facebook page while I was out of pocket for the afternoon.

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  1. What … i got that dress my friend ordered for me online from UK… Coincident

  2. A very affordable alternative (it’s similar not identical) to this dress is available at Zeller’s in Canada through the Alfred Sung Pure line of clothing. I would have posted a link, but there doesn’t seem to be any pictures online. I got mine for $39.95 Canadian. There is also a skirt available.

  3. Bought the dress yesterday in size small at the Zara on 5th Ave. in NYC. They also had the skirt and pants. Can’t wait to wear it for upcoming holiday parties!

  4. Camilla’s outfit looks better. This was a miss.

  5. Kates style really isn’t WOW worthy like Dianas was, even for 1980′s clothing Diana nailed fashion and when in the royal family dressed right for every occassion. This is cute but meant for someone very slim,tall with no curves and would accessorize with a jacket and belted. Kate did it right here.. I just know that what suites her would not work well on me .

    • She did not dress right for every occassion, one example is when Princess Diana met Princess Grace Kelly, you can see and the commentators were saying that Diana’s dress was too revealing and not right for the event. Having said that Diana is not remembered for her fashion but for her charity work. At this moment in time it is the opposite with Kate, she is famous for her fashion and not her charity work.

    • I actually disagree that Diana “nailed” fashion. I thought Diana dressed quite badly through the 80′s, in clothes that were either too old or too young for her. She didn’t know anything about clothes when she started out, she relied on other people’s advice from the beginning, and she and they got it wrong a great deal of the time. It wasn’t until the 90′s, in my opinion, that she developed a style I liked. On the other hand, I’ve liked the Duchess of Cambridge’s style for years. She has a much more natural and relaxed dress sense than Diana did, whatever you think of her choices. Moreover, she wears far fewer high-end pieces than Diana did, she’s more comfortable with affordable, non-designer clothes, and that’s a positive. Being able to mix, successfully, high and low-end clothes in your wardrobe is a sign of genuine fashion savvy.

  6. All sold out of the dress @ the Zara store in downtown Montreal…but managed to get the last skirt ( same material as the dress) left in the store!! Still loads of the pants left!

  7. Emma Watson is wearing Kate’s favourite Jimmy Choo shoes:
    It looks good on both of them :).

  8. Classic outfit but very elegant one.
    Kate does not have a amazing style but she knows very well how to mix “luxury” (Ralph Lauren) and “non-luxury” (Zara) clothes together. All the designers are thus pleased.

  9. I think her legs are great. She clearly looks like she’s blessed by nature or she works out often. The dress is absolutely adorable. I may even get it myself. Just gorgeous.

  10. Another lovely Zara dress. Kate’s jacket and belt conceal the beautiful cut and “tulip “silhouette which is clear on the Zara model.

  11. Camilla looks hideous and Catherine looks absolutely lovely. Glad she is wearing clothes that suit her age group.

  12. Really like this outfit, just has a thought about the shoes. Doubt they will match but I have seen a similar looking pair to the ones she is wearing. The Kurt Geiger Eden black suede classic stilettos. they have a 4.3inch heel and a slim fit. They are available from Selfridges & Co:

    Thought you could have a look and see, but like I said I doubt they are exactly the same.

  13. She looks healthier, the dress is lovely.
    Tonight in Milan there is the opening night debut of “La Scala”, Princess Diana was there in 1985
    I hope that Kate and William will come to Italy!!!!

  14. Love this outfit, and love the black tights choice too. It just puts it together really well!

  15. Kate’s had that Ralph Lauren jacket forever. The earliest I remember her wearing it was the night she wore the electric blue dress, tights, and boots, and her hair in a pony tail (Trini, Emilia, Pippa, et al. all there too). That was probably 2008? I doubt anyone could get the jacket at this point except on ebay, as per below.

  16. Has anyone mentioned yet that Zara has just made that fabric available in a pencil/sheath skirt? See below:

    • I was going to ask that as well! I tried on the skirt and the dress last week and as soon as I saw the pictures of Kate regreted not buying the dress when I had the chance (I liked it but wanted to try a smaller size and was feeling too worn out from running around all day to get another and head back to the dressing room, thats what I get for being lazy or not asking the dressing room attendant!). Its such a cute print.

      I love the dress but the belt choice is sort of odd. The tulip cut already gives it a nice shape and I think the belt with the stiff material cut in such a shape (look a the “poof” in the side shots of the model) may be making it flare a bit oddly which is what resulted in her tugging it as people have said. I think this bell/tulip cut is also whats making the jacket fall funny since its not able to lie flat against her hips and making her look blobby…she needs a shorter jacket with a dress like that, its got so much volume on the bottom.

