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We want to share a few updates before tomorrow’s Jubilee visit to Nottingham, as well as an updated itinerary for that trip.

Last Friday Kate and her brother James took Lupo and Ella (we believe it is Ella, the Middleton’s dog and Lupo’s mother) for a stroll in Kensington.

Jocelyn Laidlaw

Canadian journalist Jocelyn Laidlaw saw the pair and took a photo, sharing it via her Twitter account.

Jocelyn Laidlaw Twitter Feed

Ms. Laidlaw says she also has a video, that has not yet been posted. Kate wore her familiar Barbour, the waxed Ladies Defence Jacket.

Country Attire/Jocelyn Laidlaw

It remains out of stock at Country Attire, but Joseph M. shows it in stock at £119.94, about $190 USD at today’s exchange rates. Kate was also in her skinny jeans and sneakers/trainers.

On Thursday night Kate and William went to see one of the summer’s hottest movies, “The Avengers” at a theater in Kensington. A young lady also seeing the movie, Hessa Magunda, tweeted her excitement.

Hessa Magunda Twitter Feed

Because this is one of those times we believe the couple had every right to expect privacy we aren’t posting the photo someone snapped with their camera phone, but we can tell you what Kate was wearing.

Kate looked to be in her J Brand 811 skinny jeans, seen on many occasions, as well as a black top or sweater, and a black gilet (vest) over the top. We believe Kate wore a piece she thought about, or perhaps even planned on wearing to the Jubilee concert last Monday. When the Palace originally released the information on what Kate wore, the message was that it was a “black shearling Alice Temperley coat over a patterned blue and purple dress from Whistles”. However, shortly after the original announcement a change was made to say Kate was wearing a McQueen jacket.

With thanks to Kate in Waiting, here is what we think The Duchess was wearing, the Temperley Leather And Shearling Contrast Gilet, we show it in a different color as seen at Flannels.  Again, Kate’s was black.

Flannels Fashion & Lyst

We also show detail of Temperley’s Sofia coat because it has very similar detailing, offering an idea of how the trim looks in black.


And now a look at the plan for tomorrow’s Nottingham trip. Unfortunately, Prince Philip will not be accompanying the group as planned, he is still recovering from an infection. The Queen is expected to arrive in Nottingham at 10:05am (5:05am EDT), she is traveling by train. HM is to be greeted by William and Kate, I do not know how the couple is getting to the area.Following is a brief rundown of the scheduled events as described on the My Nottingham website:

  • after the 10:05 meeting at the train station both parties will travel by car to the Old Market Square
  • the Royals are expected to arrive in the Old Market Square at 10.10am and will spend time greeting the crowds, before going into the Council House to meet the Lord Lieutenants of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and invited guests
  • Crowds will get another glimpse of the special visitors when they appear on the Council House balcony to acknowledge the crowd
  • The Royal party will then leave by car at approximately 10.55am… before heading to Vernon Park in Basford which has been granted Queen Elizabeth 2 Field Status, meaning it will be protected for future generations to enjoy
  • The Royal Party will arrive at Vernon Park along Vernon Avenue at approximately 11.00 am for a re-dedication of Vernon Park under the auspices of the QE2 Fields in Trust organisation, of which Prince William is patron.
  • The Queen will unveil a plaque to mark the park’s new status and the Royal party will enjoy sporting and musical performances by children from schools and groups from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire

City officials are understandably excited about the visit.

My Nottingham Twitter Feed

Below we see an image of Vernon Park taken this afternoon, as shared by Fields in Trust, working hard getting everything ready for tomorrow’s visit. Fields in Trust is the only UK-wide charity dedicated to protecting and preserving outdoor spaces, thus the import of Vernon Park being granted its new status, it will be protected and preserved for future generations.

Fields in Trust Twitter Feed

For more information:

We’ll see you tomorrow.



  24 Responses to “What Kate Wore Out & About, Updated Schedule for Wednesday’s Nottingham Visit”

  1. The palace releases information on what Catherine is going to wear before she even wears it!?

    • Hi Shelley! They release the info about just about the time the Royals are seen publicly, when they walk on a stage, enter an event, etc., be it the Queen, Kate, Camilla, or others. It is only the brand name (Whistles, Stewart Parvin, that sort of thing), never a style name or year of manufacture, and it is only for official appearances.

  2. That black Temperely is GORGEOUS!

  3. I wear hats like that. She seems to be the happiest and most relaxed in casual outfits. I wish my pups were as well behaved.

