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Kate’s busy weekend continued today, she spent time in the country with 28 children, they were gently ‘roughing it’.

David Parker/Daily Mail/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The event was at Margaret McMillan House in Kent, it is part of a Widehorizons program that exposes children to the outdoors as a way of developing teamwork skills and building self-esteem. From the Widehorizons website:

We believe that every child should have access to adventure as part of their education and throughout their lives.

The charity is part of ARK Schools, an arm of William and Harry’s much larger ARK organization, Absolute Return for Kids.

Once again The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English was on hand to cover the event, she shared this via Twitter:

Rebecca English Twitter Feed

Rebecca English/Daily Mail

The children are students from London’s King Solomon Academy.

King Solomon Academy

For many it is the very first time they have seen the countryside. Today the kids made doughsticks with Kate, dough wrapped around a stick and toasted over the fire.

Rebecca English/Daily Mail

Kate seemed very much at home, and seemed to revel in her time with the youngsters.

Rebecca English/Daily Mail Twitter Feed

Here is more from Rebecca’s story:

Zahid Shanvere, eight, made Kate roar with laughter as he held open the tent flap for her and said: ‘After you.’

‘What a gentleman,’ she said.

She was in fits of giggles again when the children told her that they had been a little scared on their first night out under the stars.

‘What were you scared of? That a spider might creep in?’ She asked.

‘A mole,’ said Zahid with enormous seriousness.

Kate was dressed for the outdoors.


We owe a huge debt of thanks to all of the supersleuths who are WKW Facebook friends, they did the hard work identifying items while yours truly was out of pocket most of the day. Kate was in a vest by Really Wild Clothing Company, the brand’s Shooting Waistcoat in the ‘moss’ colorway, Michelle located the waistcoat quickly this morning.

Anna of My Small Obsessions also helped in the ID, above we show the piece at the site where Michelle located it, London Trading Company, it is $870. Michelle is also the whiz who remembered Kate’s fondness for the Really Wild brand, sharing this link to a 2011 Telegraph story talking about that classic shot of Kate wearing Really Wild in front of Blenheim Palace in 2004.  Recognize these pieces?

Really Wild Clothing Company

Thanks to Ashley Margot for pulling up a link to Kate’s Classic Short Skirt in soft green, many will also remember the Conifer Overcoat the Duchess held over her shoulder. (Click here for the Telegraph story.) The brand is available for purchase at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School, as well as many retailers.

Kate wore the Burberry shirt we saw during the couple’s North American tour last year, here she is wearing it July 5 during a visit to the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning at Blachford Lake.

Canadian Heritage

Kate was in the Le Chameau ‘Vierzonord‘ wellies we have seen on many previous occasions, they remain available in many sizes at Philip Morris UK, the US version of these are the Ladies Vierzon Nord, we show them at Orvis, they seem to have most sizes in stock.

David Parker/Daily Mail/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The sweater Kate wore is by Zara, Saffy, Michèle and Ryan identified this one, Ryan’s photos of her own sweater helped in sorting through the possible sweaters.

David Parker & WKW Facebook Friend Ryan

The jeans were also identified by Anna at My Small Obsessions, they are Zara’s as well, the Slim Fit.

Zara Slim Fit Jeans

One reminder for readers, as mentioned by Cherry Sese Sumulong last night on the WKW Facebook page, Zara’s big sale is just around the corner.  I’m guessing it will launch around Friday, June 22, but others may know better than I when it kicks off.


Following her time in Kent Kate moved on to the Beaufort Polo Club, both William and Harry were playing today.

James Whatling/Splash News

We have not yet identified who did Kate’s suede jacket, we’ll update when we do.

We’ll see you tomorrow for Order of the Garter.