  17. I think the dress would have looked better on her if it was a little longer. Dresses like that – that poof out always look better longer. This short reminds me of Shirley Temle. :) That is just my opinion.

    • I also think it needs to be longer. She doesnt have the nicest legs (too skinny), and this really shows that. It might also help if she listened in her princess classes and walked (short strides) and stood like a lady in a dress.

      • She has truly excellent legs. I’m afraid that the notion of “princess classes” telling her how to walk and stand is a bit overblown — a fantasy.

      • She doesn’t seem to ever walk or stand in an un-lady like stance and she has fantastic legs! I agree that the due to the shape of the dress, it should be a bit longer but the looks amazing as always!

      • Kate has beautiful legs.

        • I’ve tried a couple of Zara dresses and always returned because they are so short-perhaps if I was younger I could pull it off. Kate, of course, can pull it off and she looks fantastic.

      • Tall people have longer strides, otherwise they would fall over themselves.

  18. Forgive me if this isn’t to be questioned, but does no one think she looks pregnant here? The higher hemline with more leg showing serving as a bit of a distractor? And, doesn’t the belt look higher?

    • Kate definitely looks pregnant in these pictures.

      She’s put on the tiniest but of weight (much needed IMO), plus her hands are really protectively around her belly in an unnatural way — a way that she hasn’t held her hands before, except maybe in Copenhagen.

      Also, there is the slightest hint of a bump under the belt, but it’s aptly hidden by the belt and the tulip skirt.

      • This, all of it.

        I think the belt kind of shows off the bump (however small it might be). As she’s trying to hide it, she should have done without the belt all together; as it is, your eyes are drawn to her middle.

        I mentioned downthread that I couldn’t put my finger on why her jacket looks different here vs. the day after their wedding, and I think it’s because of her weight gain. I think her face looks fuller here in this picture, too.

      • Agree. Kate is glowing, and her face looks more beautiful than ever. I think we’ll hear an announcement from the palace fairly soon. And then What Kate Wore will feature maternity clothes for the next few months.

      • I think the jacket and bump are all created by the cut of this dress. Its a stiff fabric that really has a lot of volume. Also there are lots of other pictures from this evening with her hands away from her stomach.

      • If you look at other pictures of her when she’s carrying a clutch purse, she frequently has her arm across her body so that she’s holding on to the clutch with both hands. I wouldn’t read too much into her method of holding the purse.

    • The pregnancy theory might begin to explain the strange choice of jacket, just that bit longer where the outfit needed something shorter and more fitting. The pregnancy rumour-mill is in full swing after this outing. Shame, really. It’s more talking dresses than babies!!??!!

    • I thought so too! She hasn’t worn a higher hemline since she got married, and it would distract from her middle. It also seems odd that she would think to wear a cropped jacket with a bell shaped skirt.

  19. This is totally her true style, a jacket over a dress. This is a constant from back to college. She’s comfortable. If there is a Kate Style, this look and suede boots are it.

    I actually like that she isn’t in “stylist” outfits. They have done more beautiful women harm…look at the runway at the Academy Awards for starters.

    This is who Kate is…

    • I totally agree. Part of Catherine’s charm is that she is unpretentious and does not use stylists. She apparently chooses her own clothes and this dress is very much in keeping with things she has chosen in the past. I think she is really on the right track doing less expensive items for more casual events like a rock concert, and saving the high-end pieces for the more formal or official outings. That way we get the glamous when appropriate, but it shows an appreciation for less robust economic times by recycling the jacket and pairing it with a less expensive dress.

      Well done Kate!

  20. oooh, so short and sassy! ok, not really sassy by most people’s real world standards, but by royal standards (and expectations for royals) , this is daring bordering on outrageous!

    i really like the dress: it’s pretty, i like the structured style, it’s a rock concert, and she’s fit and young enough to wear something that a real woman in her 20′s would wear.

    bravo for not wearing something a 40yo would wear!

  21. I looked the first picture and all I could think about was:

    Diana is the one that should be there!!!!!

  22. This is not an outfit I like on Catherine. You can’t wear a short-ish boxy jacket with a full skirt without ending up looking like a blob, especially from the rearward. I also find the skirt too short and not appropriate for her age. Some of the photos shown elsewhere show her outfit being blown by the wind, reinforcing the effect of bulk.

