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EDITOR’S NOTE: We apologize for the late post on today’s events, we just had power restored after 11 hours without electricity following severe weather.

Kate returned to Emilia Wickstead for today’s Order of the Thistle ceremonies in Scotland. Below we see Her Majesty, Prince William and the Duchess following today’s events, in this photo William and HM have removed their ceremonial garb.

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Crowds lined the streets to see the Royals on a foggy day in Edinburgh, including William and Kate, known as the Earl and Countess of Strathearn when in Scotland.

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More on the honor from the British Monarchy’s website:

The Order of the Thistle represents the highest honour in Scotland. It is second only in precedence in the UK to the Order of the Garter.

The patron saint of the Order of the Thistle is St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland…

It is an honor only the Queen can confer. In this image from the British Monarchy we see the Princess Royal and William arriving at the Cathedral.

The British Monarchy Twitter Feed

The Scotsman shares this on this morning’s service:

The short ceremony took place within the internal Thistle Chapel and was broadcast through speakers to those in the cathedral.

The Queen said: “It is our pleasure that His Royal Highness the Prince William, Earl of Strathearn, be installed a Knight of the most ancient and most noble Order of the Thistle.”

Below, the Royal Family leaving the Cathedral after the service.

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Kate’s primrose yellow coat dress featured familiar design elements: a fitted bodice, a seamed waistline, pick stitch detailing and a full skirt.

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More on the garment from Jessica at Grazia UK:

Our pals at Emilia Wickstead tell Grazia Daily that this is a bespoke dress specially made for Kate…. the yellow-gold raffia fabric featured a lot in the Spring Summer 2012 collection. They also tell us that altogether a dress like this takes about 6 weeks to complete.

The silhouette is similar to the other Wickstead designs Kate has worn, below left we see Kate with the Irish Guards St. Patrick’s Day, in the center she is at the Palace Garden Party in May (the same frock was worn to the Sovereigns’ Luncheon) and then today.

Press Association/Press Association/Splash News

Many will recognize Kate’s Whiteley Cappucino hat, first seen at last year’s Epsom Derby and most recently seen at Sarah McCorquodale’s wedding.  She also opted for her favored Kiki McDonough citrine drop earrings.

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We also saw the return of Kate’s Strathearn Tartan scarf first seen for the Jubilee River Pageant.

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Completing the outfit were the brown Emmy shoes and matching clutch, the center photo is from St. Patrick’s Day, when the pumps were first identified.

Emmy Shoes Blog/UK Press Association/Emmy Shoes Blog

That is the ‘Valerie’ shoe, both pieces are in chocolate brown kid suede.

Although I am an enormous fan of Ms. Wickstead I didn’t think this was Kate’s best look. The volume of fabric in the skirt seemed to overwhelm the otherwise elegant lines of the piece. The color was very pretty, the length good, and accessories nicely done. While by no means a “miss,” it isn’t my favorite look Kate has worn from this designer.

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Kate herself looked lovely, proud of William, happy and relaxed.

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  1. it’s not her best look she’s standing behind the queen. She can’t be the center of attention. The outfit was too big for her and she made it not as fitting for a reason. I ‘am surprised people don’t know her choices for outfits all have a reason by now.

  2. Agreed with most of the comments, not her best look! The color and the tailoring of the dress (particularly the waist and the collar) just aren’t doing it for me. While I loved the Irish Guard coat, these past two ensembles by Emilia Wickstead just haven’t done her justice. And I’ve disliked that hat since it debuted at the Derbys! That said, the other accessories are lovely, I admire her practical but stylish show choices. And the pregnancy rumors are particularly ridiculous in light of her appearance at Wimbeldon in that amazing McQueen sailor dress. Apparently not everyone follows the Duchess quite as closely as we all do!

  3. It’s a 10

    Primrose – in the scarf as well as the braids of the Thistle robes; blended beautifully with the green and white of HM and P. Anne after the ceremony – 3 stars – for being spot on each time

    Hair – similar to braids in the robes – the back knot as well as the “individual curls” – 2 stars

    Hat – similar to braids in the robes as well as a similar shape to the hats of the Thistle ensemble
    (note Irish Guards ceremony hat was of “similar” style to the Guards) – 2 stars

    The DoC continues to shine on the minute details and being well dressed without needing to over dress – impressive. 3 stars (well, I’ll give her one star and then one each for the ladies below – Catherine is a sharer.)