For more on the Widehorizons/ARK Schools event, we share these links:

ITN News/Telegraph

  43 Responses to “Kate’s Outdoor Visit With ARK Students, Then It’s Polo for Lupo & The Duchess”


  2. She’s awesome! – She’s impeccable in every respect (appearance, behaviour & performance) – A class act!! She looks amazingly stylish dressed casually and wearing weallies! I particularly love the two brown jackets & how she wore them (I would buy them). – We really don’t know how much she paid for them & when she bought them, and the same can be said of nearly All of Kate’s clothing, incl. her wedding dress (the Daily Mail deliberately misquote prices to create media hype). I honestly don’t understand all the fuss about Kate’s clothing expenses, esp. over her use of jewellery & make-up for going camping!? – An OTT reaction, IMHO. First, as a high-profile royal (& future Queen) Kate is expected to look the part at All times, esp. when in public or visiting any of the royal palaces. This was an official visit she undertook as a patron of the William & Harry Foundation which supports the charity helping these children. It took place on a Sunday!! (what about that??) – It’s not just any outing! But even if it were just a private outing, what’s wrong with her wearing make-up or jewellery for camping?? – She also wears jewellery with bikinis, when bathing in the sea!!! Kate was not exactly destitute when she met William! Her family is very wealthy in its own right & she’s also married to a future king so, why are people surprised that certain items of her clothing are very expensive or that she wears same brand of weallies as William & Harry? – She can easily afford to buy only bespoke designer clothes (same as other royals) but she also very frequently recycles, re-mixes, borrows & shares, therefore her clothing costs are probably significantly less than those of other royals & many celebrities. Anyway, She & William are Not on the civil list. – UK taxpayers are not paying for Kate in anyway – not her clothing, hairdresser …whatever. Finally, Kate is first & foremost a Royal (a princess & future queen), not a celebrity …And certainly not set out to be a fashion model. She dresses impeccably and appropriately for every occasion, IMO

  3. I love this oufit, especially the beautiful brown vest. The Dutchess sure knows how to style casual separates! She always appears to be very happy around children as well. That is probably one of her many strong points.

  4. I think that Katherine look so lovely. Her choices of clothing always are so elegant and fit for the occasion. I think she is a role model on how to dress and be level headed. Though the vest was expensive you have to realize that she IS royalty and the replicas are knock offs of what SHE wears. She is beautiful and smart. I admire everything about her.

  5. I liked both of these outfits—would buy the jacket worn at polo for myself to wear. One thing: and this is purely a personal preference issue—I would have loved to see her change into riding style boots, (or the tall brown boots that she has previously worn) for the polo match. I think they would have looked nicer than the wellies.

  6. I am perpetually amused by any mention of Kate’s so-called “extravagance”.

    Yep, some of the items were pricey, but It’s not as though Kate went out and purchased all of these items just to show up for an hour at a kid’s camp. Items we haven’t seen many times before we’ll certainly see again.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But personally, regardless of how many times I wear it, $850 for a vest is just out of the question. It comes down to how you were raised, and for me, it was always about finding the best possible quality at a bargain. I am perpetually shocked by Kate’s price tags. Obviously I still follow her so its not like I resent her for it, its just one of those “to each her own” type situations. I do like this outfit, and it is definitely re-creatable at a smaller budget. If you google “kate middleton” and “country look for less” you can find some really good replicas.

    • Thanks Jane for the tip on finding the replicas!

      And I agree with you. While yes, these items will be re-worn, its not as if all of us only wear our clothes once. Most people buy much less expensive items and wear them just as many times, so it makes sense that the prices would be surprising to most of us.

    • I really do think that lately we seem to be moving away from the original purpose of the blog which was to document “what Kate wore” and discuss whether we like it or not, purely on the basis of style, into the more nebulous territory of whether we agree on the price she paid/ what her body looks like/ what her body language “says” about the state of her marriage.
      All of these topics are influenced by our own perceptions, economic situations and projections of our likes/ dislikes onto her – a person none of us knows.
      We need to re-calibrate what topics are ok or off limits – just my 2 cents. Will get off my soapbox now!

  7. Yeah, this outfit as a whole isn’t cheap. But Kate recycles things all the time, so amortize it over each time she wears it and it works out to be quite a bit cheaper.

    I think she’s in her element in jeans and in more casual events. She can definitely pull off formal events, but I think we really see her personality when she’s camping.