    Recent outfits have maybe tended towards hiding her figure — either it’s too thin, or she’s putting on the much-predicted weight. Whatever, I don’t think the outfit does anything for her. No doubt I’m in a minority of one!

    • I share your opinon It is exageration with the lenght of this dress particularly for person on her current position

      • Seems to me the length is quite unflattering on her — it’s not as if she hasn’t got the kind of legs that can take a bit of showing off –but with this style of skirt I can’t see it working.

    • I agree – she has that pretty. velvet coat she wore last year to a wedding that would have looked nice over this dress. I think the dress is about 1 inch too short.

      • I own that velvet coat, from Libelula. It’s knee-length, and I think it would be too long for this dress. The contrast in hem lengths just wouldn’t work well.

  23. I love the dress, although the length is about an inch shorter than I would be able to comfortably wear.

  24. OMG give her a stylist and… a coat!
    A coat. Does she wear the same jacket in april AND in december?! Does she feel the cold?
    She wore this (beautiful) jacket before the ‘day after’,
    A stylist. All of her items are smart, particularly the jacket, but all together they are a mess. I can’t believe how a beautiful and british young woman, with her means and status, could be so sloppy.

      • I agree–Kate should have worn this, the way this is styled too!

        I like the Zara dress as styled by Zara, as a cute little cocktail number. Not sure I love it with the dark hose (although I understand the reason for them) and the belt but it’s the jacket that seems really wrong with the outfit. Too long given the tulip shape of the skirt–she needed a jacket that stopped at her waist or even above that. And I think little shoetees would have worked better–the shoe choice almost seems too conservative–given it’s a rock concert.

        I’m not offended by the length of the skirt but it isn’t the most flattering on Catherine with such a full skirt though.

      • Thanks for this link — you are so right, that’s the style of jacket that could set this outfit off properly. I’ve been “anti” her getting a stylist so far — but this last outfit has done a lot to bring me round. Have always thought a stylist has to be inevitable at some stage — no one can go on dreaming up outfits for countless occasions for ever on their own. Plus she must be losing her streetwise touch before long, trapped in that weird world we imagine to be royal.

    • Thank you, I thought the same. She is in desperate need of a stylist. The dress would have looked good had she not worn this little jacket over it and furthermore those tights with it. Bare legs (or in her case nude coloured tights) would have looked so much better. But overall I find the dress just not right for this occasion.

      • Nude tights would have made her look underdressed with a skirt that short. I think the black tights are fine.

        I’d also prefer to see her continue to find her way in fashion, to make her own choices the way most women do, than pay for a stylist. I have a funny feeling she’d end up rejecting most of a stylist’s choices anyway, because she clearly likes her own style.

        As for the dress itself, this wasn’t an opera performance or a classical music symphony. She needed to wear something youthful and fresh, not formal. Gary Barlow is the lead vocalist of a pop group. I think she dressed with that in mind.

      • It is winter so opaque black tights are perfectly normal to wear. She probably doesn’t want to spend money on a stylist until she is more established with the “Firm” and with the public. If she did get one the public would complain that their tax dollars were used to dress her.

    • I liked her hair up in that picture – she needs to do something different with the hair. At least she didn’t were those boots…

    • Considering they had a driver who likely picked them up at their door and dropped them off in front of the concert hall, if the weather was mild, she probably did’nt need a jacket heavier than what she wore. Notice Camilla, Charles nor William wore coats.

    • bea she does not need a stylist. Just because you personally dont like this style/look it doesn’t mean everyone shares your thought.

      • @Zoe about noting her lack of style, I’m in good company.
        It’s a “crime”: she is so beautiful and so often bad-dressed. If a stylist is inappropriate, just being inspired by graceful women in the past or present. She is no more one of us, she represents her country and… the british smartness too.
        I think she matchs (smart, of course) items by colour, without considering texture or fabric. In this case black suede is quite heavy in the evening, lace & suede are both “velvety” while the jacket is “cold/dull”… just details…

        • If she should get a stylist because she mixes different fabrics than I think I need one too!

          • I did not say (write) that, @Silva. I, you and Kate should mix fabrics and colour according to good sense, to the texture of the dress and the tenor of the event.
            In this case, IMO shoes and accessories were “daily”, the belt too high, the jacket hides the shape of the dress (of the waist wich is topic of the tulip shape, better with her little black blazer waist-tight already worn).
            It’s a frivolous way of reasoning but… how frivolous for a so beautiful woman with a so special role?
            I don’t think she needs a stylist to become a silly fashionista, for heaven’s sake! Have a look at Carla Bruni Sarkozy and her super-chic “less is more”!

