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Kate repeated another favorite today, bringing back her red LK Bennett Ami coat in support of Wales’ rugby team, known as the Red Dragons. The Duke and Duchess were at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to watch the match against New Zealand’s All Blacks team.

Michael Steele / PA Wire

Above we see Kate arriving at a reception for the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust just prior to today’s match.

Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust

The Trust supports players seriously injured during their careers, Prince William is patron of the organization. The couple spent time speaking with former players and Trust officials before today’s game. More from Wales Online:

Philip Harris, 59, who was partially paralysed down his left side after being injured in a game, said he believed the royal couple’s appearance represented a firm pledge to support the trust.

Mr Harris, from Brynamman, near Swansea, said: The Duke was very inquisitive, he was very caring and interested in all of us here today.

He is dedicated to this great cause, he has shown that today. To get somebody of his stature to support us is incredible.

This is a great charity, it has brought us comradeship and friendship as well as emotional and physical support. We would have been lost without it, so to have Prince William here has meant a lot to us.

The game is a fierce rivalry, ceremonies beforehand show how enormous Millennium Stadium really is.

Ed Morris Twitter Feed (@EdMorris6)

Many will recognize Kate’s red coat, worn last November for the trip Kate and William made to UNICEF’s Emergency Supply Centre in Copenhagen.

© UNICEF 2011

The focus of that trip was to focus attention on the humanitarian crisis in East Africa, there is still an immense need, you can learn more or donate to UNICEF’s East Africa Children’s Crisis Appeal by clicking here.

The ‘Ami’ is a wool/nylon blend, with a high collar, epaulets, and front slit pockets.

TV2-Denmark/LK Bennett

This is the first time we have seen Kate wear the belt that originally came with the coat.

Michael Steele/PA Wire

The piece is from LK Bennett’s f/w 2011 collection. Below, another look, as shared on Harriet Davies’ Twitter feed. (With thanks to Royal Forum Moron.)

Harriet Davies Twitter Feed (@Haz1ofMany)

It looked like Kate was also wearing her trusty Aquatalia Rhumba boots, very much a fall and winter staple for her.

Aquatalia Rhumba

We did see a new handbag today, a red clutch that appears to be the Gucci Monogram Canvas Horsebit Shoulder Bag/Clutch.

Via StyleHive

The piece features the company’s logo on the canvas, leather trim, goldtone metal hardware, and a detachable chain. I was surprised to see the Duchess carrying a logoed bag, it’s not something she generally does.

PA Wire/

The bag is from the company’s 1921 Collection, it originally retailed for somewhere in the $1200-$1300 range, Kate has probably owned it for quite some time, the company no longer offers it in red. A contemporary version in all leather is available from Gucci for $1580.

Topping things off, it appeared Kate may have been wearing the Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf earrings first noted on the recent Jubilee Tour, we show them below as seen at the Malaysian State Dinner.

PA Wire/Catherine Zoraida

If Kate’s hair looks a bit different, it is. She has trimmed her bangs, here is a better view.

Michael Steele/PA Wire

Today’s match was a tough one, ultimately New Zealand triumphed, 33-10.

Welsh Rugby Union

All in all a very good look for the Duchess, she was in team colors and looked comfortable, she clearly enjoyed the match despite the outcome.

You can view ITN’s video here.


We’ll see you Tuesday (if not before), when Kate is Sir David Attenborough’s guest at the opening of the Natural History Museum’s new Treasures Gallery.

  36 Responses to “Kate Supports Home Team in Red LK Bennett & Gucci”

  1. I can’t pinpoint why, but I think she looks like she is pregnant. Maybe I’m imagining things, but something about her skin tone or appearance reminds me of my early days of pregnancy. I guess time will tell.

  2. Did anyone else notice that Kate has the self belt buckled at the last notch? I wonder if she’s gotten a little thicker around the middle……

  3. I don’t understand the issue people have with her age and her hair length. She is only 30. There are many women her age and older with long hair, including glamorous celebrities, and I don’t believe it is particularly aging. In fact, I think her hair makes her look youthful.

    • I totally agree!!! Haha, as I mentioned a few posts down, I’m about to turn 36 and I dread the day I’ll be forced by “society” to cut my hair. As long as it looks good (which it certainly does for her, and I like to think for me, lol), who cares how old you are?? :)

  4. Does anyone know about the bracelet she’s wearing with this outfit?

    • The only picture that I see where she might have on a bracelet is the old one from the Unicef event. It looks like it could be her charm bracelet with the C charm that Camilla is reported to have given her. But it is so hard to see and such a small view that it is nearly impossible for me to tell. Perhaps you have another picture in mind that shows it better.