    I’m guessing (and I love subtle)
    P. Anne’s green dress – a nod to the Strathearn tartan? in addition to a beautiful lining for her robe
    HM wore white – colors of the flag of Scotland – blue/white

  4. I went back and looked at the designs in this fabric in Emilia Wickstead’s Spring 2012 Collection. All skirts were pleated and tops were sleeveless.

    I think that the Emilia Wickstead coatdresses in pink and green were made of wool. I know that I liked them much more than the yellow coatdress.

    Perhaps the yellow raffia fabric is not suitable for a coat dress with sleeves and a fuller skirt.

  5. I agree that this colour is rather “meh” on the Duchess. I’m thinking she probably chose it to co-ordinate with the Strathearn scarf which she carried so prominently. Prince William and the Duchess hold the Scottish titles the Count and Countess of Strathearn.

    The Duchess does quite often go for a raised waist for her outfits – I personally don’t really like it that much- I prefer it when she showcases her lovely slim waist.

  6. Rut-roh – this is both a tailoring and a color miss. Her (utterly lovely) complexion doesn’t suit this pastel yellow. Worse, that oddly droopy waistlne is making her look like she doesn’t have a waist, and we all know our girl is the tiniest thing going.

    Not to throw obscure American baseball references into the mix, but the brown details with that yellow dress are oddly reminscent of the early 1980s Padres uniforms. My heart goes out to her – that plaid can be no easy number to plan an outfit around – but this combination isn’t working.

    I’m with commenter Rachel above in that I think Carolina Herrera would be such an ideal Shinylocks match. You know, if she ever decides to go the American-by-way-of-South-America desigers route.

  7. Hi! Firstly thinks so much to the admins for this great site!
    So here are my thoughts- basically in agreement with most of the comments- that this isnt Kates best look (although she could wear a plastic bag and look great)- i dont think the high waist is sooo terrible like everytone has been writing but i do think the coat would look much better with a brown belt, a different collar, and possible a more summery material.
    I also think suede is not the greatest choice for July, even if the weather in Scotland wasnt all that hot.
    Also, that hat!!! i really dont like it and i think it completely clashes! It looked ok last year at the derby but at the recent wedding and in this ensemble i really dont care for it- i actually think its the worst part of the entire outfit. i do hear the argument that all brown accessories would be too matchy matchy but maybe she should have skipped the hat and just worn a small brown fascinator? i dont know…
    and i dont think kate is pregnant shes still teeny :) doesnt look to me like she gained weight either!
    And one more thing- im not so crazy about Kate’s jewelery! i like that shes understated and all but she IS a princess/duchess/countess :) cmon she can do a bit better and bring out the bling every once and awhile!

    • She really brought out the bling with the strapless velvet McQueen gown she wore in the winter. But its been a long time since then. I’m wondering if she deliberately is not wearing a lot of jewels because of the economy. She doesn’t want to be seen as “rubbing it in the nose” of the common person. She’s always just worn earrings and maybe a bracelet. Never too many items at one time.

  8. The dress by far is the worst offender of the entire ensemble. I agree with most of you that the tailoring is a bit “last minute” looking. Even an untrained eye can see that it was done poorly. Emilia Wickstead just isn’t doing it for me. On another note; I actually really adore her hat but feel that it does not compliment this outfit very well. Something about the combination of the two just doesn’t work.

  9. ok something in wrong with the hat, I agree with some comments, surely the material and the colour.
    I like the shape of the coat, but not the colour at all. Here we call it “rancid butter” colour.
    But as always Kate looks happy and elegant.

  10. I see several people are speculating about a pregnancy, and, while certainly possible, wouldn’t that interfere with the Jubilee tour scheduled for early fall?

    • One FYI: while we normally steer clear of comments regarding weight and related issues, this particular garment has prompted such a volume of speculation that I am allowing them. I think a look at Wednesday’s Wimbledon dress invalidates such theorizing, but not everyone reads every post, nor would I expect them to. :)

      • I agree. She looked way to slim on Wednesday to prompt any speculation on the matter. This dress was just poorly tailored.

