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It’s Bespoke Emilia Wickstead for Order of the Thistle

EDITOR’S NOTE: We apologize for the late post on today’s events, we just had power restored after 11 hours without electricity following severe weather.

Kate returned to Emilia Wickstead for today’s Order of the Thistle ceremonies in Scotland. Below we see Her Majesty, Prince William and the Duchess following today’s events, in this photo William and HM have removed their ceremonial garb.

Crowds lined the streets to see the Royals on a foggy day in Edinburgh, including William and Kate, known as the Earl and Countess of Strathearn when in Scotland.

The British Monarchy Twitter Feed

More on the honor from the British Monarchy’s website:

The Order of the Thistle represents the highest honour in Scotland. It is second only in precedence in the UK to the Order of the Garter.

The patron saint of the Order of the Thistle is St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland…

It is an honor only the Queen can confer. In this image from the British Monarchy we see the Princess Royal and William arriving at the Cathedral.

The British Monarchy Twitter Feed

The Scotsman shares this on this morning’s service:

The short ceremony took place within the internal Thistle Chapel and was broadcast through speakers to those in the cathedral.

The Queen said: “It is our pleasure that His Royal Highness the Prince William, Earl of Strathearn, be installed a Knight of the most ancient and most noble Order of the Thistle.”

Below, the Royal Family leaving the Cathedral after the service.

The British Monarchy Twitter Feed

Kate’s primrose yellow coat dress featured familiar design elements: a fitted bodice, a seamed waistline, pick stitch detailing and a full skirt.

More on the garment from Jessica at Grazia UK:

Our pals at Emilia Wickstead tell Grazia Daily that this is a bespoke dress specially made for Kate…. the yellow-gold raffia fabric featured a lot in the Spring Summer 2012 collection. They also tell us that altogether a dress like this takes about 6 weeks to complete.

The silhouette is similar to the other Wickstead designs Kate has worn, below left we see Kate with the Irish Guards St. Patrick’s Day, in the center she is at the Palace Garden Party in May (the same frock was worn to the Sovereigns’ Luncheon) and then today.

Press Association/Press Association/Splash News

Many will recognize Kate’s Whiteley Cappucino hat, first seen at last year’s Epsom Derby and most recently seen at Sarah McCorquodale’s wedding.  She also opted for her favored Kiki McDonough citrine drop earrings.

James Whatling/Splash News

We also saw the return of Kate’s Strathearn Tartan scarf first seen for the Jubilee River Pageant.

Splash News/UK Press Association

Completing the outfit were the brown Emmy shoes and matching clutch, the center photo is from St. Patrick’s Day, when the pumps were first identified.

Emmy Shoes Blog/UK Press Association/Emmy Shoes Blog

That is the ‘Valerie’ shoe, both pieces are in chocolate brown kid suede.

Although I am an enormous fan of Ms. Wickstead I didn’t think this was Kate’s best look. The volume of fabric in the skirt seemed to overwhelm the otherwise elegant lines of the piece. The color was very pretty, the length good, and accessories nicely done. While by no means a “miss,” it isn’t my favorite look Kate has worn from this designer.

Kate herself looked lovely, proud of William, happy and relaxed.

The Telegraph


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Sunday 8th of July 2012

it's not her best look she's standing behind the queen. She can't be the center of attention. The outfit was too big for her and she made it not as fitting for a reason. I 'am surprised people don't know her choices for outfits all have a reason by now.


Saturday 7th of July 2012

Agreed with most of the comments, not her best look! The color and the tailoring of the dress (particularly the waist and the collar) just aren't doing it for me. While I loved the Irish Guard coat, these past two ensembles by Emilia Wickstead just haven't done her justice. And I've disliked that hat since it debuted at the Derbys! That said, the other accessories are lovely, I admire her practical but stylish show choices. And the pregnancy rumors are particularly ridiculous in light of her appearance at Wimbeldon in that amazing McQueen sailor dress. Apparently not everyone follows the Duchess quite as closely as we all do!


Saturday 7th of July 2012

It's a 10

Primrose - in the scarf as well as the braids of the Thistle robes; blended beautifully with the green and white of HM and P. Anne after the ceremony - 3 stars - for being spot on each time

Hair - similar to braids in the robes - the back knot as well as the "individual curls" - 2 stars

Hat - similar to braids in the robes as well as a similar shape to the hats of the Thistle ensemble (note Irish Guards ceremony hat was of "similar" style to the Guards) - 2 stars

The DoC continues to shine on the minute details and being well dressed without needing to over dress - impressive. 3 stars (well, I'll give her one star and then one each for the ladies below - Catherine is a sharer.)

I'm guessing (and I love subtle) P. Anne's green dress - a nod to the Strathearn tartan? in addition to a beautiful lining for her robe HM wore white - colors of the flag of Scotland - blue/white


Saturday 7th of July 2012

I went back and looked at the designs in this fabric in Emilia Wickstead's Spring 2012 Collection. All skirts were pleated and tops were sleeveless.

I think that the Emilia Wickstead coatdresses in pink and green were made of wool. I know that I liked them much more than the yellow coatdress.

Perhaps the yellow raffia fabric is not suitable for a coat dress with sleeves and a fuller skirt.


Friday 6th of July 2012

I agree that this colour is rather "meh" on the Duchess. I'm thinking she probably chose it to co-ordinate with the Strathearn scarf which she carried so prominently. Prince William and the Duchess hold the Scottish titles the Count and Countess of Strathearn.

The Duchess does quite often go for a raised waist for her outfits - I personally don't really like it that much- I prefer it when she showcases her lovely slim waist.

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