  5. Love this coat, although I slightly prefer the belt she wore to the UNICEF event. The purse is gorgeous, and the boots are a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, I dont love the new “bangs” that have been cut into the Duchess’ hair. They seem too blunt to me, and they dont blend well with the rest of her hair. I am hoping this was just a one-time styling blunder, and they will look better the next time.

  6. She seems to wear the same black shirt (I don’t know the exact name, sorry about my english) she wore when visiting St. Andrews in one of their engagements before the weeding. Remember, she wore a red dress and she put a black shirt with sleeves and complement with a red jacket/blazer with black belt. Anyway, I simple love this coat, but prefer the other red belt she wore when travel to Denmark. And I love her boots :)

    • That was a slightly high-necked sweater worn with a red Luisa Spagnoli suit. I actually thought the neck should have been higher — a true polo neck, to use the British term. But you’re right: this may be the same item.

  7. For everyone who is upset with her hair: At least she is doing something different and not just the same old dolly curls. I like her hair straighter and there is nothing wrong with the bang. In fact, I prefer her hair like this rather than like she usually wears it.

  8. I’m not sure why everyone is upset by her hair, I think it looks lovely. I’m 26 and I often wear my hair like this and feel it softens the face and there is nothing older or aging about it.

  9. I reckon that handbag is/was her mother’s and she has borrowed it/been given it.

    • Good point. I was wondering since it looks vintage in a couple of the pictures. I still question why she needs to carry a clutch on these formal engagements but this one is nice.

  10. WHY would you cut your bangs to that length?!? It looks like she’s actually been growing them out and just hasn’t gotten around to trimming them, and to be perfectly honest, it looks like a bad wig on her head. If she wants bangs, she should get them – the stuff she has around her face look like the stylist just accidentally cut a few locks of hair.

    I am so frustrated because she has such gorgeous hair and has access to any number of hair stylists who would be happy to do her hair at a moment’s notice; she and her team can do better.

    • I agree and you put my frustration into words perfectly! James Pryce knew what he was doing and it’s clear that, since he left Richard Ward, whoever’s doing her hair now is not as skilled. I’d rather stick with the stylist than with the salon!

  11. I grew my hair with long bangs based on her inspiration but I will not cut them the way she did. I was wondering if her future hair cut was going to be so great that I would have to follow but it’s really nothing special so I will stay a vintage Kate for now.

  12. Trying to figure out how to put my Kate hair issues in words that won’t have all of her worshippers in flames. She’s 30 and she now often dresses like she’s 50, which is beside the point. But her hairstyle, long, straight and dark, is more indicative of the hair trends now among the 20-something crowd; 20-something hair on a woman over 30 is very aging, in my opinion and as ironic as that may sound. It’s not even classicly chic, it’s just – aging and outdated.
    I wish she’d do as many have suggested and trim a few inches off the ends, add in some layers and lighten it up both weight-wise and color-wise. I like a bang or at least a little lightness around the face with layers but these layers seem not to have been cut and styled very skillfully. I do like the lighter color, I was never a fan of the single-shade dark brunette almost black hair she was wearing for a while. Nothing ages a woman like very dark around the face.
    I’ve always liked this coat, not a fan of the self-belt, liked the leather belt much better. Always a fan of the Aquatalia boots. And I agree with some others on here, she looks tired or stressed or something and it doesn’t appear to be just the camera angle.
    I don’t mind a logo clutch but the Gucci one seems very matronly for some reason to me. But I’ve never been a fan of the “matchy-matchy” look.

    • Eh, she’s a low 30 – she’ll be 31 in January. I think people get a grace period of a few years. :) (Although, I do agree this hairstyle would look silly on someone over 35.)

      • Perhaps it only seems aging because the women you’re familiar with cut their hair when they reach a certain age and you’re used to seeing that? (just a thought, not a judgement or anything) I style my hair the exact same way and I love it. Her hair will always be dark and straight so I’m not sure how that’s a trend exactly. I don’t feel it’s aging at all–it looks great, no matter what your/her/anyone’s age!! :) I’m certainly not going to cut my hair when I turn 36 in a few months, that’s for sure!

    • I think that it is the no-long-hair-over-30 rule that is outdated, not the hairstyle. There are a number of celebrities in the public eye that have long hair and are over 30. Yet there isn’t a public outcry for them to cut their hair because of their age. I’ve always thought that most women over 30 cut their hair short because many didn’t have the time to deal with long hair (granted, plenty of short haircuts really require more upkeep than long hair so I’m not sure this reasoning really makes sense). Although the Duchess certainly has a busy life, I’m not sure the time factor is really an issue. Presumably she has her hair professionally styled before formal events anyway.