    I giggled a bit about her comment on not sitting on the throne “yet.” I could only think of this picture: http://katemiddletonforthewin.tumblr.com/post/23163030818

  8. Just saw pictures elsewhere of Kate at the Order of the Garter ceremony. She has on that beautiful white McQueen coat from last year’s Trooping the Color.

  9. Okay I’m convinced these are the 811s – look at photos of Kate from the back; the rips shown on the back of the Zara jeans do not appear on Kate

  10. How can we be sure these aren’t J Brand 811s? They look exactly the same

  11. I just love that waistcoat! No chance of me getting one at that price though.

    I think more than what Kate wore, or did with her hair, or with her makeup, I’m struck by her ability to relate to these kids and to be at ease with them.

    And her responses show that her attitude to her job, and the job she will one day have as the king’s consort, are spot on. Perhaps that should be career rather than job… She’s doing great. Fascinating to watch her progress, and great to see her looking so healthy.

  12. She looks a lot better in jeans than in the last Erdem. I love the gilet — seems to me to be an excellent investment piece, and one that can be used over and over when out in the country — a place Kate likes to be. The whole outfit makes her look chic while still comfortable and is made up of items which can all get plenty of use — ie value for money.

    As for make-up — I suppose she effectivley has to wear the equivalent of stage make-up when there are cameras about.

    It seems a bit morbid to keep picking over all the price tags — I really should get out more!

  13. She looks really healthy and radiant in these pictures!! :D

  14. Completely appropriately dressed for the event. But *** is up with dark makeup, diamond earrings, and a formal hairstyle for a casual camping event? Her her was less tame at yesterday’s Trooping the Colour. She didn’t need to curl her hair or wear jewelry.

    • Her diamond earrings are simple studs – possibly the simplest pair she owns, and most likely her blow dry is from yesterday’s Trooping the Colour especially since she is out in public with that plastic clip. I think she she looks very laid back and casual.

    • On the earring issue – if one always wears earrings, then one does not see certain ones (especially a favorite pair) as inappropriate. I have two pair of very expensive gold hoops (one a gift from my father when I was a teen and the other from my husband). I wear them all the time – when I work out at the gym, when I swim, etc. Someone expressed shock once that I would wear them swimming – wasn’t I afraid I would loose them – however, I do not even think about them – anymore than I do about my wedding ring – they are just a part of me. That is probably the same way that Kate is.

      Also, others have commented about the expense of her clothes. If one has the ability to purchase high end quality clothes that are timeless, then the expense, over time is very little as one gets more mileage out of the outfits because they last longer and are versatile. Take the wellies for example – she takes their dog out for lots of walks on the beach, they go hunting, etc. – why wouldn’t one want boots that are warm and comfortable? It would seem that she is very sensible in her purchases.

    • First of all, her earrings are white topaz–not diamond–studs. I think the small accent stones may be diamonds, but the big center stones are not.

      Secondly, I personally wear jewelry every day of my life—including large diamond studs—and yes, I wear them hunting and hiking and etc. I don’t think about it, I just stick them in my ears. And yes, I do wear makeup usually, and unlike the duchess, I have NO expectation of having a ton of paparazzi taking my picture while I am out in the forest. I really dont see why it is a big deal that she wore jewelry and makeup.
      I wear my engagement ring every day—-even outside.

      As for the rest of her outfit—I think it is gorgeous and appropriate. You can tell that being outdoors and with children is where she is most comfortable.

    • Echoing what others have said Sandy, the large stones in the earrings are white topaz, they are not diamonds. Here is a link to the product page to better help you understand what you are referencing in your comment: http://bit.ly/KikiGrace

      • Thank you, everyone, for clearing up the DiamondGate issue. But no-one defends her use of harsh makeup during an event like this. Her clothes were perfect for the event, and I like how she covered her Burberry top with a sweater and vest because she looked rather emaciated with it alone last year in Canada.