    • I agree with the Admin that the close-fitting McQueen dress worn to Wimbledon would definitely suggest that a pregnancy does not exist at the moment. Not every loose-fitting, high-waisted dress signals “baby on the way”.

      And yes, I’d say that it would not be a good idea for the Duchess to be pregnant on the Asia-Pacific trip scheduled for, I think, September. I’ve assumed that they were going to delay attempts to have a baby until afterwards.

      • If it is true that William will become a full time royal in 2013, they would have to continually travel, go on tour and official engagement. So it would make no difference if she was pregnant now or after the Asian tour

        • The point is that the Asia trip is already scheduled and has been for quite some time. Future trips, which would be predicated on whether or not William DOES become a full-time royal, are not, precisely because it’s not clear what decision will be made about his status.

          • People are acting like if she was pregnant she can’t travel and do a tour. Which is –, since plenty of pregnant royals have done grueling tour while pregnant in all three trimester

      • I believe I heard and read that they had decided to wait until 2013 to start “looking” for an heir/ess. Did I dream it?

        • They have never said that officially. That was the press speculating that they wouldn’t want to overshadow the Queen. That might be true, but it’s hard to predict when a pregnancy will come

  11. Hiiiiii am from Brasil and all girls here love kate too!!!

  12. On the subject of the hat: it’s not necessary that her hats match her shoes (or her bags). It’s actually better if they don’t, because the matchy-matchy look really is a bit of a problem.

    I happen to like this hat, but on reflection think there are two issues: color and material. The hat is not only a fairly light color, it’s made of a light, summery material (as is the dress), while her shoes are both dark in color and suede. I think the material contrast may actually be the greater problem, but it wouldn’t have been as obvious if the hat had been just a shade or two darker and the shoes a shade or two lighter.

    Dark suede shoes aren’t a great choice for July, but if they’d been a somewhat lighter shade, if not as light as the hat, I think the suede wouldn’t have seemed “off” as it does.

  13. I think the dress is lovely, color is nice, appropriate for the occasion, etc..but I think the bodice is too big. I would like it a little more fitted. She has a habit of wearing more fitted at the top and full at the bottom and this one is along those same lines but not fitted enough for me.

    In other news, with this 100′ heat I’m living in, its nice to see photos of people needing to wear long sleeves!

  14. The look is certainly not my all time favourite, but she looks nice. I do wonder if she may be expecting, though. Earlier in my pregnancy, I had custom pieces made. Some of them took weeks to make. There is no guarantee that you will be the same size 6 weeks later. Even if she is not expecting, I think it was tailored awkwardly to suit her slight weight gain. The high-low hem and childlike high waist make me not like the look.

  15. Mmmm, something is slightly off. For me (after some consideration :p ) it’s the sleeves/arms, the collar and the fact that it overall looks too big. A tayloring issue, mainly. The arms have some weird creases over the nook of the elbow and the collar makes the top part look stunted. Maybe it is the heavy (?) fabric that makes it look to big? Or just too much fabric? Either way, slightly disappointed, I want her to look gorgeous!

    Just sayin’, I like that the look is understated and muted on this occation, as not to grab attention away from the Order-ceremony!

  16. Let’s face it. She could wear a paper sack and look great. I think she looked very pretty today, but she didn’t pull everything together like she usually does. The hat didn’t match the shoes or handbag, and there was no belt … there didn’t seem to be a clear coordination. I would have liked a deeper brown hat to match the shoes and clutch, and maybe a brown belt. The scarf looked nice being carried; would have liked to see a Scottish thistle somewhere in jewelry, but whatever. She looked pretty. :) I do NOT like these Wickstead dresses … I liked the green one a lot, but the last two have been less than stellar. However, Kate always manages to look nice, and she did today.

    As for the Queen, I don’t know why everyone is complaining! I think she looked very beautiful today, more so than usual. the gown DID bear resemblance of a nightdress, but it also reminded me of the dresses from Jane Austen novels. :) I thought she looked stunning.

    Also, let’s not forget that Kate ALMOST always dresses down when she’s with HRM.

  17. I’d agree with admin that this is a coat that doesn’t quite work — it seems to hang so strangely, with the bodice not quite fitted enough and the waistline appearing to float about in different directions. The flared skirt is flattering to Kate’s shape but this one starts from such a high waistline and looks out of sync.