          • @bea: I see what you are saying. I don’t think that Kate needs nor wants a stylist. The problems you see in her oufit are why rumors are circulating again. She just doesn’t make this kind of mistake. She matches fabrics to the right seasons, but if she had worn all of one fabric then it would be too much. That was one of Diana’s style problems in my opinion. I have seen Mrs. Bruni- Sarkozy’s oufits before and she is glamorous, and I think Kate could use her as a fashion icon. If Kate chose a stylist or fashion house to dress her when she becomes Princess of Wales, I see Sarah Burton doing it.

  25. The dress is still available on the Zara Germany website for roughly 80 Euros, for anyone who is interested. Also, there is another dress reminiscent of a combination of Kate’s looks at the Polo match (print) and the BAFTA event (shape ) —

  26. Cute dress (and fabulous legs and hair and husband!!! ;). I’ve noticed that when Zara sells out of a “Kate item” it eventually gets it back in stock, so check back tomorrow and later in the week if you are interested. I will be. Super cute.

  27. This is a Karen Millen Jacket. I have the same jacket that I purchased in May 2011.

    • Hi Sherri, thanks so much for reading *and* commenting. I heard previously it was a Karen Millen piece, but was unable to verify that. At the risk of sounding terribly invasive, do you have any photos of it you can share? Are you able to share any more information about when it was made? I apologize for asking such questions, the piece has been a topic of conversation for months now and we have struggled to identify it properly. The information tonight came via the Palace. Thank you in advance for any more insight you can share! Susan & the WKW gang

  28. Ugh, the pants! Hideous! But the dress is way cute.

  29. Ladies, what do you think about the shorter length? Both the Huffpost and the Daily Mail mention the length in their posts about the event, and the Daily Mail notes that the Duchess appeared slightly self-conscious about it as she kept pulling the skirt down throughout the night.

    I think that she looks beautiful, of course, and I’m certainly not insinuating that it’s inappropriate. But, I have found that no matter how good something looks, if I don’t feel comfortable in the outfit I rarely want to wear it again. Then again, this could be just Kate adjusting to the spot light.

    • Do you think that possibly she was “tugging” at the dress because the “tulip” hemline might be uneven? It looks like it might have a little extra fabric in the front. I can’t think she was adjusting it because she thought it was too short.

      I think she looks great though. Her hair is very pretty in these pictures and she looks so tall! She is towering over everyone but William.

      • But, would you really need to adjust a dress? I would understand if you were wearing an asymmetrical skirt… then you would really need to make sure that it stayed in its proper place so that it didn’t look strange.

        Of course, we’ll never really know. I suggested that she was pulling on the dress on account of discomfort with the length because that’s what the Daily Mail article said. And because I’ve made similar mistakes and spent an entire evening trying to yank a dress down to cover an extra inch ;)

        • I take it back. I just read a comment about the fabric sort of “poofing” at the sides and I think you’re right, Alox. That probably would result in pulling on the skirt.

    • I think it is a bit on the short side, and I think this is a reason she really ought to reconsider which clothing she is buying off the rack. Reportedly Kate is 5’10″, which I don’t entirely buy, but she is definitely taller than average. A dress that is meant to be short *anyway* is going to be even shorter on someone who is taller than the average/standard size. I’m 5’10″ and I run into this problem a LOT. Especially with dresses, as they rarely come in a “tall” size (like pants often do nowadays), and unlike skirts you can’t really adjust the length by wearing the piece a little lower/higher on your waistline. You can get the dress tailored and so if you buy a larger size or there is a good hem allowance you can add a bit of length that way. But it’s still a pain (and with the shape of this dress, tailoring a larger size down to fit would be tricky…only really good option would be to let down the hemline, and I’m guessing Zara does not leave a huge allowance for that in their clothes).

      Of course, if you are not in the public eye a slightly too short dress is not a huge deal, but if you have cameras on you from every angle the too-shortness is going to become obvious quickly. Now that Kate is even more in the spotlight, she might want to consider steering clear of this kind of length–it doesn’t look bad on her at all (she DOES have great legs!) but it just screams “wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!” and is going to result in kind of nasty articles noting her tugging/discomfort a la the Daily Mail.

  30. I like the detail on the dress, but it just doesn’t translate to the pants! I also am not a fan of dark tights, as I think her shoes should have been allowed to pop in color. Instead, the shoes sort of blend in with her feet.