        • Hello again Sandy, and thanks for commenting. Just a quick FYI, the blog’s mission is not to debate/discuss or otherwise analyze Kate’s makeup, our purpose is really to document her apparel and accessories. Thanks for understanding! :)

          • But the purpose of the comment section is to share our opinion about her apparel, accessories, and hair. Why should her makeup be left untouched? Forgive, but that doesn’t make sense. Her makeup is an important part of her overall appearance and I’m simply offering constructive criticism.

  15. Eh, I don’t think there was a thing wrong with what Kate wore today. The Burberry shirt she’s had
    For a year and is a repeat, the jeans are zara 29.99 I have them in pink. The wellies she’s had for years
    Did people want her to go out and buy new cheaper ones? As for as the vest I don’t get the big deal about that either, She may have considered it a staple piece. Sometimes I hate that people consider her style
    Relatable because it limits the stuff she can wear fashion wise. Id love to see
    Her in more notable brands but people seem to have a heart attack if she splurges every once in awhile.
    She could be all Prada and Loubiton down like all the other princesses. Goodness

    • Agree with you. Individually, the pieces may be pricey but she’s had these items for a while now. So she really didn’t spend hundreds of dollars for her ensemble today. It’s all about mixing and matching and reaching for what you already have in your closet, new or old. And also agree that the leather vest is more like an investment piece.

  16. Her clothes are starting to get so expensive even the casual outfits but thats to be expected. I know I can find replicas for five times less. I love how healthy she looks now ..during the canada tour she looked frail and exhausted. On a side note.. I like her better in casual outfits and she seems more in her own element outdoors or when doing art related outings.

  17. Love Kate’s outfit!! You know she’ll be wearing all of these items again, so I don’t think the price (for a princess, after all) is too much. But, I have to ask, did anyone else wonder if that baby stroller that Prince William is standing next to was for their dog?

  18. Agreed with the remark of her looking healthier. I like how she looks now comparing to last year right before the wedding. :) I made comments on another blog site about the rise of the pants…It’s pretty dangerous if she didn’t carefully tuck in the shirt and make sure the top wouldn’t slip off. :)

  19. in the video posted on the telegraph you can see kate is wearing a clip. those old fashioned clips from the 1990′s but she still looks good

  20. She looked lovely and works SO well with children! The piece about the little boy saying “After you” cracked me up!

  21. nice outfit but she could get the same outfit for under 300$ if she didnt buy the brand labels the outfit is nothing overly special. she looks good and glad she is happy

  22. I liked that skirt and coat outfit when I first saw it but never knew what the label was until now. I’m a tweed fan from way back, since I was 20 and bought a great Ralph Lauren hacking-style jacket on sale. I always appreciate creative designs employing tweed fabrics.

    The Duchess looked suitably attired for both camping and polo, but my jaw dropped at the price of the vest. I spend a lot of money on clothes, but a vest would have to be made of a really rare leather before I’d accept that price tag. And even then I wouldn’t buy it.

    She looks much healthier in that shirt now than she did on the Canada tour.

    • agreed, on both accounts…. she does look somewhat healthier in that shirt and that is an outrageous price for that vest… she’s getting less and less “relatable” to me unfortunately

  23. As much as I love the pictures of the formal events, pictures like these reveal much more about what Kate and William are really all about. Easy with children, carrying the dog and unfazed by muddy boots. If they are looking for a normal life, I think they’ve found it. Thanks so much for these great pictures.

  24. I’m not convinced that those are the Zara jeans that were identified as the Zara jeans seem to have a faded wash to them while the ones she is wearing does not. I am more inclined to think that they’re the J Brand ones that she wore on her North American trip last year.

    • I agree. The Zara jeans look like a brighter, royal blue color. The jeans Kate is wearing looks like the J Brand jeans. Darker, deeper blue color.

    • Although it wasn’t posted here, check ou tthe facebook site. There, you’ll seea great shot of the back pocket logo. It’s zara for sure.

  25. I think she looks good in country clothes, and it seems much more natural for her. But I’m calculating about $1,730 for a camping trip outfit… not exactly thrifty. Ah, to be a royal!

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