    I like the look of the fabric itself in close-up, but the colour I find a bit weird — maybe too close attention being paid to match the tones of the tartan, though I think it clever to use differing versions of the scarf tones in hat, bag and shoes.

    This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the floating-waist syndrome on Kate, or the first that something bespoke doesn’t seem to have quite enough ideas in it to support the whole outfit. Also, not the first time that an outfit looks like it could support an expanding waistline, whisper it who dares.

    I suppose some of the Duchess’s choices border on the bland — but then I appreciate how diplomatic she always has to be in her choices. Whatever she does, she always manages to look elegant overall!

  18. She looks absolutely lovely. Love the color and the full skirt. Kate has a long torso and favors short jackets and waistlines that hit her a bit higher to lengthen her legs. Nothing wrong with that! It’s a trick we all use. ;) She uses those nude shoes to do the same thing.

    (Btw, reading the comments, I’m so confused. If you guys are looking for exciting fashion, I think you’re on the wrong site. Kate’s never going to bust out with exciting fashion. You may want to try Diane Kruger, Cate Blanchett, etc. LOL.)

  19. I don’t like this ensemble. Is it the combination of that strange collar shape with the hat perhaps? It doesn’t work for me. Neither does the colour; and on my screen the colour of the hat and coat do not do any favours for each other. The shoes look black too.
    It just looks out to my eyes.

    • Agreed. The outfit is dreadful for many reasons — color, fit, fabric, accessories. But Kate is still a very beautiful woman.

      • She is indeed. And could be totally stunning with a suitable choice of colour/hat/style/etc.

        The more I look at that coat, the more I’m sure it’s the collar which looks odd.

        I know it isn’t fashionable, but someone of Kate’s stature and slimness could wear a low waist, or no waist. The full skirt looks good because she is so slim and it gives some outline. But high waist makes it look as if she’s wearing something too small.
        Or am I getting old…?

        • I don’t think we’ll ever see her in low-waisted dresses because she is so long-waisted and has short legs relative to her torso. Again, I think one of the reasons she doesn’t balk at high-waisted dresses is that they visually compensate for her long-waistedness.

          • She could at least wear clothes with the waist at the right level. This garment, as well as the pink dress, have waists which look higher than her own.

            It may make her legs look longer but she hardly has overly short legs. Assessing her as an artistic model, she seems to have pretty-well perfect proportions.

            Maybe I just hate these slightly high-waisted dresses because they look little-girlish.

  20. I wish she had actually worn the scarf around her neck to give it some contrast. I like the color and the fabric but like most of you, there’s something off with the fit. The collars make it seem like the shoulder area is ill-fitting. A belt would have been a good touch because the piping doesn’t really do much around the waist. Love the shoes though and the hat. But do agree, the hat is ok with that Wickstead dress but not a perfect pairing. Maybe a darker brown hat with some more texture or even a yellow piece. She could have recycled that brown hat she wore with the green Wickstead dress from St. Patrick’s Day. That would look better with this dress.

  21. I want to add that it seems like Kate has put on a few pounds and she looks marvelous, much healthier and less strained and skeletal than she has looked in the last few months! Rumors abound that she and William want to try for a baby in the coming year so hopefully she’s getting healthy for that blessed event!

  22. Not my favorite look but not her worst. The one odd thing I keep noticing is that all of the bespoke pieces seem to have an oddly high detailed waistline, the waistline of these dresses is nearly up under the bustline and what looks to be inches above her natural waistline! Any idea why? The emerald-green coat was the only piece that seemed to have a normal waistline that hit at the natural waistline defined by a belt. The weird waistlines make these dresses seem ill-tailored and ill-fitting.

    • The green coatdress’ waist actually didn’t hit at the natural waitstline; it, too, was high.

    • @Jayne I hesitate to bring this up, but could the waistline and the bespoke pieces be because of a growing belly? I hate the media speculating on a possible pregnancy all the time, but the first thing I thought of when I saw these pictures was that her face looked so much fuller than usual. When I found out this piece was bespoke, I wondered, because it doesn’t seem like anything unusually special. I’d think if one were going to have a piece specifically made, it would be a little more…exciting? Anyway, that’s my two cents. The Duchess also looks beautiful, and I agree with a previous comment. She could wear a sack and look great!

