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Did Kate Break The Internet? Also, UFOs Resolved, Contest Winners Announced

We have several quick updates to share today, beginning with a follow-up to our story about several of Kate’s photographs being posted on the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge website. If you struggled to see the images you weren’t alone, below we show a screen grab from the site.

There was so much traffic part of the site was offline for several hours. The message was updated to recommend that visitors visit the Monarchy’s Flickr page to view Kate’s photographs, here is another screen grab.

The site wasn’t offline for long, it was completely functional after several hours, click here to visit the page. Below, one of the photographs by Kate that people were trying to see, this one shows a jungle clearing in the Borneo rainforest.

©HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, 2012

I imagine there may be a few chuckles over the holidays about Kate “breaking the internet”.


We have resolution on two UFOs (Unidentified Fashion Objects). The first is the bag carried by Kate in October of last year to the wedding of Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton.

That is LK Bennett’s Delilah suede clutch with bow, our thanks to WKW Facebook friend Victoria Emily Cooper-Morrison, who alerted us to the bag’s origins. We also thank Tatiana’s Delights on Facebook, she purchased the aubergine version of the bag and shared this photo of the bag (top image), the black version is also shown in an image from an online auction site.

eBay Auction/Tatiana’s Delights Facebook Page

Additionally, the bag came in red.

eBay Australia

Our second ID involves a pair of shoes worn by Kate on the recent Tour.

LK Bennett/Splash News

Many of us believed they were by LK Bennett, the company’s Sledge in off white. It turns out we were wrong; as some suspected, Kate was actually wearing Russell and Bromley’s Park Avenue.

Russell & Bromley

A big tip of the tiara on this one to Ashley Marie, she was tenacious in pursuing her belief the shoe was this style from Russell and Bromley, she stayed with the search until she received confirmation from the company that Kate was wearing their Park Avenue, our thanks to her for that effort. (LK Bennett said Kate purchased their Sledge in off-white, if that is the case then the Duchess is well-stocked with off-white heels.)

Our final item for discussion tonight is Kate’s UFO clutch from the Jubilee Tour.

This is also by Russell and Bromley, it is the label’s Park Avenue clutch. Now we know why it went so well with the off-white pumps – the two items were made to go together. Below, better images of the bag via My Small Obsessions.

Splash News/My Small Obsessions

Both the bag and shoes retail at £165. Many thanks to My Small Obsessions for additional photos of the bag.


A quick update on our Links of London giveaway: the Grand Prize winner is Brittany S. of Decatur, Goergia, the Second Prize winner is Nadia A. from Lake Worth, Florida. Congratulations to both lucky ladies, and an enormous note of thanks to Links of London for offering such generous prizes.

If you entered but did not win any of the prizes, here’s a wonderful promotion Links is offering:

Links of London

To receive a special 15% discount on the entire Hope Collection, enter promo code WKW15 at checkout.


A reminder, tomorrow Kate and William are expected at the rugby match between the Welsh Red Dragons and New Zealand’s All Blacks, the match starts at 12:15pm ET. The match is being played in Cardiff (Wales) at Millennium Stadium.


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Saturday 24th of November 2012

Russell and Bromley notwithstanding, I still dislike the shoes!

The LKB bag, however, I love. Beautiful color, and it worked well, with the shoes of similar color, to liven up the black Libelula coat.


Saturday 24th of November 2012

Hi!!! Last day I was trying to identify Kate's Snake Print Leather Clutch, and I found this one: It's a Stuart Weitzman for Russell and Bromley that she worn during her Canada and US tour. I love the clutch she wore in Singapur, we thought it was the Jimmy Choo clutch but it wasn't!!


Saturday 24th of November 2012

wow ! Bravissimo for having find the brand of the shoes Kate wore ! the 2 pairs of shoes are almost "twins".


Saturday 24th of November 2012

I love Kate's clutch--it is so chic!


Friday 23rd of November 2012

Well I can see why most of us thought those could have been LK Bennett... the shoes are almost identical! However, since Kate popularized the LK Bennett Sledge, I have begun to see many versions of that shoe so I'm not completely surprised that she is wearing similar styles by different brands.

Thanks again for all the work! I'm looking forward to upcoming events.

P.S. I hope everyone (on this side of the pond) enjoyed their Thanksgiving!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.