    I know it’s the same jacket that she wore the day after their wedding, but it looks different here, like it’s laying differently on her or something. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. She looks great, though, as usual!

    • I agree about the tights. I know it’s cold, but they just don’t look quite right with the shoes. Cute dress though.

    • I agree about the tights. I actually like black tights and shoes with some outfits, but it is too heavy a look for this dress. The jacket, belts, tights, and shoes together eliminate all sense of fun from the cute dress and make it look sort of shapeless and drab. I think bare legs (if allowed for this occassion, otherwise nude hose) and black shoes like the Zara web site shows OR booties would have been better shoe/leg options. And maybe a different color belt or no belt at all.

  31. I wonder what size Kate is wearing of this tulip dress. I had a floral version from this past summer. It’s a S but super short on me. I’m 5 inches shorter than Kate (if she is 5’10????)

    • Many of us here do not believe that she is nearly as tall as 5’10″. For reasons we’ve discussed, we think she’s closer to 5’8″. Zara clothes fit me best in “S” (I’m 5’6″ and normally wear US sizes 0-2), but since I don’t buy minidresses from Zara or any other label these days, I can’t speak to length issues.

      This is a cute dress — shorter than suits my tastes and than she normally wears, but at her age, with her legs, and for an event of this type, she can certainly get away with the occasional minidress. I think the black tights and shoes are far better than nude legs and colored shoes would be: much classier and more elegant. If she’s going to wear a very short dress, she really can’t go with nude legs, especially not in late autumn, early winter.

      I thought the jacket was probably the one she wore the day after her wedding. Nice to have the label identified.

      • Im 5″11, and there no way that Kate is close to my height. In heels, there is a good 3-4 inches between Kate and William (who is 6’3), so if Kate was really 5’10, she and William would be the same height most of the time. My friend is 6’3 and whenever I wear 3 or 4 inch heels we are the same height. I would say that Kate is 5’8. Any more that 5’9 isnt possible.

        • I think William is 6’4″ (or aren’t there reports that his tailor said he was 6’5″+?) I’m just shy of 5’8″ and Kate is definitely taller than I am. Charles was supposedly 6′ when he married Diana so even if he has shrunk a bit with age, Kate is still a good couple of inches taller than he is. Assuming she is in a 4″ heel, I would say Kate has to be 5’9″, although I agree 5’10″ is likely the upper end of the possibilities.

          • I don’t think Charles was ever any taller than 5’11 at MOST. As I recall, that was the height claimed for him at the time he married Diana, but he and she were just about the same height at their wedding, though she was in flats and was supposedly 5’10″.

          • Unless you’ve met Kate there’s no way to actually prove that “is definitely taller than” you. Saying that means nothing unless you’ve actually stood back to back or side by side with her.

            As for Charles being 6′, a dream on his part at best. By 23 Diana was a legit 5’10″ and she would slouch and bend her knees so she wouldn’t be taller than her husband.

            Also should be noted that even in her huge Jimmy Choo Vamps which sport a 5.5 inches heel with a 1 inch platform she is still just a tad shorter than Will.

            Also 6’5″ for Will from his tailor? First why would they go to a tailor who would blab their info to the nearest reporter? I doubt the information and the so called source. President Obama is 6’1″ and has been weighed and measured for yearly check ups in the White House, his height is official non speculatory.

            There is no way Wills is 4″ taller than Obama.

            Also Michelle Obama is a legit 5’10″, and on the vist she was wearing 2-3″ heels at best.



            No way DoC is 5′”10. The media just want her to be the same height as Diana for many reasons. One is because they want to be seen as the second coming Lady Di. Another is because we seem to think very highly of tall people. Why else would actors lie about their height all the time. Emma Watsons official website has her listed as 5’6″. I was lucky enough to meet her once and she was my height at most, 5’4″1/2.

            In closing I would put DoC at 5’8″ maybe + 1/2″

          • Didn’t actually meet Kate but saw her in Canada. I didn’t ask her to take her shoes off and stand back to back with me so you’re right I can’t “prove” that she is taller than I am, but she certainly appeared taller for what that is worth.

    • I was next to a life size poster of william and kate in ottawa and I was the same height as Kate, 5.7

  32. Not a big fan of this outfit on Kate. But love the blue dress ensemble.

  33. This is one of the very few pictures where Camilla actually looks good. :)

  34. I bought the black jacket she wore today on eBay this afternoon. It’s Ralph Lauren Black Label. It’s wool and retailed for $1198. I do not. Know what season it is from but here is the link to the eBay auction.

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