      • It could be pregnancy, or it could be that she’s eating a bit more. For some people, if they drink a bit too much, it shows in their face for a few days after the fact. There are many possible explanations. :)

        As far as the color is concerned, I actually like this one on her. I agree that the cut looks too sloppy to me, like she just grabbed it at the last minute and threw it all together.

  23. I am in agreement with everyone else about the stitching. Seems poorly done, and frankly I cannot stand those stitches in place of buttons. She had those on the last Emilia Wickstead dress, the pink one, and she has them here again. I don’t understand the point of those sartorially or otherwise ? It adds nothing, gives an unfinished and unpolished look to the entire outfit. I also cannot abide by the high waist. Silly and unnecessary. But the thing that I would complain the most about is the neck. I think that this collar highlighted the fact that the duchess has a short neck relative to her torso. It made her look like a no-neck person.. just not flattering at all. She should stay away from this style.
    I liked the color and the fabric – very nice indeed. LOVE the shoes and clutch. The hat – meh.
    She looks so much better with the extra weight.

  24. It just doesn’t look well-made. The cut is terrible, and cheapens the whole effect. Also it looks a little too young for her, she isn’t 20 any more. I’m not sure where she is going with this style, but it doesn’t work on her and never has. She should be trying a more elegant sophisticated look. It’s a bit hard to work out, because most of her choices are spot on, and I can’t understand why this look keeps popping up.

  25. Well, I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but who knows, maybe the Duchess is expecting. Today’s ensemble seemed to have a touch of that ‘ahh, f*(%^&# it!’ look that expecting mothers know well. Three things, it does appear that her chest and face are a bit fuller, and she does seem to be lacking a certain polish here than on prior occasions, but it’s Scotland. There are only a few places more dreary than London and Angellesy – sp? where Mr. and Mrs. Wales have made their home, and that’s Scotland. Beautiful country, but weather wise, well, cause enough for any of us to have a day of ‘well, I’ll just wear this’.

  26. Question to admin: how does one create an avatar? Kate has one.

  27. I love the color with her heels and clutch! Still, I don’t understand…why this hat? A chocolate colored hat (like her shoes and clutch) would look lovely. The hat just looks odd with the dark brown accessories, in addition to how it looks with the yellow.

    I agree with everyone else in the sense that the dress is a mess in regards to the tailoring. The collar and the hemline are awful!

    Also, on a note regarding make up…why does she feel the need for so much eyeliner? She would look so much younger and fresher with a little less! But maybe that’s just me.

    Still, she looked quite nice today…very calm and collected.

  28. I love the color of this coatdress, and it goes perfectly with the Strathearn tartan. I think the collar is the big miss here. The shape of this dress is very much like the St. Patrick’s Day coat, which worked perfectly. But the collar on this coat makes the whole dress seem boxy and disproportionate. A belt would have been a nice addition as well.

  29. I like the colour and fabric very much, although I’m not convinced this colour is a home run on Kate. I suspect she chose yellow so that she could bring along the Strathearn tartan, which was politically sensitive of her. I echo my comments above that for this coat dress to work it needed flawless tailoring which this does not have–it looks like an off the rack department store buy, not something that costs upwards of a thousand pounds. I also think some sharper lines around the collar would be more striking and mature, and would not have taken away from the conservative feel of the dress. ms Wickstead, if you are going to dress the future Queen, pick up your game!

  30. Kate is very long-waisted hence she always wears slightly high-waisted dress and heels to give an illusion of a proportionate figure. We all have our “body” faults so it’s good that she has learned to tackle this in appropriate wear. I like this dress on her and the length is perfect. The McQueen dress she wore to St Paul’s illustrated how long her body is. If that McQueen dress length stopped just above the knee it would be visually perfect. Personally, the Duchess looks best in a high waisted sheath dress which reaches just above the knee. I also liked the Emilia Wickstead Pink Dress which she wore on two occasions. The skirt was not so billowy and looked neat like a sheath.

    • I completely agree. The long-waistedness is most evident when she wears jeans (not that she doesn’t look lovely). I’m thinking she may like dressed with a peplum for the same reason – they can help create the illusion of a higher waist. The sheath is definitely her best style; I’m wondering if she’s making an conscious effort to branch out and try new styles and colors, since we’ve seen her in so many (stunning) sheaths.