  4. So gracious of you to respect the couple’s privacy, such a rare thing nowadays! Kate is magnificent from head to toe, whether she’s dressed for a walk in the city, or at a presentation for the Queen’s Jubilee. She is the epitome of class!

  5. Interesting that Kate may have originally planned on wearing the gilet with the Temperley dress at the concert. My one criticism of Kate’s outfits during the Jubilee was that I thought her outfit for the concert was a bit too business like and was hoping that she would have worn something a little “outside the box”. certainly the gilet would have given the dress some edge,and while I do like the look of a pretty dress contrasted with a tougher, edgier jacket the contrast in the fabric weights (shearling v chiffon) might have been too much for that pairing to have been entirely successful.

    • Funny. Someone else thought the Whistles dress was itself too edgy and “rough”. She didn’t like its exposed zipper.

  6. How Cool! I watch Jocelyn Laidlaw every evening on the CTV news in Calgary, Alberta. She is fabulous journalist.

  7. Ooh, thank you for posting that Barbour jacket detail again. Having just taken a friend’s for a test drive, I’m now a firm believer in their worth and want to invest in one of my own. I do love the military detail and nipped-in waist on that one.

    Kudos to you for not posting photos of what was surely meant to be a private date night outing. As ever, you are the web’s standard bearer for good behavior. I suspect Princess Shinylocks herself would approve ;-).

  8. Wonder if Kate and will are arriving by helicopter from Anglsey ? Xx

  9. Your respect for their privacy is one of the main reasons that you are also my favorite place to follow her wardrobe. :) Thank you!

  10. I’m really intrigued with the last-minute outfit changes – she was supposed to wear one thing, but then wears another. It’s probably for some boring reason, like “The weather is too hot/cold for this outfit, so better wear another.” Royals, they’re just like us!

  11. Either Lupo (and his mummy) are simply naturally well-behaved dogs or they’ve been very well-trained, since the Duchess and her brother don’t have them on leads. My family’s dogs have always been well-trained, but I still wouldn’t ever have trusted them not to take off after a squirrel or something if I was walking them through a public park without a lead.

    I like the gilet but wouldn’t have worn it with that pretty little Whistles dress. It’s an item to be worn with jeans or something similar in my view.

    • I wondered about no leashes myself. As long as they are under control, many parks don’t require leashes but others do regardless of the training.

      I feel so guilty because I absolutely love seeing the casual pictures of them shopping, or going for a walk, etc., HOWEVER, I absolutely respect their desire for privacy as well. As long as the photos aren’t intrusive, or so close the photographers are literally in their face like they were with Pippa for a while, I think when they are in public they kind of expect the attention. But I would never want someone to be too intrusive in getting a picture. Will they be in London for William’s birthday or are they headed back to Angelsey soon?

  12. Just wanted to say how much I respect your decision not to post pictures where the couple expected privacy/non-intrusion of photography. Really classy.

    (As a side note – I like the look of the hat Kate’s wearing, too! Hope we’re able to get a closer look at it sometime…)

    • Agreed and respected as well but what I am not quite sure is why the picture of walking her dogs with her brother wouldn’t fall into privacy category? Not bashing or questioning but honestly curious.

      • It’s a good question, I’m sure others may also wonder the same thing. For me the deciding line involves what I believe Kate’s expectations are when going somewhere. In this case she was walking Lupo in a public place, a place where she has previously been photographed. While she may have preferred not being photographed I don’t believe she had expectations of privacy, it is a large, open area. The theater seems a different situation; while it is an establishment frequented by the public, it is an enclosed space where I doubt she expected to be photographed. It is a fine line, and a line that sometimes moves.

        • Understood. I remember when Whitney Houston passed away, someone (possibly her own relatives) snapped a shot of her in the coffin and sold for money…This is just disrepectful and disgusting. :(
          Thank you!

          • The reports in the U.S. were that it was definitely a family member that took the picture of Whitney Houston. They have already supposedly signed up for a reality show as well. Seems like the vultures started circling awfully early.

        • Of course, no woman really wants to be photographed from the back, no matter where she is.

          I’m not sure the Cambridges can reasonably have any greater expectation of privacy at a public cinema than they can in a park, particularly with the number of camera phones floating around today. It’s an interesting question. I’ll have to give it a bit more thought.

          • Kate has nothing to fear about being photograhed from the back — she looks lovely from every angle. And her very own sister Pippa’s back view is celebrated throughout the world.

  13. Man, it is cold there in UK. LOL

    So that was her brother? No wonder I couldn’t make out who that would be, definitely not William.

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