      Personally, I find the notion that women must have short hair after reaching their 30th birthdays extremely limiting. Whatever their age, women should wear their hair the way they like it best.

      Now I do believe that you only live once and it can be tremendously exciting to experiment with different looks. Since the Duchess has always (to my knowledge, at least) worn her hair long, I would encourage her to try a different cut, but only if she were tired of her current style, and certainly not because of her age. (I’m not holding my breath for her to ask for my opinion though! :) )

  13. Her coat is lovely!

  14. Do sports fans in Europe/GB normally dress up to attend the event? I really liked seeing William and Kate dress casually at the Olympics.. I notice the gentleman photographed with them is also in suit and tie. Sadly, in the U.S. no one dresses up for anything anymore so maybe that is why it just seems a little odd to see suits at a sporting event.

  15. I love how Kate wears winter coats!! She always looks so chic and not bulky. I just tried a new trick with my winter coats inspired by Kate and posted about it. My coats look so much better!

  16. Kate wears very nicely red colour’s items. I really prefer the coat with the original belt.
    Kate seems to me a bit tired, not those usual sparkling eyes (but I know it’s just a photography).

  17. Well written, excellent sartorial analysis, as always. Such a pleasure to read. :)

  18. Hi, does anybody know who cuts Kate’s hair these days? I liked her hair the most around the time of her engagement, didn’t particularly like the styling during her latest tour, and really hate the newly cut bangs. Did she change her stylist?

    • I agree Marianne! I definitely preferred her hair around her engagement, wedding and North Atlantic tour. I love Kate’s style, and her hair is glorious. I know she had shorter layers around her face earlier, but they seem to have been cut so much more sympathetically, and styled more expertly. These look a little more ‘chopped’, which doesn’t (in my opinion) seem to fit with her more classic look. I also am not sure the lighter colour is working – her hair seems to have lost some of its healthy lustre? This may, however, just be the harsh light of photography. She still looks wonderful – professional yet personable, and I do love the coat and bag in this outfit!

  19. I love this coat. The shape is very flattering on Kate and even with the belt I think would look great on those of us who are not as slim as HRH.

    Kate makes such an effort to select her looks to compliment the event, whether it is today’s special color for the Welsh team, the embroidery on her gown for the state dinner in Malaysia or the orchids on her dress at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

  20. Love her hair like this! Nice to see it a bit straighter, she needed to vary it up a bit and this does that without straying too far from her normal style.

    My best guess on the logo bag is that even though it has a logo on it, its not one very noticeable. I did not realize it until you pointed it out Susan, and despite knowing that, it still doesn’t jump out at me in the pictures. It appears as more of a pattern and not a blatant logo such as with Louis Vuitton items.

  21. I wasn’t crazy about this coat the first time I saw it, and I still don’t love it. It’s not awful, by any means, but the lines are rather boring, and that shade of red just isn’t my favorite.

    The Gucci bag I like, at least in terms of design. The color is a touch problematic. I like that clutch better in black. (I own a Gucci clutch in black, and I might point out that the logo in black is far less noticeable than in red.)

    I think that if she’s going to wear her hair straighter, it needs to be shorter. I’ve said this before, but I really think she needs to ditch the curls, cut a few inches off the ends, and have a touch of layering put into the ends as well, to give them interest and bounce, and also around the face.

  22. Why would anyone, Kate included, triim their bangs/”fringes” to a length that is impossible to tolerate when growing them out!!!! Of course she still looks beautiful!

  23. Like the coat loads better with the self-belt, and like the boots with this outfit.

    Can’t say I’m keen on the straighter hair, think it would look better shorter, although,contary creature that I am, I could do without the wispy bits at the sides. Bangs?? I never could get over that one from over-the-pond-speak for fringe,but there we are.

    Love the bag to bits. She looks great!!

  24. I love that she wore this coat again–definitely a favorite. :)

  25. I like this coat but for some reason it just doesn’t seem to fit very well. I thought the same thing when she wore it for the Unicef event. It just seems a little oversized.

    • Kathy, I agree although I like the general style and color! Look at the picture from UNICEF and see how it bags around the waistline/beltline. It seems tight on top and then very loose toward the middle. I’m thinking that baggy look may have been due to the belt she wore then. Maybe that’s why she wore the self belt this time?

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