  31. I suspect the lights were out in Edinburgh too. The colors were off and style was missing (perhaps actually using the scarf would have helped. Even HM seems to have left the house in her nightgown. Let’s give everyone a pass on today and look forward to a better tomorrow!

  32. One other thing – why in the world are Princess Anne and HM wearing their brooches in…a strange place?!

    • According to Wikipedia, a 1703 Statute dictates the location where the Star of the Order of the Thistle is worn. In fact it is called a “breast star” on the monarchy’s website. You can see Prince William’s star is in the same location, but it doesn’t look strange on a man.

  33. Let’s admit it – Kate looks more beautiful and more put together than I do on a daily basis, that is for sure. She looks beautiful today. I love the color combos and the accessories. I think that the tailor let her down on this one. The design of the coat would look beautiful on her, but the execution is all wrong by whomever fit this dress on her. I would not be quick to go to Emilia Wickstead again – I think that the pink one was also short-wasited as others have mentioned.

    • Rene, I agree. there is something decidedly substandard looking about the tailoring on the Wickstead pieces. while I am no seamstress myself both my mother and grandmother were and while I can’t make anything more than a basic piece they taught me the difference good tailoring makes. all of the Wickstead pieces seem to struggle with the waistband attaching to the full or pleated skirt, and generally the tailoring looks decidedly B grade which is not good enough when you have millions of people viewing the future Queen of England wearing your pieces.

  34. As much as I love the Duchess, I’ve been disappointed in her recent choices (I’ve still not recovered from the awful blossom dress). I guess I have to add Emilia Wickstead to the list of designers I don’t care for (Beulah London is also on the list). I don’t know if it’s the TV or the pictures of the lighting or what, but the yellow color isn’t doing her any favors. I thought the pink made her look a bit washed out too, though I think she looked much better in it the second time around, when she was photographed outdoors instead of inside. With both the yellow and pink, I have this overwhelming desire to grab the waist and pull it down; something just isn’t quite right – it’s too high. I do think the pink fit far better than the yellow – there’s too much volume in the skirt and it looks loose to the point of being ill-fitting.

  35. the only thing i like is the colour…. that’s it.

    i do like that she is gaining a little bit of weight back in her face which is a very good thing she was far too skinny before.

  36. Perhaps Kate is pregnant and that is why the dress is a bit looser with an intentional high waist cut too. Her chest and face look slightly more filled out as well. Just sayin’

  37. I would rate this outfit as a miss. The dress is really ill-fitting, the seams are all over the place, the hidden snaps on the bodice are awkward and the hemline just doesn’t seem to be straight. I like the yellow paired with brown accessories, but what’s up with that scarf? She needs some jewelry or actually wear that scarf or something else representing Scotland because this carrying the scarf around thing is just really bad.

  38. I would call this a miss. I like the color, but I don’t think it works for her. Something is off about the collar — it just doesn’t look like it lays right. I think the combination of the high waste and the full skirt also make the dress look somehow out of proportion. A brighter lip color might have helped her to look less washed out.

  39. I’d like to see her with a shorter hairstyle and brighter coloured dresses!

  40. While not my favourite, I like this much more than the recent shorter hemline dress we saw.

  41. I don’t know if I should go into my automatic rant about her heavy/harsh makeup, or if I should just be grateful she isn’t wearing those nude LK Bennett shoes.

    The color of the coat is lovely, but the design is awful. I think the shoes go well, but not the hat. Overall, a disappointment…as usual.

  42. Hmm. This dress looks to be rather a synthesis of the green Wickstead worn on St. Patrick’s Day(which I very much liked) and the yellow Jenny Packham worn on the Canada trip a year ago.

    The first problem is that I hated that Packham, which I thought looked utterly childish. Not “youthful,” childish. The Duchess occasionally seems to have trouble striking a balance between too-young and too-old styles, and this coatdress didn’t manage it. One problem is the rather high waist, which gives the dress a little girlish look. The green Wickstead had a slightly high waist, too, but the collar/lapel treatment was more mature and elegant and so compensated. It so happens that earlier today, I saw an old picture of Malia Obama, at the age of 7, wearing a dress cut virtually identically to this yellow dress. It looked great on a 7-year-old; it’s not so impressive on a woman of 30.

    The second problem is that the tailoring just doesn’t strike me as being of the highest quality, though it certainly ought to be. There’s something a little slapdash looking about it, about the design and fit. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the dress just doesn’t really look as though it’s a custom piece from the hands of a very skilled designer and her staff.

    I’m not crazy about this color, but that’s because I can’t wear yellows and golds. I do like those chocolate-brown pumps, and of course I love the hat. I’m glad to see it again.

    • I’m glad to see something besides the LK Bennet Sledge, and I didn’t like the collar of this dress either!

    • Catherine Walker was a master at elongating the body, it was her signature. I notice a number of designers lately have adopted this slightly short-waisted, childish look and I cannot think why women are going for it.

      This is not the first dress the Duchess has worn that seems to go up slightly at the front at the hem. And the workmanship around the waistline area is not good. A belt would have at least covered it, and finished the dress off. I also noticed in some press photos that the shoulder did not look good.

      On the positive side, I actually liked the style of the dress, the length, and the hat and shoes.

      • Well, if there’s one thing the Duchess does NOT need, it’s elongation of her body. She is VERY long-waisted. These slightly high waists are, I suspect, an attempt to disguise that, though since she wears very high heels to compensate for the fact that her legs are short relative to her body, the high waists are really not needed.

    • I agree with you that the waist is too high on this dress (I also think that was a problem with the pink Emilia Wickstead Kate wore previously). And while the hat she wore today is my personal favorite of the hats she’s been seen in, I don’t think it goes with this dress or the accessories she chose.

      Overall, I think it’s a very forgettable look. Good thing we have the Olympics to look forward to–I’m hoping Kate puts in some dazzling appearances for those events!

    • I think you might be one of the only people who didn’t like the yellow Packham. ;p

      • No, quite a few people didn’t like it; there was substantial comment at the time. They agreed that it was a very little-girlish look.

        • Oh yes I thought it was an absolutely silly little dress. I was pretty amazed that some people actually liked it.

      • Hi there I love the usual elegance of the duchess. Such class. However I agree
        that the undefined waistlines of both yellow outfits are screaming for belts. They look like she forgot to put on her belt each time. As a seamstress I can see that the yellow collar riding back too far on her body. The collar should be able to close, even if it is worn open. This one could not. Furthermore, the fabric is far too thick and loosely woven for a two piece collar like this. A shawl collar would work better as basket weave fabric would stretch nicely on bias. The only thing which might save this outfit is welt stitching approx 1cm from collar edge, centre front, waistline and perhaps even hem. One should not dream of concealed fasteners without it! Notice also that the back skirt has more flare than the front and that different grains are causing the seam to skew. Several tailoring error made obvious by very unforgiving fabric. Sorry Kate. Stick to packman! Camilla.

  43. I just don’t like this yellow coat not on TV not in these pictures…If the neckline were different say a v opening, it might be better…Also the waistline was too high, too. Love the heels!
    I don’t usually pay attention or make comments on what the Queen wears but this mo-mo like robe is just wrong. :(

  44. I guess I’m not a fan of Emilia Wickstead. The green St. Patrick’s Day dress was nice, but the waistlines on both the pink dress and this yellow one just seem off. The color does nothing for her and the hat was an odd choice.

    • I have to agree with you on the waistline comment but I do like the pink dress overall. This yellow was just too muted and the collar was very uninteresting. :(

  45. I am torn because I like that she did not wear something attention-grabbing (as anyone would be tempted to do with her designer connections), but then my first thought about this outfit is basically “snore”… lol I just think for how much money that coat costs (DM is reporting over 1000 pounds, it could have had a few more interesting details!) Its also not my favorite color. I don’t have anything BAD to say about it, but I don’t love it either.

    Hope you guys are doing ok after the storm!

  46. I really don’t think Catherine can do any wrong. She is so beautiful and natural. Her figure and her smile would suit any attire, really. I like her in this yellow dress. It reminds me of the yellow dress she wore in Canada, except in a heavier fabric. Overall, totally love this woman’s style, and I think she has a knack for being completely appropriate without going overboard in every occasion =)

    • This is also a complete aside, but I would love to see her in some Carolina Herrera and even some Kate Spade (for less formal events like weddings and such). I do completely understand that it makes for sense for her to favor British designers though, obviously!

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